Best Kurti Brands in India

16 Best Kurti Brands in India | March 2022 Update

Salwar Kameez are super traditional, jeans and tops are casual, but if you’re in the mood (or the occasion calls) for something semi-formal, kurtis are the way to go. Kurtis are so versatile – you can pair them with jeans, palazzos or a nice flowy skirt and accessorize them with long traditional earrings or a simple bracelet, and you’re all Indian chic! Check out below for the Best Kurti brands in India:

After having reviewed the best Kurti brands in India based on various factors like design, style, materials, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 15 Kurti brands that really stood out. The products from these 15brands were put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Kurti brand in India is Biba. While the Kurti’s from Biba are pricy, they are made from the finest cotton. The combination of the quality fabric and the cotton ensures comfort. Additionally, these Kurtis come with gorgeous traditional designs. Most importantly, all Biba Kurtis come in 5 sizes.

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Top Kurti Brands in India 2022


best kurti brands in india

Biba reminds me of grandeur and extravagance. The designs and fabric of Biba kurtis are mostly traditional, a good match with Indian skirts and pyjamas. My wardrobe always has a set of Biba Kurtis that I wear when I’m in the mood for really dressing up or when it’s a traditional party or event that I’m attending.

I ordered 4-5 kurtis of Biba from Amazon and I was impressed with its quality. I low how it feels even during extreme heat as the materials used are of top quality.

 But, Biba does have everyday wear too, with simpler designs in good quality cotton fabrics. I like the fact that Biba kurtis come in 5 sizes, ranging from a size S in 32 right up to 2XL in 42. You do need to take some care handling Biba clothes as most of them need to be hand washed. 


  • Quality: 10/10
  • Comfort: 9.5/10
  • Affordability: 9/10

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kurti brand name list

I like the simple and neat designs by Aurelia. Most of this kurtis are machine washable and only require a light iron, which makes them perfect for everyday office wear or college wear. Aurelia Kurtis come in some modern patterns, including geometrics which are quite interesting.

They go well with jeans and capri pants, but can also be paired with palazzos and skirts. 

The traditional print kurtis can be teamed with a pair of pajamas and a dupatta for a more formal look. 

I love Aurelia because it’s super affordable for the premium quality it provides. The designs are perfect for casual wear as well as outdoor wear.


  • Quality: 9.5/10
  • Comfort: 10/10
  • Affordability: 9.5/10

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kurti types india

Libas is an ladies kurti brand in India that stocks up designer ladies kurti from A line to Anarkali. You’ll find casual wear, office wear as well as outdoor wear designer kurtis in Libas. I have been wearing Libas kurti for quite some time now and I’m extremely impressed with it’s simplicity and comfort. 

You can also find matching sets, bottomwear like A-line pants or palazzos to match your kurti in this brand itself. You’ll find pure cotton kurtis in Libas that is perfect for summers. They blend in modern designs with traditional elements to design their kurtis. 

Libas also has a range of other products like Kidswear, lounge wear, dresses, lehengas etc. This kurti brand also has famous celebrities as their brand ambassadors like Sara Ali Khan. 


  • Quality: 9.5/10
  • Comfort: 9.5/10
  • Affordability: 8/10

W for Woman

best brand for ladies kurtis

W for Woman has always made clothes that are trendy, but elegant. The kurtis come in about 6 different sizes, starting from a US size 6 and going upwards.

While there are plenty to choose from in the modern, non-conventional range, there are also loads of traditional patterned kurtis that you can wear with a salwar or palazzos. 

These kurtis come mostly in rayon and soft synthetic mixed fabrics that are easy to wash and don’t really require to be ironed. 

They are priced in the higher range but they are durable and don’t fade for a really long time. 


top 10 kurta brands in india

For some lovely and trendy chikankari worked cotton and polycot kurtis, check out Haniya. 

This is a brand that is not advertised as many other Indian kurti brands and may not be as popular, but is definitely worth checking out if you like embroidered clothes. 

These kurtis are mostly short in length and look very nice when you wear them with jeans for work or for a casual evening out.

 The kurtis are available in 6 sizes to fit most Indian women. 

They do run a bit large in size, so make sure you check the sizing chart before you order. 


branded kurtis name list in india

I don’t think you can ever go wrong wearing a FabIndia kurti.

 These kurtis are made from pure cotton or silk and are classy no matter what you pair them with. There are several choices in the range of kurtis that you can wear for a regular office day or for a festive event. I especially like the collection of A-line and straight kurtis which are slimming.

 Anarkali cuts are something I prefer for occasions like a baby shower or house warming as these can be worn with a silk pyjama from the brand.  

Global Desi

top 20 kurti brands in india

Global Desi is the best of two worlds – east meets west, with a range of kurtis that are fashionable and modern, with a touch on Indianness. 

Check out Global Desi’s kurtis with high-low hemlines that the brand is popular for. 

The kurtis are made from a blend of cotton and high quality synthetic that makes these durable and gives them a premium finish. 

However, some of these clothes need additional care as they may not be machine washable. Global Desi kurtis come in 5 different sizes and are priced in the medium to high range. 


best kurta brands in india

Soch has established itself as a premium brand for ethnic party wear in India, but you will be surprised at the collection under regular wear as well. 

The kurtis by Soch are made from high quality printed cotton that is super soft on the body. These come in neat prints and are apt for the working woman. 

There are some options for festive wear as well. 

The kurtis come in about 7 sizes, which is the widest range offered by any Indian clothing brand. These kurtis are high maintenance, with most of them requiring a dry clean. 


best ladies kurta brands in india

Ayukta is a brand that has more of an online presence and is priced very affordably. Ayukta has a range of A-line and straight kurtis that make for good college wear.

 These come in different lengths, have banded collars and 3/4th sleeves, are designed to be paired with jeans, leggings or salwars and are very comfortable when worn the whole day. Made from cotton, these kurtis are low maintenance.

 They can be machine washed but need to be ironed. Ayukta kurtis come in 6 different sizes to fit most Indian women. 


Rangmanch is by Pantaloons, the popular clothing brand in India. Rangmanch has a big collection of ethnic kurtis with a few western inspired ones. 

The kurtis are made from synthetic or cotton fabrics and go fabulously well with any churidar or salwar. 

These are perfect for a festival or traditional event, with just some simple accessories.

 I really like the colours Rangmanch kurtis come in, especially the pastels like shades of mint and lemon. If you love jewel colours, you do have kurtis in those too.

 These clothes, like most Pantaloons’ apparel are affordably priced and low maintenance. 


kurti brands india

Straight from the state of Rajasthan, comes Jaipur, a brand that sells cotton and synthetic kurtis in prints that are ethnic, modern and indo-western. In lots of different colours, various prints and some lovely cuts, these kurtis are sure to appeal to every woman.

 What’s even more likeable about Jaipur is that these are priced affordably. 

Though the label mentions that most of these clothes have to be hand washed, the fabric is quite durable and can be run in the machine on the gentle cycle with similar colours. 

There are 5 sizes and these kurtis are tailored true to size. 


kurti brands india ladies

When I was in college, Max was my go-to brand. I’m sure I spent almost all of my pocket money allowance shopping for Max kurtis, and can you blame me? Max kurtis are very comfortable for daily wear, they come in really nice prints and patterns and are super affordable. Max has maintained the quality through the years, which I am glad to see. 

The clothes are machine washable and low maintenance.

 Do take a look at Max’s festive collection of kurtis as well as the fusion range for some exclusive apparel. 

Label by Ritu Kumar

The designer brand, Label by Ritu Kumar is one of a kind, and that’s what you’re paying for. The kurtis come in all lengths and are uber stylish, made from fabrics that skim your body.

Pure luxury! As you can expect, these clothes don’t come cheap, and most of them require a lot of care, but there are some kurtis that can be machine washed too. 

The short kurtis can be paired with trousers or jeans, and even go well with palazzos or skirts.

You can get creative with the longer kurtis and wear them as dresses or team them with leggings.

Yash Gallery

best online kurti brands

Yash Gallery is a lesser known brand in India, but it definitely deserves mention for the range of affordably priced kurtis it carries. 

These kurtis can be teamed with leggings or pyjamas and are perfect for daily rough wear for the young office go-er or college girl. 

Made out of good quality cotton, these can be machine washed and need to be ironed. 

Yash Gallery has a huge range of kalamkari printed kurtis in A-line, straight and anarkali cuts that are very attractive. 


kurti brands

Myx is a brand by Amazon, and keeping up with the ecommerce giant’s reputation, Myx is good quality at low prices. I love Myx kurtis for the patterns and colour choices, not to mention the affordable price. 

The brand carries a wide range of kurtis in A-line and straight cuts with various hem lengths, each one versatile enough to be paired with the bottom of your choice. 

Most of the kurtis are made from durable and long lasting fabrics like cotton and rayon.  


best brand kurtis name list india

Just because you want to go low budget, it does not mean that you have to compromise on style and quality.

 Vaamsi is proof of that. This clothing brand for women does not have a wide range, but the choices for kurtis are pretty decent to pick from.

 The printed kurtis come in either cotton or synthetic polyester crepe and make good outfits for daily wear.

 They come in 7 different sizes and are machine washable, not requiring an iron. 

The fabric is soft and comfortable on the body, especially during the cooler months of the year. 

How to choose the Best Kurti Brands in India

Choosing the best Kurti brand is dependent on a few factors. Kurti’s are made with various designs and materials. So, choosing the wrong Kurti for the wrong occasion can actually make you look extremely out of place.


  • While it seems obvious, Size is one of the most important. Kurti’s look the best when they are a perfect fit. So, you need to buy Kurti’s that suit your body shape. There are 5 common body shapes: Inverted Triangle Shaped Body, Pear Shaped Body, Banana Shaped Body, Hourglass Shaped Body and Apple Shaped Body.
  • A person with an Apple-shaped body type will have rounded shoulders, a flattish butt, and a bust size that is proportionate. The bust will be between average to big. Those with this body type can look at boosting their A-line with a shaped darker shade and look amazing with a V-shaped neck. As for sleeves we prefer flared and cuffed.
  • A person with a banana-shaped body type on the other hand will have a straight shoulder, average stomach and straight but line. They can stand out with a broad neckline which will give them a curvy silhouette. A nipped or a clinched would also do wonders as it can result in a well-defined body.
  • A good Kurti brand will have something for all these body types. In fact, it’s recommended you visit the Kurti store and ask for guidance regarding the size if you’re new to the Kurti space. Additionally, the Kurti brand should also have a good range of sizes. A brand with 4 sizes is decent.


  • Materials, of course, is important. You always need to make sure to invest in the best quality fabric as it not only lasts longer but it also provides comfort. You don’t want cheap quality fabric digging into your skin when you’re at a wedding or a formal occasion. If you’re going for an elegant look or even a homely look, cotton works best. And if your looking for a sporty look then crepe, surprisingly, looks amazing.
  • When it comes to the material, cotton is perfect for almost all occasions. And is quite breathable, making it comfortable. However, it doesn’t come with amazing designs like silk, brocade and chiffon. Of course, Kurti’s with these materials should usually be worn on special occasions as the fabric is rather sensitive. A good Kutri Brand like Biba or Jaipur Kurti’s will offer Kurtis made from these various materials.
  • It is also important to note that all types of fabric does not suit all types of body types. Additionally, certain prints and patterns don’t look good on certain fabrics as well. For example, giant flowers patterns on silk is an abomination. Joking aside, you don’t really what to get a fabric that crumples up easily. Imagine walking around in a crumpled flower pattern.
  • While comfort is the most important factor, it’s best if you have a range of Kurtis with various suitable fabrics as it can help with special occasions. We recommend a 60-40 approach with 60% being your go-to comfortable fabric and 40% varied. After all, you need to consider cuts and prints as well.


  • The print of the Kurti, of course, is one of the most important factors you need to consider. Unfortunately, not all prints can look equally good. For example, certain body shapes and certain patterns don’t blend very well and can be jarring to the eyes. The most popular prints are floral, check, blocks, stipes, and eccentric geometric patterns.
  • We recommend you have a varied set of prints that suit your body type. After all, you need to keep in mind the occasion/event when you’re choosing the print. From experience, we’ve found that blocks and strips tend to suit formal or official events.
  • To choose the best print, you should head to a store and ask a specialist what type of prints suit your body type, skin tone and height. For example, bold patterns and colours tend to suits plump/healthy women while delicate patterns suit petite dainty body types.

Tips to Match the Correct Bottoms to Your Kurtis

Over time women have found various combinations for Kurti that look absolutely divine. So, here are some styling tips to help you stand out.

Palazzo Style Pants

  • Pairing Kurti and Palazzo Pant is one of the most underrated combinations and it can honestly look brilliant if you get the shade down. A Palazzo is a essentially a loose fitting pant and it works well with A-line Kurtis. It also happens to be a comfortable so it’s a win-win. Unfortunately, this combination looks better on women with long legs.


  • Now, skirts and Kurtis are definitely a great combination as long as it’s done right. The wrong shade or the wrong length can really look terrible. So, please do be careful when you experiment. For experience, we’ve found that long skirts work the best. As for colour, anything rustic would be absolutely brilliant.


  • Jeans with Kurti’s scream college days. But it’s definitely a brilliant and popular pair. Comfortable jeans and a bright Kurtis can definitely stand out. And most importantly, it it extremely convenient when it comes dress codes as it’s acceptable in pretty much any occasion. Another useful thing about this pairing is that you don’t have to break your head over colour coordination as jeans go with pretty much every single Kurti shade.


  • Leggings are the most common bottoms that paired with Kurtis. However, it’s mostly due to convenience and comfort. You don’t have to think about the colour coordination a lot when it comes to leggings. However, we do recommend you wear a matching legging and it can really give that pop of colour and help your stand out.

Best Indian Kurti Brands in India: FAQs

How do you choose Kurtis?

Kurtis are available in wide range of colors, designs and style. Before buying a Kurti, first, check whether it fits well for you or not.If it’s not fitting properly then it won’t look good on you either. But if it fits you well then you are set to look cool and charming. 

How can I look stylish in Kurti?

Kurti is best worn with a pair of fitting jeans, good quality sandals or flip flops, and a nice gold or silver necklace. Don’t forget to dress well while wearing a Kurti, as it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

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