Best School Bag Brands in India

8 Best School Bag Brands in India | July 2021 Guide

Looking for some amazing school bags for when your child goes back to school? Check out our list of the Best School Bag Brands in India!

Oh, man where do I start about this topic? It brings back so many fond memories. A school bag is not just an accessory but an emotion if you think of it. It brings with it stories of your childhood, the things you have carried in it. 

It was a canvas for your art, a storage place for all snacks, and of course a few special gifts from your best friends. I don’t know what it is about school and my childhood, I just get carried away. Is it only me or you guys feel the same too?

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I cherish the times I have had and I would give anything to go back to the era. Okay, I will not start musing on my school days yet again. I shall get back to today’s topic and that is the best school bag brand in India. Let’s get on to the list now, shall we?

After having reviewed all the school bag brands in India based on various factors like design, quality, capacity, longevity, features, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 8 that really stood out. Bags from these 8 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best school Bag Brand in India is American Tourister. Not only is it high in quality but these bags are perfect for kids as they are extremely durable. American Tourister Bags are weatherproof and can take rain and dust while protecting the contents of the bag. The straps are also padded for comfort and it comes with various design features.

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Best School Bag Brands in India

American Tourister

The brand was founded in 1933 by Sol Koffler. It was part of the American Luggage Works in the USA and was acquired by Samsonite in 1993. You should surely check their travel range if you like traveling. Apart from that, the brand is known for travel bags, backpacks, baggage, and wallets too.

I must say, this brand makes all the difference with goods that have undergone quality tests so your child gets only the best. The bags are secure and are a perfect fit for the kids in India who carry a lot of stuff in their school bags. I should also mention the broad straps that are padded for added comfort.

The bags are sturdy enough to carry all the books, water bottle, lunch and even has pockets in the front for other stuff your children might need. The bags from American Tourister are also known for the premium polyester fabric and the zippers that really last long and are easy to operate. A few of you might want newer designs to explore

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There are brands and then there is Puma. It is one of my favorite brands there is and I couldn’t have not listed it in my list of best school bag brands in India.

If there is one bag you want to carry to school, to the gym, or just hang around with friends, get your child a puma. It fits every occasion and every sport. It doesn’t matter if you are in school or not. The bags are sporty, built with the best material for sturdiness, and lightweight too.

Now that’s a lot to compete with right. There is more. The colors and styles are really unique too. You are gonna be noticed for sure. If you want great offers on this brand, check online offers on their website. If you are looking for waterproof bags only, not all of their models are waterproof.

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Tommy Hilfiger

This brand from America has not only taken India by storm with its apparel but also the world-class bags. Tommy Hilfiger is ideal for kids who love old-school vibes. The style is very retro but the functionality is something I personally favor. 

The highlights of the bag is its straps and back cushioning. The backbone is well supported which helps you carry more weight without any stress. The colors are rich and have a unique feel to them. 

The compartments are well planned and have strong zippers. The bags are made to last long even when you use them in a rugged way. 

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If there is one brand that speaks of adventure, this is the one. I love their 3 compartment bags as they can carry a lot of stuff. School kids with their lunch boxes, sports stuff, and books need a lot of space and this is the brand for you. I personally used a wildcraft bag for almost 5 years. So, it’s rather close to my heart.

The WildCraft bags are multi-functional and are available in a lot of colors and patterns suited for both boys and girls. If you are looking for a bag which you can use for traveling, look no further. I will tell you why it is the flexible shoulder straps. The robust build quality and an air mesh at the back of the bag for that added comfort. 

The design does not fade away making it the right choice for your kid. The colour is eye-catching and you have to use these bags to know how long they really last.

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I am sure this is a crowd favorite. The brand from Titan has taken the school bag scene since its inception. Started in 2005 as a sub-brand to cater to the school and college-going crowd, the ads were superb and since then it has been a market leader.

The Fastrack bags are affordable and are known for the way they are built. The style is very now and modern. The bags have an edge over the rest as they are made keeping the mind of the young adult.

The school bags from Fastrack are specifically curated and designed to carry the books and go for on a vacation. Another highlight is how they are unisex bags, the designs are so smart anyone would pick them up. The pockets are well planned too. They have inside pockets too if you want to carry something expensive or that special snack.

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I am sure all of you have heard about this brand if you have been living in India. They have been in the market for a bit now and as part of the VIP industries, they are the first choice of millions who look for luggage, bags, backpacks, and other accessories in India.

The brand was established in 1971 under VIP industries. Skybags are known for being lightweight and strong. Some of their latest models have been super stylish too. I love the fact that they don’t price their products exorbitantly and are quite accessible to everyone.

Their popularity in India is for their attractive pricing and the quality they offer. Their zipper and drawstring type of bags are popular among school-going youngsters. Did I mention they have waterproof variants too?

You should check their collection to find interesting designs for your kids. I have seen a few complaints regarding the capacity of the school bags. You might want to check what suits your kids’ needs.

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F Gear

F Gear is a newer brand when you compare it to the others but it has been competing with the best brands in India. This brand is suited for boys as it has a relaxed vibe to it. They are a bestseller on Amazon for a while now too. I have picked this up for my brother and he loves it.

If you want me to go about the specifications, there is a lot to cover. To start with the finish is something I love, it has a leather coating kinda finish. The material is well suited for safety and it is water-resistant.

If you are a sucker for solid prints and graphic patterns, F Gear is the brand for you. The straps are broad and well-padded giving you the support you need if you need to carry your bag for long.

They also come in a variety of styles like flip bags, zippers, and drawstring. The bottle carrier on the side is an added bonus. Give your style an edge with F Gear designs 

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The brand needs no introduction. It has been turning heads for a long time and has been well received the world over. What started as Blue Ribbon Sports in India was acquired by Nike in 1971 and branded differently.

The tagline of the company has motivated a lot of generations in getting out there and getting it done. The designs are top-notch and the quality is unmatched. Kids who love sports are the biggest fans of Nike bags and they use them both for school and after-school games.

The work and play mix make it one of a kind. The capacity of these bags is something to write about and their comfort is definitely unmatched. If you are in abstract styles and colours. They have some crazy designs you can choose from. However, the brand can be expensive.

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Best School Bag Brands in India – Final Thoughts

Well, I certainly didn’t have many choices but I had no complaints too. The kids today have such a wide variety to choose from. There are so many styles, colors, and brands, I would definitely struggle to pick the right one for me. I can only imagine what the parents go through in choosing or getting their children to pick from the best school bag brands in India.

How to choose a school bag for your kid?

I have chosen the best based on the following factors:

  • Size – First and foremost, it needs to fit your child right. Bigger or smaller bags can affect their gait
  • Broad straps – It is imperative the bag has broad straps so the weight can be carried by your child.
  • Type of the school bag – Messenger bags, top-loading or full zipper bags
  • Wheeled bags – For those school whose curriculum is vast and your kids need to carry a huge load, the wheeled bags can be a boon
  • Style – Superhero, floral, Bikes, etc. Whatever your kids love. Check out our entire list of the Best School Bag Brands in India for all the details!

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American Tourister

Check out our list of the Best School Bag Brands in India!

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