Best Protein Shaker Bottles India 2022

Protein shakes boost my energy levels and keep me powering through that training session, helping me finish strong. I certainly like a protein shaker bottle that gives me a smooth, lump free drink every single time. And I’m sure you do too. Check out the reviews for the best protein shaker bottles in India:

Top Protein Shaker Bottles India 2022

Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker

Working on myself to get fitter and stronger needs a lot of motivation. Good gym wear and nice shoes are one way to go, but I like a good protein shaker bottle that I can carry with me and sip on my drink before, during and after my workout. I love the classic Fitkit shaker bottle that says “I don’t sweat, I sparkle” (Yes, I do!) with its 700 ml capacity. 

The wire whisk blends the powders with the liquid to form a smooth shake, and the lid has a spout that is easy to drink from. 

The bottle itself is leak proof and can safely be used in the microwave as well as the dishwasher. There is even a little handle for carrying it. It is made from 100% BPA free food grade plastic. It comes in several cool colours, so you can buy a few to match your different gym outfits. 

Asitis Nutrition AS-IT-IS Shaker Bottle

The AS-IT-IS Shaker Bottle has a 500 ml capacity and is made from strong, BPA free plastic. The quality feels durable and can be used in the microwave and the dishwasher.

 It is fitted with a mixer ball that mixes meal replacement powders or protein powders without lumps. 

You also get a 30 gram scoop with it for accurate measurement. 

The bottle is wide and easy to clean, and comes with a small spout that can be opened with one hand, for consuming your drink during your workout.

 There is a flip down handle to carry it from place to place conveniently. 

HAANS Shakeit Protein Shaker Bottle

The Shakeit Protein Shaker Bottle by Haans is a convenient, leak proof bottle that also looks sleek and neat. It is made of BPA free, food grade plastic. 

The flip top is secure and needs only the flick of a thumb to open it. 

The bottle comes with a small cup attached, which can hold 2 scoops of powder – so you can make your drink fresh just before your workout, or soon afterwards. 

The bottle has measurements marked on it and has a capacity of 500 ml.

 It comes with a mixer that mixes your protein shake to a smooth consistency. 

Boldfit Typhoon Gym Shaker Bottles

One of the things that can be a downer after an intense workout is drinking a room temperature or warm drink. 

Boldfit Typhoon Gym Shaker Bottles sort that out with a double walled vacuum insulation that can keep your drink cold for upto 24 hours. 

The leak proof, premium quality, sturdy bottle has a good capacity of 650 ml, with a flip top for convenience. 

The mouth is wide for adding smoothie or protein powders, and it is easy to clean as well. 

The blender ball is made from bpa free plastic, which is also odour and stain resistant. 

The bottle has a carry loop for portability. 

Spike Protein Shaker Blender Bottle

The problem with most protein shaker bottles is the smell that develops over a period of time. The Spike Protein Shaker Blender Bottle is made from excellent quality tritan plastic that is odour resistant, and solves this problem.

 The plastic is 100% BPA free, non-toxic, heat resistant and safe to be used for years together. It comes with a metal blender ball that is easy to clean and stain resistant. 

The bottle has a large capacity of 700 ml and has clear markings on it, making it easy for you to measure your drink. 

It has a leak proof lid and the bottle is textured on the outside to prevent slipping from your hands. 

GSTB Sports Spider Shaker Bottle 

The GSTB Sports Spider Shaker Bottle has a slim and sleek design, stylish for your training sessions. 

With a capacity of 500 ml and a plastic and metal mixer inside it, this is just perfect for rejuvenating. 

The bottle is made of durable plastic and will last a long time. It comes with a flip top for convenience and a lid that is leak proof. 

You can choose from four different colours, depending on what appeals to you – black, blue, green or red. 

Boldfit Gym Shaker Pro Cyclone Shaker

If you generally hit the gym after a long day at work, I’m sure want your protein drink to be fresh. You’re probably tired of carrying a million things with you everyday to stay organised, so reduce the burden by using the Boldfit Gym Shaker Pro Cyclone Shaker. 

It comes with a compartment that holds your protein powder and is fitted with a plastic tornado blender attachment.

 So all you have to do is just add the powder in, fill in some water and shake it for a fresh drink right when you need it. 

The bottle looks premium and is built with high quality plastic that is BPA free. It comes with a leak proof lid and a flip top for convenience. 

Chubs Muscle is Loading Gym Shaker 

“Muscle… is Loading” is the phrase one the Chubs protein shaker bottle, and one of those small things you can use to keep your gym workout interesting.

 It is a bottle with a simple design that comes in BPA free plastic and has a lid that is leak proof. The plastic is also 5PP and is heat resistant. 

The spout has a flip top that is secure, yet easy to open and sip from. It uses a mixing ball for making the protein shake, and it can be easily washed and dried. 

The bottle has a wide mouth, convenient for cleaning and it seems to be odour resistant. 

My 60 Minutes Shaker Bottles

One of the best protein shaker bottles you can find that are sturdy, attractive and made from good quality material are ones from the range by My 60 Minutes.

 These bottles come in several colours with quotes and quips that are fun or motivating. 

All the bottles come with reading markings for measurement and a metal spring ball for mixing the smoothie or shake free from lumps. 

They have a capacity of 600 ml, ideal to accompany you on your jog, run or yoga session. These are 100% leak proof giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Haans Cyclone Protein Shaker Bottle

The mixing attachment in the Haans Cyclone Protein Shaker Bottle can actually cause quite a cyclone, and hence the apt name. 

The unique design of the mixer ensures that the protein powder is blended well with the liquid to give you a drink that is free of lumps. 

The bottle has a 500 ml capacity and comes with a container at the bottom that can hold the protein powder or supplement.

 The plastic the bottle is made from is BPA free, microwave and freezer safe. It has a leak proof lid and an ergonomic loop handle for portability. 

DOVEAZ Beast Sports Water Bottle

For hardcore gym workouts, those that go well beyond one or two hours, the smaller capacity protein shakers are not sufficient. You need something with a much bigger volume and the Beast Sports Water Bottle by Doveaz is my recommendation.

This bottle can hold upto 1.5 litres of protein shake and it is made from durable, BPA free, food grade plastic material.

The huge size is easy to carry with the handle attached, and the ball mixer blends your shake to perfection.

The bottle does not leak and comes with a flip top for the spout, so you can consume your drink easily. 

Ace Shaker with Blending Ball

What really stands out about Ace Shaker with Blending Ball are the number of vibrant colours these come in. 

True, sometimes going to the gym can be a drag but having something interesting to carry, or bottles that can be coordinated with the gym wear for the day can be a small but sure motivation. 

And its not just the appearance of the bottle that counts. Ace’s protein shaker bottles are completely leak proof, so just fill them up, shake them and throw them in your bag without a care. 

They come with a blending ball that does a good job of mixing the drink to a smooth consistency and gives it a nice froth. 

With a capacity of 700 ml, you can have a drink that you can sip right through your workout.  

TRESSCA Protein Shaker Bottle

Tressca has thought about everything you could possibly need in one compact protein shaker bottle. While a lot of other advanced bottles come with a storage compartment for your protein powder,

 Tressca’s protein shaker bottle comes with a small compartment with a capacity of 100 ml for your multivitamins as well. 

Apart from these, the shaker is marked with the measurements and has a plastic mixer inside to smoothly mix your drink.

 The leakproof bottle has a loop attached that can be strung to your bag on your hike. 

These bottles are priced on the higher end, but these are definitely premium, manufactured from high quality BPA free and odour resistant plastic. 

These impact resistant bottles come in three colours – a white, black and a navy blue.

Protein shaker

Fitkit protein shaker is the right gym equipment that will help you be energized and give you long-lasting strength.

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