Best Peanut Butter in India 2022

Peanut butter is one of the most popular spreads in the world which has managed to entice consumers with its cost-effectiveness and unique nuttiness. 

We know this is not ALL one looks for in a spread so we are here to break it out for you – it is healthy as well! 

A slice of bread can liven up your day by a whole lot and peanut butter can be the perfect backbone to that statement. 

To prove that statement we have brought together the best peanut butter in India so that you can make your pick. 

Top Peanut Butter in India 2022

Best peanut butter Protein level 
Muscle blaze high protein peanut butter 
Pintola peanut butter
Just Nuts peanut butter 
Alpino natural peanut butter 
Flex premium protein peanut butter 
MYFITNESS peanut butter 
DiSano Natural peanut butter 
Dr. Oetker Fun foods 

Muscle blaze high protein peanut butter 

There is a clear cut distinction between sweetened peanut butter and unsweetened. Not only does it taste different but it also has a completely different impact on how it reacts to the body. 

 The roasted peanuts are well blended with butter to make up for yummy add while applied on a slice of bread. The protein and fat levels on this peanut butter are very minimal and adequate and are just right to maintain an appropriate vigor. 

It contains a total of 37 gm of protein and whey protein. 

People on the heavier side usually steer clear from getting a bottle of peanut butter fearing it will only contribute to their weight gain but we are here to tell you that this peanut butter has no such impacts. All it does is add up to the nutrients in your food so that you can have an energetic day ahead. 

Pros Cons 
Contains the perfect amount of nutrients. Expensive. 

Pintola peanut butter 

Pintola’s peanut butter pumps up the ‘health’ bit on their product by going completely vegan and gluten-free. 

It contains 30 gms of proteins which is pretty adequate not going above the levels. It is free of cholesterol and trans fat and comes in a rich creamy texture with an unsweetened core. 

The shelf life of this peanut butter is 9 months and it is advised to keep this in a dry place for the best of results.

The butter is processed by hydrogenated oil which is another important step in the way of making this butter. 

Since this is rich in fiber and protein, you can use this on people who are trying to get their health and body mass back on track. 

Pros Cons 
Great inclusion of nutrients and other fibers for a healthy morning. Might lack a certain sense of flavor. 

Just Nuts peanut butter 

Just Nuts peanut butter is the perfect choice for those who are health conscious and don’t want too many calories in their diet. 

Just nuts is creamy in texture and is smooth when applied on bread. The peanuts used in this are top quality and really crunchy so that it is tastier. 

The collision of fiber, fat and protein is what makes this a perfect choice for health conscious peeps who are very careful about what they eat. 

This goes really well with multi grain bread. 

Pros Cons 
Perfect combination of all the nutrients. Not easily available. 

Alpino natural peanut butter 

If you are looking at boosting your energy levels and stamina during the mornings – this one’s for you. 

With over 30 gms of proteins this is adequate for a good workout session and a long day. 

This peanut butter works well for age groups by positively impacting the progression of your health and keeping it on a constant level. 

There is no added sugar in this peanut butter jar which makes it all the more a reason to buy this without the fear of putting on weight. 

The shelf life of this peanut butter is 9 months when placed in a dry place. 

Pros Cons
Works well in maintaining weight. Slightly expensive. 

Flex premium protein peanut butter 

Craving for the real taste of peanuts and silky like texture on your bread? 

Go ahead and treat yourself with this Flex protein peanut butter jar. 

The peanuts used in this peanut butter are 100% natural and real which exudes a rich and top notch taste which will keep you coming back for more. 

Consuming this peanut butter on a regular basis allows your bones and your muscles to get stronger and gives you the immunity to fight back against muscle sores and pains. 

It is advised that the peanut butter needs to be consumed 6 months after the manufacture of the product for the best results. 

Pros Cons 
Great nutritional value with a unique taste of real peanuts. Expensive. 

MYFITNESS peanut butter 

MyFitness is clearly aimed at the gym goers and those who are conscious of their body. 

The protein level of this peanut butter is only 26 gms which means you can easily binge eat on this and still not expect any side effects. 

There are no added preservatives or sugar in this peanut butter jar and it gives the ultimate original taste of peanuts so you can experience the whole thing!

It fights against extra fat and is extremely high in vitamins and minerals. 

This is considered safe for vegans by being 100 per cent vegetarian. 

Pros Cons 
Allows your body to remain toned. Expensive. 

DiSano Natural peanut butter 

DiSano is a brand which has never failed in delivering some of the best and yummiest of the lot. It has managed to excel in taste and including all the nutrients required to lead a healthy life. 

This peanut butter is a step forward in satisfying hunger while also giving your taste buds a treat. 

The protein level in this jar is 30 gms which is not very much. The peanut butter is clear from fat, cholesterol and trans fat. 

The roasted peanuts have a unique taste in the silky smooth butter. 

Pros Cons 
So tasty and full of goodness. None. 

Dr. Oetker Fun foods 

FunFoods caters to a larger audience where you are able to acquire everything that is necessary for the best taste and quality. 

The texture of the peanut butter is smooth and soft which has a dash of crunchiness and rich taste of peanuts. 

There is no artificial colors and preservatives that are embedded in the making and processing of the peanut butter. 

To keep the freshness constant you will need to keep it in the refrigerator and maintain the texture of the peanut butter. 

Pros Cons 
Easily available. Lacks flavor. 

Sundrop peanut butter 

Sundrop peanut butter is the most popular from the lot because it is easily available and has a great rep among regular buyers. 

This peanut butter is the perfect combination of flavor and authenticity since you can taste the richness of the flavor. 

The roasted peanuts are a great source of protein and fiber which work really well for both people who are particular about taste as well as those who are concerned about their health. 

The protein levels are only 26 gms which means it isn’t going to increase your body mass in any way. 

This jar can be stored in room temperature and you can be sure that this will last a long time. 

Pros Cons 
Easily available. Can get a little hard if kept out in the open for a long time. 

How to choose peanut butter? 

Since peanut butter is something tricky when it has to impact your body weight and the physical appearance of each person. To be on the safe side it is advisable to learn well about the product you are purchasing and be sure of what it is doing to your body. 

  • Amount of sugar 

Peanut butters are made with a lot of sugar. While there are some who use sugar as the main ingredient there are others that are unsweetened and aimed at those who don’t care much about taste as much as health impacts. 

  • Consistency 

The texture of the peanut butter has a huge impact on how well it is spread on the bread and how the taste is to your taste buds and how likely you are to buy it again. 

  • Nutrition 

How much of the protein is included in the peanut butter is very important to consider. This can be helpful to determine when you are looking at catering different bodies in different ways. 

Peanut butter can be a great source of taste and when the right one is picked can be healthy too. We hope we have made the search easier for you with our list. 

Peanut butter

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