Best Shampoo For Hairfall and Hair Growth in India 2022

Long lustrous locks, who doesn’t desire to have those! One annoying thing that could hinder achieving this is hair fall. It’s not just annoying, it is quite painful to see those locks wash away in the drain every time you shampoo your hair. Shampoo plays an important role in keeping your hair strong and avoiding breakage. Here is a list of the best shampoos for hair fall and hair growth in India:

I lose hair on a regular basis with clumps of hair just falling off. I started researching options that would fit into my routine so that I would get faster results.

Mamaearth shampoo is the best and most effective product for hair growth and hair fall. The main ingredient of this shampoo is onion which is considered the fastest remedy for hair fall. Besides elevating hair growth, it also reduces hair frizz and keeps it soft and gentle.

Shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 2022

#1 – TRESemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 

You know how salons get that lush, voluminous effect that no matter what you do at home, you simply cannot get? That is because professionals use special hair products that are not sold in the general market to the general public. Tresemme changed all that with their range of professional-level shampoo and conditioners that help us get the same benefits without making umpteen trips to the salon. 

  • The Hair Fall Defense shampoo by this company is one of the best we have seen till date because of the Keratin infusion, that strengthens the hair through and through. 
  • Our hair is made up of protein and when there isn’t enough of that, the hair weakens and breaks easily.
  •  Keratin coats the hair and reduces the breakage, therefore, reducing hair fall. 
  • Using this shampoo makes the hair feel stronger and smoother with lesser knots as well, further reducing breakage. 
  • It is also the best professional shampoo for hair fall in India

#2 – Himalaya Herbals shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India

Some of the best hair growth secrets originate in India with tried and tested ingredients and methods. Himalaya uses one such ingredient in its Anti Hair Fall shampoo – the Bringraj Herb. This is known to be a natural detox that also heals several hair related issues, one being preventing hair fall and encouraging hair growth. 

  • The Himalaya shampoo effectively smoothens hair and reduces hair fall due to breakage, and this is obvious right from the first use. 
  • With consistent use, for maybe a period of a couple of months, you can see that the hair feels stronger and thicker and there are fewer in the shower or in your hairbrush. 
  • This is priced affordably and is gentle enough to be used every other day. 

#3 – Indulekha shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 

Here we have another Indian brand, Indulekha, making the best of ancient wisdom. Having been in the limelight for its very efficient Bringha hair oil which encourages hair growth, Indulekha is also popular for the shampoo. 

  • This shampoo incorporates other ingredients as well, like Amla, Neem and Tulsi which are known to have antibacterial properties that get rid of dandruff and other skin issues that may contribute to hair fall. 
  • Shikakai is a natural cleaning agent and makes your hair and scalp squeaky clean.  
  • Hair looks darker, thicker and healthier with shine when you use this shampoo regularly. The absence of chemicals makes this a safe option to be used regularly. 
  • If you have dandruff you should buy shampoos that are meant to destroy the same.

#4 – Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 

If you have no problem with dandruff or other skin issues that might be leading to hair fall and it’s simply because your hair is dry and breaks easily, Dove Hair Fall Rescue shampoo is one of your best options. 

  • Hair fall could be due to hair treatments like perming and colouring that strip it off of its natural oils and damage it.
  •  Dove is a name synonymous with moisturising and hydrating and this holds true for their hair care products as well. 
  • The shampoo moisturises your hair thoroughly to reduce breakage almost completely. 
  • Your hair feels very soft and there is a visible reduction in the frizz. 
  • The moisture from the milk helps repair damage due to heat and colour and bring back its natural health. 
  • It is the best shampoo for hair thinning in India. 

#5 – Kesh King Shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 

Tapping into the best of Ayurveda is Kesh King Anti Hairfall Shampoo with 21 precious herbs that work hard in reducing hair fall, encouraging hair growth and maintaining the health of your locks.

  •  Topping the list is the famous Bringraj herb along with tulsi, amla, neem and methi. 
  • These herbs with antifungal and medicinal properties rule out scalp issues to make sure your hair growth has nothing hindering its progress. 
  • Aloe vera is one of the main ingredients in this shampoo included to hydrate your hair, soothe and calm the scalp and heal any bruises and burns due to harsh weather conditions and infections.
  •  Kesh King advises that you use this shampoo along with regular massages with its anti hair fall oil to see the best results. 

#6 – WOW Skin Science shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India   

When you combine the best knowledge from the East and the West, you get effective skincare and hair care products from WOW Skin Science. 

  • The Hair Loss Control Therapy Shampoo is a unique combination of herbs like Bhringraj, Neem and Amla that have been proved to reduce hair fall and improve the quality of the hair. 
  • The vitamins and antioxidants in the ingredients maintain the health of the scalp and hair, keeping away dandruff, infusing enough moisture and delaying the greying process. 
  • Oils like sweet almond, castor, jojoba and argan work on hydrating the scalp and hair and reducing drying out and frizziness. 
  • While many shampoos use parabens, silicones and artificial fragrances, Wow Science stays away from those additives to keep it safe for the user to use it regularly without any side effects

#7 – L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 

One of the popular international brands to become a regular household name, L’oreal Paris makes products that are trustworthy and reliable. The Fall Resist shampoo is effective in reducing hair fall due to weakening, drying and breakage. 

  • This is one of the most common reasons for hair fall but you have a good solution in this product. Using Arginine Essence as the main ingredient, this shampoo gives you immediate results and you can see that in the way your hair feels softer and moisturised. 
  • Hair feels smoother, looks shinier and there is a huge reduction in the frizziness. 
  • It increases circulation and nourishes the scalp as well, which is visible in how lovely your hair looks. 
  • You can also experience lesser tangling and easier combing when you use this shampoo regularly.  

#8 – Mamaearth Onion shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 

Mamaearth manufactures hair and skin care products that are free of harmful parabens and silicones. Most of them are free of fragrances as well, perfect for those who may be allergic to such ingredients.

  •  Onion extract is a popular ingredient in traditional skincare and hair care solutions, something passed down to us from the older generations. 
  • Mamaearth incorporates this in the Anti Hairfall shampoo and combines it with plant keratin to strengthen the hair, coating it with protein to reduce breakage. 
  • It also infuses hydration with the help of almond and coconut oils to add nutrition, shine and volume to the hair, reducing breakage due to tangling, dryness and frizziness. 

#9 – Lever Ayush shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 

Lever Ayush has a range of shampoos that are meant for different uses. The Anti Hairfall shampoo uses Bhringraj as its primary ingredient to help stimulate hair growth, make it thicker and stronger right from the roots to the tips. 

  • This is very effective in reducing hair fall as it also nourishes the hair and reduces weakening and breakage. 
  • Amla in the shampoo pumps in vitamin c to add shine and lustre, giving it health. 
  • This is the best mild shampoo for hairfall control, 

#10 – Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo for hairfall and hair growth in India 

Biotique is again one of those regular household names and a brand we turn to in the case of any skincare or hair care solution. The Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo is a wonderful product to nourish your hair and strengthen it without any unnecessary chemicals, parabens or silicones. 

  • There are no preservatives or colours added so you can confidently use it regularly. 
  • It is gentle, yet very effective and this you can notice in about three to four weeks of consistently using this shampoo. 
  • It also has Bringraj and neem as its main ingredients which stimulate hair growth while keeping the scalp clean and healthy. 
  • The one downside though, is that this is suitable only for those with normal or oily scalps as it does not have a major moisturising ingredient.  

#11 – Vaadi herbal hair fall and damage shampoo 

Vaadi is a popular herbal shampoo brand in India that has engrossed its audience in the best quality hair and skin care products throughout the years. 

  • The primary ingredient of this shampoo is shikakai which is amazing for hair growth and thickness. 
  • It briefly cleanses the hair and enriches the hair strands from the roots by making them shiny and glossy. 
  • The best part about this shampoo is that it is affordable and is easily accessible. 
  • This hair fall shampoo works for all hair textures. 
  • The only downside is that this shampoo takes a long time to act on thicker hair strands. 

#12 – Patanjali kesh kanti natural hair fall shampoo 

We have all been intrigued by Patanjali at some point in time by word of mouth or by using it yourself. 

  • The herbal ingredients included in this shampoo for hair growth are in perfect proportion for your hair growth to elevate while also keeping your hair strands stronger. 
  • Another new ingredient is Aloe Vera which works in slowing down the greying of the hair and keeps the hair black and lush at all times. 
  • The presence of aloe vera moisturizes and hydrates the hair and keeps the hair feeling soft for an entire day. 
  • Make sure you don’t use this regularly lest it dries your hair out completely. 

#13 – VLCC hair fall repair shampoo 

VLCC is a shampoo that works incredibly well with the combination of hibiscus and coconut oil. 

  • Hibiscus is the main ingredient in making the hair look glossy and shiny and works really well with all hair textures. 
  • The coconut oil works well with hair growth and thickness making the hair long and the texture glossy. 
  • The presence of keratin in the shampoo is what makes the hair strong and reduces hair fall and damage. 

#14 – Healthcart Apple cider vinegar anti hairfall shampoo 

Considering apple vinegar is really effective for the volume of the hair, this one from Healthkart is perfect. 

  • If you have damaged hair strands then the presence of apple cider vinegar will fix that right up for you. 
  • The soy protein in the shampoo is another boon in the shampoo which will keep the hair follicles nourished and works well with all hair textures. 
  • The shampoo cleanses the scalp by removing dirt and bacteria from the depth. 

How can we stop hair fall naturally?

Hair fall is an indication that something in your health or diet is not quite right. Keep the following in mind to reduce hair loss:

  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo to reduce breakage. You could opt for one of the shampoos in this article to help with hair growth
  • Don’t brush your wet hair without detangling it first
  • Use a mild conditioner and serum to strengthen your hair and help detangle it easily
  • Cover your hair with a scarf or hat when you are stepping out in the harsh sun
  • Massage your scalp with warm oils to help circulation
  • Regular exercise can also help with circulation and improve the texture of your hair
  • Avoid stress or learn to manage it through meditation
  • Eat healthily. Avoid junk food and add fresh fruit and vegetables in every meal
  • Include enough high-quality protein in your diet
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water, buttermilk and fresh fruit juices
  • Take multivitamin supplements (after consulting your doctor)
  • Make sure your thyroid is balanced
  • A lot of prescription medicines can lead to hair loss (check with your doctor for side effects)
  • Illness, short term or long term can also cause hair loss. Your hair fall will come down once you recover

Keeping your hair healthy comes in a lot of must-dos’ and these products will help you take this forward and keep your hair lush and lustrous.

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