Best Mass Weight Gainers in India 2022

Gaining weight is not easy. 

There is a misconception that gaining weight is easier than losing weight and does not require as much effort. We are here to tell you that it is not at all easy but we are also going to give you the easiest ways to get there so that you get your muscles back! 

Mass gainers are supplements that will instantly increase body mass and make you look healthier. The list we have is from the most trusted sources and have the best reviews so that you don’t have the fear of sabotaging your health. 

Check out the best mass weight gainers in India.

Best Weight gainer in India 2022

Best mass gainer in India Proteins per servings

Dymatise super gainer in India 
52 gms
Optimum nutrition pro gainer 
60 gms
MuscleTech Performance Series tech extreme 
80 gms
Optimum nutrition serious mass gainer 
50 gms
Muscleblaze gold weight gainer 
75 gms
BSN 1200 true mass gainer 
50 gms
GNC apt mass gainer 
50 gms
Evulution nutrition mass gainer 
50 gms

Dymatise super gainer in India 

The super mass gainer powder supplement is the yummy solution to those who steer clear from taking these because of the overpowering taste. 

The main function of the mass gainer supplement is to give you muscles and build up your bones to make them stronger. 

The powder entails nutritious add ons besides having a chocolate flavor which just soothes your taste buds and gives you the right taste. 

Another main function of this powder is that it avoids and prevents muscle catabolism which means your muscle linings will be intact without being torn down. 

It contains 7 grams of L-Leucine which is required for bodybuilding and a healthy body mass. 

The best part about this is that it comes in a bunch of exciting and yummy flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cookies and cream. 

Taking this into your diet and continuing that way will strengthen your body and give you a stronger immune system. 

This is one of the best weight gainer for female in India.

Optimum nutrition pro gainer 

Optimum nutrition pro is a way of getting body mass quicker than the others that we have listed out for you. 

What they assure is that the ingredients included in the supplements is super safe and is not more than what is required. This way your increment of weight is balanced and not out of control. It comes with carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and other nutrients which are sure to give you more strength and energy. 

You have about 650 calories with each serving which is the minimal and the optimal amount for putting on weight. 

If you are someone who has lost weight and is looking to gain that back in a short period of time – this product is just right for you!

MuscleTech Performance Series tech extreme 

The MuscleTech mass gainer is one of the best options for those who are struggling with weight loss or sudden replenishment of body mass. 

It has about 80 gms more protein than the others on our list and gives a brief makeover to those who are looking for a healthy structure. 

It also consists of omega which is great for nourishing the body and strengthening the bones. 

This powder is great for both men and women and works on each body type separately. 

It has both proteins and calories which works well for the body weight and gives you the right balance in building your body. 

It comes in two exciting flavours including triple chocolate brownie and vanilla shake which are both exquisite and you slurp it up! 

Optimum nutrition serious mass gainer 

Optimum serious weight gainer is the best solution for those who want to instantly improve their body stature and give you a healthy body. 

It contains 1250 gms of proteins in each serving and gives the consumer a more energetic and lively outlook for the activities planned. 

On the safer side, the weight gainer is free from added sugar or preservatives catering to those health-conscious folks. 

Unlike the others, this is a non-vegetarian supplement and can have those additional values embedded in it. 

The flavors it comes in are banana, chocolate and vanilla which are all proven to be as tasty as the other. 

Muscleblaze gold weight gainer 

Muscle blaze weight gainer is one of the most effective supplements that works greatly in building muscles while also tending to your digestion and absorption process and being careful in the nutrients that are added.

The protein available in this is called casein which speedens up the process of enhancing your body mass and strengthening your muscles. 

It contains of 75 grams of proteins for each serving which suffices to build up your body. 

It comes in the chocolate bliss flavour which is rich and yummy to devour. 

BSN 1200 true mass gainer 

The true mass gainer is a true strength and body mass gainer which works effectively and quickly on all body type. 

If you are someone who is struggling with body image for a long time and want an instant boost without going through other tedious process, then you might want to go for this one. 

This has been proven to be a great source of energy for athletes and others who induce a lot of energy in their daily activities. 

It contains 1200 calories and has about 50 grams of proteins per serving. 

A major function that this weight gainer promises is that it improves brain activity and function. 

GNC apt mass gainer 

Besides being effective to increase body weight, this weight gainer makes sure that it becomes easy for your body to process it and come off light. 

The amino acids that come with this weight gainer helps restore your strength and your body weight that you may have lost in the past. 

This works as a great supplement for after a workout session when you are all drained out of energy. 

The flavors that are available are chocolate, raspberry and truffle which are all equally yummy and tasty. 

Evulution nutrition mass gainer 

Made with high quality nutrients and other proteins this weight gainer is free of all preservatives and added sugars. 

The digestive enzymes that it comes with completely blends in with the body and works subtly in your digestive system. 

This is a great product to enhance your body weight as well as improve your strength for activities that include effort like working out or other sporty activities. 

It also works efficiently works in restores your muscles and your body mass. 

Chocolate is the only flavor it is available in but it is so rich in texture to refuse it. 

The box it comes in is pretty big to last for a considerable amount of time so that you don’t have to invest in another for a long time. 

Putting on weight is key but how you put on weight and the means you go by to get that extra body weight is what matters the most. We hope that the products we have listed out will prove this statement right and do justice to your body.

Weight gainer

Dymatise weight gainers have a great ability to make your body mass healthier and increase your weight effectively.


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