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Best Legging Brands in India 2021

If you’re reading this, I’m warning you, I’m just going to rave about how amazing leggings are. They are the most comfortable pants ever made. They are so versatile in nature. Wear it under kurtis, pair it with a long shirt, or slip into it at night if you want to feel snug. Take your pick. A thick ankle-length pair even looks good in a gym. If the world was ending and you could pick only one pair of pants, I’d suggest you pick a durable pair of leggings. I can guarantee you that they’ll protect you for a long time. 

If you’re looking for another reason to buy leggings, here’s two. One, they’ll make your legs look sexy. Two, if you ate too much at brunch, you really don’t have to worry. They’re nice and stretchy. They’ll make space for your food tummy. You can go from abs to postpartum and they’ll still fit you well. What more could you ask from a two-yard long piece of cloth?

Leggings may have been a trend back in the late 2000s, but now, over a decade later, they’re still in style. One could never give up the comfort and non-restrictiveness of pants made especially for women. Such inventions are hard to come by. Read on to know what some of the best leggings brands in India are.

Top Leggings Brands in India 2021

Having a good pair of leggings means having to not compromise on quality while also tending to price. So I have come up with a winner which strikes both these qualities.

GoColors is the best leggings brand in India this year with the wide range of designs and fits it provides. As the name suggests, the colors provided by this brand is enormous and covers every hue. The prices of these leggings range from Rs. 500 – Rs. 1000.

#1 Saundarya

leggings brands in India

These mid-rise Saundarya leggings are perfect for formal and casual wear. I have gathered that these leggings are 44 inches long, no matter what the size, XS to XXL. Watch out for gathers around your ankles.

The material of these leggings is a composition of 95% cotton and 5% lycra spandex. In addition to that, these leggings are bio-washed. That means hello stretchy pants and goodbye lint! These pants are given an anti-pilling finish which will always make the pants look smooth and new.

These 4-way stretchable leggings are super soft and are available in multiple colours. Their excellent thread count makes them a feel-good pair of outdoor and indoor leggings.

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#2 Lux Lyra

top legging brands in India

Ever wondered what soft-butter like fabric can feel like in a formal setting? If you’ve always found some leggings to be too casual, the Lux Lyra ankle-length leggings might be your solution. They look rich and have a clean fit around your legs. Their 95% cotton with the right mix of 5% spandex makes you forget you’re wearing anything tight around your legs.

The leggings use precision stitching that makes them durable and if you accidentally stretch your legs a  bit too much, you don’t have to worry about them ripping. These leggings are available in a range of about 100 colours. Open your wardrobe to experience a colourful day!


best brands of leggings

Just like any other TRASA leggings, the shimmery gold leggings by the brand can add a bit of glamour to your clothing. The assumption of shimmery clothes being uncomfortable is proven absolutely wrong here. The leggings are made of super combed polycotton and lycra that will last you a long, long time. Its material makes it soft and stretchy and helps you remain flexible and move about your day comfortably. This style comes in about 8 colours.

These leggings are of ankle length and are the perfect answer if what you’re looking for is to spruce up a kurti or a long shirt look. The regular TRASA leggings are available in a variety of colours and styles such as extra-long, calf-length etc.

#4 Robinbosky

best quality leggings brands in India

You can unhesitatingly call the Robinbosky leggings the ideal one. If leggings could be called sturdy, this is one good pair worth of that name. A rough and tough use wouldn’t wear these out. On top of that, these Robinbosky leggings are manufactured with anti-pilling properties and the fabric is bio-washed to ensure a silky feel against the skin. 

These pairs of beauties are constructed with 95% super combed cotton and 5% lycra for that extra level of comfort when you have a dynamic day that demands switching places and positions. You should know, these are four-way stretchable. This is one of the few brands that offer a varied range for plus size women as well.

#5 Under Armour

best leggings in India

Style, comfort, looks, and  Quality. This Under Armour sporty pair of leggings has got everything covered. If you’re making a grocery run or going or a workout at your gym, or simply for an evening stroll, this one’s a good addition to have to your casual wardrobe. These high waisted leggings hold you well and make you feel in place, but they’re not tight either. They’re the perfect body-hugging type of legging for when you want to feel centred. There is no compromise on flexibility either.

Its light grey colour goes with all t-shirts and its soft fabric leaves you feeling comfortable, making it the perfect pair to lounge in at home.

#6 Go Colors

go colors in India

As the name suggests, Go Colors offers a whole range of delightful colours in leggings to make your outfit complete. Never skimp on your colour of choice simply because it’s not available. Here you’ll find any colour you need.

The leggings of Go Colors are comfortable and sustain a fashionable design. The fabric is smooth and is made of the perfect lycra blend. The legging features a skin-friendly plain elastic waist band that allows the legging to remain tight around your waist without discomfort. These leggings look excellent when paired with kameez and kurta. It enhances the Indian look you’re going for and makes the outfit richer.

#7 Dollar Missy

leggings in India for women

The Dollar Missy leggings are worth every penny. Not that they’re expensive. These leggings come at an affordable price while also being durable. They come in the oddest and most peculiar of colours, from Hawaiian and  Fuschia to Mauve and Moss. They are only available in solid colours that are opaque, concealing and bright.

These leggings are designed in a way as if they’re sculpted to fit your leg like a glove. The Dollar Missy leggings are utilitarian and support your need for bottom wear for most occasions. The leggings are made of a mix of cotton and lycra.

#8 Dixcy Scott

leggings colors in India 2021

The Dixcy Slimz by Dixcy Scott leggings defines durability. While making these leggings, the manufacturers ensured that the seams at every end were laced with nylon to prevent the stick from tearing. Material wise, once again, the fabric is a blend of cotton and spandex to create a cozy fit that’s comfortable and restful at all times. 

The fitting of these Dixcy Slimz leggings gives definition to the legs and highlights your assets. One of the best things about these leggings is that they’re safe for machine wash and do not bleed colour. You don’t have to go the extra mile and wash them separately.

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#9 PI World

best quality leggings in India 2021

The PI World Leggings are mainly suitable for a more casual setting. Its fitting is slim-fit around the legs and mid-rise around the waist. The closure on either end is elastic, ensuring that the leggings don’t ride up. These leggings are made of poly-cotton with a tad bit of spandex. It is nice and stretchy and keeps you comfy throughout the day.

#10 Designesty

quality leggings in India

The Designesty leggings are crafted to fit your legs comfortably. These regular-fit leggings use a fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra of 180 GSM. This makes the leggings thick, heavy and warm. The strong cloth will last you practically a lifetime and remain new-like every after regular use. This fabric ensures you don’t have pits made in knee and leg joints after continuous use.

The leggings are 41 inches in length and fit women with 28 to 34 inches waist. The wash care instructions mention that they need to be washed separately in cold water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different purposes you can use leggings for?

Put on a pair of leggings when you can’t decide what to wear. You can use them as casual wear, when you’re doing yoga or going running, as sleepwear or you can even pick a colourful one to wear under a festive top for an occasion.

What material for leggings is the best?

Always choose one that is a good blend of cotton and spandex. This way you’ve got your moisture-wicking properties as well as stretchiness for comfort and a snug feel.

How to wash leggings?

Make sure to read the wash care instructions given with the product you buy. Each legging is manufactured differently and has specifications. Some may be okay with machine wash, while some might need cold washes.

One good pair of leggings might not be enough, but if you have a few good ones in the right colours, you can mix and match your way through the entire month without having to spend hours on deciding what to wear. They go with literally anything. Leggings are the perfect thing to wear from when you’re feeling moody to not in the mood to do anything. Call in the without-second-thought pants. Cause, what’s in a name? It’s perfection.

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