11 Best Oats in India 2022

Oats is one food product that has been selling across the country for its health impacts and the filling aspect it has provided to consumers. 

While there are so many reasons why people opt for oats in India, the main reason is to keep their health on a safe and constant line. Whatever the aim behind buying a packet of oats, you will be sure to be a step ahead in maintaining good shape and perfect health. 

We know how baffling it can be to see how many brands are out there trying to compete for your attention, so we have filtered only the best out of the lot and listed them out for you. 

Check out the reviews of the best oats in India. 

Top Oats in India 2021

Best oats in India 


Bagrry’s oats 

Quaker whole oats 

Quaker oats pouch 

Eco Valley white oats

True elements oats 

Saffola masala oats 

DiSano oats 
Nutriorg gluten-free oats 


Kellogg’s has a great range of goodness in all the products they have been providing in the past and is performing super well in India. 

Best Oats in India
  • With a powerful combination of fat and minerals, Kellogg’s oats are sure to make your mornings more energetic and active. 
  • The whole grains make up for this brand and work their way into giving your body everything to be nourished and healthy. 
  • There are no preservatives as part of these oats and no added chemicals that may hinder your aim of keeping fit. 
  • The shelf life of these products is pretty long and can survive for 12 months. 
Pros Cons 
Contains no preservatives and color. Not easily available 

Bagrry’s oats 

Bagrry’s has an extremely nutritional value that works for the best results in the health aspect of individuals who are health conscious. 

which oats is best
  • The primary function of these oats is to reduce unnecessary fat and keep your body toned in every way. 
  • It works really well for the functioning of the heart and does not give you any fatal conditions over time and age. 
  • The presence of vitamins, fats, and raw materials in the oats keeps your tummy full for an entire day so make sure your breakfast is filling and satisfying. 
Pros Cons 
Included minerals and raw materials. None. 

Quaker whole oats 

Quaker is known for its organic and healthy products that have evolved over time according to the lifestyle choices of Indians. 

best oats in india for weight loss
  • The premium model of these oats is filled with minerals and vitamins which nourish the body and gives you all the goodness for a healthy life. 
  • The best part about investing in these oats is that it is easy to make. All you have to do is soak it in milk or water for about 5 minutes. 
  • The oats boost your energy in the morning so that you have an energized and good day ahead!
  • One of the primary reasons of consuming these oats is that it works really well in controlling your heart rate and the risks that come with it. 
Pros Cons 
Easy to make. Not easily available. 

Quaker oats pouch 

If you are very careful buying products that have questionable quality and don’t compromise on the precision of the product then this is for you. 

oats brands in india
  • The oats from Quaker which are in the form of pouches which are easy to handle and use. 
  • The oats are full fibers that make up for the whole essence of the oats and gives strength to the consumers. 
  • People who are weight conscious usually go for this brand since it steers clear from fat and cholesterol ingredients. 
Pros Cons 
Great for weight conscious. Can be quite a small package. 

Eco Valley white oats

Eco valley aims at giving its consumers the best experience in taste and health. We know this will make a difference on your food habits. 

which oats is best for protein
  • These oats are rich in protein and fiber which means it is sure to give you strength and resistance to tiredness and fatigue throughout the day. 
  • This is also a great option for those who have a heart condition and elderly people have a great pro in eating this for breakfast every day. 
  • This is also a very effective solution for those who have cholesterol and other issues regarding their unhealthy food habits. 
  • Like the others, eating these oats regularly promotes weight loss and tones the body giving you a fit body. 
Pros Cons 
Healthy and a good choice for working people. Absence of flavor. 

True elements oats 

True elements have a good amount of fiber and minerals which makes up for a great meal no matter the quantity. 

cheap and best oats in india
  • These oats are made up of high fiber and protein which is aimed at keeping consumers fit and strong. 
  • The oats are rich in magnesium and keep the heart healthy and great for vulnerable patients. 
  • Another good news is that the presence of Vitamin B enhances the condition of your skin and gives you a certain glow. 
  • It has a certain amount of antioxidants which keep the body healthy and on par with the other nutrients. 
Pros Cons 
Enhances the body and the skin at the same time. Not easily available. 

Saffola masala oats 

What our list is missing so far is a touch of Indian taste which has an exotic blend of Indian spices and masala. 

best quality oats in india
  • The Saffola masala oats have a beautiful touch of blended spices which will work for a yummy exotic taste at any time of the day. 
  • You can make this for breakfast or even have it as a snack in the evening since it only takes 3 minutes of your time, including the soaking process. 
  • It makes your immunity strong and keeps you resistant to weakening bones. 
  • What we love is the tasty aspect that it brings in with the promise of keeping your health in check. 
Pros Cons 
Very tasty. Can have too many spices for breakfast

DiSano oats 

DiSano is pretty new in the industry and has a lot of pros of being acclimated to those who want both taste and health. 

best organic oats in india
  • DiSano is a great product to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure so you can be sure to keep your health in check. 
  • Your immunity will be strengthened once you have this regularly and give your body the necessary nutrients and proteins. 
  • These oats are great if you have busy mornings where you have to scurry off to work. It takes about 5 minutes to get this meal ready. 
Pros Cons 
Promotes weight loss and enhances skin conditions. Can tend to be a little flaky. 

Nutriorg gluten-free oats 

Nutriorg is a great brand that is amazing for organic ingredients being part about their products. 

best gluten free oats in india
  • This is the first product on our list which is gluten-free which comes as the perfect and the only choice for health experts and those who are looking for the perfect breakfast. 
  • The oats are made up of whole grains that make up for the oats and make it so filling if you have it for breakfast. 
  • If you are suffering from cholesterol and blood pressure, having these oats every day will reduce all this and make it a healthier choice. 
Pros Cons 
Gluten-free and healthy Expensive. 

Nourish organic oats

Talk about health and taste taking a massive collab!

best organic rolled oats in india
  • Nourish oats are considered to be the favorite of those who steer clear from oats merely because of the bland taste.
  • The honey flavor that this oats comes with gives a unique blend to the oats and allows the consumer to truly relish the oats.
  • We would suggest you eat it with a bowl of yogurt to reach the health peak.
Pros Cons
Tasty. Not easily available.

True elements oats

True elements like its name conforms to nutrients and other goodness to begin your morning on a healthy note.

  • These oats are high in magnesium and calcium which means your mornings will be energetic and bring out the best out of you.
  • Besides it exuding its healthy nutrients it is also tasty and does not overpower with its fiber taste.
  • And the cherry on top is that it is easily available online. It can although be less popular in stores.
Easily available onlineSlightly expensive

Keeping fit and healthy is an important part of keeping tabs on how your health is enhancing or deteriorating. This complete list of the best oats will come in handy when you are making a purchase to make this important step into being healthy.


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