Best Menstrual Cups in India 2022

Off late menstrual cups seem to be Everywhere! On all the social media platforms, every celebrity and influencer seems to be endorsing these, plus all the ads everytime I open any website. I must say, feminine hygiene products have evolved and come a long way from using cloth rags to belted pads to pads with wings and tampons and now, Menstrual cups. If you are curious and want to try menstrual cups, choose one from the list below where I’ve reviewed the Best Menstrual Cups in India:

Top Menstrual Cups in India 2022

Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup

I really appreciate how neatly these menstrual cups come packaged. Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup comes with a jute bag which makes it easy to carry around in my handbag or when I’m travelling. 

Sirona is one of the best selling menstrual cups in India as it comes in 3 sizes to fit any woman, right from teenagers to women who are much older or those who have had children. 

It is also priced affordably, which makes this quite a hit. 

These are made from soft medical grade silicone material that is safe and gentle on the skin and does not cause any rashes or irritation. 

The cup can be used for about 10 to 12 hours without requiring a change, which is very convenient. 

These are FDA approved and are said to last about 5 to 10 years depending on the water quality and the way you handle it.

i-activ Menstrual Cup 

The i-activ Menstrual cup comes in 2 sizes, a medium and a large. The medium fits most women in their early 20’s or late teens and the large is for women closer to their 30’s or if they’ve had a child. 

These menstrual cups are made from high quality medical grade silicone. This is considered one of the best menstrual cups for beginners. 

They are soft and you hardly feel like you are wearing them, once you get used to them. 

They don’t leak for at least 8 to 10 hours, after which you can dump the blood, wash it and re-use it.

 They are safe and don’t cause any rashes or irritation, and can be worn no matter what you are doing – sleeping, working out or even when you’re swimming. 

These come with a soft jute bag to store them or to carry them with you. I-active menstrual cups are priced similar to the Sirona menstrual cups. 


Safecup menstrual cups are imported from the USA, made in a US FDA approved facility and by far one of the softest I’ve used. 

These are transparent, with no artificial colours or dyes added and have a premium finish, made from platinum cured medical grade silicone. 

They are safe on the skin and cause no irritation. These menstrual cups come in 3 different sizes, and the company offers a 100% price back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the menstrual cups. 

They are easy to use, super flexible and you don’t feel them inside you at all! They come with a cotton bag to store in or carry them in your bag. 

Safecup menstrual cups are quite expensive when compared to the other brands in the market, but consider this an investment as the quality is top notch. 


Everteen menstrual cups are made from soft silicone that is free of toxins. They are safe on the skin and don’t cause any discomfort or itchiness. 

These are very soft and flexible, and form a good fit inside the body. The cup, when it fits perfectly forms a suction and prevents leakage. 

These menstrual cups are large enough to last about 10 to 12 hours before they need to be emptied, cleaned and reused. 

These cups come in 2 different sizes, a small and a large, which fits most women. It would be great if the company could introduce a third medium size as well.

 These are priced mid-range, not as cheap as the Sirona and not as expensive as the menstrual cups by Safecup.

Pee Safe Menstrual Cups

Made from medical grade silicone material in a germ free and sanitized environment, the Pee Safe menstrual cups are soft, flexible and very easy to use. 

These are safe, free of latex that could irritate your skin, chemicals, fragrances, BPAs and any other harmful toxins. 

While many menstrual cup brands come in just two or three sizes, mostly leaner towards the bigger ones, Pee safe is available in an extra small, a small and a large.

The extra small has a capacity of about 16 ml and is perfect for young teenagers who have just begun menstruating or for those who are using these cups for the first time.

These come with a soft drawstring pouch to keep it safe and clean when it’s not in use. It gives you upto 12 hours of protection depending on the intensity of your flow. 

Each cup can last up to 5 years if you handle it carefully.

 Pee Safe menstrual cups are priced nominally, making these some of the most selling menstrual cups in India. 

WOW Freedom Reusable Menstrual Cup

Wow Skin Science has broken records with its natural and organic skincare products, and has now ventured into manufacturing reusable menstrual cups. 

The pink coloured menstrual cups are made from thicker and higher quality silicone with a fatter rim that is leak proof.

 The cup measures about 2 inches long.

 It also reduces cramps as it sits comfortably inside your body and forms a suction. These cups can be used for about 8 to 12 hours depending on your flow. 

The kit comes with a gentle feminine wash liquid enriched with tea tree oil that you can use during your period. 

Wow Skin Science offers a 30 day money refund guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the product. 

Silky Cup

The reusable menstrual cups by Silky Cup is a great low budget option for women. This is also a good option if you want to try out menstrual cups for the first time to check if you like them or not, without spending too much money. 

These cups are not as soft as the more expensive ones, but they are flexible enough and offer a good fit.

 They are also leak proof once they fit comfortably. When you use it two or three times, you get used to it and don’t realise you’re using a menstrual cup. 

These cups are transparent with no added dyes, made from toxic free and non-allergenic materials and are ISO certified. 

Silky Cup menstrual cups are available in 3 different sizes – small, medium and large. 


SanNap menstrual cups are another low budget option and available in 3 sizes to fit all women. These menstrual cups are FDA approved and made from high quality medical grade silicone. The material is BPA and Latex free, so they are safe on the skin. 

The cups are soft and leak proof, but make sure you choose the size that is right for you.

 The rim is quite thick and the cup has ridges so it forms a good seal and keeps the cup in place. 

The stem also has rings that makes it easy to hold on to it when you want to remove the cup. The cups offer about 10 hours of protection and are easy to wash and reuse.

 These menstrual cups come with a storage drawstring pouch that can be conveniently dropped into your handbag and carried wherever you go. 

Sanfe Reusable Menstrual Cup

Sanfe Resuable menstrual cups are soft and flexible, easy to insert and use, and even easier to remove and wash. 

These menstrual cups are available in 3 sizes and can offer you protection for about 8 to 10 hours. 

These also seem to have a larger capacity when compared to many other brands which makes this a great choice for the night. 

These cups are smooth and slip quickly, with a rim that forms a good seal once inside. The stem is also quite long, which I personally liked, but if you don’t, you can always trim it to the length that you prefer. 

The MRP of Sanfe reusable menstrual cups are mid-range, but you can always get good deals and discounts when you shop online for these. 

The price makes these a good choice if you want to try out menstrual cups for the first time to check if you like them. 


Daluci reusable menstrual cups are the cheapest and lowest priced menstrual cups of good quality that you can find in India.

 I recommend these cups for those who have had a little bit of experience with menstrual cups already, as it can be a bit difficult using it for the first time. 

These cups are not exactly very soft, but they are quite flexible. Once inserted into your vagina, they need a bit of help opening up, but once they do, you’re good to go.

 Also, when you’ve used it a couple of times, you don’t feel it at all. 

The cup forms a good seal and doesn’t leak. They are also made from medical grade silicone which is safe on your skin and offers about 8 hours of protection. 

Menstrual cups

Sirona is one of the best hygienic brands for those who are meant for women who crave safety.

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