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Best over ear headphones under Rs. 2000 (wired)

Wired, over-ear headphones deliver refined sound quality and performance. But, the question is “how do you find the best quality over ear headphones”.

Obviously, there are different types of headphones you can find in the market and online shopping malls but it’s very important to know what you want and be able to differentiate between regular headphone and the best ones.

The good news is that you don’t have to search further because we have listed here the four best-wired over-ear headphones that cost less than Rs. 2000. Making it possible for everyone to own a good headphone at an affordable price.

Do you even know that some headphones are durable and can last for years when properly handled? That is why you must make sure you get the right one at the best price.

There is one big question though, many people ask before buying a headphone ” should I go for wired or wireless Bluetooth pair of headphones”

The answer is simple, its all depends on what you want and to help you decide we will tell you the advantages wired headphones have over wireless.

Over ear headphones under Rs. 2000 (wired)

Why buy wired over-ear headphones

Both wired and wireless headphones have there own Pros and Cons. But, since we are discussing more on wired over-ear headphones. So, let us show you some few reasons why you should consider going for the wired type.

Best and natural sound quality

It is clear that for the wireless headphones, the signal strength determines the sound quality. Be it bluetooth or Hi-Fi. But, only the wired connection can deliver tthe authentic and natural sound quality.

Your headphone is more secure

This might sound funny but trust me, your headphone will be more secure against theft when connected together since they are both closer to you than a wireless one, that you might even forget where you kept your phone.

You can see the list of (link: wireless over-ear headphones) if that’s what you want or keep reading to find out the best-wired headphones.

Moreover, let me remind you that Rs. 2000 wired headphone might not be the best out there and if you don’t want to compromise sound quality and some other features then it’s necessary to increase your budget.

4 Best over-ear headphones (wired)

Let me quickly list 4 best wired over-ear headphones and their features but this guide will be based on the sound quality, you also don’t need to worry since we are sticking to under Rs. 2000 over-ear headphones.

The best on our list are:

  1. Sony MDR-XB450AP
  2. Philips SHL4600BK/00
  3. Audio-Technica ATH-S100BK
  4. JBL T450

The list above is the four best over-ear headphone that will not cost you up to Rs. 2000 but before then let take a closer look at both of them.

Note: Majority headphones in this price range are mostly wired. In this review contains only wired headphones under Rs. 2000/-. But, if you want to go for a wireless headphone, then you have to increase your budget to Rs. 5,000/- and above. Meanwhile relax and check out our recommendations for the over-ear headphones you can buy.

Sony MDR-XB450AP

Sony MDR-XB450AP - Best over ear headphones
Sony MDR-XB450AP
Image credit: Sony

If you are looking for a top-rated over-ear headphone to buy at an affordable price then consider this headphone is the best choice because it offers real value for money in terms of good quality sound and durability.

Sound Quality

This awesome headphone comes equipped with beat response, control technology that helps deliver a standard deep bass response, optimizing and bring out an enhanced sound quality even in low-end focused music sounds which ensure accurate reproduction of bass rhythms.

Also, it comes with enhanced sensitivity of about 102 dB/mW designed to produce a loud and clear sound across all the audio spectrum, making Sony MDR-XB450AP more superior when compared to less sensitive headphones.

Remote and Mic functionality

Another interesting feature you can’t ignore is the in-line remote and built-in microphone on the headphone cord that enables you to take hands-free calls through your smartphones while enjoying your favorite music since the headphone makes it easier to switch between songs and voice calls, giving you no reason to unplug the headphone.

Build Quality

Some headphones in this price range are mainly made of plastic. But, that doesn’t compromise the durability or the performance of the headphone though, what you get might depend on the brand you go for.

The good news is that this headphone is perfectly built to fit your ear and it comes with cushioned ear-pads. It gives you the maximum comfort you need while the swiveling flat ear-cup design makes it easier for safekeeping, preventing it from taking up too much space.

Available colors

You have the option to choose between black, blue and red color to perfect your outfit look

Philips SHL4600BK/00

Philips SHL4600BK/00 - Best over ear headphones
Philips SHL4600BK/00
Image Credit: Philips

Meet one of the best flat and compact folding over-ear headphone with high power up to 32 mm speaker made for loud and clear sound while presenting soft ear cushions for long-wearing comfort.

Sound Quality

This headphone might not be the best out there but it still offers the best natural sound quality with its 32mm speaker drivers that help deliver clear sound.

If what you want is an affordable headphone that delivers good sound quality then you might be happy using this headphone.

Remote and Mic functionality

You might be asking if you can answer called through this headphone but the answer to that question is yes because it has a remote control for hands-free calls and music features.

This feature simply means, you don’t need to unplug your headphone to answer calls because it has the capacity to switch between music and voice calls automatically

Build Quality

We have a plastic flat and compact folding headphone with flat cable design that makes portable and durable while the over-ear design help it fit perfectly to your ear and as well reduces ambient noise.

Available colors

We have only seen the black color and are not sure if there are other colors.

Audio-Technica ATH-S100BK

Audio-Technica ATH-S100BK - Best over ear headphones
Audio-Technica ATH-S100BK
Image credit: audio-technica.com

ATH-S100 is one of the simplest wired over-ear headphones designed to deliver the best bass response and beat sound. It comes with a one-sided 1.2 m cable and the lightweight compact design that gives you much comfort, that you need without compromising the sound quality or other performance.

Just like other modern headphones, the swivel folding design makes it portable to easily fit in any compatible bags and as well ensures that you are comfortable when moving around with your headphone.

Sound Quality

Having a 36 mm drivers surely reproduce powerful bass response and beat sound from the headphone ensuring the best audiophile quality and desiring more quality sound from what you can get from Audio-Technica ATH-S100 headphone means increasing your budget for other expensive headphones.

Remote and Mic functionality

Obviously this headphone doesn’t seem to offer in-line remote and a built-in microphone, you might also not be able to answers calls through this headphone.

Build Quality

The headphone is built on lightweight compact swivel fold-able plastic that makes it more convenient and portable for travelers. The one-side 1.2 m cable gives you extra comfort.

Available colors

You have to choose from mixed design colors Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Pink or a single color between white and black

JBL T450

JBL T450 - Best over ear headphones
JBL T450
mage credit: JBL

The last but not least we have for today is JBL T450 engineered to reproduce pure bass sound, striking out the real bass that’s both deep and powerful.

JBL is one of the most popular producers when it comes to high-quality headphones and if you want an affordable bass producing headphone then JBL T450 is what you need.

Sound Quality

You should expect the best sound quality from this headphone as it comes with a pair of 32 mm drivers that only reproduce only natural loud and powerful bass.

Remote and Mic functionality

Making sure that everything is in place, the JBL T450 headphone offers you 1-button remote with microphone. It helps you control music playback with one-button remote feature. It also enables you to answer any incoming calls with the help of its built-in microphone.

Build Quality

JBL T450 is a plastic headphone with a flat-folding, lightweight compact design. The tangle-free flat cable that makes it more convenient and portable for your own fun relaxation

Available colors

This headphone comes in 3 different colors, black, white and blue. It’s left for you to choose from the available colors that suits you the most.

Best over-ear headphones comparison table

I understand how hard it can be to make the right choice. But, this comparison table between the 4 best over-ear headphones will surely help.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”8″ class=””]

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