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Best Leather Jacket Brands in India 2021

Looking for a leather jacket to help you weather storm on those bike rides? Check out our list of the Best Leather Jacket Brands in India!

There are certain wardrobe staples that never go out of style. One of those is the classic leather jacket. A leather jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe, but it’s also one of those pieces that you need to spend time (and money) choosing.

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There are loads of leather jacket brands in India but not all of them come close to giving you that Marlon Brando biker look you want. I have put together this list to make things easier for you. So, dive in for the Best Leather Jacket Brands in India:

Best leather jacket brands in IndiaLink
Mia Fashion
Leather Retail
US Polo Assn.

After having reviewed the best leather jacket brands in India based on various factors like design, style, materials, weave, comfort, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 8 brands that really stood out. These 8 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best leather Jacket brand in India is Pare. Not only does this brand come with a large range of cuts, colours and styles but you also have 8 sizes to choose from. You can find anything trench coat like leather jackets and even biker jackets. Most importantly, it’s also extremely affordable and comfortable. In fact, all Pare Jackets come with a soft suede lining that is easy on the skin.

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Top Leather Jacket Brands in India 2021


best jackets in India

Leather jackets are a style statement and it’s always nice to have plenty of options to choose from. Pare is a leather jacket brand that has quite a bit of selection in terms of colour, cut and style. It’s one of the Best Leather Jacket Brands in India.

From casual jackets to the sleek biker versions, Pare has the styles in a wide range of 8 sizes, including a slim fit. The zipper placement and the snap buttons assure the wearer of a snug fit. 

All the jackets by Pare are pure leather and that’s why the price tag is high. However, this is one of the more affordable brands out there. The jackets use soft full grain lambskin leather that feels luxurious. It is certainly of good quality and is very durable. Since they are soft and flexible, they don’t need to be broken in. 

The jackets are given a soft suede lining that is comfortable on the skin. It also keeps the wearer warm and protected from dust and other harsh elements while on the road. 

Since the material is pure leather, extra care is required to maintain the jackets. Pare advises the wearer to polish the jacket with pure coconut oil to maintain its lustre.

While Pare has plenty of options for men, there are only a couple of jackets for women in the brand. 

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jackets in India for women

Luxutic has quite a few options for men’s leather jackets, and they are all very stylish, fit well and are of excellent quality. 

Made from Nappa sheepskin leather which is very soft, Luxutic has jackets in several styles. Choose from moto jackets, bomber jackets, racer jackets as well as utility jackets. These jackets are designed in plenty of colours, including a unique purple that takes a lot of confidence to wear. 

The soft leather jackets have a polyester lining for comfort. These jackets keep you warm and keep the wind out. They are also very flexible and ready to wear as soon as you buy them. 

The leather jackets by Luxutic come in 5 different sizes. Almost all of these jackets are made in a regular fit. If you are slim and want a very snug fit, do note that this might not give you that fit, however, regular fit jackets are very practical as you can move better in them. Most of these jackets are very practical and functional. They are designed with plenty of pockets on the outside as well as hidden inside. 

Luxutic leather jackets are priced slightly higher than the jackets by Pare. 

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Ifthekar does not have many options of leather jackets for men, but the few that they have are made of excellent quality material, are durable and very fashionable. It’s one of the Best Leather Jacket Brands in India.

They are also priced quite reasonably, and even cheaper when you buy them on a discount online. 

The leather jackets by Ifthekar have a vintage touch to the way they are styled. 

They are made from strong and durable lambskin leather. It feels soft and very comfortable to wear. The leather also keeps you nice and warm and protected from dust and harsh wind. 

The jackets are lined with satin, giving you that luxurious feeling when you wear them. 

The zipper placement and the buttons help you get a snug fit from the jacket. The pocket placements are stylish as well. Wear these jackets with a plain tee and a pair of well fitting jeans, and you will have heads turning your way. 

The jackets are made in 8 different sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits you perfectly. These are made in regular fit, comfortable to move around. 


jackets in india for men

Justanned has one of the biggest collections of leather fashion items in India, and an excellent choice of leather jackets. These are sold at very reasonable prices too. Justanned is one of the few brands in India that has a wide range of jackets for women, in several styles and many colours. Whatever your style, you are sure to find a jacket that appeals to you. So do check it out. 

The leather jackets come in 5 sizes and in regular fit, to give you the comfort of being able to move around. They do have full zip closures and snap buttons that help you achieve that snug fit if you desire. 

They are made from genuine sheepskin leather that feels ultra luxurious, soft and very flexible. The leather keeps you warm, perfect for the autumn or towards the end of the winter months. 

Justanned is also reputed to offer good after sales service, which is a bonus, especially since genuine leather jackets don’t come cheap. It’s one of the Best Leather Jacket Brands in India.

Mia Fashion

jackets for men

If you’re budget conscious, you can always opt for a faux leather jacket. These jackets have their pros which includes easier maintenance when compared to genuine leather jackets. These days, many brands make faux leather jackets in a quality that is very close to genuine leather and Mia Fashion is one such brand.

 Mia Fashion also has quite a few styles for both men and women, in multiple colours, ideal to be worn with your jeans and tee shirts, converting a casual outfit into an uber cool one. 

The jackets are designed with regular fit but have close zippers and buttons that offer a snug fit. This is a good design as even though it looks snug, the wearer still has the comfort to move. They are made of high quality PU leather which can be polished or dry cleaned occasionally to maintain its appearance. 

They are also very durable and don’t crack or break too soon. 

The jackets are designed keeping utility in mind as well. There are plenty of pockets for ease of carrying your things when you’re on the go. 

Leather Retail

jackets women in india

Leather Retail stocks a wide range of faux leather jackets. These are priced higher than those sold by Mia fashion, but the quality of the material used and the styles are better. 

Leather Retail also has plenty of stylish choices for both men and women. 

Men have the option of choosing from biker jackets, utility jackets, bomber jackets and many more, all tailored to fit well. The sizing is both regular as well as slim fit, depending on the style you choose. Most of these jackets come in about 7 different sizes. 

Women’s jackets are made in bold colours, pastels, neutral shades and some with embellishments. 

There are loads of cuts and styles including moto jackets, long trench coats, Italian style zippered jackets and utility jackets. Most of these jackets come in a regular fit, but there are some that are designed to offer a slim fit. Women’s jackets also come in 7 different sizes, to fit most women. 

Here are some of the best handbag brands available in India that you can check out!

US Polo Assn.

mens jackets in india

US Polo Assn needs no introduction as it is one of the go-to brands for casual wear by most men in India. If you didn’t already know, US Polo Assn has a small range of genuine leather jackets that are cool and casual.

These jackets are made from high quality natural leather that feels like you have draped yourself in a luxurious piece of clothing when you wear it. It is so soft, keeps you very warm and the fit is fantastic.

As with most US Polo Assn clothing, the jackets come in 5 sizes and they give you a perfect fit while also giving you the comfort of movement. Most of the jackets by the brand are utility jackets and there aren’t many options for biker or bomber jackets at the moment. 

Since these jackets are made from genuine leather, do expect to pay quite a bit. Adding the value of the brand name as well, these jackets are probably some of the most expensive in the market. 


As cliche as I may sound, you can definitely show off with the leather jackets by ShowOff. 

These genuine leather jackets are just what you need to up your style and add some oomph to your evening. ShowOff does have quite a few options you can pick from, and all of them are very fashionable. You can also choose between various colour options. 

Speaking of the quality of the leather used, one look at the jackets and it is obvious that the leather is durable and tough. It is also quite soft and flexible, ready to be worn. The jackets offer quite a bit of warmth and protection from the wind. 

ShowOff jackets are priced slightly higher than many genuine leather jacket brands but there are quite a few discounts online when the price becomes reasonable. 

Leathers Used For The Jackets

While the leather used for the jacket might seem like it’s not important, is actually an extremely important. Not only does it determine the comfort but it determines the longevity and toughness of the leather jacket. Most importantly, it will decide the price of the jacket. Of course, various leathers also come with different benefits. For example, Some might be more resistant to water and dust than others.

Here are the most common type of leathers used for Jackets in India:


  • This is one of the most common types of leather when it comes to making leather goods in India. Due to the huge supply of cowhide, it also happens to be the cheapest leather. So, the jackets made out of this leather is going to be much easier on your pocket. However, the massive supply and cheap cost does not signify low quality. In fact, it’s pretty damn amazing. Not only is it tough and durable but it is also has a high resistance to dirt and water.
  • This is why it’s most commonly used as the primary leather in biker jackets. All leather jackets that are used to weather the “storm” will have cowhide. While it is rather stiff in texture, it’s still comfortable due to it’s cushioning effect. Most importantly, the matte finish and casual cuts make it look really good.


  • Bison leather is relatively rare when compared to all the other leather types. It’s extremely durable and is known for its ruggedness. This is why all the real high-quality biker jackets are made from Bison. Moreover, it has a surprisingly beautiful finish: natural grain patterns that scream high quality.
  • The texture is also pretty smooth and gives off an earthy vibe. Other than jackets it’s also the primary leather that’s used in biker gloves, knee pads and other gear. It’s definitely the type of leather you’d see Mad Max wear.


  • Goatskin is an extremely brilliant type of leather, it’s the only type that actually looks better as it ages. In fact, it actually looks fresh all the time. To give you some context, it’s commonly used by the Airforce and Naval Officers. So, the Leather jacket that Tom Cruise wears in Top Gun is made of Goatskin.
  • Most importantly, it’s really lightweight and super comfortable to wear. Now it won’t provide you with exceptional weather resistance but it is extremely comfortable. Not only is it soft but it’s also flexible which is rather rare. The texture is also great to the feel. You can run your fingers on the pebble grain for hours on end.


  • Deerskin is usually used as the primary leather in accessories like wallets, handbands, purses and even gloves. However, there are some brands out there than do make leather jackets out of it. And since it happens to be on the premium side, it will cost quite a bit. However, it is absolutely worth it as it look stunning. This leather is soft and still offer the same durability as cowhide.
  • Unfortunately, while it looks elegant and beautiful, it won’t offer any practical benefits like biker jacket leather. So, I would suggest you don’t wear it when it’s really dusty or when it’s pouring.


  • Now lambskin is the epitome of luxury leather jackets. All the most beautiful and chic leather jackets are made from this lambskin. Since it’s soft and supple, it’s also easy to cut and shape making it one of the most versatile leathers in the industry. Most importantly, wearing jackets made out of lambskin is like wearing heaven on your skin. It also helps regulate your body temperature. So, you can wear it throughout the year.

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Pare is one of the best jacket brands available in India that both men and women can check out.

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