best oats brand for babies in india

Best Oats Brand for Babies in India 2022

Oats have comprehensive health benefits for babies. Oats are rich sources of dietary fiber, healthy fats and plant based protein. Therefore, they are ideal foods to give babies from their sixth month. Oats contain some essential minerals including calcium, zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous and hence they can assist in bone growth and the development of the neurological system in the infants. Oats are gluten free and are generally safe for babies.

Oats are processed from whole grains and they undergo many processes to land on the shape we are familiar with. The oatmeal recommended for babies are similar to instant oatmeal that are cooked, dried and then ground into a course meal. This is easy to reconstitute with any boiling hot liquid like water or milk. Heat half a cup of water to boil and add two spoons of oatmeal to it and the oat meal is ready to serve the baby. Here I have reviewed a few oatmeal brands in India that are top selling and sell top quality oatmeal exclusively for babies to guide your buying decision.

Best Oats Brand for Babies in India


If you want the benefit of whole grains of oats but do not have time to cook them, you can try the instant oats offered by Nutriorg. These oats are a mid-way between the rolled oats and the instant oats in terms of their texture measuring in the medium thickness range. You will have to grind the oats before you cooking them for your baby. Nevertheless, these are organically packed oat grains and hence they have eliminated the harmful pesticides, chemicals and insecticides in these grains.

Offered in a highly convenient jar, these oats are ideally packaged in a storable condition and hence you do not have to worry about finding another container to pack the oats upon unpacking them. Nutriorg oats are priced on the premium side and hence these oats cost much higher than those of other popular bands. However, the quality of the oats and organic processing methods justify the price in giving the best oats for your baby.

Kelloggs Oats

One of the leaders in offering breakfast cereals, Kelloggs is a popular name for oats also. These oats are have a huge following in Indian market like those of Saffola and Quaker oats. In this package, Kelloggs delivers fully organic and 100% pure wholegrain oats and no salt, sugars or colors are added. While preparing a oatmeal for your baby, you can either cook the Kellogs oats directly with water or grind it into a powder before cooking Similar to the oats offered by other leading brands.

If you look forward to slowly introduce some mouthwatering flavors to your baby, you can prepare the purees of apples, mangoes, bananas and strawberries for sweetening the oatmeal preparation. To any of these preparations, add a pinch of salt to land on a great taste. Oats have a high fiber content and so they can leave your baby with a feeling of fullness for long hours after giving an oatmeal.

Quaker oats

One another popular choice for oats, Quaker oats are among the most popular oats brands in India highly trusted by mothers for their babies. Notably, this is one of the earliest brands to introduce the concept of instant oatmeal. Quaker offers its oats in packages of different sizes to choose from. Quaker oats are processed from wholegrain oats and are hence a rich source of dietary fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins for your baby. Quaker does not offer an exclusive line of oats for babies. Nevertheless, you can slightly grind the rolled oats in a blender before cooking them for your baby, which can also reduce the cooking time and give a soft oatmeal preparation for the little one.

Delivered in well-sealed package, Quaker oats have a very long shelf life when stored in a cool and dry place. Quaker oats are also available in jars for an easy storage. These containers have tight lids and hence they making storing oats a hassle-free topic. While Quaker also offered flavored oats, it is good to stick on to the plain ones while choosing them for your baby.

Bagrry’s White Oats

Baggry’s white oats are one of the smartest choices for babies as they are processed from 100% whole grains. Rich in its nutrition value, these oats are easy to cook. Baggry’s oats are ideal ingredients for making porridge and these oats can give the energy for the baby for its active play for an extended period of time. The several advantages of these oats are its high protein and fiber content, heart healthy nature, and cholesterol reduction capabilities and therefore you can leave your worries about your baby gaining those extra unwanted pounds.

Start your baby’s day with Baggry’s white oats as this is one of the safest choices for letting the baby feel full after consumption. Adding a dose of health and taste to its products, Baggry’s has delivered one of the finest oats in this product. Since the Baggry’s oats are delivered in ready to cook format, you need not have to grind it once again while preparing porridge for your baby. This brand has priced its oats economically and hence you land on the best value for your money.    

Saffola Oats

Saffola oats is one of the highly sought after brands especially for oats. This brand offers masala oats in different enticing flavors. However, the healthiest choice for babies is the plain oats from Saffola as you can avoid the qadded flavors, sugar and salt. You can either choose Saffola rolled oats or Saffola instant oats. In fact, Saffola’s plain oats are among the bestselling oats in India. Since Saffola offers its oats is ready to cook format, you can make an oatmeal for your baby within three minutes thus saving time.

Saffola oats is known for its great packing that can keep the oats fresh for a long time. It is a good idea to transfer the contents to another container with a tight lid after opening the package. Saffola oats are highly nutritious with their rich fiber, carbohydrates and protein content. Therefore, they can make a healthy meal for your baby. Oatmeal is an ideal breakfast to keep the baby feeling full for a long time. A great way to add more taste to the oatmeal preparation for your baby is to add some honey, fruits puree or finely cut vegetable pieces and check your baby’s taste preferences on the move.

Manna Instant Oats

Manna’s instant oats are not specifically made for babies. However, their goodness makes them one of the best options as baby foods. Manna oats are made from 100% whole grains and therefore they are a healthy choice. Manna has a strong reputation in the market for delivering a high nutritious value among its offerings and therefore, Manna oats are a great choice if you want to give one of the healthiest oats for your baby. Manna oats can be highly depended on for preparing a tasty and healthy breakfast for your baby.

Manna delivers its oats in ready to cook format and so you can make your baby’s morning porridge within 3 minutes. These are steel cut rolled oats known for their purity. This brand does not add any flavors or artificial sweeteners for additional taste. No salt and sugar are added to the product and hence it is completely safe for your baby. Manna is one of the most trusted brands for its cereals and hence this brand is a good pick for sourcing oats for babies. Their prices are modest and hence you land on the best value for your money while shopping from them.  

Why give oats to babies?

Oats are rich sources of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Therefore they are one of the best sources of energy for your baby. Oats is not only easy to digest, it also aids in digestion. Oats are a lighter meal when compared to most other grains like rice. Studies show that only a less number of children are allergic to oats. Therefore, oats make one of the best baby foods to try on your baby.

When and how to give oats to a baby?

The best time to start oatmeal for a baby is when it turns seven months. Let your baby get started with simple oat recipes, oats porridge for instance. Adding fruits and veggies to oatmeal is a good idea to make it flavorful. However, it experts say it is best to add only one additional ingredient to the oatmeal for babies at a time to understand the baby’s likes and dislikes and also find out if the baby is allergic to any of the ingredients.

What are some tips to select and store oats?

Babies can eat most types of oats. However, the best approach is to avoid giving the baby instant oatmeal or the oats that are over-processed since they lose their valuable nutrients in the process. Regular oats or steel cut oats are the best option to try on your baby. Oats are to be stored in containers with air tight lids and must be placed in cool and dry place to see them last for longer. In warmer temperature zones, you can store the oats in refrigerator.

What are some useful tips to follow while feeding oats to babies?

In order to ensure that your baby gets the best benefits of oats, you must remember these following points.

To avoid any adverse reactions of this food, it is good to start oatmeal to the babies only at their seventh month.

Semi-processed or steel cut oats are the right option to try on babies.

To make them soft enough for babies to digest them, it is good to boil the oats nicely for about 20 to 30 minutes. Before feeding your baby with the oatmeal, ensure that the oats are properly cooked for easy digestion.

To check if your baby is allergic to oats, try plain cooked oats for the first time. Later on, you can try baby oats pudding by adding fruits and veggies in a gradual way keeping track of your baby’s taste preferences.


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