Best Microwave Ovens in India 2022

Microwave ovens have a great role to play in the kitchen and have become a best friend to those who have yearning for cooking different cuisines. Not only does this help in making a huge variety of food and also great for modifying your existing food. We have reviewed some of the top brands of these microwave ovens in India that are durable and can be invested in without any doubt of making the wrong choice. 

So here goes – The best microwave ovens in India.

Best Microwave Oven 2022 in India 

Microwave Ovens in IndiaFeatures 
LG 32 L Convection Microwave oven 
Grilling, Baking and Heating

IFB 20 convection microwave
Defrosting, reheating

Samsung 28 L microwave oven
Reheating and baking

Samsung 32 L convection microwave oven 
Grill and solo microwave

IFB 25 L convection microwave oven 
Grilling and defrosting

Samsung 21 L convection microwave oven
Grilling and reheating

Samsung 23 L solo microwave oven Defrosting and reheating

Bajaj Solo microwave oven 
Defrosting and reheating
IFB 17 L solo microwave oven 
Microwave and grilling

LG 32 L Convection Microwave oven 

When it comes to home appliances it is mandatory to have LG as part of the list for how trustworthy it has proved to be over the years. 

This microwave is a convection model and can be found easily in stores or online. 

The LG microwave comes with a list of elaborate and useful features that work differently for various food items. 

This works great for grilling, baking and reheating. 

The maximum capacity of this microwave is 32 litres which is pretty huge and can work well for those who have a large family. 

Using this microwave has claimed to be very safe and easy to handle which is the most sought after feature that people look for given how complicated the system is in a few of them. 

Pros Cons 
Comes with a number features that work well for everyone. Can make a slight bit of noise. 

IFB 20 convection microwave

Like LG also has a wide audience range and dedicated following in all the kitchen appliances that they have been producing from the very beginning. 

What this is mainly known for is the easy to use feature which works great for those who do not want to spend too much time cooking. 

Some of the features they come with the microwave like the auto cook and the auto heating feature which turns off as soon as it is done. 

The most useful feature of them is the defrost feature which thaws the ice off of cold food and gives you fresh and hot food on the plate. 

Pros Cons 
The defrosting feature comes in handy for all kinds of dishes. Baking might not be as effective. 

Samsung 28 L microwave oven

Samsung has always seemed to hold a high standard for the electronics that they nail every single time. 

This is again a convection microwave oven with quite a number of features including baking, grilling, and reheating. 

The quality of the microwave is extremely good and dependable for very long term use. 

It comes with an aerodynamic handle which makes it super easy to open and close the doors without having to hurt yourself due to the heat. 

The LED display on the microwave oven makes it easy to monitor the coarse of your dish and act accordingly. 

One thing we absolutely love about this microwave oven is that it supports uniform heating and works great for all kinds of dishes.

Pros Cons 
Awesome for uniform heating in dishes. None. 

Samsung 32 L convection microwave oven 

Here is another one from India’s most trusted brand for home appliances and electronics. 

The slim fry technology that comes in this microwave oven is awesome for cooking food without the use of too much oil in it. 

The ceramic coating in this oven allows for easy cleaning and helps maintain the quality for a long time. You don’t have to worry about the material rusting off. 

It comes with a ton of safety features including the child lock which keeps the microwave safe and out of reach of children. 

If you are someone who is particular about the amount of oil you consume, then this will keep that in check for you and help you have a healthy diet always. 

Pros Cons 
Helps keep the oil in check. Might not be ideal for baking 

IFB 25 L convection microwave oven 

IFB is a brand that is close to the heart of the Indian clientele and works into giving you the best model year after year. 

Unlike the other models that require a lot of effort into cleaning the interior and exterior of the microwave, the steam clean option allows the grease to be taken off from the steel. 

An exciting feature that the other microwave doesn’t even come close to is the menu and recipe option which the IFB works well in educating food experts into experimenting with their culinary skills. 

The features of this microwave oven include grilling and defrosting. 

The aesthetic of the microwave oven is extremely sleek and works well in the decor of your kitchen. 

Pros Cons 
Works well for easy cooking. Might be too small for big families. 

Samsung 21 L convection microwave oven

The exterior of the Samsung microwave oven is as sleek as you would want a good aesthetic to their kitchen. 

The cleaning process of this microwave oven is also easy as it has ceramic interiors that can be cleaned easily. 

The power defrosts option on the microwave can come in handy when you have to thaw non-vegetarian food. 

The ceramic coating outside does not allow scratches or other damage to be incurred on the material and to stay intact. 

One thing that we need to highlight is that while reheating the technology is careful not to burn the food or the vessel but to keep the food warm. 

Pros Cons 
The cleaning process of the interiors and exteriors is easy and effortless. Electricity is consumed more on this. 

Samsung 23 L solo microwave oven 

Here is yet another one from Samsung that is compact and has just enough space for a small Indian family. 

The stainless steel that comprises the microwave oven is what makes up for the exceptional look. 

It has a food warming features which allows the food to be maintained at a constant temperature without getting cold. 

The LED display of the microwave allows you to always have an idea of your cooking process and act accordingly. 

Another major pro is the price. It costs only about Rs. 5,000 which is a great deal for the functions enabled. 

Pros Cons 
Cost-effective. Cannot grill or bake. 

Bajaj Solo microwave oven 

It is rare to find appliances that work well for two people and so here we have one for you. 

The Bajaj solo microwave oven is great for those staying alone or bachelors who don’t need an oven for extraordinary culinary experiences but basic needs like heating and defrosting. 

It comes with an alarm system which gives you an update once you are done with the cooking. 

The oven has simple features that work into completing and allowing you to fulfill your cooking needs on the forefront. 

It has 5 power levels that allow you to cook according to your needs and the way you’d like your food to be. 

Pros Cons 
Easy to use and handle. Cannot be used for bake or grill. 

IFB 17 L solo microwave oven 

Here is another cost-effective option for you to check out from IFB. 

The flexible power options on the microwave oven allow you to change the functions when it is already in process of cooking without any fault. 

The microwave is super light and can be managed at a speed by literally anyone without having any difficulty in operating. 

The oven comes with a 3 year warranty. 

The only downside to this oven is that unlike the rest, it does not come with any digital controls. 

Pros Cons 
Cost-effective and lasting quality. No digital controls for easy usage. 

LG solo microwave oven 

Another solo microwave oven without baking and grilling features but worth the addition to your kitchen appliances. 

The auto cook feature on this oven allows you to be able preset everything and allow it to be ready without you having to monitor the entire process. 

The defrosting option on this os super effective and is capable of working with all kinds of food. 

Heating milk without much spilling is also a feasible option that can be incorporated into your habits. 

This oven saves power and does not consume much electricity so it really saves a lot of energy and money from your side. 

Pros Cons 
Saves energy. Cannot grill or bake. 

With these top rated and good quality microwave ovens in India it is easy to find the right appliance to use in your kitchen without exerting too much pressure and effort.

Microwave ovens

LG is one of the most reputed home appliance brand in India which has a huge variety for its dedicated clientele.

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