Best Organic Honey Brands in India

10 Best Organic Honey Brands in India 2022

Looking for healthy honey that’s rich in nutrients? Check out our list of the Best Organic Honey Brands in India!

Sometimes, the regular and popular store-bought honey jars can be less than what they seem. And I don’t mean in quantity but in quality. Adulteration is everywhere. That’s why there has been a significant switch from the regular ones to organic, raw honey.

The best organic honey is in the form of alluring gold nectar, rich with multitudinous health benefits. Honey is globally regarded as an ingredient that helps regulate metabolism, boost the immune system and acts as an instant source of energy. The best part: this antidote is available readily on your kitchen shelves!

Poured in the article, you’ll find delicious dollops of the sweet, sweet list that combines the best organic honey brands in India.

After having reviewed the products from various organic honey brands in India based on factors like taste, ingredients, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 brands that really stood out. The honey from these brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best organic honey brand in India is Vantattva-nature’s Goodness Organic Raw Honey. This single-source raw honey is rich in enzymes, antioxidants and pollen. Additionally, it is mildly sweet due to the presence of wildflowers and herbal plants from the Himalayan range. This is also the reason why Vantattva-nature’s Goodness Organic Raw Honey is extremely dark in colour.

Top Organic Honey Brands in India 2021

Vantattva-nature’s Goodness Organic Raw Honey

best organic honey in india

The Vantattva organic honey is one of the best organic honey brands in India. The dark colour of the honey is a result of a concoction of wildflowers and herbal plants from the remotest Himalayan range used to add natural sweetness to the honey. You’ll find the sweetness to be mild and it also happens to be one of the Best Organic Honey Brands in India.

The Vantattva honey is completely unprocessed. This single-source honey remains rich in pollens, antioxidants and enzymes.

Due to its authentic origins, it makes the product effective and rich in medicinal benefits and helps boost the immune system and increases metabolism. This honey is especially low in the glycemic index, making it the perfect solution for those who want to switch from processed sugar.

I like Vanavatta honey because its mildly sweet and is organic. I consume it like medicine to reap its benefits.

Key features

  • Result of wildflowers and herbal plants
  • Rich in pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants
  • Low glycemic index
  • Mildly sweet


  • Colour: 9/10
  • Production: 10/10
  • Affordability: 7/10

Apis Himalaya Honey

organic honey brands in india

Apis, exclusively producing honey, has come to be known as the ‘honey specialist’. The brand guarantees purity since they possess an in-house lab that assists in processing with world-class standards. It’s one of the Best Organic Honey Brands in India.

Put together in Uttarakhand by sourcing the raw honey from the deep valleys of the Himalayas, the state-of-the-art processing plant ensures that no nutritional value of the honey is compromised. This honey is recommended for weight loss and regulation of energy levels in the body.

The manufacturers also recommend that you do not refrigerate the jar. The Apis Himalaya Honey can be found on great deals such as the buy one get one free. I was drawn to his honey only because of its colour and affordable price but the taste is amazing too. I also found out that it aids in weight loss which is its best benefit.

Key features

  • Aids weight loss
  • Regulates energy levels
  • Bright orange colour
  • Produced in the Himalayas


  • Colour: 10/10
  • Production: 9.5/10
  • Affordability: 9.5/10

DYU Honey

best natural honey in india

This artisanal honey comes with a safety disclaimer. At all costs, avoid giving it to children below one year of age. Otherwise, the bottled jar of glowing honey is pure in every form. Steps have been taken to reduce the interference between the hive and the hands to retain the organic qualities as much as possible. 

Sourced from the Karnataka region that is known for its abundance of wild flora and fauna, the DYU honey becomes rich in antioxidant properties and delectable taste. This honey is susceptible to crystallization during cold weathers. That does not mean it’s not consumable.

I love using this honey to make yummy and healthy recipes. I have replaced it with sugar because it’s healthy and provides appropriate nutrients as well.

Key features

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Contains vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, and K, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes
  • No artificial additives
  • Bright orange colour
  • Produced in the regions of Karnataka


  • Colour: 10/10
  • Production: 9.5/10
  • Affordability: 8/10

Indigenous Honey

top organic honey brands in india

What I love about Indigenous honey is how each jar comes attached with a lab report that entails the authenticity of the product. Each report differs depending on which batch it was produced in.

The company collects and conserves honeybees in scientifically designed wooden boxes that resemble the architecture of an actual beehive.

This is done to ensure that the extraction of honey for sale can remain as pure as possible, while also ensuring that the bees are not hurt.

The honey is NMR tested and organically certified and is certainly one of the best organic honey brands in India.

Merlion Naturals Raw Honey

unprocessed honey india

Merlion Naturals is known for its completely natural, sustainably sourced, halal certified practices. I think the most attractive thing about this jar of honey is that it actually has all 22 amino acids. Since this organic honey is prebiotic, it is especially good for people who want to rectify their gut health.

While sourcing the honey, the company ensures that the farmers behind the production are fairly compensated. This honey has a lower GI value than most, ensuring that your blood sugar levels remain controlled and aren’t subject to rising quickly.

Zandu Pure Honey

pure honey brands

Zandu Pure Honey guarantees 100% purity. The company claims that they have absolutely no added sugar of any kind, including C3, C4, corn or cane sugar. Each batch of honey produced by Zandu is tested in independent German labs to certify and report on sugar addition tests. 

This jar of honey has a multitude of health benefits because of its bountiful components such as the natural antioxidants, essential minerals and enzymes. Taste-wise, you can detect notes of Sunderban honey and tulsi that give it a distinct flavour.

Patanjali Honey

 Patanjali Honey

Patanjali is highly regarded as one of the most reputed organic brands throughout India. Therefore, doubtlessly you may say that Patanjali honey is one of the best organic honey brands in India. 

This bottle of honey is extremely versatile. It’s antiseptic qualities help in rapid healing of injuries and wounds. 

It’s lightweight and natural form provides exceptional results for weight loss. When mixed with water and vinegar, it can also be used as a vermifuge to deal with all the parasitic worms in the stomach. All in all, it is an excellent bang for the buck.

True Elements Raw Honey

raw honey india.

Since the honey is in its rawest form, the company claims that some people could develop an allergic reaction (courtesy of bee venom pollen)  if they use the honey excessively. This can result in itching, diarrhoea and sneezing. The rawest forms are often rough.

That being said, this jar of honey is quite exquisite. Who knew a jar so sweet could contain anticonvulsant and antidepressant properties along with the regular antibacterial.

A spoonful of honey to help with anxiety and relaxation is the dream. This raw honey, when consumed correctly can actually help prevention of growth of cancerous cells. Did we just come across a magical pot of honey?

24 Mantra Organic Wild Honey

organic honey india

It is quite rare to find jars of honey that would help the baking process, but the  24 Mantra Organic wild honey is different. Baking with this means infusing the sweetness of the myriad of wildflowers used in the production of this honey to your freshly baked goods.

This honey is a result of following the international production and safety standards for natural products. The 24 Mantra honey is known to cure respiratory diseases while possessing yogurt a multitude of other health benefits.

The Honey Shop – Raw Organic Forest Honey

honey brands pure

The honeybees are collected by trained foragers from the deep forest regions in Central India, ensuring that they remain unadulterated and pollution-free. Every drop of honey extracted is unpasteurized, unprocessed, and unheated. It’s got everything: amino acids,  bee pollens, probiotics, natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

The honey, rich in natural ingredients as it is, doesn’t compromise on taste. The sweet nectar is rich in flavonoids and its rich aroma works as a perfect addition to anything you make in your kitchen. 

The West Indian Honey Co-Raw Unprocessed Honey

organic honey

Not only does The West Indian Honey Co-Raw Unprocessed Honey come in a beautiful bottle with an aesthetically pleasing blue sticker but it also happens to be extremely healthy. This Raw honey is unfiltered, unheated and is completely unprocessed. After having run various tests on it, we can state with complete confidence that this is one of the purest kinds of honey out there.

And it coming from a known brand is a win in terms of reliability. We also found out that the West India company collected this honey from an area that’s free from pollution and all kinds of harmful sprays, that regular honey manufacturers use. It is also ethically collected from the bees without harming the colonies.

Additionally, the honey comes from healthy bees that are safe from chemical treatments and antibiotics. Most importantly, it retains the natural aroma and flavour which is absolutely mind-blowing.

The honey itself also happens to be filled with probiotics to improve digestion, anti-oxidants, beneficial natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals that help your body. Since there’s not artificial content, it helps with weight loss and can be used as a natural sweetener.

Dabur Honey

Dabur is a reputed Ayurvedic brand in India manufacturing medicines, and plant and herbs based consumer products. Dabur honey carries the brand’s assurance to provide 100% pure, unadulterated and natural honey that is healthy and nutritious. Dabur sources its honey from Sundarbans forest. Dabur honey is completely free of any preservatives and chemicals and therefore does not lead to any side effects. Many Ayurvedic medicines are to be mixed with honey for intake and Dabur honey is the best choice for medicinal purposes.

Dabur honey is packed in glass bottles that are safer than plastic or metal containers. This honey is fully compliant with all the 22 parameters given by FSSAI for testing honey. This honey is also packed and tested in the facilities registered with the USFDA. Sourced entirely from India, this is one of the most trusted brands for honey in the country.  

Baidyanath Madhu

Baidyanath Madhu claims that its honey is 100% pure and completely organic. This brand sources the honey from the forests in the Himalayas and Sunderbans forests. Baidyanath Madhu is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes of nature. Some of the benefits of this honey is assisting in weight loss, improving the complexion and texture of the skin, fortifying the body’s immune system to fight against infections and allergens. Recommended for regular use, this honey can help prevent coughs, viral outbreaks and colds.

Baidyanath honey is used for treating a wide range of ailments and injuries since it is pure, unadulterated and free of any chemicals and preservatives. Sine this honey comes directly from the honey combs, it is highly effective in treating some chronic health conditions like asthma and chest infections and to attain a glowing skin with regular use.  

How to Choose Honey:

It can be tough to choose honey because there are so many different types available. The best way to choose honey is to look at the label and try to find honey that was produced locally.

  • Honey is classified by the floral source of the nectar it was made from. So, if you know what type of flowers grow near you, then you can purchase honey made from those flowers. For example, if orange blossoms grow near you, then purchase honey that is labeled “orange blossom honey.”
  • Locally-produced honey will also have a better flavor because it is pure and wouldn’t be mixed with any kind of mixtures that impurities the honey
  • Choose honey that is raw and unfiltered. Raw honey is not processed, tempered, or pasteurized and reaps the best benefits. 
  • Choose bright orange color honey to ensure the highest quality.

Raw Honey Vs Regular Honey

Honey is a very thick and sweet syrup made naturally by honey bees. Honey has several health benefits and is used as a predominant medium to prepare several Ayurvedic medicine formulations. Highly nutritious and long lasting, honey is one of the most healthy foods for humans.

The term raw honey describes the state of honey as it is available in the bee hives. Raw honey is extracted from the honeycombs and then filtered with a mesh or cloth of nylon to remove the impurities like dead bee parts and beeswax. After straining it, raw honey is packed and made available for consumption. 

Regular honey is what is produced in the factories by subjecting raw honey extracted from the beehives to some processes of filtration and pasteurization. Through pasteurization, the yeast found in the honey is destroyed and in this process, heat is applied. This process can help extend the shelf life of honey and also will make it smoother. In addition, the filtration process removes the bubbles and debris from the raw honey and renders it in a clear state to remain aesthetically appealing for a long time. 

Some commercial honey brands subject their honey produced to a process known as ultrafiltration so that it is further refined and made smooth and transparent. This process also helps remove pollens, enzymes and antioxidants.

Raw honey is more nutritious, it has 22 amino acids and 31 minerals besides enzymes and vitamins. It also contains over 30 bioactive compounds. Commercial honey can contain only fewer of these beneficial compounds. Studies show that raw honey contains several times more antioxidants than what is found in regular processed honey.    

Things to take note of while consuming organic honey:

  • The honey will darken and thicken over time. This does not mean that it isn’t fit for consumption. Crystallization may occur and the texture may change. In fact, it is worrisome if there is no change in a jar of organic honey at all. Those are signs of synthetic ingredients being added to preserve its most likeable form.
  • Most organic kinds of honey never expire. Since they’re in their most natural anti-microbial form, harmful microbes can’t proliferate in them. However, the Indian (and even International) food laws mandate that manufacturers mention an expiry date. The date mentioned on the labels usually indicates the best before rather than the expiry. So feel free to pursue in your own time.
  • If you have a child that’s less than one year of age, refrain from feeding the baby any honey. Clostridium botulism, most often found in raw honey, is a form of bacteria that attacks the nervous system and leads to respiratory issues and paralysis. While it doesn’t affect adults, it can prove to be harmful, even fatal, for infants. Often diagnosed as infant botulism.

What Is Raw Organic Honey?

Raw or Organic Honey as mentioned earlier is darker than regular processes Honey. However, there’s more to it. Raw Honey in general refers to the Honey that comes directly from the Beehive without any additives. Of course, it still is processed to remove the impurities like dead bees and beeswax. It’s usually refined by simply pouring it over a nylon or a mesh cloth to separate the pure raw honey.

Then it is bottled and is ready to be used. It naturally contains more benefits than regular honey. Regular honey is pasteurized. It is basically heated to kill the yeast that’s naturally found in the Honey. By destroying the yeast, the honey can last longer. Additionally, it also makes the honey taste smoother. Moreover, regular honey also becomes clear as this process helps get rid of debris and bubbles.

However, this method of extending the shelf life also reduces the benefits of honey. Now, just because it’s aesthetically appealing and looks transparent doesn’t mean it is as beneficial as raw honey. During this pasteurization process, the nutrients like pollen, enzymes and some of the really important anti-oxidants are removed.

Furthermore, once it is processed, manufacturers might add adulterants such as sugar or sweeteners to reduce costs. So, technically, the “good” sugar alternative might be doing more damage to your body.

We recommend you buy Organic Raw Honey even though it’s going to be quite expensive. If your going to substituting Honey for sugar in your diet, then it makes sense to buy the good one that isn’t filled with processed sugars.

What are the benefits of consuming pure organic honey?

It’s highly nutritious

  • As mentioned earlier, Raw honey is extremely beneficial and contains various nutrients. Specifically, it contains around 22 amino acids that are useful to the human body, it also has 31 different minerals and a wide range of vitamins and enzymes.
  • Although it seems like a lot, it’s actually in trace amounts, the biggest beneficial aspect of Raw Honey is actually it’s anti-oxidant content. Raw honey contains nearly 30 types of types of bioactive plant compounds called polyphenols. These help in getting rid of free radical build up in the body which is usually associated with various types of cancer.
  • These polyphenols also happen to reduce inflammation and even reduce heart disease. Almost 90% of the anti-oxidants are stripped away during the processing method of regular honey.

Mitigates infections and allergies

  • From things as common as colds and coughs to specific allergic reactions and sinuses, honey can cure right about anything. Just add a spoonful to your hot cup of tea or lukewarm water and you’re good to go.

Heals wounds

  • Honey is rich in anti-microbial properties, making it an elixir. Dabbing small amounts on a fresh wound can quicken the healing process and alleviate the sharp pains. Most importantly, it is quite versatile as it can help relieve/cure cuts, scraps, burns, and even bacterial infections. Of course, it needs to unprocessed raw honey to be effective.

Helps with skincare and haircare

  • Honey is a universally loved ingredient in natural beauty products. Blend together a cup of yogurt and a spoonful of honey and you have created a brilliant recipe for shiny, silky hair.

Boosts the immune system

  • One of the best uses of this sweet nectar is that it helps improve the immune system. In fact, the enzymes and anti-microbial properties of raw honey helps fight off common cold and even keep you fit regardless of the season. It even has anti-viral properties that can help you fight against any viral disease from common cold to dengue. However, please do consult your general physician.
  • Most importantly, it can help you keep your body fit and help manage weight loss.

Helps in losing fat

  • Although honey is sweet it isn’t filled with sugar that’s bad for your body. In fact, it can help boost digestive health and improve your metabolism. So, it can essentially help you burn fat at a faster rate. Most importantly, it can help get rid of the toxins that have been accumulating in your body.
  • Additionally, it also helps with constipation. Honey is known to be a laxative. So, by drinking warm water mixed with honey and lemon, you can not only flush out toxins but also improve your bowel movements.

Improves brain health

  • Raw honey is known to help with memory loss. If consumed regularly it can combat the ageing of the brain and overall wellbeing. As it is rich in antioxidants, it can help improve brain function.

How purity of Honey are checked?

The purity of honey is extremely important. Impure honey can not only have zero benefits but it can actually impact your health. For example, if high fructose corn syrup or glucose solution is added to the honey to make up for quantity and you consume it on a daily basis, you’re looking at a medley of health issues.

Unfortunately, honey adulteration has become extremely common as there’s a huge demand but very little supply. So, it’s absolutely necessary to check the purity of the so-called Organic Raw Honey.

First and foremost, you need to check if the honey is produced from bees in captivity or in nature. This is extremely important as bees are fed antibiotics to protect them from common health issues. However, these antibiotics are unfortunately transferred to the honey. So, when you consume them, you actually end up eating a lot of unhealthy medication that might be extremely detrimental in the long run.

So, look for any antibiotics like Enrofloxacin, Erythromycin, Oxytetracycline, Chloramphenicol, Ampicillin, Chlortetracycline and Ciprofloxacin. As these antibiotics tend to contaminate the honey the most.

Other than Anti-biotics, corn syrup and glucose solutions, moisture can also contribute to impurity. In fact, moisture above a certain limit could lead to fermentation and really mess with the overall purity. The limit for the moisture content should always be 20%.

Honey might be inexpensive, but it is extremely rich in properties that literally makes everything better. In ancient Germany, honey was actually used as a form of currency. This highly regarded commodity was used as payments from farmers and peasants so that they could be used in the process of sweetening beer.

Honey, when consumed in the right quantities, can be beneficial to your health in the long term. But beware, don’t let its natural properties fool you, it is still quite high in calories. The only difference being its numerous health benefits.

Best Raw Honey Brands in India: FAQs

Should a bottle of honey be refrigerated?

There are mixed notions about refrigerating honey. Honey is one of the nature’s best long lasting foods. While it is best to leave honey in the atmospheric temperature, if the manufacturer recommends it on the package, you may refrigerate it.

Does raw honey crystallize?

Crystallization of honey is possible due to changes in temperature. This is a natural process that can be easily reversed. When the bottle of honey is stirred before use, it can assume its original consistence once again. 

Which is the best pure honey brand in India?

Hitkari is the best pure honey brand in India. This manufacturer does not use antibiotics in their honey. This brand sources honey only during the appropriate season and thus avoids spraying antibiotics into the bee colonies for preventing infections. 

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