Best Orthopedic Mattresses in India 2022

Our sleep has a huge impact on our posture and basically anything else we do during the day. But our sleep depends on our mattress! 

Choosing the right mattress and allowing yourself to sink in and eventually have a good night’s sleep. Orthopedic mattresses have been a saving grace for many who have a hard time to comfortably go to sleep. There are so many mattresses that cater to the same and give you only the best products without disappointing you. 

So here are the best orthopedic mattress in India. 

Top Orthopedic mattress in India 

Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress 

Wakefit is one of the best brands in India with some top-notch mattresses that aim at supporting the back and spine. 

This mattress is made up of memory foam and is 6 inches thick which means it is quite bouncy and has a soft inside making it super gentle against the back. 

The length of the mattress is 72 inches. 

The softness of the bed is quite enough for those who like to have a sunken position when they are sleeping. 

It is a queen-sized bed which is affordable costing Rs. 10,000. 

The mattress has a trial period of 100 days which gives you the time to determine how feasible the bed is for you. 

Pros Cons 
Great quality and has the ability to last long. Could be slightly sinking for those who want a hardback mattress. 

Duroflex back magic orthopedic mattress 

Duroflex is no stranger to those who have been purchasing some good quality high products that are durable and dependable. 

The best quality orthopedic mattress comes from layers of good quality material. This one is made up of foam and coir which makes it comfortable to lay your back on the mattress. 

This has served as a convenient alternative to regular beds and is considered an instant relief to back issues. 

This mattress is 5 inches long which is medium-sized. 

The bed is firm and is a good choice for those who need a hardback to fall asleep. 

Pros Cons
Hard back is good for the spine and back. People who want a soft side for their bed will be disappointed with the hardback. 

Sleepyhead orthopedic mattress 

Sleepyhead is a brand that mainly focuses on home appliances that serve to be comfortable beds and mattresses. 

The mattress is made up of memory foam and serves as a huge pro to those who have frequent back issues and need something to be gentle on them. 

You have 100 days trial with this brand of orthopedic mattress offering you so much comfort and a level of convenience. The warranty of this orthopedic mattress is for 10 years which means it can be tested and tried out 

It only comes in one color- white. 

Pros Cons 
Has a huge warranty period. Only one color available. 

Sleepyhead sense memory foam orthopedic mattress 

Here is yet another one from Sleepyhead to bring some of the best mattresses. 

This is made up of 3 layers of foam for utter comfort and gives you the best experience for a good night’s sleep. It works wonders and allows you to experience only the best. 

The mattress comes with 10 years of warranty which means you can keep it and try it out unless you want a better one which we doubt you will. 

The softness level of this mattress is medium which means all those who don’t know where their mattress preference lies can easily opt for this. 

Pros Cons 
Has a certain level of comfort since it is medium.None. 

Sleepycat orthopedic mattress 

Made up of gel memory foam this one from Sleepycat is the clear choice who have a hard time choosing between mattresses. So if you need something durable and kind to your back then this is the one. 

This divides itself into two parts which means it can be washed without taking too much effort and dries up quickly too. 

The fabric is knitted and has a good quality which is soft and smooth in texture. 

It is 78 inches long which is pretty fit for a queen-sized bed. 

The cost of this mattress rounds up to about 20,000 which according to us is a wide investment. 

Pros Cons 
Medium soft and long enough. Expensive. 

Sunday orthopedic mattress 

Sunday orthopedic mattresses are a source of great comfort since it is medium and does not sink too much. 

For those who have been recommended to sleep on medium mattresses this is an amazing choice for you and comes handy at all situations. 

This mattress is 78 inches long and has a great space for atleast 3 people to sleep on. 

The material that this orthopedic mattress is stuffed with is memory foam which is medically approved for those who have prolonged pain in their back and spine. 

Pros Cons 
Medium sized mattress. Not easily available 

Duroflex strength orthopedic mattress 

It would be unfair if we didn’t have another one from Duroflex bed wasn’t on our list. 

This 6 inch king-sized orthopedic mattress is exactly what you need if you have have medical requirements and you’re just looking for a comfortable and yet affordable mattress. 

The stuffing of the mattress is made up of foam and requires a certain amount of acceptance to harder surfaces. 

It comes with a 10 year warranty which means it gives you a good trust factor with the brand and the product itself. 

Pros Cons 
Comfortable and good quality mattress. Not easily available. 

Amazon Brand orthopedic mattress 

If you have been wondering if there are mattresses meant only for one person then here you go. This single mattress from Amazon is the best choice for those who have been living alone and need something to support their spine and back. 

The whole mattress has pressure points which will give your body the right kind of treatment so that you can go about your duties without any stress. 

This brand offers 10 years warranty for this mattress. 

It comes with an affordable pricing of Rs. 11,000. 

Pros Cons
Affordable. Might not be suitable for bigger families.

Boston hotel comfort orthopedic mattress

Boston comfort orthopedic mattresses are meant to serve as a solution to those who suffer from sore backs and hurtful body pain regularly.
With this comfortable mattresses you will have a good night’s sleep and give you a active morning to go about. 

The feel and texture of the mattress is such that it gives you an airy feeling and does not look or feel too clustered.

The mattress is easy to clean as well and gives you a nice feeling. The brand offers you 5 years manufacture warranty which means you can use it and make sure it is meant for you. 

Pros Cons 
Good texture of the bed Only 5 years warranty period. 

Which mattress is good for spine in India? 

Wakefit is a brand that makes sure that the mattresses from their sides come as an aide to all kinds of concerns including spine issues which means the hard back of this mattress will be of great comfort. 

With each night’s sleep your spine will be aligned and your soreness will reduce. 

Which mattress is good for backache? 

Make sure that the mattress you’re picking out has foam in it so that you have a nice night’ sleep and it aligns with your back and does not give it an uneven feeling. 

What to look for while buying a orthopedic mattress? 

Orthopedic mattresses are those that go through a medical procedure when they are being made to bring utmost comfort to the back and neck and gives you a good night’s sleep while tending to your sore muscles. It aligns your muscles and gives you a good posture. 

Owning an orthopedic mattress is a solution to many people who have issues regarding their spine or muscles. We hope that our list gives you an insight into choosing the best one. 

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