Best Selling Baby Diapers in India 2022

A happy baby makes a happy mommy. And what makes a happy baby? A dry diaper, of course! Whether you are a first-time mom or you have already experienced being a mother, you are always anxious to make sure your baby is always dry and comfortable, but also keeping in mind that a baby’s skin is the most sensitive, can bruise easily and needs a lot of care. Choosing the right diaper can be quite a daunting task, especially when your baby is a newborn or an infant. Let us help you choose the right one for your baby with our carefully curated list of the best selling diapers in India. 

Best Diapers For Babies In India

Feature Baby Diaper BrandPrice
Diapers for age 1 and belowPampers Rs. 786
Diapers for age 4 and below Bella BabyRs. 145
Leakproof diapersSupplesRs. 599
Cheap diapers Huggies Rs. 144

Safe Baby Diapers In India 2022

#1 – Pampers Baby Diapers 

Pampers needs no introduction. In fact, with many people, “baby diapers” automatically mean “Pampers”. 

  • Available in several sizes, these can be used for babies of all ages.
  •  These diapers come enriched with aloe vera baby lotion that helps prevent diaper rashes. 
  • These baby diapers are super absorbent but there is a layer of gel that does not allow the wetness to seep back to touch the baby’s skin. 
  • These are designed to be spill-proof, yet are not too tight to cause discomfort. 
  • Your baby’s skin will still be able to breathe which is absolutely necessary, especially for those who wear it all day long. 


Presence of aloe vera. 



#2 – Huggies Baby Diapers  

Huggies is another brand that is synonymous with baby diapers, just like the name “Pampers” is. Very popular among Indian mothers for their innovatively designed baby diapers, this brand has made it to our list of the best selling diapers. 

  • These diapers come with soft cushioning in the form of bubbles, called “bubble wala huggies” by the company, which feel like soft pieces of the cloud for the baby’s skin. 
  • These bubbles are meant to absorb the wetness and trap it in the crevices, making sure that your baby’s skin is not exposed to the dampness seeping back. 
  • These are leak-proof with triple protection with triple guards to keep the outer clothes dry. 


Leakproof and ensure dryness. 



#3 – Himalaya Baby Diapers 

A “made in India” brand that is popular with people who are inclined towards natural material and Ayurveda, Himalaya also makes baby diapers amongst its many consumer products. 

  • What we love about these diapers is that the material has the goodness of aloe vera and a herb called “Yashada Bhasma” which acts as antimicrobial and helps avoid diaper rash to a large extent. 
  • The design of the diaper is good and it doesn’t let anything leak through the sides. 
  • These are pull-up diapers and are great for toddlers and preschoolers who are moving around. 
  • A feature we find very useful is the “wetness indicator” which turns to green when it’s time to change the diaper.


It has a wetness indicator. 



#4 – Bella Baby Diaper 

Getting the perfect diaper for a newborn baby is the hardest, as most diapers are bigger in size and made for older babies. 

  • There is also the pressure from elders in the family to use cloth diapers for babies to protect their sensitive skin. This is where Bella baby comes in to make your life easier with extra small-sized diapers in a material that won’t hurt or harm your newborn’s skin. 
  • These diapers by Bella have added green tea extracts to make them anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, keeping your baby’s gentle skin safe as well as rash-free. 
  • The gathers on the sides keep the diaper leakproof while not hurting the baby. 
  • This diaper is breathable as well. 
  • There is a wetness indicator which is super useful in letting you know when it is time for a change. 


Extremely soft on the baby’s skin. 


Hard to maintain. 

#5 – Snuggles Baby Diapers 

The next one on our list is the baby diaper by Snuggles. True to their name, these do have a snug fit and are leakproof. 

  • They have a criss-cross patterned design that helps absorb liquid across a wider area. 
  • The gel built into this diaper at the bottom holds the liquid absorbed and makes sure that it keeps the top layer dry. 
  • The material, though it is snug, is quite breathable and will not cause the baby any discomfort.
  •  These diapers are very soft to touch, similar to the ones made by Huggies or Pampers. 
  • The price is very attractive and quite a bargain. 
  • The only aspect missing in this near-perfect diaper is a wetness indicator. 


Good absorption level. 


 Wet- indicator missing. 

#6 – Pigeon Baby Diapers

Pigeon baby diapers are of premium quality sold at affordable prices. 

  • These diapers are light in weight and absorb very well, perfect for newborns and infants who urinate very frequently. 
  • These have a soft elastic band that does not bother the tender skin of the baby. The diaper itself has the popular criss-cross pattern that most good brands use to facilitate wider absorption of fluid. 
  • The layers are breathable and this is an important factor in avoiding those dreaded diaper rashes. 
  • Depending on the usage, these diapers can absorb for about 6-7 hours. 
  • They have a wetness indicator which is a very useful feature in this diaper. 


Wetness indicator present. 



#7- Supples Baby Diapers 

Another fantastic brand selling premium quality diapers is Supples. Like the top brands in the Indian market, Supples also ensure that there is no compromise when it comes to the health and safety of your baby. 

  • The diapers are built with gel beads inside that convert the liquid absorbed into a gel and make sure your baby is not uncomfortable. 
  • This absorbed gel cannot seep back into the upper layers. The top layer has a zig-zag pattern for a wider absorption area. 
  • These do manage to keep dry for several hours of constant use, which is quite good. 
  • The side cuffs are designed to keep this diaper leak-proof, so you can have peace of mind that the outer clothes are clean. 
  • The only negative is that this one lacks a wetness indicator. 




Lacks a wetness indicator. 

#8 – Mamypoko Pants Baby Diaper 

A brand of baby diapers that came to the market with a bang and quickly rose to the top is “MamyPoko Pants”. 

  • This Japanese company sells baby diapers in bulk which proves to be value for money for us. 
  • They also provide really good quality diapers for babies of all ages. 
  • There is a reason why these baby diapers are so famous. It is because they truly absorb huge quantities of wetness and manage to keep the baby dry for at least 5-6 hours, which is a long time. 
  • These are pull-up diapers and are best suited for older babies or toddlers, but can also be used for infants. 


Absorption is high. 


Pull up pants can be uncomfortable for some babies. 

#9 – Mama Bear Baby Diapers 

Mama Bear diapers are new in the market and worth a try. 

  • These are premium diapers with all the important features that come in neat packaging. Mama Bear diapers offer protection for long hours and with heavy usage. 
  • They are made up of several layers that are breathable and ensure that rashes are prevented. 
  • The fabric feels soft on the skin. 
  • This diaper is secured with soft stretchable elastic on the sides that does not bruise the baby’s skin. 
  • There is a wetness indicator that turns blue when the diaper is full and needs to be changed. 
  • These diapers have a triple lock on the sides to keep them spill-proof.  





#10 – Papimo Baby Diapers 

The baby diapers by Papimo are super soft to touch, so you can be sure your baby is going to be comfortable in these. 

  • They have employed a technology called “Diamond core” that ensures that the liquid is well absorbed across the diaper and does not go back to the top layers, so the baby is completely dry. 
  • These are also designed to ensure that liquid does not spill from the edges and mess up your clothes. 
  • We like it that there is additional aloe vera in this diaper, taking care of the skin. 
  • The material is very breathable, which helps keep painful diaper rashes at bay. 


Breathable material. 



 #11 – Drypers Wee Wee Dry Diapers 

These diapers from Drypers are aimed at giving your baby soft and smooth skin without causing any irritation of any kind. 

  • The extracts which these diapers are made of are of aloevera, chamomile, olive oil and vitamin E. These work together with the soft fabric in keeping the skin nourished and fresh. 
  • The thin cloth texture of the diaper is sure to make the skin soft and velvety. 
  • The dry flexi tape is vital to keep the diaper fastly secured around the baby’s waist. 
  • One thing we can assure you is that your baby will be kept dry and comfortable at all times. 


The cloth is thin and does not have irritable features for the baby’s skin. 


The size of the diaper is smaller than expected. 

#12 – MeeMee Premium diapers 

The MeeMee diapers are used for babies that move around a lot and need something to keep them comfy. 

  • These are disposable diapers that are comfy on the baby’s skin with its soft texture against the skin. 
  • They have a leak lock which means your baby will be kept dry and won’t be prone to rashes or irritability. 
  • These diapers have a shelf life of 36 months which is pretty long when compared to the others. 
  • It comes with around 40 diapers that will suffice for atleast a month. 


These diapers come with a leak lock.    



Best Selling Diapers 2022

Some of the brands on our list are popular across the world and some are quite new. Don’t overlook the newer brands because they also take care to ensure that the quality of their products is on par with the established brands. There could also be the advantage that these brands might be slighter cheaper than the well-known names. 

How to choose the best baby diaper?

  • Choose depending on the age of your child. For infants and younger toddlers, buy foldable diapers that can be secured with a sticker. For older toddlers who can stand steadily or walk, pull-ups are the best and most convenient. 
  • For little babies, choose one with a wetness indicator. It will give you some peace of mind to perform your daily chores without having to constantly feel for wetness
  • Though most diapers promise long hours of dryness, do keep in mind that this depends on how many times your baby passes urine and the quantity

When can I start using diapers for my baby? 

This depends on your baby’s skin type. Because either way, you will have to clean the baby at least 8 to 9 times a day. Make sure your baby is not prone to rashes after birth in which case you can use a cloth. For others, you can use a diaper right after birth. 

How long can diapers be used? 

To steer clear of rashes it is important to change your baby’s diapers every 2-3 hours. Dirty diapers can cause rashes on your baby’s sensitive skin. Make sure to buy a rash cream to instantly cool down such rashes. 

How should a diaper fit a baby? 

The diaper has to be clutched on the waist and should be below the bellybutton for the perfect grip. The most important part is to make sure that the diaper does not cause any marks on the baby’s skin.

Finally, always make sure your baby’s skin is moisturized well with a lotion or cream before putting on the diaper, to avoid diaper rashes. 

I hope this list was helpful in narrowing down your search for the best baby diapers in India. 

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