Best Knee Braces In India 2022

If there is one part of our body that can give us constant pain and trouble if we don’t take care of it properly, it’s our knees! 

Whether it’s a major injury or a minor one, or whether you’re a sportsperson or do a bit of walking and jogging every day, regardless of your age, knee braces are the best support you can give the most essential part of your body. They not only help alleviate pain but can also boost a workout. These are, therefore, a good choice for a seasoned weight lifter or a novice enthusiastic gym-goer. That’s why we have compiled the best knee braces in India for you to choose from. 

Types Of Knee Braces In India

Various types of braces offer different kinds of support ranging from mild to moderate to an extreme: 

  • The basic wraparound ones are great for sportspersons who want a bit of compression to hold the joints in place and not move when they shuffle around a lot. 
  • Then there are “sleeves” that offer moderate compression and support. These are great for those suffering from ailments like arthritis and joint pains. Depending on the material they are made from, these also provide some warmth. You need to choose the right size if you’re going for this type of brace as there is no band or strap to adjust the size. 
  • There are also hinged braces that are sometimes custom-made by certain brands to offer extreme support for those recovering from major surgery. 
  • There are also those that specifically offer some cushioning around the patella to protect the knee from accidental impact. 

If you’re on the lookout for the best knee braces in India and are confused about which one to choose, you’re in the right place. 

Best Knee braces brands in India 

Best knee braces in India 
Obliq knee braces
Privit knee braces 
Nivia knee braces
Healthgenie knee braces
Elegant Enterprise knee braces
Global Household knee braces
Fashnex knee braces 
Dr Arthritis knee braces 
Cloud Hut knee braces 
Easy health knee brace

#1–OBLIQ Hinged Knee Support Braces

The knee support braces manufactured by Obliq are one of those few that provide sufficient support for people with severe injuries and are on their way to recovery.

  •  Priced moderately, these are available in two colours and several sizes to fit the wearer perfectly. 
  • This brace has all-round support. The patella region is reinforced with a ring to provide compression during movements. There is even lateral support with the help of an aluminium support hinge. 
  • The fabric it is made from does not irritate the skin even if worn during a sweaty workout. 
  • It’s easy to wash and air-dry, holding its shape for a long time. 


Price is minimal. 

Comes in various sizes. 


No gears present. 

#2–Privfit Knee braces

It’s really difficult to find the perfect sized knee brace that does not bunch up when used for a long time. Privit is a brand that makes such perfectly fitting knee braces. 

  • Available in a lot of sizes, this brace stretches just enough to compress and fully support the knee. 
  • Made from a mix of Nylon and Spandex, this also provides a bit of warmth that helps if the wearer suffers from arthritis or other conditions. 
  • This is great for those who play sports because the silicon band ensures that the knee brace does not slip up while active or on the move. 
  • Priced very nominally, this is a steal for the way it’s designed. 


Minimal price 

Great for athletes. 

Helps heal arthritis 


Can be a little tight. 

#3–Nivia Knee braces

Nivia is a brand popular amongst fitness enthusiasts for its exceptional quality, yet low-priced accessories and equipment. 

  • The knee brace by Nivia is designed to be easily slipped on and provided with an adjustable strap that can be secured properly with velcro. 
  • This is free sized and can be used by everybody. Made from neoprene, this brace is easy to handle and durable.
  •  It provides enough compression and helps blood circulation, especially for those suffering from pain in the knees during sports or cardio exercises. 


Helps blood circulation 

Easy to handle


Since it is free size, it is unadjustable.  

#4–Healthgenie Knee braces

Healthgenie is a brand that might ring a bell as they manufacture a lot of wellness and healthcare products, all priced affordably. 

  • Their quality is a guarantee and their products are known to last long. 
  • This knee brace by Healthgenie is made from neoprene, a synthetic that sits comfortably on the skin without causing unease or itching.
  •  Available in two free sizes, these can be used to fit from the thigh or the calf. 
  • Since these are free sizes, they are provided with a very strong velcro that is adjustable. 
  • The support it provides lowers the pressure on the knees and is great to be worn during leg workouts. 


Comes with a velcro even though it is free size. 


Not suitable for sports.

#5–Elegant Enterprise Knee braces

This super-efficient knee brace by Elegant Enterprise is self-heating as it is fitted with a magnetic pad that gives a massage effect. 

  • The warmth it provides constantly helps relieve pain and discomfort for people recovering from injuries.
  •  It is to be noted that this provides enough heat even through clothing. 
  • However, the downside is that this can only be used for a couple of hours at a time due to the heat it emits. So if a brace is required for a longer time, the wearer will have to alternate between a normal brace and this one. 
  • The support it offers is quite good and the size can be adjusted using the straps and velcro provided. 


Offers good support for the knees. 


Cannot be used for a long time. 

#6–Global Household Knee braces

Global Household is a premium brand manufacturing high-end knee braces that are flexible and durable.

  •  Available in three sizes, these braces are made of top quality fabric that is antibacterial and allows for air circulation. 
  • These are wonderful for those who need to wear these braces for long hours at a stretch. 
  • A unique feature is the reinforced patella stabiliser that ensures that the knees are held in place and gently massaged by the compression during activity. 
  • These are also enforced with sun protection and can protect from the harmful UV rays. 
  • With 360 degrees flexibility, these braces are worth the money spent. 


These knee braces are available in various sizes. 



#7–Fashnex Knee braces

This is probably the best knee brace that we can get in the Indian market in the economical range. 

  • This is made with a nylon-latex blend that is not only durable but also gives it its supreme stretchability and flexibility. 
  • This fabric is also anti-bacterial and breathable. 
  • This helps keep the skin cool at all times even during intense workouts or hot weather. 
  • The all-round stretch gives adequate support and compression for high movement activities. 
  • The silicone gel keeps this secure around the knees and avoids slipping.
  •  This is available in several sizes to offer that perfect fit and in two different colours. 


The presence of silicone gel keeps the knees secure. 



#7–Dr Arthritis Knee braces

A high priced item, Dr Arthritis claims that this brace is designed by doctors. Whether that is true or not, it cannot be denied that the support it provides is one of a kind.

  •  This does not cover the knee completely but the band is built to hold the joint in place and not let it move. 
  • The strap is adjustable and can, therefore, be used by anybody regardless of the person’s size.
  •  The fabric used is a blend of neoprene and nylon which makes this lightweight but durable and easy to handle.
  •  A special feature is the inclusion of an informative booklet that’s been written by doctors. 


Contains a booklet written by doctors. 

Offers great support for the knees. 


Even though it protects the joints, the knee brace does not cover the knee. 

#8–Cloud Hut Knee braces

Cloud Hut is another premium brand manufacturing good quality knee braces, made of neoprene. 

  • The fabric it is constructed from provides warmth naturally, makes it easy to wash, dry and manage.
  •  Neoprene is also tough yet flexible, making this perfect for products that need to be worn for a long time.
  •  These are available in free size and provided with an adjustable strap that can be secured and kept in place. 
  • A special feature is the enforcement of the patella area with a silica gasket or ring that helps absorb the shock from an impact.
  •  The compression bands provide good support and keep it from slipping off during movement. 


Easy to manage. 


In spite of the material being strong it can tend to be a little rough against the skin. 

#9–EasyHealth Knee braces

The Easy health knee brace is an excellent option for those looking for a low priced product that does the job efficiently.

  •  This is made from truly soft and light fabric that is easy to maintain, wash and dry. 
  • The material also is comfortable to be worn for long periods of time as it does not cause discomfort or itching due to friction. 
  • The elasticity of the knee brace is long-lasting and does not lose shape over time. 
  • This is great for people who have constant pain due to injuries or conditions like arthritis as the support it offers is adequate. 


 Provides great leg support for people with injuries. 



#10–Tdas Knee braces

This knee brace by TDAS is very convenient to wear and take-off. 

  • Made from top-notch quality neoprene, this is fitted with a gasket that sits around the patella region providing comfort, support and protection against impact and injuries. 
  • This is good for regular wear as the fabric and build is durable.
  •  This can be worn by people who are recovering from an injury as it provides natural warmth and enough compression.
  •  The support it gives is fantastic for active sportspeople and regular gym-goers as well. 
  • Priced on the higher side and available in two sizes, this knee brace can be bought either as a pair or individually. 


It is highly effective for those recovering from an injury. 


Prices are high. 

Top Knee Braces Brands In India

Wearing knee braces can evidently save you from a lot of injuries. It can also stabilise your joints and back your walking. Here are some of the top knee braces brands for various needs.

Best Knee Braces for walking

Kudize Knee Braces for walking
Spring Knee booster braces for walking
Tynor knee braces for walking
Medrix functional knee braces for walking

Best Knee Braces for Arthritis

Mueller Adjustable Knee braces for Arthritis
Shock Doctor Knee braces for Arthritis
Futuro Compression knee braces for Arthritis
Ezyfit Knee braces for Arthritis

Best Knee Braces for Knee pain

Neo G knee brace for knee pain
FUTURO knee braces for knee pain
Scuddles compression braces for knee pain

Best Knee braces for Squats and Lunges

TARMARK knee braces
3D knee weave braces

Do knee braces actually work?

The knee brace is usually the best accessory for a firm knee and to avoid injuries or dislocation. If you are an athlete, this works really well in protecting your knees and giving you good bone support. It is a common misconception that knee braces can increase knee injuries but that completely depends on how you use them and what brace you choose for your knee depending on your need. If it is for a medical purpose you need to abide by the doctor recommended brace for the best results. 

The way you use your knee brace completely determines how well you can protect or let your knee heal. 

Is it OK to wear a knee brace all day?

It depends on what your need is. If you are an athlete and you are training, wearing the knee brace all day can help you retain your bone. But if you are doing it for more mild aspects, it is not necessary. 

How do I choose a knee support?

Choosing a knee brace has to be based on how much support your knee actually needs and base the brand you choose on that. The quality of the knee brace is also extremely important and that is something you need to look at when you are buying a knee brace and wearing it. 

How tight should a knee brace be? 

Putting two fingers between the brace and your knee is the most common way of determining if the brace is tight enough. Make sure you have enough space otherwise it can cause extreme discomfort. If the quality is bad it can even harm your knee.

Are knee support good for squat?

Since the knee support has a particular area of the knee clenched, we have come to the conclusion that it does not allow you to perform squats with ease. If anything it limits you from doing your required number of squats.

Knee braces have their impact on safety and come as a relief for those suffering from knee injuries. We hope this list of the best knee braces in India will help you ensure protection to your knee.

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