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Best Quality Leggings Online India 2022

A pair of leggings goes a long way into making the most comfortable piece of clothing you will have for any occasion. Literally any occasion! Sports, functional, loungewear and so on. With the array of brands and types out there, it can be confusing to find the best quality. When it comes to leggings, quality can go a long way! So here’s presenting to you the best quality leggings online india.

Top Quality legging online India 

Event / Function Best leggings in India 
Casual day out GoColours leggings
Homewear Maxx leggings
Functional Lyra leggings
Sports wearEnamor 

What are leggings?

Although it is quite common to see leggings everywhere, there might be some who do not take this for a modern piece of clothing.

Leggings are pants that stick to your body in such a way that it protudes the lower half of your body while also complimenting the upper piece of clothing. Whether it is a kurti or a crop top that you were to the gym. Leggings always come in handy.

#1 – GoColours leggings

Go Colours has one heck of a collection when it comes to leggings online in India. 

  • The quality of these leggings are top notch and they come in a rather thick fabric. The cotton stretches flexibly giving your skin and body a lot of comfort. 
  • The ideal size that goes for everyone is Medium and it can be stretched with so much ease. 
  • When it comes to the colours, Go Colours has quite a variety. From bright neon colours to dark and subtle shades, the brand covers it all. 
  • Note that the dark colours can fade away quickly so be gentle while you are washing them. 
Great quality and variety. Some colours tend to fade out quickly. 

#2 – Lyra leggings online India 

Lyra is one of the most popular brands for leggings in India that you must try if you  are looking at affordable prices and good quality. 

  • This is a combination of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which means this is a great and flexible piece of clothing that you can wear around with ease and comfort. 
  • The fabric feels soft on the body and is not rough in any way. 
  • The quality of the leggings is premium and can be worn anywhere. This is a great leggings to wear for a casual day out. 
  • These leggings have to be washed gently and with lukewarm water for the best of results. 
Pros Cons
Soft and great quality leggings. None. 

#3 – Global Desi leggings online 

You may have heard of Global Desi when it comes ethnic apparel that are very much in style including accessories but their leggings are of great quality too. 

  • Global desi has a wholesome range in good quality leggings that can be used for functional and ethnic wear. 
  • The brand vows to produce only the best from the wide range of leggings they have. 
  • They have colours like mustard yellow, olive green and royal white which just stand out from the rest. 
  • They are considered slim pants because they fit with so much ease and there’s not much pressure involved. 
Pros Cons
Awesome collection. Some bright colours may be missing. 

#4 – Max leggings online 

Max is one of the most reputed brands known for its exclusive fashion collection for men and women. 

  • These leggings from Max, like the brand itself, have a signature style of its own. 
  • While they can be worn as ideal leggings, these can be worn as pants and can be used as loungewear or sportswear. 
  • The cut and structure of these leggings are made so well that they pertain to women with different perceptions of style. 
  • This is an ankle-length which is also very much in trend right now. 
Pros Cons
Great quality and good sizes.  Less variety

#5 – Softline leggings online 

The softline brand like its name has the gentles of clothing. 

  • The leggings from softline are a definite treat as they serve the purposes of comfort and glamour. 
  • The different varieties of leggings are so in style and cater to women with different sense of fashion. 
  • The fabric of the leggings is very gentle that you can barely feel it against your skin. 
  • If you are planning on flaunting your new kurta, these leggings work out really well. 
Pros Cons
Great for ethnic wear. No ankle length leggings available. 

#6 – Dollar Missy leggings 

Dollar missy is an up and coming brand for women’s apparel and accessories. 

  • These are some printed leggings that are functional and can be worn as loungewear and for a day out. 
  • The fit of the leggings is perfect and can be worn literally for any occasion. 
  • The prints they provide are so ethnic and so exotic.
  • The length of the leggings are perfect as they stretch down a little lower than the ankle which means this can be worn with ethnic kurtis. 
Pros Cons
Amazing prints on a variety of colours. No plain leggings. 

#7 – W leggings online 

W is also a well known brand for ethnic wear and is known for its signature style in straight kurtas and other apparels. 

  • The leggings from W are great in quality and are known to be very durable. 
  • The material is firm but not in a way that can cause irritation on the thighs. 
  • These may be hard to get online but we have the product available for from Amazon. 
  • These leggings can be used as loungewear and also on a day out according to your convenience. 
Pros Cons 
Can be used on a daily basis. May be rarely available. 

#8 – Biba leggings 

Biba is a premium brand in India which has the best of ethnic and emi western clothing for women. 

  • The rayon material of these leggings can make you feel very lightweight and comfortable. 
  • The color range of these leggings can be from bright to subtle colours so it’s easy to match your kurti with any shade you’d like. 
  • These leggings are ankle length and can be worn with so much ease and comfort. 
  • We would recommend getting really attractive slippers to flaunt your feet with these leggings. 
Pros Cons 
Really good collection. Expensive. 

#9 – Globus leggings 

Globus is a fairly new brand as far as leggings are concerned but they have created quite the buzz with their new collection. 

  • The beauty of these leggings from Globus is that beside their exotic color range, they are adorned with pearls on the side which can serve as an attraction point. 
  • These leggings come as a skinny fit and are of free size so do not have any worries regarding the same. 
  • The wash of this is super easy. All you have to do is make sure you have a safe detergent and the colour of your leggings will be intact. 
Pros Cons 
Easy to wash and maintain. Costly. 

#10 – Hopscotch printed leggings 

Hopscotch is a new brand but we definitely love their leggings collection which mainly focuses on printed designs. 

  • These butterfly printed leggings are a great wear option when you have something functional. 
  • You can wear these with short tops and even short kurtas and it will look just fine. 
  • Since the background is white you can match it with literally any color you like depending on your mood. 
  • The fiber is 100% milk fiber which ensures softness and comfort. 
Pros Cons 
Soft and comfortable. Expensive. 

#11 – Enamor leggings online 

Enamor is primarily a brand that focuses on lingerie and sleepwear. But their leggings collection is something to pay heed to. 

  • The quality of this brand is just top notch with only the best. 
  • The majority of this is made up of nylon and so is a relief and a comfortable pair to wear. 
  • They look so good as they are ankle length and the material oozes so much class. 
  • You can wear this to the gym, the park and even at home as it is very comfortable. 
  • The stretchability of the leggings is just amazing and can be stretched as much as possible. 
  • It has a waistband which comes as a relief if you want something that is loose. 
Pros Cons 
Great quality. Expensive. 

Which brand has the best leggings in India? 

According to our top picks, Go Colors beats the rest down with their superb collection of colours and materials. Their prices are also on par with the leggings they provide. If you are confused about what kind of leggings you need, Go colors will open your eyes to the vast collection that they have. 

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