Best Makeup Kits In India 2022

A regular workday or an evening party, there is no excuse to not look your best. Grooming and glamming up need not only be for the movie stars, reserved for the red carpet. You don’t have to go to a professional makeup artist to put on makeup. All you need is the right material, all in the comfort of your home. Get the look you want with the best makeup kits in India. Read on to find out:

Top Makeup Kits in India 2022

Best Makeup Kits in India Known for
Cameleon Make up Kit For Women Eye makeup 

Miss Claire Eyeshadow and Blusher Kit Functional makeup 

TYA Makeup kit

Subtle makeup 

Laperla Exclusive Beauty Combo Makeup Set

Durable makeup 

Hilary Rhoda Makeup Kit Contouring 

Volo All In One Makeup Kit Professional makeup 

#1- Cameleon Make up Kit For Women

It’s always fun to peep into a makeup kit. All those colours are like an artist’s paint palette. Get your own by choosing the Cameleon Make up Kit. The range of eyeshadows alone will make you drool. 

  • There are 44 different shades just for your eyes and you have 4 shades for your cheeks. The eyeshadows, however, are mostly in the brighter and darker shades, with very few in the lighter pastels. You do get some brilliant greens and blues, and a couple of darker glittery ones. 
  • There are four lip glosses that are again in the darker shades of plums and reds. 
  • You also have 6 face powders to choose from according to your skin tone, along with a mascara and an eye pencil. 
  • You have two applicators in the kit which aren’t of very good quality so we would advise you to add on a separate set of brushes for better results. 

Best for : Eye makeup 

Pros Cons 
Exotic colours included in the makeup kit.Applicators are not of good quality. 

#2- Miss Claire Eyeshadow and Blusher Kit

A lot of makeup kits out there over do it with way too many things that you can actually use. According to a lot of people who use makeup regularly, all they need are a few good shades of eyeshadow and blush. A mix and match of these can bring out the best you.

  • Miss Claire Eyeshadow and Blusher Kit is a good choice if you like minimal makeup or you are just beginning to explore wearing makeup. 
  • It comes with 12 eyeshadows in shades that cover a little of each colour. The eyeshadows have a tinge of shimmer in them to add that bit of sparkle to your eyes. 
  • There are 3 shades of blush, out of which one can be used as a bronzer as well. The blush also has a bit of shimmer in them. 
  • You have two applicators, one for your eyes and one for your cheeks. 
  • The kit is compact and neat, with a built in mirror. It is small and convenient to be carried along in your handbag. 

Best for : Functional makeup 

Pros Cons 
Affordable and good quality. No lip shades available. 

#3- TYA Makeup kit

TYA makeup kit is a perfect set for beginners and it’s value for money. It has a little of everything that you could possibly need, right from compact powders to lip glosses to your eye shadow colours. 

  • The pigments of the colours are quite good and they stay on for a pretty long time. You get the variety of 24 eye shadow colours, with everything from the lighter pastels to the darker shades. 
  • There are two face powders, which is a pleasant surprise as one has a bit of shimmer for your evening look, while the other is a plain matte finish one for your day makeup. 
  • There are 3 different blushes, all in shades of pink and four lip colours ranging from nude to bright red. 
  • You get a basic applicator in the kit which has an inbuilt mirror, but you can buy a combo with a package of makeup brushes online. 

Best for :  Subtle makeup 

Pros Cons 
Cheap and affordable. Questionable quality. 

#4- Laperla Exclusive Beauty Combo Makeup Set

Is a makeup kit even complete if it does not have you covered from head to toe? The Laperla exclusive combo set puts all that you would need to help you look your most glam. 

  • It starts with a foundation and compact powder, a kajal, liquid eyeliner and a lip gloss.
  •  It has an eyeshadow palette with 18 shades, all with loads of glitter to keep your eyes sparkling and the centre of attention. 
  • You also get 6 full-sized lipsticks with this kit in some really beautiful shades. Laperla hasn’t forgotten your nails. 
  • Get them party-ready with the glittery nail paints in 6 different colours, choosing between some reds, silver and even a wild blue.
  •  Additionally, it comes with an eyelash curler and a massager to help you relax before you start your regime. 
  • And before you start putting on the makeup, use the Gold Facial Pack in the kit to prep your skin!
  •  The whole set is quite expensive, but do look online for slashed down prices. 

Best for: Durable makeup 

Pros Cons 
Lasts long because of the quality. Expensive. 

#5- Hilary Rhoda Makeup Kit

Whether you like the nude look or go all out and give your eyes the smokey look, the Hilary Rhoda Makeup Kit has got your back. 

  • A makeup kit that is more apt for the professionals or for those who have mastered the art of makeup, this one has every shade you can possibly imagine. 
  • The palette of eyeshadows are sure to make your eyes pop with 70 different shades. 
  • Half of these have shimmer for the party look while the rest are matte.
  •  This kit makes it easy to blend the shades as it has close colours, allowing you to experiment. 
  • The lip colours are also a wide variety, giving you the option of 12 colours to choose from. 
  • There are 3 blushes, one contouring powder, one bronzer and one compact powder. 
  • The pigments are brilliant, safe on the skin and last through the day. 
  • There is an inbuilt mirror as well but we would have liked for it to have been bigger. 
  • Like every other makeup kit, the only disappointing thing about this makeup kit is the lack of good quality brushes that you need to purchase separately. 

Best for : Contouring 

Pros Cons 
Good makeup kit for professional makeup. Brushes are of poor quality. 

#6- Volo All In One Makeup Kit

Volo is one of the best selling makeup kits online, thanks to the fact that you get a set of everything you need, complete with a pouch. 

  • Starting with the foundation, this kit gives you one that is enriched with vitamin E to take care of your skin.
  •  It also has an SPF of 15 to protect you from the sun’s rays for short periods of time. 
  • For your eyes, there is a quick dry liquid liner that is waterproof and smudge proof, along with a kajal in deep black. 
  • You get a separate set of eye shadows in a palette with 18 super glittery shades and a dual sided applicator. 
  • The eyeshadow palette also comes with a built in mirror. Dress your lips up with three brilliant shades of reds and line them with the lip pencil given. 
  • You also have a compact with a puff applicator and a small mirror, to complete your look. 
  • All this comes with a small pouch to make it easy to pack away when you’re done and store it neatly.
  •  The package is generally priced on the higher end but you can get good deals and discounts when you shop for this online. 

Best for : Professional makeup 

Pros Cons 
Great shades of lipsticks Expensive 

#7- ADS 8088 Makeup Kit

Makeup is fun and so, your makeup kit should be fun as well. Check out the layout and design of the 8088 Makeup Kit by ADS. 

  • Designed like a colourful butterfly, this makeup kit is sure to appeal to children, teens as well as young women. 
  • This kit is basic and is a good buy if you are beginning to explore wearing makeup and blending shades.
  •  The wings of the butterfly and all the spots around it hold very pretty eyeshadow colours. 
  • They are mostly lighter and pastel colours but you do have a few that you can combine for a darker or smokey look. 
  • There are a few rouge shades and quite a large compact face powder. 
  • There are three applicators, one puff for your compact, a brush for your cheeks and another for your eyeshadow. 
  • When you purchase it online, ADS sends you an eyeliner pen as a combo to add to your kit.
  •  This kit is priced quite low when compared to most other makeup kits in the market.  

Best for : Casual makeup

Pros Cons 
Affordable. Not for adults. 

#8- ADS Colour Series Crystal Makeup Kit

We have another makeup kit from ADS featuring on our list of the best makeup kits in India. 

  • This is also a fun kit recommended for younger users or for those who are beginners to the world of makeup. 
  • It is small and compact, easy to be carried with you when you are travelling. Since it’s priced affordably, this is a good place to start before you progress to using more complex makeup. 
  • Designed in a three tier heart with the eyeshadow palette in the form of a butterfly’s wing, you can see why this is one of the best sellers out there. 
  • You get 14 eyeshadow colours, with browns, pinks, greens and nudes. 
  • There are two shades of pink blushes for your cheeks and 2 compact powders. We love the 6 lip colour shades that range from reds to purple. 
  • The pigments of all these colours are quite strong and rich, and they seem to last quite a long time throughout the day. 
  • We do suggest you do an allergy test before you use any makeup kit, though as different people’s skin reacts differently. 
  • You get all the necessary applicators along with this kit. 
  • There is also a cute inbuilt mirror to make your makeup application comfortable.

Best for : Beginners. 

Pros Cons 
Great choice for beginners. Not for everyday makeup

#9 – MTV Muah Pop By Blue Heaven

Muah Pop makeup kit is one of the best choice for professional makeup experst who want some top notch quality to master makeup.

  • The beauty products available as part of the makeup kit are lipsticks of various shades, eyeshadows, eye pencil, lip pencil, foundation and mascara.
  • Besides the fact that is is so varied and of good quality, it is also easily available in India.
  • Make sure you understand the purpose of your use and only then purchase this because it has a lot of products which can make it a tad intimidating at first.

Best for : Professional experts

Pros Cons
Great choice for experts. None.

We hope you were able to pick a worthy makeup kit with everything you need to look drop dead gorgeous.

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