Best Punching Bags In India 2022

Using a punching bag every day is something we could easily choose over all those strenuous runs and tedious or monotonous workouts in the gym!

We’re sure, with all the irritants out there in the world and daily stresses, an hour of punching can always put us back in a good mood. However, picking out a good punching bag can be tedious while tending to your specification. We have made it easier for you to pick by curating the best punching bags in India. 

Best punching bags in IndiaMaterial Best suited for 
LEW punching bag Canvas Beginners/ Professionals 
Aurion filled punching bag Synthetic leatherRoutine workouts 
RV black strong punching bag Faux leatherKickboxing 
CSI punching bag Single coated fabric Beginners 
Hard bodies punching bagSynthetic leatherBeginners/ Professionals 
Aurion synthetic leather punching bagSynthetic materialBeginners 
Body MaxxLeatherBeginners/ Professionals 

Best Punching Bag Brands in India 

Punching bags are the best equipment you can get among the plethora of sports and gym equipment sold in the Indian market. They require very little space and are therefore perfect for your home or in a commercial gym. Made from durable material and priced competitively, these are an ideal low maintenance investment for your health. Here’s what you need to have in mind while picking out the best punching bags in India.

How To Choose A Punching Bag?

The punching bags in the Indian market are plenty and quite a few are sold online.

The punching bags vary widely in price depending on the weight, the material they are crafted from and the material they are filled with (you also get unfilled ones that are cheaper than the filled ones).

The one you buy must be stable and the weight must be just right to offer you some resistance. A good way of finalising is to select a bag that weighs roughly half your weight.

Once you choose your punching bag, don’t forget the other necessary accessories like punching gloves and hand wraps to keep your hands safe. 

We have the best brands of punching bags listed here for you to find your perfect pick. Read on!

Top Punching Bags In India

#1–LEW Canvas Punching Bag 

LEW makes excellent quality sports equipment and their punching bags are no exception. 

  • These are made from highly durable canvas material and provided with short chains. You will, however, require a longer chain if you want to hang it from the ceiling. 
  • This bag can handle heavy-duty punches but because of the rough fabric, bare fist boxing is not advisable. 
  • Opt for a pair of gloves or a hand wrap to protect your knuckles. 
  • Canvas material requires careful cleaning to maintain well.
  •  Lew is a premium brand and their punching bags are priced accordingly but these are a good investment. 


It is a good investment for the long run as it is sure to last long. 


Not meant for learners or aspiring boxers as the material is too rough and will not be easy to learn. 

#2–Aurion Filled Punching bag

Aurion is a reputed and well-known brand if you’re a frequent gym-goer. Its range of sports and gym equipment are popular for their exceptional and reliable quality. 

  • These punching bags are double layered and manually stitched to ensure their long life. 
  • They are filled with cut-up fabric material that helps minimize the impact on the wrists when you throw a punch. 
  • The outer layer made of synthetic leather makes this easy to wash and maintain as it does not absorb water. 
  • These are available in a range of sizes and weights and in a few attractive colours as well. 


These come in various sizes and weights which makes it easier for people with different skills to choose from. 

 Easy to maintain as the material is easily manageable. 


The punching bag is small and may not be suitable for professional boxers who want to practice their skill set.

#3–RV Black Strong and Rough Punching Bag 

RV sells unfilled punching bags that are made of exceptional quality synthetic leather. 

  • This is cheaper than the filled bags and very convenient as you can fill these with whatever material is available or you’re comfortable punching. 
  •  Beginners can stuff it with softer material like cloth or plastic bags until you get used to it, and can later use other fillers like sawdust or sand. 
  • This is ideal for those who are new to boxing as it can hold a maximum of 20 kg comfortably. 
  • This is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. Though they are priced on the higher side, they can be bought for much cheaper online.


 It is perfect for novice boxers who are trying their hand at boxing. 

It is feasible for any kind of material to be filled in the punching bag. 


It is expensive.  

#4–CSI Punching Bag UNFILLED

One of the most commonly used punching bags in gyms and homes, CSI needs no introduction. These are easily available in stores in the country and have recently started selling online as well. 

  • Made from SRF, these bags are best for light boxing or for beginners. Since it’s unfilled, the cost is cheaper.
  •  They can be filled to a maximum of 30 kg. 
  • They come in different sizes for different purposes. 
  • You can buy the 5 ft one for Muay Thai and kickboxing but the smaller 4 ft one can be used for regular boxing. 
  • The chains given with the bag are sturdy and safe. 
  • The outer finish is smooth but we recommend you wear hand wraps or gloves for better protection.


It favours new boxers who are not yet acclimated to the roughness of the material. 

It has strong chains which uphold the punching bag. 



The filling capacity is comparatively less. 

#5–Hard Bodies Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

One of the best products out there in the range of punching bags in the Indian market, Hard Bodies’ synthetic leather punching bag is assured to last long. 

  • Filled with cotton, this bag is ideal for beginners but can be used by professionals as well, depending on your preference. 
  • The outer synthetic layer is made of top quality material and stitched to perfection. This can withstand heavy punches without losing shape, even after a while. 
  • This falls in the range of premium brands and is certainly worth the price tag. 
  • This can be attached to the floor as well for other kinds of training. 


 It has a  number of choices when it comes to being able to use it according to the boxer’s convenience or need. 


The price is slightly on the higher side but the material balances it out. 

#6–Aurion Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

This particular punching bag by the famous brand Aurion is ideal for beginner boxers. -Maximum weight of the bag is 20 kg. This is filled with cotton which may not be suitable for seasoned boxers. 

The outer layer is synthetic leather which makes maintenance an absolute breeze! 

The bag is stitched very well and is quite strong, hardly showing the effects of wear and tear even after frequent use. 

The chains accompanying the product aren’t long enough but that isn’t really a deal-breaker for the price this is sold at. 


It is easy to maintain as the material is synthetic leather. 

Strong and hardy which makes it long-lasting. 


The chain is short and can’t be adjusted according to the need of the user.


A very popular brand among gym owners is Body Maxx. The fact that these equipment are bought for commercial use indicates their toughness. 

  • These punching bags are filled with cotton to protect your wrists and knuckles during those quick and hard punches, especially if you’re a beginner and yet to season yourself for boxing.
  •  Since they are not filled with heavier material they might fly a bit so make sure you have a bit of space around the bag. Made from top-notch material, these hardly show the effect from regular boxing even after a few months. 
  • Body Maxx sells these bags in different sizes, ranging from 30 inches to 48 inches, so take your pick. 


This punching bag favours both beginners and professionals as the cotton is hard but also goes easy on the knuckles. 

Has a wide range of variety to pick out from. 


The punching bag is slightly pricey. 


Byson is a brand that makes long-lasting fitness equipment and exports quite a few in their range. 

  • This high priced punching bag is unfilled which might come as a surprise. But the quality of the bag is fabulous, made from SRF material that is double stitched to withstand heavy punches.
  •  Though Byson manufactures a lot of equipment for professionals and experienced boxes, this one is apt for beginners. 
  • The synthetic outer layer makes it super simple to maintain. They sell this as a kit with a mouth guard, gloves, and other accessories which makes this a good bargain. 


It is the clear choice for beginners. 

Great outer layer finish. 


 It is unfilled and expensive. 

#9–Monika Sports 

Monika Sports punching bags are made out of canvas material that’s strong and well stitched. 

  • The height of the bag is great for regular boxing. This is unfilled and can hold up to a weight of 25 kg comfortably. 
  • Though you can stuff more into the bag, it’s not advisable as it might cause a bit of strain. 
  • This is great for seasoned boxers as it can handle heavy-duty use. As mentioned earlier, the canvas can tear the skin so please use protective accessories while using this punching bag. 


It is a great pick for recreational boxers. 


It is unfilled. 

It can tend to cause injuries if it is punched too hard. 

#10–IWIN Punching bags

An impressive punching bag in the budget price range is Iwin. 

  • This is sold unfilled and can be filled to a max of 20 kg with any material you find suitable.
  •  The outer synthetic layer is not very thick but has a smooth finish and looks neat. 
  • This is excellent for those who are new to boxing and want to try it out for a while to check if their interest holds, but don’t want to pay much for it.
  •  Overall it seems sturdy and can withstand a good workout. 


It is sturdy and yet favours new boxers. 

It is budget-oriented. 


 Does not favour professional boxers. 

#11–Tima Heavy Duty 

True to its name, Tima heavy-duty punching bag is a good choice for long term and regular use.

  •  This is an unfilled bag which can be used by both beginners as well as professionals depending on the material you fill it with.
  •  We tried it with cotton as well as sand and it held up very well. It can hold a maximum of 25 kg.
  •  The outer fabric is canvas which is robust and can handle the hardest of punches. 
  • The downside of the canvas is that it might be difficult to wash frequently. Like we advised earlier, be sure to wear gloves while working with this bag.


Favours beginners with a zeal to master boxing. 

Has a very good and sturdy fabric. 


Not easy to maintain the punching bag. 

Best Punching Bags In India

Choosing a punching bag can be daunting and you’re allowed to be clueless once those options are laid before you. We have gathered the factors you would generally lookout for while purchasing the best punching bag.

Best Punching Bag Prices In India

Best Punching Bags Under 1000

Aurion filled heavy punching bag
Hard bodies unfilled classic punching bag
Aurion Rex leather punching bag
Iwin punching bag

Best Punching Bags Under 2000

Everlast Power Tower punching bag
Byson synthetic leather punching bag
Iris wall punching bag
Body Maxx punching bag

Top Punching Bags

We are sure you had one goal you needed to achieve while looking for the best punching bag. Here are some punching bags which help attain strengths is various areas.

Types Of Punching Bags

Heavy Duty or Jumbo punching bags

Due to the heavyweight of the punching bag it tones the muscles and strengthens your joints. This is mostly used for strenuous workouts and for those who can do powerful hits.

Uppercut Punching bags

These are used for training since they are lightweight. Although they are not on the heavier side they are essential to building up the stamina.

Speed Ball Punching bags

This punching bag type is used for the hand-eye co-ordination and is essential to improve your reflexes. It bounces back when it is punched, testing how you react upon its arrival.

Maize ball punching bags

These punching bags are used to train the head and are usually hung over the ceiling. It helps train defence moves.

Are punching bags worth it? 

Besides the constant punching, using a punching bag can be useful for your body in various other ways. It can make you sweat and get rid of your toxins from the body and give you a more cleansed body. 

Punching the bag can give your fist a more strong sense which will help you out with other workouts as well. 

What should I look for when purchasing a punching bag?

  • Make sure your punching bag is bigger than you in weight. 
  • Choose the right kind of punching bag according to your settings. A gym is better to accommodate better and bigger punching bags. If you are planning to set it up in your own house, we suggest you look at the sizes before you make a pick. 
  • Determine what you want for your body and what kind of routine you plan on doing before making the splurge. 

It is vital to know everything about a punching bag before you buy one. We hope this has helped you pick out the best punching bag based on the information we have gathered for you!

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