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5 Best Running Shoes For Women In India 2022

Looking for the best running shoes for women in India? We curated a list of the top running shoes for women found in India. Read on to find the best fit for you!

Running is one of the most recommended fitness practices for people of all skill levels. You do not need a gym for this workout. Running helps exercise the whole body with minimum hassles. 

When you want to inspire the athlete in you, it is a good idea to pamper yourself with a good set of running shoes and there are plenty of them in the market from leading brands.

Running shoes, specially crafted for women, are different from those suitable for men. Women’s feet are smaller and narrower. Women too have lesser muscle mass and wider hips. 

These differences go into designing the running shoes exclusively offered for women. Some of the most prominent features of women’s running shoes are thin midsoles, light weight and higher inclination.

While investing in a pair of shoes for women you must consider the factors like weight, fit, cushioning, construction, stability, motion control, purpose, grip and support. 

In this review article for women’s running shoes in India, I have curated a list to highlight the best running shoes for women in India after a thorough research in the industry.

Top Running Shoes For Women In India

Puma Women’s Ultron WN’s IDP Running Shoes

Puma Ultron is one of the best choices in the women’s running shoes category as it combines comfort, durability and performance. 

The highlights of the shoe are soft cushioning, highly effective traction on all kinds of surfaces ensuring a comfortable run. The shoemaker has offered a breathable mesh on top that enables free movement so that the feet stays dry and cool

The cushioning is thick and low profile fitted with a superior kind of ortholite insoles to assure comfort as well as performance. 

The shoe has also focused on sturdy construction and the fabric in the upper side has a laminate mid cage for giving your movements more stability and support. 

There is also a parametric type of wet outsole that is made to supplement the traction thereby minimizing the chances of sliding on wet and slippery surfaces. 

The designer delivers the shoe in Peacoat-Purple-Sparkcosmo and Blue Atoll-White-Gray Violet so that the shoe color can go well with most trousers and workout outfits. 

The main advantages of this shoe are the well-fitting measurements, favorable pricing, lightweight and comfort, trendy design and a thoughtful color scheme.  

Power Women Fusion Running Shoes

BATA is a well-known brand for footwear in India that has a huge following among different categories of buyers. 

Maximum comfort and budget pricing are two stark characteristics that distinguish Bata’s shoes from the rest. 

Power running shoes are a sports shoe subbrand by Bata that inherits the finest aspects of a typical Bata shoe. These shoes come neatly packed inside a protective covering to keep the dust and moisture off the product. 

The laces provided with the shoes match with the soles of the shoe to give an aesthetic appeal. 

The flat heel has a height of 0.5 inches and the shoe follows a lightweight construction and a minimalist design so that you do not feel them heavy while running. T

he comfort provided by the shoe is optimum and the pleasing colors including pink and sky blue help ease the stress and lighten the moods. The design is cool and very attractive. 

The shoes ensure a perfect fit on your feet and the size chart helps you make the right choice of the shoe size. The padding is rendered decently and the traction capabilities of the product are excellent. On the whole, this is a great pick at an affordable price.      

Sparx Women’s Sx0088l Running Shoes

If you want to find a shoe that sports a unique and elegant style, Sparx Women’s Sx0088l Running Shoes will definitely fit into your expectations. 

Championed by Relaxo Footwears Ltd, a highly trusted shoe manufacturer in India and abroad, this shoe assures top quality you are sure to admire. 

You will find this shoe fusing comfort and style along with a superior workmanship. Hence, this shoe is the best choice while trying to create a fashion statement. 

The attractive design of the shoe makes it a must buy product in this category. 

The soles are made of thermoplastic rubber that gives the best cushioning effect to the wearer. The medium shoe width can suit most people’s feet. 

The mesh and upper PU are rendered in a durable material. 

The lace-up closure type bestows the shoe elegant looks and a reliable fit. 

If you want to flaunt a trendy shoe that will appeal to diverse kinds of tastes, this shoe will suit your purpose very well. 

While there are some concerns that the inside cushioning could have been better, you will not regret this shoe in this price range.  

Nike Women’s WMNS Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoes

Nike is a world renowned brand with regard to footwear and Nike shoes do not need any attestation for their quality. 

Nike Women’s WMNS Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoe is an excellent product specially crafted for women. 

The shoe weighs only 196 grams and is an ideal partner for competitions and marathons. This is a top rated daily trainer for women and gives the best cushioning under your feet to ensure the best comfort and encourage a better performance. 

Tests show that the shoe assures the best-in-class energy return with the best bouncing qualities. 

The racing shoe gets its best from the ZoomX foam for the midsoles and the highly durable react foam. 

The upper mesh comes with minimal padding so that the shoe is not overloaded. This running shoe model for women goes that extra mile to add one more gem to Nike’s crown as a prestigious offering attesting its capabilities. 

In the uptempo running shoes segment, this is probably the best pick you can think of. Serious runners will find this shoe an excellent companion to nurture their athletic aspirations.   

Reebok Women’s Floatride Run 2.0 Shoe

Those familiar with the Reebok offerings will find this model an evolution of the shoemaker’s earlier version Floatride Run. For ensuring more comfort and protecting the bridge and ankle, the shoemaker has provided thicker and more protruded collar and broad laces. 

The foam employed in its making is Pebax-based foam and is 100% Floatride and hence feels very soft and can add a lot of cushioning effect to the runs. The fit is significantly enhanced and the UltraKnit finish of the upper side helps strike a balance between stability, performance and soft feel. 

The well designed heel cup and the TPU mid foot cage bestow a great structure to the upper and assures added stability to the foot. Improved lugs and new outsoles are able to contribute to a better grip on the track and also bestow durable characteristics on the shoe. 

Knitted upper side and the cool looks worn by the shoe are a definite plus that will attract any shopper during the very first look. This is a fantastic choice for running shoes for women in its price range. 

The upper is soft and breathable and hence minimizes the fatigue that can set on the feet during rigorous running. Both beginners and seasoned runners will find this expertly designed running shoe.   

Adidas Women’s Ultraboost W Running Shoes

The top characteristics always expected in Adidas shoes are invincible quality and stylish looks. Ultraboost running shoes for women from Adidas sports responsive cushioning and lightweight upper. 

If you want to enjoy the best support and a great feeling during your runs, this shoe is an excellent choice you can think of in the women’s running shoe category. This shoe perfectly combines comfort and high performance to support your runs on any kind of track. 

The desirable feature of this shoe is the stretchy knit upper that can very well adapt to the foot’s changing shape during runs. You land on a smooth and energetic run aided by the responsive midsole cushioning and a highly flexible outsole. 

The shoes are ably engineered to deliver incomparable energy return and hence you will not feel fatigued soon. What to expect in these running shoes for women are a comfortable fit, lace up closure and synthetic material which all together work to bestow great looks to the shoe besides ensuring durability and performance. 

The design and workmanship of this shoe are on par with the best industry standards which is always expected of Adidas. Therefore, this shoe can really make a worthy investment when you want to invest in the best in class running shoes.   

Best Running Shoes for Women in India: FAQs

Why are running shoes necessary for running?

If you love going out for runs, running shoes are essential to protect your feet from hard and sharp objects and microbes and prevent blisters and feet injury. Running shoes come with the right kind of cushioning and hence they make sure you run comfortably and safely with the least strain. Running shoes help improve your performance.

How are running shoes different from sports shoes?

Sports shoes come with more flexible soles. While sports shoes make multi-directional and lateral movements easy, running shoes facilitate a better heal to toe movement and are best suitable only for running. The heel drops of running shoes are more cushioned to minimize the impacts and aid in a comfortable running.

Which is the best brand for running shoes for women in India?

Adidas is the best brand in India for women’s shoes. Adidas has earned an enviable place in the world of shoemaking. Some of the best strategies that distinguish this brand are its keen eye to the needs of the athletes and manufacturing products to ably meet their needs. Innovation, performance and quality are the hallmarks of Adidas shoes. For quite long, this is a popular brand for athletes’ shoes and when you want to land on a guaranteed style, performance and quality, Adidas can be the best choice. 

What to consider while choosing running shoes?

The aspects to consider while choosing running shoes are the your feet type, type of shoe construction, width, length, heel to toe drop, breathability, cushioning, shoe material, support and cost.

While shopping for running shoes, decide the purpose behind why you are buying them. For jogging, everyday trainer shoes are the right choice. Serious training will need two to three pairs of trainers and also uptempo shoes. Put your comfort needs first while choosing a running shoe and remember to wear socks when you test shoes. Never pick up stiff shoes as flexibility is the most important characteristic to expect in running shoes. Light weight shoes are the best choice for running to minimize the strain.            

Nike Women's WMNS Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoes

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