Best Medical Walkers in India 2022

A walker is hugely important for those who have been in an accident as well as for the elderly. A good walker can provide stability and support, helping the person become more independent and confident. If you are in the market for one, either for yourself or for someone you care about, you have to do tons of research to make sure you are buying the right one. I have done the research for you here, so read on to find out about the Best Medical Walkers in India:

Best Walkers in India 2022

KosmoCare Adjustable Folding Walker

KosmoCare is a very well known brand of medical walkers and there are quite a few types in different price ranges you can choose from. 

The walkers by KosmoCare are mostly imported and are made with premium quality material and design.

 The adjustable folding walker is a lightweight model made out of aluminium. Even though it is light, it is very stable and sturdy, offering great support to the user.

 It has a slightly bent U-shape design which enables the user to pull it closer to assist while standing up or walking. 

This walker can be folded and stowed away when not in use, making this a great option for when the user wants to travel.

 Folding is very easy and can be initiated at the push of a button, making life simpler for the person using it. 

The handrests are made from PVC. 

They are smooth, yet give you a good grip to hold on to. 

The walker’s height can also be adjusted from 32 inches to 39 inches, suitable for people of all heights. 

VEAYVA Adjustable Reciprocal Folding 2 Step Walker

The imported Veayva 2 step walker is constructed out of a strong and sturdy aluminium frame.

 It has non-slip rubber bases for all the legs to ensure the user’s safety.

 The walker is designed to be very stable and offers good support to the person while pulling up from a chair, standing or walking, and it can support upto 190 kgs of body weight.

 This walker can be folded with just the push of a button by the person using it, without the help of others, and can be put away for convenience. 

Since this is a 2 step walker, it has comfortable PVC handle bar grips on both steps. You can also use it in the toilet as safety rails.

 The height of the walker can be adjusted as well. 

Veayva Plain Double Bar Frame Balanced Adjustable Adult Walker

The Veayva Plain Double Bar Frame Balanced Adjustable Adult Walker is something you can opt for if you are looking for a walker that is cheaper. 

While the 2 step walker is more expensive, this one is great for those looking for a short term option.

 The double bar frame gives this walker the stability and strength needed, while the rubber bases keep it from slipping on the floor. 

The handle bars are made out of PVC, comfortable for the person using the walker.

 The frame of the walker is made from lightweight but strong aluminum and can handle heavy duty usage. 

It is foldable and all it takes is the push of a button. 

This makes it easy to transport it in a car, on public transport or even while flying. 

MCP Jindal Economy Ms Coating Foldable Walker 

The MCP Jindal Economy Ms Coating Foldable Walker is very similar to the Plain Double Bar Frame walker by Veayva.

 This is also a lightweight aluminium walker that has great stability and strength, with a height that can be adjusted from 78cms to 96 cms. 

The double frame gives the support that is required for the patient using it. 

The legs have rubber bases to help traction and keep the walker from slipping. 

The PVC handles are comfortable to hold on to. 

The walker can be folded away for portability. 

KosmoCare Deluxe Folding Walker with 5″ castors

The Deluxe Folding Walker by KosmoCare is another popular walker, especially with those who are old and have lost their mobility.

 This walker has a 5” castor and wheels for facilitating the movement of the user without having to use much of their upper body strength. 

KosmoCare walkers always boast of premium design and this one is no exception. 

The walker’s height can be adjusted from 32 inches to 39 inches, similar to the one without the wheels.

 This walker can also be quickly folded by pushing a button and is a great choice for transportation. 

The ergonomic U-shaped design helps the person using it pull it closer to themselves when they are pulling themselves up from a seated position.

You choose from two other variants – one which can be used on a carpet and one which has swivel wheels. 

Viva Healthcare Light Weight Balanced Frame Folding Walker

The Viva Healthcare Light Weight Balanced Frame Folding Walker is a basic walker made from solid, yet light aluminium metal.

 It is very stable and durable, and seems like it is something that will last a lifetime. 

This walker has rubber padded bases that protect the walker and the user from slipping and sliding on the surface.

 The model is foldable with the push of a button, which can be handled by the user, giving them independence. 

The PVC handles give good grip while holding the walker and walking. 

This walker is similar to the basic foldable walker sold by Kosmocare and is priced in the same range as well. 

KosmoCare Premium Imported Folding Rollator Walker with Seat

The Rollator Walker with Seat by KosmoCare is one of the best medical walkers available in the Indian market in terms of quality and functionality.

 The Rollator walker does not come cheap but it is to be treated as an investment, towards self-sufficiency. 

This walker is highly recommended for those who are really old or those who have been in an unfortunate accident and have lost their ability to walk without support.

 This walker has been imported into the country and features four all terrain 6” wheels that can be controlled using the brake in the handlebars. 

The wheels make this walker one that can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

 The PVC seat is padded and has a good backrest. It also has storage space, so the user or patient can be completely independent. 

The walker is made out of a light weight aluminium frame and it can handle body weight of up to 100 kgs. 

 The height of the seat as well as the handles can be adjusted with the help of a button, to suit users of all heights. 

The walker is also foldable and is perfect for transportation and travel. 

Finally, you cannot escape the fact that this walker looks sleek, stylish and smart!


A walker must not only offer support to the person using it, but also be convenient. It should be something that is not so heavy that the person has to use a lot of energy to move it around, apart from focusing on their legs.

 If it has adjustable height and if it is foldable, then that’s a bonus.

 The walkers by Samadhan Surgical seem to tick all these boxes with a lightweight frame that is stable.

 It has a reciprocal feature where the walker makes it easier for the person to move without having to use too much of his upper body strength to do the same.

 It has comfortable PVC handle grips for more support.

 By just pushing a button, the patient themself can alter the height of the walker.

 It can also be folded and put into a vehicle during travel. 

This walker has a price that is mid-range, neither too expensive nor is it cheap. 

Shree Surgicals Foldable Adult Walker

The Foldable Adult Walker by Shree Surgicals has been built keeping in mind that this would have to be used both indoors as well as outdoors. 

This walker has a double frame in front which I find gives better stability to the person using it. 

The frame feels strong and durable, though it is made out of aluminium which is quite light by nature.

 The walker only weighs about 3 kgs but it can handle a person’s body weight of upto 100 kgs. 

This walker can be changed to be reciprocal by changing a clip, so that the patient does not have to lift it to move it. 

The bases are rubber coated, otherwise to provide traction.

 The handle grips are fitted with PVC for providing grip. You can adjust the height of the legs to suit the height of the person using it.  

AMMINO INDIA Foldable Walker

The Ammino India Foldable Walker is a good low budget walker for old people. It is fitted with rubber bases for slip-resistance. 

The lightweight aluminium makes it easy for the patient to lift it and move it when they want to walk.

 It does have a reciprocal feature as well where the patient does not have to actually use too much effort when they want to move. 

The height can be adjusted telescopically with the push of a button.

 Since the walker can be folded, this is suitable for when the person wants to travel, and it can be done in a jiffy by pushing another button.

 It is also great for storage when not in use. 

The walker is durable and has a premium finish. 


KosmoCare is a brand that specializes in medical props and other equipment.

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