Best Pain Relief Sprays in India 2022

Pain relief sprays have revolutionised the way we treat aches and pains caused due to sprains, muscle fatigue and even arthritis. I’ve always found pain balms a little uncomfortable as they are sticky and oral painkillers take time to actually relieve the pain, but pain relief sprays are easy and offer almost instant relief. Everybody from athletes to dancers to celebrities carry these around for the convenience. Check out the list I’ve put together of the best pain relief sprays in India with their reviews:

Top Pain Relief Sprays in India

Moov Fast Pain Relief Spray

Moov is a familiar name, advertised to get rid of those pesky backaches, and I’m sure every household in our country has some form of this pain relief brand.

 The Moov Fast Pain Relief Spray is purely ayurvedic and goes above and beyond providing relief for a simple back ache. 

Moov instantly relieves any kind of muscle and joint pain, sciatica, fibrositis, myositis, inflammation, muscle stiffness or sprain and manages to keep the pain away for quite a long time.

 With Eucaylptus oil forming the base of this solution, it is further enriched with mint extracts, cinnamon oil and wintergreen oil, all which are natural anti-inflammatory agents and pain relievers.

 It gets absorbed very quickly, causes a warm sensation, and being all natural, does not cause any reactions on the skin. 

Volini Spray Maxx

Volini gel and sprays are one of those very strong pain relief products, recommended by physicians. It is also widely used by athletes for immediate and long lasting relief. 

The main ingredient in Volini Spray Maxx is diclofenac diethylamine, which is a pain reliever that can penetrate the layers of the skin to reach the muscles and joints. 

It also contains menthol which causes a warming sensation and aids in pain relief.

 Apart from muscle and joint pains and sprains, Volini has a formula that is effective on pain related to gout, migraines and even rheumatoid arthritis. 

However, being a strong formula, it is advisable to use this only when required and not rub the area or subject it to friction as there have been side effects in a few cases. 


Relispray is as popular as Volini and this is not only due to the fact that you can see the athletes using it during a match or game. 

Relispray contains a formula that is purely ayurvedic and is gentle on the skin, yet very effective in relieving aches and pains. 

The active ingredients are wintergreen oil that is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, camphor, eucalyptus oil, mint oil and cinnamon oils.

 All these oils warm the muscle and skin, stimulate blood circulation to the area, gently helping ease the stiffness and bring down the pain. 

This spray also brings about relief for people struggling with arthritis pain and gout. As with any spray, Relispray’s formula penetrates the skin and therefore requires no massage or rubbing for effective relief. 


Amrutanjan was almost synonymous for pain relief a few decades ago. This super popular household name has evolved over the years from strong pain relief balms to the Joint Muscle Spray. Specifically formulated to target joint and muscle aches and to relieve pain from sprains, this 100% ayurvedic blend is strong, yet safe on the skin. 

This spray contains extracts of mint, camphor and wintergreen oils along with other solvents. Other than having properties of relieving pain, these ingredients are also anti-bacterial and do not cause any skin issues, unless the person using it is allergic to them.

 The spray is not sticky, and can be used wherever you are without the fear of it staining your clothes or bed sheets. Amrutanjan says this is not only safe for adults, but also for children over the age of 7. 

VICCO Narayani Spray

It is quite difficult to find a pain relief product that has no side effects, as these days, with the aim of making powerful and effective balms and sprays, manufacturers include ingredients that can act as a trigger.

So, finding one such product is always a win! Vicco’s Narayani Spray promises only pain relief without any side effects. Vicco is a recognised brand, popular for the toothpastes and skincare products made with natural ingredients.

The same pure and natural ingredients are used in the spray to provide relief from muscle aches, joint pains, sprains and cervical spondylosis.

The spray contains eucalyptus oil, mint oil and mustard oil as its active ingredients that are gentle on the skin, but strong on the pain. These ingredients also provide long term relief.

MY Dr. Pain Oil Pain Relief Spray

With crazy work schedules, long hours spent commuting in traffic on bad roads, not to mention jobs that sometimes require us to sit staring at a computer for hours together, we end up having aches and pains.

These require a lot of pain relief balms and sprays and when I’m going to be using something that often, I prefer it is natural and does not harm my skin in the long run.

Ayurvedic ingredients is one good way to ensure that and that is why I like My Dr. Pain Oil Pain Relief Spray.

With the strong blend of wintergreen oil, cinnamon extracts, mint extracts, turpentine oil and eucalyptus oil, I am assured of immediate pain relief without any side effects. 

Dr Ortho Spray

If you like a good game of tennis or a few laps in the pool over the weekends, but come back home feeling sore all over which ends up ruining the rest of the day, keep a couple of cans of Dr.Ortho Spray in your bag.

This ayurvedic pain relief spray contains ingredients like clove oil and cinnamon oil which bring down inflammation, warm up the area and increase blood flow to the area applied.

It is effective is getting rid of all kinds of lower back aches, neck pains, muscle stiffness, unexpected sprains, and other sports injuries.

Since it contains naturally sourced ingredients, the spray is gentle on the skin and you won’t experience any unpleasant side effects. 

Morpheme Remedies Arthcare Oil with Spray

The Morpheme Remedies Arthcare Oil with Spray is actually oil in a spray bottle. This purely herbal blend is strong and powerful, giving the user quick relief from all kinds of pain.

It is effective on even arthritis-related stiffness and pains. Containing concentrated quantities of camphor and peppermint as the active ingredients, the spray immediately brings down inflammation and relaxes the muscles.

The other ingredients in smaller quantities include garlic extracts, oregano extracts, nirgundi, ashwanghada and erand.

Unlike the other pain relief sprays, this oil needs to be massaged into the skin to take effect.

The massage also helps in blood circulation to the area bringing on relief quicker. This herbal mixture contains no harmful oils or minerals that can cause injure the skin. 

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray

It’s not always that you require a warm or hot pack to relieve you of the pain. Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray is a unique product that makes use of the cooling properties of menthol to prevent the pain signals from reaching your brain, thus causing relief.

This spray works well on all kinds of joint pains and muscle sprains and gives immediate and long term relief. Apart from the menthol, Biofreeze also contains 100% pure coconut oil as the base.

This ensures that your skin is well moisturised as well and has sufficient antioxidants, apart from just getting rid of the pain. Now, that’s a deal I can get on board with!

The spray comes in small 4 ounce tins which are convenient to spray in hard to reach places like the back of the neck. 

Deep Heat Spray

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause unbearable pain, requiring the person to ingest a lot of painkillers to be able to barely move around.

Deep Heat Spray is a good option to consider for people suffering from excruciating pain as it spreads a warmth as soon as it is applied.

The warmth feels like a massage and helps blood circulation to the area, bringing on some relief. Deep Heat Spray reduces swelling, inflammation and relieves the person of pain due to muscular sprains and fatigue.

It does all of this without damaging the skin or the tissues.

Simply spray on the affected area and cover with a towel or cloth to hold the warmth inside and reduce the pain. There is no need to massage the area. 

We hope your painful experiences are cured and healed with these effective pain relief sprays.

Pain relief spray

Volini is an effective pain relief spray to cure any pain or discomfort in the body with pain.


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