14 Best Sanitary Pads in India 2022

There is so much more to a sanitary pad than just doing its functional job. It has to keep you hygienic, safe from infections, comfortable and at ease. With a huge population of women in the country, it is no surprise that there is an equal number of sanitary pad brands out there. But fret not, cos we bring you the best sanitary pad brands in India here. Read on for their reviews:

Best sanitary pads in India 
Whisper ultra clean sanitary pads
Whisper Ultra Night pads 
Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin sanitary pads
Sofy antibacteria sanitary pads 
Niine sanitary pads 
Admiria Perfumed Sanitary Pad. 
Extra Care Orange Maxi sanitary pads 
Everteen sanitary pads 
Airiz Active Oxygen & Negative Ion sanitary pads

Top Sanitary Pads in India

#1- Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary pad 

You don’t need to be introduced to Whisper, as this has been around for so long, probably even longer than you. 

Sanitary Pads in India
  • There is no doubt that this premium brand is the choice of many women in India. Our pick is Ultra Clean for its size and absorbance. 
  • This was one of the revolutionary thin-sized pads introduced in the market with no compromise on the amount of liquid it can absorb. 
  • It does this by turning the liquid into gel and keeping you dry for hours at a stretch. 
  • The dry weave cover absorbs in seconds, keeping you comfortable. 
  • There is also a subtle fragrance from the pad that is quite nice.
Pros Cons 
Absorbs quickly without leakage. The large packages are quite expensive. 

#2- Whisper Ultra Night sanitary pad 

As a woman, you know that menstruation during the night is a whole different issue than your period during the day. 

Best Sanitary Pads in India
  • Getting a good night’s sleep is directly proportional to the peace of mind you have about your sanitary pad. Try the Whisper Ultra Night which is made 30% wider for better coverage and in the size XL, making it longer. 
  • The wings help secure the pad and keep your clothes and bed sheets free of stains. 
  • This pad is also an “ultra” that is thin in size with a dual-action gel and a dri-weave cover for maximum absorbency. 
  • Like all Whisper products, this is priced quite high, around  Rs. 300, but worth your peace of mind.  
Pros Cons 
Great to wear one whole night without disturbance. Expensive. 

#3- Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin sanitary pads 

Stayfree is another market leader, widely popular for the wide range of sanitary pads to suit every type of flow. 

Pads in India
  • The Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin is our pick as this is the best in every aspect. The size is perfect for use right through the day as well as in the night. 
  • The “Ultra” series is thin and keeps you super comfortable even in the tightest of clothes. 
  • The dry cover absorbs the liquid and turns it into a gel, keeping you dry for hours together. 
  • The wings are useful in securing the pad to your underwear. 
  • The pads are packed individually, making it easy to carry one in your purse, as well as for hygienic disposal.
Pros Cons 
Great to wear night and day. Not for sensitive skin. 

#4- Sofy Anti Bacteria sanitary pads 

With the period comes the added stress of bacterial infections and rashes. Get rid of these worries with the Anti Bacteria sanitary pads by Sofy. 

Sanitary Pads
  • These have a green sheet in the pad that keeps away three types of bacteria keeping you well protected. 
  • The pad itself is super long, with wider hip coverage than most in the market. 
  • This, along with the wings and good absorbency makes this a good choice for night time use.
  •  The pad also has Perfume tree fragrance to keep you feeling fresh throughout the night. 
Pros Cons 
Comes with a pleasant fragrance. Cannot be accessible easily. 

#5- NIINE sanitary pads 

Niine is one of the newer entrants in the Indian market. 

best sanitary pads in india list
  • It’s not as popular as the other established brands but worth giving a try. 
  • The pads are really soft with a perforated top sheet that does not irritate the skin. 
  • The cotton absorbs plenty of liquid, keeping you dry for a long time. 
  • The pads have wings and are quite big, good enough for use during the day.
  •  The packages come with biodegradable covers for safe and hygienic disposal of the pads. 
  • These sanitary pads are priced competitively in the market. 
Pros Cons 
Keeps dry for a long period of time. Not available easily. 

#6- Admiria Perfumed Sanitary Pad

We know that sanitary pads are quite expensive and some of them can dig a hole in your pocket.

top best sanitary pads in india
  •  If you are looking for something more budget friendly, we recommend Admiria Perfumed Sanitary Pad. 
  • These come with all the features of the premium brands but at a fraction of the price. 
  • The pads are extra long with a soft top cover that keeps your skin free of rashes. 
  • The pad absorbs quite well with its gel technology and you only need to change it every 6 hours to maintain hygiene. 
  • It also has wings to secure the pad and they are perfumed with a delicate scent to keep you feeling fresh all day. 
Pros Cons 
Delicate scent on the pad to keep you fresh all day. Does not last very long. 

#7- Extra Care Sanitary Pads 

Extra Care Orange Maxi sanitary pads are another good option that is easy on the pocket.

best selling sanitary pads in india
  • These pads are perfumed for freshness and absorb extremely well, keeping you dry. 
  • The wings secure the pad and keep your clothes from getting stained. 
  • The top cover has a soft weave that is gentle on the skin. 
  • The seven layer cotton filling absorbs your period and keeps it locked, so it doesn’t escape back to the surface. 
  • Each pad comes individually wrapped for easy disposal. 
Pros Cons
Easy to carry around Not always available in the market. 

#8-Bella Maxi Soft Wings

Bella is one of the best selling sanitary pad brands in India, owing to the variety and affordable prices. 

best soft sanitary pads in india
  • The Maxi Soft wings comes with a very soft core that is enveloped by a softer outer cover. 
  • This is very gentle and delicate, keeping even the most sensitive skin free of inflammations and rashes. 
  • The innovative technology keeps the blood from escaping to the sides of the pad and keeps you dry while you are wearing the pad. 
  • The wings are helpful in ensuring that your clothes don’t get stained.
Pros Cons 
Great sanitary pad for sensitive skin in India. The size is quite small. 

#9- Nua sanitary pads 

Nua is of the new kids on the block and is definitely premium. Every woman knows that you don’t need the same size and type of pad throughout your period.

best maternity sanitary pads in india
  •  Instead of buying several different pads, Nua solves your problem with one pack of 3 different sized pads to be used depending on the heaviness of your flow. 
  • These 12 pads have a toxin-free layer that is gentle on your body and keeps away rashes. 
  • Each pad comes with an individual disposal cover for ease, as well as a neat, high-quality canvas pouch to store these in your purse or bag. 
Pros Cons 
Extremely gentle on the sensitive skin. Not always available. 

#10- Everteen sanitary pads 

Give your wallet a break with the economically priced Everteen sanitary pads. 

best chemical free sanitary pads in india
  • Containing the goodness of neem and safflower extracts, these pads have natural anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, to keep your skin free of infections, itchiness and rashes.
  •  The 8 layered cotton filling does a good job of absorbing your blood while the soft top layer keeps you dry all day long. 
  • The odour locking system keeps you feeling fresh throughout. 
  • The pads are of a good size lengthwise and are not very thick to cause you discomfort. 
Pros Cons 
Good absorption and lasts long. Not easily available. 

#11- Plush 100% Pure US Cotton

Plush is another brand similar to Nua, catering to the modern Indian woman who prefers to have a choice of pads for different days of her period. 

best reusable sanitary pads in india
  • The package comes with 14 pads out of which 8 are for light flow, 6 are for heavy flow and 2 are liners for your spotting days. 
  • There is also a cotton pouch included for carrying these pads in your purse conveniently. 
  • The top sheets are made from imported cotton that is soft and of premium quality, so you don’t have the fear of rashes or discomfort. 
  • The pads are super thin and have wings. 
  • They are free of parabens, chlorine, latex and fragrances, making them safe for sensitive skin.
Pros Cons 
Premium and top quality sanitary pads. Not easily available. 

#12- Carefree Acti-Fresh sanitary pads 

Carefree is one of the oldest sanitary pad brands to have entered India. In fact, for a long time, “Carefree” was synonymous with “Sanitary pad”. With time Carefree has evolved beyond the belted pads to the Acti-Fresh featured on our list, here. 

best organic sanitary pads in india
  • These are panty liners that are quite thin but absorb small amounts of liquid. 
  • They are lightly fragrant and have a technology that controls the odour for about 6 to 8 hours. 
  • These are soft with a quilted design and are perfect to be used on the days towards the end of your period when you might be spotting. 
  • They might be quite expensive given the number of pads and are priced between the range of Rs. 1,000
Pros Cons 
They are soft sanitary pads that feel gentle against the skin. Expensive. 

#13- Airiz Active Oxygen & Negative Ion 

Sanitary pads are notorious for bringing with them rashes on your skin, inflammation and a burning sensation, thanks to the, trying to keep you extremely dry. 

best rash free sanitary pads in india
  • Airiz Active Oxygen & Negative Ion sanitary pads get rid of this pain with the innovative technology employed in the product. 
  • They not only keep the skin free of rashes but also keep you cool, especially during the hot summer months. 
  • The absorbency is good. 
  • They are soft and long enough to be used during the night. 
  • The only downside is the width of the pads. It would have been perfect if these were wider in the centre.  
Pros Cons 
They are soft and gentle on the skin. Too narrow. 

#14- Sirona Natural Biodegradable Super Soft Black Sanitary Pads

When the rest of the world is trying to save the environment, you should try to as well, in your own small way. Sirona Natural Biodegradable sanitary pads is a revolution in every way. 

best and safe sanitary pads in india
  • First of all, the pads are black in colour, and they claim this is to help you save the discomfort of looking at your period. 
  • Secondly, these pads are 100% biodegradable, and therefore safe on the planet. 
  • These pads are also free of parabens, toxins and chlorine, so safe on your skin as well. 
  • The pads themselves function well with the super absorbency of the ultra thin layers. 
  • These are priced on par with the market leaders. 
Pros Coms 
These are biodegradable. Not easily accessible.

Being on your period and not able to tackle the situation well and comfortably is something we all need to know. We hope these top quality sanitary pads in India have opened your eyes to safer and better options.

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