Best Liquid Lipsticks In India 2022

Liquid lipsticks are the best thing that happened to your lips! So easy to handle, so easy to apply, in several brilliant shades, it’s a whole world of excitement out there. There are so many big brands and so many lesser-known brands creating liquid lipsticks in matte and glossy kinds that it may be difficult to choose the best. Here you have a list of the best liquid lipsticks in India, tried and tested by me.  

Choosing lipsticks can be quite confusing given the wide range of products that are out there in the market. After having tried a bunch, here’s my find on the BEST so far.

L’Oreal matte finish is the best liquid lipstick having a smooth and creamy texture. It provides a wide range of shades for people with various skin tones including purple, blood red, burgundy and rose pink. The price of this lipstick is Rs. 399.

Top Liquid Lipsticks in India 2022

Liquid lipstick feature Liquid lipstick brand 
Matte liquid Lakme Absolute Matte Melt
AffordableWet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit 
Wide range of shades Maybelline New York Super Stay
Good qualityColorbar Kiss Proof Lip Statin 
Glossy lipstick Wet n Wild
AvailabilityMaybelline liquid lipstick

Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit liquid Lipstick in India 

Wet n Wild is hands down my favourite liquid lipstick for several reasons that I am going to list out. I find that I keep going back to the Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick shades in my basket of lipsticks almost every other day (or several times a day)! Here’s why: 

  • The shades are heavily pigmented which means you just go once over to get the actual shade. 
  • A lot of liquid lipsticks end up drying the lips but this one doesn’t. 
  • It starts off with a glossy look but ends up giving you a rich matte finish. 
  • It feels super light on the lips and you don’t feel like you are wearing a lipper at all.
  •  It is also non-sticky, which is what we want from lipstick. 
  • This one stays on for at least 6 hours and can handle a lot of talking, eating and drinking. After that, it fades a little bit but you can still leave it without re-applying.
  •  The other reason why the Megalast Catsuit lipsticks are a favourite is the range of shades this comes in. 
  • Agreed, there are many brands with a wider range of shades but the few that this range has is quite impressive.Apart from the basic pinks and browns, there is a range of bolder shades like blue and grey. 
  • The Wet n Wild liquid lipsticks are also very pocket friendly but beware of fake or imitation products on the internet.  
Affordable. Might not define the lips too much. 

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Maybelline is a nostalgic favourite with most Indian women as this is one of the first few international brands that entered the market a few decades ago when we didn’t have many options.

  •  The Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid lipstick is one of the best liquid lipsticks you can find in India for the quality and price. 
  • These are moderately priced and can neither be termed as expensive nor  as cheap. 
  • These lipsticks are richly pigmented and just one glide can give you the desired shade. 
  • They make your lips look plump and feel hydrated, and don’t dry them out. 
  • Maybelline says they stay on for 16 hours which we found to be true to a large extent. 
  • They stay their true shade for about 7 to 8 hours after which they slowly fade. Either way you don’t have to keep reapplying it. 
  • The fact that this range has 25 different colours is like taking lipstick lovers to a candy store! 
  • Most of the shades range from pinks to browns, so you don’t have any outrageously crazy shades here. 
  • The shades are labelled interestingly, so you can choose depending on your mood and what you feel like doing that day. My preferred ones are the “Romantic” and the “Voyager”. 
Interesting range of colours. None. 

Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Statin liquid lipstick in India 

Colorbar is a premium brand of makeup that has some non transfer and long stay lipsticks. The Kiss Proof Lip Stain is the one that has made it to this list of the best liquid lipsticks in India and for good reason. 

  • This gorgeously luxurious liquid lipstick is like satin sliding over your lips. 
  • You hardly feel it as it is so lightweight and non sticky. 
  • If you want the shade darker, simply glide it on once more. 
  • The colour dries almost instantly leaving you with a matte finish that takes on the shape of your lips and enhances it. 
  • This stays on for a truly long time, even through a whole meal and drinks session. 
  • It is enriched with Vitamin E that nourishes and hydrates your lips while you have it on.
  •  The shades you get in this are pinks, earthy browns and corals, all well suited to the Indian skin tone. 
  • Most of these can be worn on a regular work day. 
  • The applicator is well designed, making your application precise and sharp. 
  • This is definitely more expensive than many other brands but the creamy texture and the quality of the lipstick is certainly worth every rupee spent. 
Can be worn everyday. Expensive. 

Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lipstick in India 

You cannot have a list of the best Indian liquid Lipsticks without including Lakme as one. Our very own Indian brand, our pride, is here with the Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color range with some seriously beautiful colours in packaging that is premium. 

  • The main reason why Lakme is so close to our hearts is that no matter what your skin tone is, you know that you will find a shade that suits you in this brand that understands the women of this country.
  •  In 20 different shades for everyday wear, you have highly pigmented, non-transfer, lightweight, non-sticky lipstick.
  •  The Vintage Pink is one of my favourites as it looks lovely on dusky skin tones, highlighting the best features, be it day or evening. 
  • This liquid lipstick starts off glossy, takes about a minute to dry and turns matte. 
  • The applicator is well designed. It contours the lips perfectly and the lipstick does not bleed. 
  • You don’t even need a lipliner to ensure it is sharp and precise.
  •  These last about 5 hours after which you might want to re-apply. 
  • Priced in the slightly higher range, these lipsticks might be considered a bit expensive.    
Contours the lips well. Does not last long. 

L’Oreal Paris Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick in India 

L’Oreal Paris Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick is another item that tops the list for its premium quality.

  •  This range of lipsticks is creamy and satiny as it spreads across the lips. 
  • One thing that truly deserves a mention is the uniquely shaped applicator. The sharp ended tear-shaped applicator makes it super easy to get to the hard to reach places like the creases of your lips to outline neatly.
  •  The lipsticks are highly pigmented and don’t require more than one application to get the colour. It takes about a minute to dry after which it turns matte. 
  • It does not dry the lips and the excellent quality of the brand shows. 
  • The liquid lipsticks are priced moderately and quite affordable.
  •  This does have a few disadvantages as well. 
  • This liquid lipstick does not bleed but it is not transfer-proof, so be prepared to leave some stains on your coffee cup. 
  • The second disappointment is that though L’oreal claims that this is a long stay, it only stays on for about 2-3 hours and might require frequent reapplications. 
  • Having said that, the richness of the shades do makeup for the cons, so it is worth giving this a shot. 
Affordable. It’s not durable. 

SUGAR Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Mini Lipstick Set 

Sometimes good things come in small packages. Sugar Cosmetics’ Smudge Me Not is the perfect example of that. 

  • This is a budget brand that gives you value for money. You get a pack of four mini lipsticks for the price of one full quantity liquid lipstick. 
  • These liquid lipsticks come in a nice lipstick case and are packaged well. That’s a sweet deal, especially when the shades are smooth and silky. 
  • These lipsticks are pocket-friendly, perfect for college students and young women. 
  • Do keep in mind that these do not long stay and might need a few retouches through the day. 
  • What is likeable about this is the richness of the colour and the way it smoothly glides across. 
  • They are quite light in weight and leave a neat matte stain on the lips. 
  • You have the option of choosing between a pack of bold shades or a pack of nudes. I say, go for both. You can never have too many lipsticks, right?

Rimmel London Stay matte liquid lipstick in India

Rimmel London produces the best quality lipsticks. Period.

  • They have a wide range of colours that vary from bold to nude shades. We love their cherry red shade which goes with every Indian skin tone.
  • It is moderately priced and has a considerably large packaging.
  • It is touch and kiss-proof which means this can stay for a longer time irrespective of whether you’re eating or talking.
  • The one-stroke formula allows the lips to be defined in no time!
  • This brand has liquid lipsticks which are lightweight and waterproof which means you can confidently delve into purchasing from this brand.
Affordable. None.

Colourpop matte liquid lipstick 

Colourpop, as the name suggests, has THE MOST interesting and exciting shades that will just go in with everybody’s taste. 

  • This liquid lipstick from Colourpop comes in 8 different shades which are all performing really well among women who have a passion for makeup. 
  • These liquid lipsticks can resist water and can be worn for a long time without getting smudge. 
  • Colourpop is known for coming at a decent price while giving you some exciting beauty products at great shades. 
Pros Cons 

Faces ultimate liquid lipstick 

Faces has been an inspiration for so many makeup brands because of how well they hit the nail for quality. 

  • The liquid matte lipstick is known for how durable it is and how well the color blends with the skin without looking too flaky. The best part about it is that it is healthy on the skin as well. 
  • The texture of the liquid lipstick is so soft and velvety that you hardly feel anything on your lips. It is so soothing and makes a really good addition to your effortless makeup events. 
  • The application of this liquid lipstick is really easy and practical given the sponge on the stick is really sturdy and does not take up much coercion. 
Pros Cons 
Sturdy build and long lasting on the lips. Not easily available. 

Chambor extreme wear liquid lipstick

Chambor is one of the most popular beauty brands out there if you need a good quality product that lasts long.

  • The highlight of this liquid lipstick is that the color is dark and definitive which does the job of giving you the right shade in just one stroke.
  • This brand offers you only the best of variety with a good 17 color palette which displays every hue and color.
  • Chambor liquid lipstick is awesome to wear for long hours and does not wear out of the skin of your lips.
  • The creamy texture of the liquid lipstick stays really well and long the lips giving you a good time to absorb it and take it in.
Pros Cons
Great variety to choose from.None.

Things to consider when buying a liquid lipstick 

Like other lipsticks, buying liquid lipsticks require a certain amount of caution considering the features that needs to be taken into notice to appear flawless and non chaotic! 

Skin type

When we say skin type we mean the liquid lipsticks need to blend in with the lips. Some people are prone to having dry lips so when applying lipsticks it can appear flaky and uneven and that’s no good for anyone. 


All liquid lipsticks come with an applicator and require some sturdy and good quality ones so that it doesn’t just break away from the top. 

We understand that determining the quality of the applicator can be tough so we suggest you just consider the best brands. 


The finish of the lipstick is extremely important when you are choosing liquid lipsticks. Matte, shiny, and gloss. You can choose the most appropriate according to your style and stick to that. This can have a great impact on how your whole look is including your other accessories.

The above article was indeed a pleasure putting together as we’ve discovered the best liquid lipsticks you can find in India. So, go ahead, pin this page and refer back before indulge in some shopping!

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