Best Mini Fridges In India 2022

Mini fridges are one of the best things that have happened to us, yet. 

While we know that we can’t survive without refrigerators, what’s our thought on mini or small-sized fridges? 

I’d say, mini-fridges are super convenient and feel like a little luxury, especially if you have one in your bedroom. I personally love my evenings with a snack I can reach easily and Netflix. 

It also helps to have some chilled water on hot summer nights, ready in my room so that I don’t have to go all the way down to the kitchen. 

But to enjoy these privileges you can’t just settle for the general term ‘mini-fridges’, you need to know the best mini fridges in India. 

Top Mini Fridges in India 2022

#1–LG 45 L Mini Fridges 

One of the most popular names in household appliances, LG is what comes to your mind first when you think of refrigerators. LG is trusted for the quality of electrical appliances in terms of both build and life-span. They are also known for their efficient after-sales service. 

  • This 45 L mini-fridge by LG is super compact and convenient, with shelves to store drinks, food and even a dedicated ice tray. 
  • There is a provision to adjust the temperature of the fridge. 
  • It’s easy to plug in and start using. 
  • It comes with a one year warranty on the product and 5 years on the compressor. 


Adjustable temperature. 



#2–Haier 52 L Mini fridges 

Haier is another brand famous for its air conditioners and refrigerators. This mini-fridge by Haier is very well designed with shelves for food. 

  • There are dedicated spaces for drinks and water bottles and its compartmentalised in such a way that you can fit in different sizes of containers without any problems. 
  • There is a small freeze zone for your ice tray. 
  • Temperature can be controlled in this fridge depending on the weather outside. 
  • This fridge also comes with a one-year product warranty and a 5-year warranty on the compressor. 


5 Year warranty on compressor. 



#3–Godrej 30 L Mini fridge 

A brand that is popular in the safety and security solutions space is Godrej. Its quality can be trusted without a second thought. 

  • This 30 L mini-fridge is a basic cube fridge which is perfect if you want to place it in your office room for just some cold water and your lunch box. 
  • There is one small shelf for you to store something else if you would like. 
  • Being so small, it does not take up much power and can even run on your home inverter. 
  • It runs silently and comes with a year-long warranty on the product. 


It is compact. 

Can run on your home inverter. 


Cannot withhold a lot of things. 

#4–Croma 50 L Mini fridges

Croma mini-fridges are a good option if you want great quality, stylish looks and sensible construction. 

  • These fridges are built to make the best use of the space available. Place your different sized jam, sauce and water bottles in the door and the rest of your boxes in the shelves available. 
  • There is also quite a spacious freezer section provided to stock those ice cream tubs for later. 
  • You can control the temperature with a thermostat. 
  • Defrosting has to be done manually in this fridge. 


  • Spacious.

#5–Koryo mini fridge

The mini-fridges by Koryo come with shelves that are made of toughened glass. 

  • These can take on loads to up to 120 kgs without breaking. The shelf is also removable to make more space if required. 
  • These fridges come with a dedicated space for ice as well as for storage of eggs. 
  • They can work without an external stabilizer which reduces extra cost, saves space and saves us the unnecessary hassle. 
  • It also has a drip tray and comes with a lock and key feature, so you can keep your food safe from prying fingers!


Ice and eggs can be stored. 

Reduces extra cost. 


Big investment. 

#6–Mitashi 46 L Mini fridges 

Mitashi mini-fridges are designed to give you as much space as possible in a 46-litre capacity, great if you live in a hostel room. 

  • These fridges are built with shelves for you to place your fruit, some milk and a few small boxes, plus a small freezer zone which I’m sure will come in very handy. 
  • One downside I found is the lack of a light bulb inside.
  •  You will need to shine a light to see what’s inside, at night. 
  • But, overall it functions very quietly, you hardly realise it’s running. It is also CFC free. 




Very dark inside and lack of lighting. 

#7–Videocon mini fridges 

Once upon a time, very famous for its washing machines, Videocon is still popular in the market for their refrigerators. 

  • The mini-fridges by Videocon comes with anti-bacterial door gaskets that can be easily removed and cleaned. 
  • They also don’t require an external stabiliser for safe operation. 
  • The shelves are large enough to place cartons of milk or juices along with some big water bottles. 
  • There is a separate space for ice as well. 
  • Designed to look very sleek, they don’t have a protruding handle, but the door is curved to open the fridge. 






#8–Kitchoff Mini fridges 

Kitchoff mini-fridge is a cool looking appliance with a transparent door made of toughened glass. 

  • This stylish fridge is compact and perfect to be placed inside a cabinet in your game room, office room or in your bedroom. 
  • This a cube fridge with one shelf dividing the space into two to store your food and drinks.
  •  It is very quiet, cools very fast and is efficient.
  •  It comes with 5 years of warranty on the compressor and a one year warranty on the product. 


5 years warranty for the compressor. 


Not enough storage area for groceries. 

#9–Globalurja Mini fridges 

This is a portable, mini-fridge, weighing only around 1 kg, that can not only be used in your home or office but can also be carried with you in your car when you’re going on that long road trip. 

  • The capacity of this fridge by Globalurja is 4 litres, which is sufficient for a couple of bottles of water and some sandwiches. 
  • This doesn’t use a compressor or refrigerant gas or coils, hence safe to take it on travels with children. 


Safe to take on travels. 


Not enough space. 

#10–VOX Mini fridges 

The mini-fridges by VOX are lightweight, portable appliances that have a capacity of 4 litres. 

  • These are perfect if you travel a lot and like your drinks cold on your journey.
  •  It’s also a good idea for your bedroom for chilled water at night. 
  • This does not have a compressor. 
  • It cools pretty quickly and is super quiet. It is 100 percent CFC and HFC free. 
  • This fridge can also be used to keep things warm by changing the settings. 


Can be used to warm things as well. 




#11–Gourmia mini fridges

The mini-fridges by Gourmia are the best looking amongst the portable ones with a capacity of 4 litres.

  •  Like other small capacity portable fridges, this one also works without a compressor and CFC. 
  • It can also work to keep things hot instead of cold, with a change in the settings. It uses thermoelectric energy to function. 
  • It is quite quiet, works efficiently and manages to hold the temperature for a long time even after it is unplugged, thanks to the insulated door and walls. 


Works without a compressor. 

Work quietly. 



Types of mini-fridges

You will be surprised to know that there are several types of mini-fridges, designed to suit specific purposes: 

  • Under the counter: These are fridges that can, true to their name, be placed under a table or kitchen counter
  • Drinks only: Usually used in hotel rooms, these are designed to specifically hold a lot of drinks
  • Mid-sized: These are perfect for single people who want a small fridge to store daily groceries and small quantities of food. They come with shelves and some, even with a small freezer
  • Cube: These are a “cube” to put it very simply. They are like a box and may or may not have shelves 

If you like those little luxuries too and want to buy a good mini fridge for your home or office, you’re on the right page. I’m aware that the internet can throw up a lot of brands and confuse you, so here you go, for a simple yet comprehensive list on the best mini fridges in India. 

How to choose a mini-fridge?

  • First, decide where you’re going to place it and what the purpose is going to be. For example, if you’re going to use it in your office, you probably will store snacks like a few apples, some milk to make your coffee, some bread and some cold cuts. If it’s for a game room where you meet your buddies, you might use this to store only some drinks. If it’s for your bedroom, you might need just enough space to store some water and a few drinks. Deciding where you’re going to put the fridge will help you decide how big or how powerful the fridge should be. 
  • Secondly, decide on your budget. As you can see from the article, there are several brands that sell fridges at different prices. 
  • Thirdly, we suggest that you buy from a good brand that will ensure that the fridge works well for a long time and has a reputation for good customer care and after-sales service. Also, better brands that are slightly more expensive will also put in several safety features in place. At the end of the day you are storing food and water, so it is important that those don’t get contaminated by the chemicals released by cheap fridges. 
  • Lastly, you could also look at the energy-saving star rating. The ones with the higher rating might be a bit more expensive initially but end up saving electricity in the long run, plus save the environment as well.

What are the dimensions of a mini-fridge?

A mini-fridge does not have a standard size per se but has an ideal size which is considered mini fridges in India is 4.5 cubic feet. This allows you to store a variety of things that make up for the space that the regular refrigerators take up. These dimensions take up only a small part of your hall or kitchen which works out really well if you’re looking at saving space. 

Are mini fridges safe?

Mini fridges are safe on the whole and don’t have any warnings that you have to look out for. The only thing that you need to figure out and plan correctly is where you place the mini-fridge in your house.

Another thing that can go wrong with having a mini fridge is that since it is small and compact it can turn over if bumped with so make sure you keep a safe distance while walking around the mini fridge.

How long do mini fridges last?

Mini fridges have a life of 4-12 years depending on the quality of the mini fridge.

It also depends on how it is being handled and used and how much electricity it consumes.

How long does a mini fridge last?

The duration of a mini fridge completely depends on the quality and the build of the mini fridge which works out well if you consider all the features that makes up for a good mini fridge. Make sure of the sturdiness that guaranteed of the mini fridge for the best of results. 

Do mini-fridges have a separate freezer?

Mini fridges are constructed small so most of them do not have the place for a freezer. But there are others who systematically fit in the freezer in the mini fridge. Here are some that have freezers in them, 

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Whirlpool 46L mini fridges Link
LG 45 litres mini fridgesLink
Leonard mini fridges Link
Haier mini fridge Link

Mini fridges stand out from regular refrigerators in a lot of qualities and it makes a great difference in the power consumption and the usage. By choosing from our listing of best mini fridges you will be making a worthy selection in every aspect.

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