11 Best Lakme Eyeliner in India 2022

Are you looking for best Lakme eyeliner in India? We have curated a few eyeliners from Lakme for you check it out!

Eyeliners are one of the most popular pieces of makeup women abide by and what better way to choose one than from one of the best brands for makeup. Lakme has over the years brought out a whole bunch of great quality accessories and beauty products but our favorite is their eyeliners. The reason behind this is because they have a wide range of the same targeting different styles. So here are the best Lakme eyeliner in India.

Lakme eyeliner in India 

Lakme Eyeliner in India 
Lakme Insta liner 
Lakme absolute shine eyeliner 
Lakme 9-5 liner 
Lakme absolute silk formula 
Lakme absolute precision eyeliner 
Lakme eyeconic kajal
Lakme 9-5 glide eyeliner 
Lakme high definition eyeliner 
Lakme fantasy shimmer eyeliner 

#1 – Lakme Insta Liner 

This is how Lakme started out with eyeliners and is still a very popular branch as it is easily accessible and affordable as well. 

Best Lakme Eyeliner in India
  • It comes in a simple glass package that is super compact and can be carried around easily. 
  • The brush is thin and can leave a clean stroke effortlessly. You can make it thick or even completely eye shadow type by adjusting it on the upper lid according to how you want it. 
  • The eyeliner is waterproof and even smudge-proof which means that you can go by without affecting the perfection for many many hours. 
  • One downside of using this eyeliner from Lakme is that it does not exhibit pitch blackness. 
Pros Cons
Affordable. Not dark enough. 

#2 – Lakme absolute shine eyeliner 

Absolute shine is also another popular pick from the Lakme eyeliner section because of how sleek it looks. 

lakme eyeliner india
  • This Lakme eyeliner is available in 9 shades including grey, blue, olive golden, brown shimmer and green. 
  • It has the capacity to last long and has a shimmer like glow which makes it look artistic shine. 
  • This eyeliner is perfect for parties and other events even though the shimmer might not be that prominent. 
  • The other aspect of using this eyeliner is that it can keep the eyes well defined for as long as you’d want. 
Pros Cons
Well defined eyes. Cannot make thick strikes. 

#3 – Lakme 9-5 black impact eyeliner 

Packed in a slim package this 9-5 liner is another one of our favorites with defined thick strokes. 

lakme eyeliner liquid
  • The silky formula of this eyeliner gives beautifully definite strokes allowing you to thicken as you want and wish. 
  • The pitch black of this saves you a lot of time with having to thicken the strokes. Even one stroke can create a very definite and attractive look. 
  • The applicator is long and easy to hold and apply onto the eyes with absolute definition. 
Pros Cons
Pitch black strokes. Cannot be easily accessed. 

#4 – Lakme silk absolute forever

This is a pen like eyeliner which is super easy to apply on the eyelids without much effort. 

  • Using a liquid eyeliner can be difficult since there’s this constant pressure of having to nail the stroke. When using a pen like eyeliner it makes it very easy and also smooth on the lid. 
  • The metallic texture does not cause smudging or other unnecessary spready of the eyeliner. 
  • Other shades that are available are violet, blue cosmic and jaded purple. 
  • The eyeliner is very safe for the eyes as well as it contains Vitamin E. 
Pros Cons
Safe for the eyes. Might get dried easily. 

#5 – Lakme absolute precision liquid liner 

As the name suggests, this eyeliner works for precision and gives you flawless strokes for a long time. 

lakme eyeliner india
  • Unlike one of Lakme’s other eyeliner pencils that we have mentioned above, this has a thicker tip which allows you to draw your strokes better. 
  • The pen shape allows you to carry this eyeliner to places and do your makeup at any given time and place with ease and comfort. 
  • When it comes to appliance, the grip the pen has allows you to make flawless strokes and gives you beautifully defined eyes. 
  • We have kept the best for last. Not only can you use this as an eyeliner but also a kajal so it’s a two in one. 
Pros Cons
Can be used as a kajal as well. Cannot make thin strokes 

 #6 – Lakme Eyeconic kajal 

That’s right you’re reading that right a kajal that works as an eyeliner! 

lakme pencil eyeliner price
  • Even though this works wonders as a kajal when applied on the upper lid it creates a very textured stroke that appears thick. 
  • You can even create thicker strokes to make it look like you have eyeshadow on your upper lid. 
  • Since this is waterproof it keeps the upper and lower lid untouched and unaffected by external factors. 
  • Since it is a twist-up pencil it can be used for a long time and is also very easy to use. 
Pros Cons 
Thicker strokes for dramatic looks. Cannot shimmer. 

#7 – Lakme 9-5 glide eyeliner 

Lakme’s glide on eyeliner can create strokes that are definite as it is in the pencil form. 

  • The crayon-like feel of the eyeliner gives you thick and thin strokes according to the way you draw them on the eyelids. 
  • It is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E to create a perfect texture and gives you a very smooth texture. It also prevents allergies if you are prone to any. 
  • They are available in green, blue and other exciting colors which works great on the upper and lower lids. 
Pros Cons
Available in different colors. Costly. 

#8 – Lakme high-definition eyeliner 

The high-definition eyeliner of Lakme creates a blend of shimmer and thick strokes. Exactly how we like it! 

  • The liquid comes in a very smooth texture and creates a very smooth line when applied. Each stroke adds on to the colour and can give you pitch black lids both up and down. 
  • The packaging is very small and compact and gives you comfort while applying it on the lids.
  • It comes in a waterproof texture which means the sweating does not affect the texture of the eyeliner. 
  • The smokey eyes can be easily done with this eyeliner.
Pros Cons
Smokey eyes can be done easily. Expensive. 

#9 – Lakme fantasy shimmer eyeliner 

Lakme is a gel-based eyeliner that comes in a lot of colours and shades. 

lakme waterproof eyeliner price in india
  • The vibrant colours that are available in this section of Lakme eyeliner where you can dress up fancy and add this as a perfect accessory. 
  • All the 8 colours that come in different colours and make up for each outfit that you are planning to wear. 
  • This gel-based Lakme eyeliner is super safe to use in spite of the colours and brings in a shimmer to the eyelid. 
Pros Cons 
Safe to use on the eyelids. Not easily accessible 

#10 – Lakme eye artist pen eyeliner 

Lakme eye artist pen eyeliner is easily used for makeup when you want your eye makeup on fleek. 

lakme eyeliner colors
  • It is super convenient to apply this on your upper lid.All you need to do is draw a simple stroke and because the tip is designed in that way. 
  • It contains an intense black colour which works up gradually from the inner lid all the way to the end. Make sure you have a steady grip while applying. 
  • The pen-like structure makes it very handy and can come as an inevitable makeup accessory. 
Pros Cons
Very compatibleThe pitch black colour is not present. 

#11 – Lakme gloss artist eye liner 

Lakme’s gloss artist eyeliner can give you prominent eyes with its fine texture which gives out a sense of taste. 

lakme waterproof eyeliner price in india
  • The stick of this eyeliner is firm so you can create strokes that define your eyes better. 
  • Although the packaging is small, this eyeliner lasts for long as it does not take much time with each application. 
  • The best style you can create with this eyeliner is the cat eye as the stick is in that particular form which makes it easier to create a very gradual formation of the strokes. 
Pros Cons 
Awesome for creating cat eyes. Costly. 

Lakme is one of the best brands which gives you beauty products pertaining to various features. This list of eyeliners from Lakme is a worthy investment that you will make and can flaunt your eyes to your fullest.

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