Best pen Brands in India

7 Best pen Brands in India | 2022 Update

If you love writing and you love pens, this one is for you. I have listed some of the best pen brands in India in one place. If your collection can’t boast of any of these, it is time you go for an upgrade.

Pen’s may not be used as much as they used to be in the past. But you cannot ever replace your signature, on that important document, right. I mean there are digital signatures and other innovations but as far as I know and have used, your signature is your identity of sorts. 

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Pen Brands in India for Smooth WritingKnown For
Hauser XO Ball Pen50 Set with super smooth writing & long lasting
Classmate Octane NeonBlue Gel Pens with the best finish
Cello Ball Point Pen SetCheapest ball point set
Luxor FinewriterMost affordable Gel Pen with Quality

The digital pens or pads do not give you the originality that pens give on paper. Do you agree? If you have noticed, the advertising of pens and stationery related to pens has never stopped. This is proof that the need and the popularity of the humble pen will never go out of fashion.

So as they say, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. I have compiled the following list based on extensive research and current trends in the market. You can read through, analyze and decide which pens match your requirement, budget and style. 

Best pen Brands in India

You may find some of the classic brands here too. I am excited to take you through the list. If you are all set, let’s get to finding the best pen brands in India right now.


Best pen Brands in India

With a tagline like “The Joy of Writing”, you cannot list Cello as one of the best pen brands in India. A brand that was founded by Ghisulal Rathjod in 1974 started making thermo-ware in Mumbai. They diversified into new products and market segments in the year 1986. It’s one of the good pen brands in India.

Today, they are one of the largest manufacturers of commodities in India and the world ranging from all kinds of plastic molded products. Cello pens were created in 1995 and they have taken the Indian market by storm since then. They make a range of pens that include the popular ballpoint pens, gel pens, and a few fountain pens too.

I have used Cello pens my entire school and college life because it’s super affordable and has an amazing grip that makes writing comfortable for long hours. The only problem I faced with the Cello pen brand is that they’re non-refillable.

The innovation they introduced like the Swiss Tips and the German Ink makes them a choice of millions. Along with these, the smear-free smooth flowing pens they introduced are quite a rage. I am sure you might have used a Cello pen sometime in your school life. Have you? Please do let us know in the comments.


  • Easy writing
  • Excellent grip 
  • Affordable 
  • Ideal for students and writers


  • Most Cello pens are one-time use only

Brand Ratings

  • Grip: 10/10
  • Writing ability: 9/10
  • Affordability: 10/10


good pen brands in india

The Reynolds pen has a history, unlike any other pen. It was founded in 1945 by Milton Reynolds and the day it went on sale, around 5000 shoppers stormed into the shop and around 50 NYPD officers were called to control the crowd. Yes, the brand is from America for many who didn’t know.

The pen has been synonymous with pens in India since the 1980s when it was first introduced here.  I remember Reynolds being the first pen I was given as a high school student too. Now that’s going down memory lane. The brand is known for its affordability and the quality it offers.

I mean, a set of 10 Reynolds pens cost approx 45 INR even now.  That’s tough to beat for the quality of ink and the ease of writing these pens provide. I like the entire range of pens that include gel, rollerball, mechanical pencils, fountain pens, and the famous ballpoint. Reynolds gel pen is definitely my favorite for its grip and writing ability.


  • Various types of pens under this brand
  • Easy grip
  • Affordable 
  • Ideal for students
  • Some pen models can be used for signature


  • none

Brand Ratings

  • Grip: 9.5/10
  • Writing ability: 9.5/10
  • Affordability: 9/10


Luxor is an Indian pen brand that was founded in 1963 and has grown into one of the best pen brands in India rather rapidly thanks to their passion for producing and exporting pens. The brand is not just known for producing some known pens under their brand but for bringing premium brands like Parker and Waterman pens to India.

The brand rose to a global level in 1980 when it started exporting Luxor products to 85 countries across the globe and the list includes the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, UK, Europe, UAE, and many other markets. Luxor is now a registered trademark in 126 countries. 

I like Luxor pens because of how thin they are, it makes writing super easy and doesn’t lead to hand cramps. I also really like how affordable they are.

Luxor manages 10 percent of the export market with eight of its manufacturing facilities based in India. The brand has made writing and the business of making writing instruments into an empire and we as Indias should be proud of this fact.


  • Thin pens
  • Well-balance
  • Affordable 
  • Ideal for students, teachers, and writers


  • none

Brand Ratings

  • Grip: 9.5/10
  • Writing ability: 9/10
  • Affordability: 8.5/10

Parker Pens

Geroge Parker lived by his quote, “It will always be possible to make a better pen.” It is evident as he drove his company forward through constant innovation and passion. It was founded in 1888 by George Safford Parker in Janesville, Janesville, Wisconsin, United States.

The legacy stands till date and it is without a doubt one of the best pen brands in India and the world. In India, Parker is known for its luxury pens but they have products to fit every pocket. The quality and styling of Parker pens set them apart from all other brands.

I have always gifted Parker pens to someone I adore or respect like my teachers and my brother as I feel they deserve nothing but the best. The brand has that kind of vibe too. You all might have seen it being used as corporate gifts too, right. Share your favorite story in the comments if you have any.


Kokuyo Camlin Ltd., formerly known as “Camlin Ltd.” was acquired by Kokuyo of Japan in 2012 and it holds 51% of the stakes now. All of us remember this brand, don’t we? 

It started as a company that used to make Horse Brand Ink Powders and Tablets. This was followed shortly by Camel Ink. The brand was named Camel and Dandekar & Co. re-christened it to Camlin – a combination of Camel and Ink. It was located centrally located in Mahim (Mumbai). It’s one of the best pen brands in India.

The brand was founded in 1931 as a luxury pen brand and was picked up by the Indian masses. I remember my first stationery box from Camlin. The geometry sets from Camlin were one of the best during my school days too. I personally like their pen for its superior grip and stellar writing experience. 


This is another luxury brand of pens that have created a niche in India as being the best in that space. The pens from Waterman are known for their innovative filling system. It is also one of the oldest writing instrument brands. It’s one of the good pen brands in India to write.

It was introduced in 1883 in America by Lewis Waterman, who aimed to create a pen that was reliable, was great to look at and a pen that wouldn’t leak. That is when the Waterman pens were invented. He did achieve what he aimed at and the result is for the world to see and experience. 

You may have noticed it being sold by William Penn in India as an authorized retailer. The brand also gives you a certificate of guarantee with each pen, now if this didn’t make it to the list of best pen brands in India, I don’t know which would. If you are looking to buy or gift a fountain pen, then your search should end at Waterman. Trust me on this.

Mont Blanc

This brand defines luxury to me, it has been like that for decades if you know what I am talking about. Montblanc International is a German manufacturing company that specializes in luxury goods and it includes travel accessories, writing articles, watches, and jewelry to name a few. They have the best signature pen in India.

This Germany-based pen brand was established in 1906 and since then has been one of the highest-selling pen brands in the world. Though it might be a little on the expensive side for most Indians, I am sure we all have dreamt of owning one sometime in our lives.

If you are the kind that collects luxury writing instruments, your collection will never be complete without a Mont Blanc and that is not saying much about the quality and finish of this brand. No wonder it is one of the best pen brands in India.

I must take this opportunity to introduce to you all some of the other pen brands that a lot of use or have used in our lives. 

So here goes:

Shanghai Hero Pens  – A legend in its own right. This Chinese brand is iconic and has been a choice of millions of kids. It was introduced in 1931 in China but is a crowd favorite in India.

Sheaffer Pens – Another luxury pen manufacturer and known in India for being long-lasting.

Rotomac – A brand that is known for long-lasting pens best suited for high school and college students.

Classmate – This brand from the stables of ITC is recognized for its superior quality gel pens and a pen called Octane. 

Flair – Manufactured by Khubilal Jugraj Rathod and Flair Writing Industries Limited, the brand is known for its metal pens and was started in 1976. They are now a leading exporter of pens.

Montex – This is another crowd favorite. I used to love their range of pens. Super affordable and long-lasting.

How to Choose the Right Pen

  • Type of pen: The type of pen you use depends on your preference. There are different types of pen like a ball-point pen, ink pen, gel pen, fountain pen etc. 
  • Writing hand: If you’re a left-handed person, avoid ink and gel pens as the palm edge of your hand can come in contact with the ink and lead it to spead. Choose a pen that dries quickly. For right-handed people, they can use any pen that matches their writing style. 
  • Grip: Smooth The grip of the pen should be smooth and made with soft material to provide comfort. A pen without a comfortable grip is not suitable for long writing. 
  • Weight: A pen should be lightweight and well-balanced for writing. A pen should have an equal balance of weight between both ends. 
  • Thick or Thin: The pen that you’re going to use should be in accordance with the size of your hand to avoid hand cramps while writing. Thin pens are preferred. 

Budget: For regular writers, affordable pens are better. Luxury pens are ideal of signature, gifting, and other purposes.

Types of Pens

First things first, let’s understand different types of pens before you go ahead and choose from the best pen brands in India.

  • Ballpoints – They are low priced and excellent value for money.  The oil-based ink tends to collect ink at their tips. 
  • Rollerball – These pens are similar to ballpoints, the ink they deliver is water-based, making the lines dark and helps in drying quickly. This also makes your handwriting look better.
  • Gel ink pens – These pens are slightly expensive than ballpoints and rollerball pens due to the thick gel. It creates smooth lines and is effortless to use. It became popular in the 90s. 
  • Fountain pens – The first type of pens to be invented. It is considered one of the best serious collectors. It is called a fountain pen for the way the ink flows from an internal reservoir through the tip when you write.

Pen Company Names in India: FAQ

Which pen is good for handwriting?

Rollerball pens are considered great for improving handwriting as they are convenient to use and the tip of the pen is extremely smooth.

Which is the cheapest pen in India?

Cello, and Camlin pens are amongst the cheapest pen brands in India. There are several types of pens available under these brands like ball pen, gel pen, ink pen etc.

Cello Butter Flow Ball Pens

Check out our list of the Best pen Brands in India that write smoothly and provide a great experience. Do check out Cello as it's the best pen brand in India.

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