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Best Safety Shoes in India 2022

The prime purpose of safety shoes is to protect your feet. Originally, safety shoes were expected to protect only the toes. Nowadays, a lot more is expected from safety shoes as there are different vocations people are into and different vocations are connected with different kinds of hazards. Protecting from electric shocks, slip resistance, puncture resistance and others are among the top expectations from safety shoes. Your needs for a pair of safety shoes will depend on your work environment.

Safety shoes come in different specifications. While trying to choose a safety shoe for you, you will need to work with a galaxy of models from several brands. Being aware of what to look for in the safety shoes you will buy is essential to ease your search and let you land on the best option. Some of the top considerations you will have to focus in safety shoes include type, size, weight, durability, build and material, safety, comfort, and waterproof qualities, while their price must justify their features. In this article, we discuss some useful information about safety shoes and review the gamut of the best safety shoes in India to simplify your search and let you land on the right pick.

Best Safety Shoes in India

Trutuff Safety Shoes

Trutuff is one of the most desirable safety shoes brand in India. Offered in a price range below Rs. 2,500, these shoes cater to the needs of the middle class segment. These are Kevlar made shoes that packs some incredible features in them. These safety shoes sport some excellent anti-smashing property that that can protect the feet from falling objects dashing with 200 joules of energy. These boots typically use 4mm Kevlar known for is rigidity and flexibility. The penetration resistance of these shoes is 1100 Newtons. The shoemaker has employed a breathable mesh for the upper as well as mid soles. Hence the shoes are comfortable through long hours of work and can be sweat-free.

The electric shock protection capabilities of these boots can ably meet the needs of electrical industries. In addition to the wide range of industrial applications they cater to, they are also an ideal choice for outdoor sports and adventure feats like cycling, hiking and biking. Hence we can say these composite shoes are an excellent choice in the category of safety shoes.

Allen Cooper Safety Shoes

A brand of the Superhouse Group, Allen Copper has its origins in India exporting its products to more than 35 countries. While they have a broad product portfolio, they are also a big name in the safety shoes domain. The three main variations they cater to in their safety shoes are low ankle safety shoes, semi ankle safety shoes and hi-ankle safety shoes. Priced around Rs. 2,000, these shoes offer a broad range to pick from. Allen Copper’s popular offerings sport breathable and moisture absorbing fabric lining. These shoes can alleviate the worries regarding the shoes getting wet due to sweat. The steel toes can endure an impact of about 200 joules. The double density PU soles in these shoes bestow an excellent comfort while moving around.

Allen Copper shoes have excellent oil resistance, acid resistance and anti-skid properties. The sizes of these shoes range between 5 and 11. One of the interesting features about these shoes are the lace-up closure that is also highly durable. The high quality laces enable a swift movement and the much needed firmness for your steps.

Hillson Nucleus Safety Shoes

Hillson is one of the most competent shoe-making companies in India delivering some great shoe models. They are also specialists in making safety shoes for a wide range of application. Hillson is considered one of the best option when it comes to buying safety shoes in India. The Hillson Agro Safety Shoes come in the price range of below Rs. 1,500. The sizes of these shoes range from 6 to 10. This shoemaker has employed a breathable and moisture absorbing fabric for their shoes. Their shoes can cover a wide range of work place expectations ranging from construction sites to oil industries.

The maximum impact these shoes can withstand is about 200 joules. Therefore, these shoes are an ideal option for construction sites and contractual laborers working on short term assignments. The soles are rendered in double density PU material along with a wide toe to enable moving around with the least difficulties. Some other notable advantages of these shoes are oil resistance, anti-skid capabilities and acid resistance. With all these interesting features, these are among the top safety shoes in the Indian market today.

Ozarro Safety Shoes

Rendered with steel toe, Ozarro safety shoes are highly stylistic and durable and comparable to the best in class boots in the Indian market today. Marked high for their excellent quality, Ozarro shoes are offered in a wide array of choices. All of the Ozarro safety shoes are made from the best quality materials employing the most advanced techniques. Therefore, their standards are unchallengeable. Ozarro shoes are priced in the mid-range and therefore they are highly budget friendly when you wish to invest in the best quality products. Ozarro safety shoes meet the robust safety needs of a wide range of industries including construction, aviation, automotive, transportation, electronics and logistics in addition to mining, petrochemicals, manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

A number of customer reviews have given encouraging rating for this brand in addition to posting highly impressive reviews. Ozarro is focused on rendering the best quality shoes that are durable and sport a great performance even under tough working conditions. Hence these are among the most preferred class of safety shoes for all.

Agarson Steel Toe PVC Moulded Engineers/Labours Safety Shoes

Agarson Steel Toe safety shoes are highly known for their excellent quality, affordable pricing, and the best protection they can give the feet. These shoes do not cause any discomfort even when worn over long hours.As these shoes are available in a wide range of sizes, you are sure to find the best fit for your foot size. The shoemaker has rendered the outer sole a highly sturdy and durable one. These are ideal shoes to be work at work for the most reliable protection they offer. The excellent quality of laces also make them keep the shoes in position.

These are multi-purpose shoes suitable for construction, cycling, running, climbing and hiking. The sturdy steel caps prevent the toes from any injuries. The breathable mesh fabric is an ideal aspect in these shoes that enable more air circulation for the much needed extra comfort as well as preventing the building up of any bad odor. These shoes are highly pocket friendly and have the most dependable resistance capabilities for oils, acids, and electric shocks. The upper surface sole is highly sturdy and therefore durable. 

Warrior Safety Shoes

A part of The House of Liberty, Warrior is one of the most widely known names in the arena of safety footwear. These footwear are designed to provide the best protection against extreme hazards and bestow a great comfort while walking, exercising and working. Made with a special focus on suiting a variety of industrial conditions, these boots are deemed the best in class safety shoes in the Indian market. Some of the most impressive characteristics of these shoes are the steel toe-cap, oil resistant and heat resistant features, anti-skid properties, abrasion resistance, shock absorption and steel mid-sole. These industrial class safety shoes are highly depended on for their all-in-one answer for different industries and any geography.  

Most reliable, comfortable and safe shoes, Warrior safety shoes offerings are made from the finest quality leather. Their boots have to pass through a number of in-house testing standards and hence they are rendered perfectly for a highly reliable quality. The directly injected PU soles are depended on for enhanced protection and extra comfort. Hence, Warrior shoes are one of the best value products in India.

Safety shoes buying guide

While you will see a galaxy of sports shoes collection stacked on online catalogues and on the racks of showrooms, you must ensure to weigh the different options with regard to several criteria to guide your buying decision. Here are the most important aspects you must not neglect to evaluate in the sports shoe you buy.

Type of boots

Different sports shoes are meant for different work environments. Most safety shoes make use of steel toes and this appears to be the most popular variant. There are also other options like gumboots and composite variant. Steels toes and composite toes can suit most work environments. While gumboots can be chosen for many sectors, they may fall short of the comfort they assure. Also, note that all steel toes do not come with electric insulation capabilities. So, consider the working hours and the type of industry to land on the right choice.

Size of the shoe

The most common size range for safety shoes is between 5 and 10. Ensure to purchase the right fit since a loose or tight fitting one can cause a great discomfort.

Build, material and comfort

Leather is a popular choice for many manufacturers. Some shoes make use of breathable material so that your legs do not feel fatigued. Therefore, the latter can be a better choice. Some shoes come with PU injected soles for assuring extra comfort and hence they are a great choice.

Water resistance

In some work environments, water resistance and waterproof capabilities can be a prime concern. In such cases, gumboots will work the best. While leather shoes are highly relied upon for abrasion resistance, anti-skid features and oil resistance, they take the second place when it comes to water resistance.

Durability, weight and safety

The typical weight of shoes ranges between 500 grams to 2.5 kgs. Anything heavier or lighter than this might be heavy or lack durability and hence choose safety shoes in this weight range. Ensure you are selecting the safest product with regard to oil resistance, abrasion resistance and anti-skid resistance in addition to water-proof qualities. 

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