10 Best Shampoo For Thin Hair | July 2022 Update

Looking for good shampoos to help strengthen your hair? Check out our list of the Best Shampoo For Thin Hair!

Hair is an important component of beauty care. Thin hair definitely needs a special shampoo exclusively formulated to boost its volume and thickness. The shampoo you choose for your thin hair must be able to strengthen the hair, nourish it and enhance its shine.

Given the infinite number of shampoos lined up on the beauty care aisles of the grocers, you are sure to find the selection process an overwhelming experience for you.

Since most of the terms you will find on the shampoo ingredients will look like jargons to an average understanding, I have done detailed research of the leading shampoo brands in the market to suggest the right picks that can benefit your thin hair.  Here’s out list of the Best Shampoo For Thin Hair!

Best Shampoo Brands For Thin HairProduct highlights
Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair100% organic formulation with plant based natural ingredients to act gently on your thin hair. 
StBotanica Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Hair ShampooExclusively formulated for thin hair, this shampoos is effective in giving volume to your hair.
Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Volumizing ShampooEnriched with natural protein that can strengthen the hair and protect from damage due to pollution.
Dove Rejuvenated Volume ShampooOne of the most popularly pursued shampoo brands in India for a reliable and expert hair care. 
Ayur Herbal Soya Protein ShampooAyur is a trusted name among the Indian households and the rich protein based formulation is a definite plus for thin hair.
Nyle Volume Enhance ShampooOne of the most affordable options for thin hair. The paraben-free shampoos works mildly on the hair. 
L’Oreal Paris Serie Expert Density Advanced ShampooL’Oreal is a popular name in the cosmetics industry. This shampoo is a popular pick for toning up thin hair.
TRESemme Beauty Volume ShampooIdeal formulation to increase the hair volume. Works best with the conditioner offered by the brand. 
The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo For Fine HairAll the ingredients are carefully chosen herbal products assuring a gentle toning up action on sensitive hair. 
Schwarzkopf Bonacure Cell Perfector Volume Boost ShampooThis shampoo is known for its delicate action on the scalp and strengthening effect on the hair.

Best Shampoo For Thin Hair

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair

Liked for its 100% organic plant-based ingredients and affordable price tag, the maker of this shampoo is a popular name in the cosmetics and beauty care industry. Most ingredients in the shampoo are rich in protein content and can help achieve thicker-looking hair. It’s one of the Best Shampoo For Thin Hair!

Best Shampoo For Thin Hair
  • The active ingredient in the formulation is walnut which is known for its hair strengthening properties. Walnut acts by rebuilding the hair strands and making them stronger and thicker.
  • A few other exotic ingredients the maker has infused in its formula can assure a highly therapeutic experience in improving your hair health.
  • Users of this shampoo say this product tones up the scalp and free the hair from dryness and irritation. The absence of any harmful substances and chemicals is a plus point we notice in the formula. This shampoo especially suits sensitive scalp and thin hair in rejuvenating them.
  • The nourishing properties and the ability to retain moisture for a long time make this a must-try product for thin hair. The organic ingredients in this shampoo have been carefully chosen to strengthen the hair roots and bestows a brilliant shine to the hair strands.

One downside regarding this product is its limited supply. It is most common not to find this product on the grocer isles. However, ordering online is an easy way to get it delivered to your doorstep. If you look for a safe and nourishing application based on an organic formula, this can be the best pick for your thin hair. 

StBotanica Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Hair Shampoo

A lot of users depend on this shampoo to make their hair smooth and strong. The St Botanica has invested their long experience in the cosmetic industry to give a product that will remove the concerns of those with thin hair. And it happens to be one of the Best Shampoo For Thin Hair!

cheap and best shampoo for thin hair
  • This formulation rich in a host of beneficial ingredients can have a revitalizing effect on your fine hair. The active ingredients in the formula like biotin and collagen add to the thickness of your hair. The result is an added hair volume.
  • The components of this shampoo are effective in strengthening the hair quality. Since the formula is fully based on organic ingredients, your hair can immensely benefit from this shampoo with a supply of nutrients and moisture.
  • The other important ingredients in the shampoo are some popular essential oils like lemon, lavender, Vitamin B5, and others that can bring about smooth hair. Though this shampoo can be used on most hair types, it can assure the best results on thin hair in increasing hair strength and promoting its volume quickly.
  • The most alluring characteristic of this formula is its capacity to increase hair volume. This shampoo can have a great nourishing effect on the scalp and hence this shampoo can stop hair falling and hair-splitting. 

When compared with the other products in this category, the price of this shampoo seems to be a bit on the expensive side. If you wish to land on quality results, then this small increase in price will not be a major concern for you. 

Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

Highly effective for adding thickness and volume to the thin hair, this shampoo is an exclusive formulation that targets the challenging needs of those with thin hair. Quite a many expert reviews say this shampoo enables a quick and effective solution to remedy the issues connected with thin hair.

Made easily available in the online and offline marketplace, this shampoo is rich in beneficial nutrients useful for thin hair. The manufacturer has infused this product with protein and other organic ingredients that can have a strengthening effect on your thin hair strands.

best volumizing shampoo for thin hair
  • The shampoo has a nourishing effect on the hair strands both from within and from outside. The manufacturer has used only natural compounds in this formula to ensure that the shampoo does not break the naturally occurring lipids in your hair strands.
  • Some active ingredients in the shampoo like honey and jojoba seed extract account for the supply of additional nutrients needed for a rich looking hair.
  • This shampoo is highly effective in cleaning the built-up residue and hence it can improve the hair tone and remedy its shortcomings. The fragrance of this shampoo is highly pleasing.
  • User experiences report that this product is ideal for thin hair as well as dry scalp. The rejuvenating action of this shampoo is unparalleled. It’s one of the Best Shampoo For Thin Hair!

Continued use of this product can bring about a rich hair volume and healthy hair strands that do not easily snap or split. The pricing of this product falls on the higher side which you might have to overlook for taking advantage of its effective formulation.  

Dove Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo

A simple hair care shampoo from a reputed name in the beauty care industry, Dove Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo helps remedy the problems connected to thin and weak hair. A part of the advanced hair series offered by the brand, this shampoo specially formulated for thin hair contains a host of nutrients that can have a highly beneficial action on the hair.

best dry shampoo for thin hair
  • This formulation is known to add two times extra volume to the hair upon continued and regular use. By nourishing the hair strands, it can prevent snapping and splitting of hair, which is a very common problem faced by those with thin hair. 
  • In addition to its nourishing and rejuvenating action on the hair, this product can also moisturize the hair and maintain hair health by repairing the damaged hair.
  • The other beneficial actions of this shampoo on the hair are improving the overall strength of the hair, preventing hair fall, and toning up the hair strands for more volume and thickness.
  • The price of the product is affordable and this is good news to take advantage of its advanced formulation. Most grocery stores have this shampoo on their racks and you can easily order this product online.

The shampoo’s effectiveness in maintaining hair health and nourishing it is unparalleled. Since this shampoo is not suitable for all types of hair, it is good to read the manufacturer’s specifications before choosing it. Nevertheless, it is indeed a great product for increasing the volume, thickness and strength of thin hair.  

Ayur Herbal Soya Protein Shampoo

Ayur is a highly trusted brand in India for its range of cosmetic offerings. As suggested by the brand’s name, the manufacturer is known to formulate all their products from natural and plant based ingredients in line with the Ayurveda tradition.

best clarifying shampoo for thin hair
  • This shampoo is a great choice for those that would like to take advantage of its organic and natural ingredients for safe and effective use on thin hair. Soy protein is one of the most important ingredients in this shampoo that can strengthen the hair and make it grow thicker and achieve more volume.
  • Its hair rejuvenating properties make the hair look bouncier from the outside while the shampoo can strengthen the hair strands from the inside.
  • This product is suitable for all hair types which is a definite advantage you will expect in an Ayurvedic shampoo formulation. The hair cleanser and rejuvenator can be highly effective in remedying the host of problems faced by those with thin hair.
  • This formula is seen as effective in repairing and rebuilding the damaged hair and preventing further hair loss, hair-splitting and breaking. With their 100% herbal formulation, these shampoos work gently on the scalp and hair and hence very safe for a wide range of skin types. The soy protein is a definite plus in the formula. 

Ayur Herbal Soya Protein Shampoo is highly depended on to make the hair thicker and bouncier. Its strong nourishing properties make the hair regain its strength and look richer and shinier. While there are other similar herbal formulations available in the market, the reasonable price makes this shampoo for thin hair a good choice.  

Nyle Volume Enhance Shampoo

The manufacturer of this shampoo has intended this product especially for thin hair with its indomitable formulation adding more hair volume, strength and thickness. This product is also known to repair the damaged hair and this makes it a great option for those looking for a effective product to cure the problems triggered by thin hair.

best clarifying shampoo for thin hair
  • The natural ingredients employed in its formulation like reetha, Blackberry, Amla, lavender and lemon are highly effective in making the hair healthier and lustrous. 
  • Reetha is a very popular Ayurvedic herb that has hair rejuvenating properties and the ability to repair damaged hair and add shine to it. Gooseberry’s incredible benefits for thin hair can make the hair bouncier.
  • Suitable for all types of hair, this special formulation is ideal for thin hair since it can add volume to the hair quickly with regular use. The product price is highly affordable and hence it is a popular choice for a lot of people with thin hair.
  • The manufacturer has conceived this formulation free of paraben and any other harmful chemicals. The rich Ayurvedic formula is ideal to achieve richer and healthier hair.

This shampoo has shortage of supply and hence it is most likely that you will not find it with your local grocer. Nevertheless, ordering online is easy to get it delivered quickly at your doorstep. If you are looking for a dependable formulation for remedying the problems faced by your thin hair, this shampoo can be your right pick.    

L’Oreal Paris Serie Expert Density Advanced Shampoo

This shampoo is an ideal choice for those facing the concerns associated with thin hair. Thin hair can easily break or snap. It can also split losing its thickness and damage easily when compared to other types of hair. L’Oreal Paris Serie Expert Density Advanced Shampoo is known to add more volume and density to your and as a result, your hair will appear rich and healthy.

best natural shampoo for thin hair
  • This shampoo works on thin hair in several ways to nourish it, stop hair fall and damage, and strengthen each of its strands. By strengthening the roots and nourishing the scalp, this shampoo can add more thickness and lustre to your thin hair.
  • This shampoo also has a gentle soothing effect on the scalp and hence you can bank on its favourable properties for overall hair health.
  • A number of user reviews say that this shampoo formulation also helps remove greasiness from the surface of the scalp. The formula is rich in nutrients and can easily seep into the scalp to make it appear healthier. By fixing the damages in the hair, it can revitalize the hair strands and make them stronger.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it features an ideal formulation that can strengthen the hair and scalp at once.

The users are highly encouraged by its immediate results. Regular use of this product on thin hair continuously can prevent hair loss and help tone up the scalp. Its expensive price tag is a concern that should not bother you when you want to use this product to remedy the problems of thin hair quickly.    

TRESemme Beauty Volume Shampoo

The manufacturer of this product is a well-known name in the cosmetics industry. The highly innovative 2 step reverse system of this formulation can bring about an increase in the hair volume that can last up to three days.

what's the best shampoo for thin hair
  • The shampoo has a cleaning effect on the hair and scalp and the conditioner moisturizes and nourishes the hair helping it retain its vitality for an extended period of time.
  • This specially formulated conditioner is an ideal product for thin hair that can result in shiny and bouncier hair and a thicker texture to your hair surface. This product can prevent the hair from getting too flat by conditioning it well and protecting it from damage.
  • While the shampoo’s action can help add volume to the hair, the positive effects of the shampoo can last on the hair for up to 3 days. The use of this shampoo makes your hair feel voluminous and denser with a silky and shiny appearance. Users have appreciated this formulation’s pleasing fragrance.
  • The results of this shampoo are instant that makes this a lovable option for remedying the problems connected to thin hair. Some of the favorable aspects of this shampoo are its beneficial hair nourishing formula that is free of harmful chemicals and allergens.

The manufacturer has paid a lot of attention in evolving the formula to suit the exclusive needs of individuals with thin hair though this is a broad-spectrum shampoo suiting most hair types. The shampoo can show up great results when used along with the conditioner. Hence you will find this shampoo a bit pricey when bought together with the conditioner.   

The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo For Fine Hair

This shampoo is one of the most unique formulations found in this category of products. The key ingredients of this shampoo are some exotic herbs growing in Mexico and Paraguay. These plant-based extracts are known to have some hair nourishing and hair strengthening characteristics that work to the advantage of those looking forward to using this product for thin hair.

shampoo for thinning hair
  • The all-natural ingredients of this shampoo is certainly a meritorious aspect to look at in this product. The excellent rejuvenating properties of the ingredients promise more volume to your hair.
  • The pracaxi oil and guarana seeds are highly unique ingredients in this shampoo formula that account for its excellent hair strengthening capabilities.
  • The herbal ingredients help in improving the overall health of the hair and scalp. The manufacturer has evolved this shampoo formulation through long research into the effects of herbs on thin hair.
  • Therefore, the results are assuring and encouraging for those who wish to remedy the issues arising due to thin hair. Regular use of this shampoo is known to leave the hair well-nourished, rejuvenated, strong and cured of its damages.
  • The use of exotic ingredients in the shampoo is certainly a desirable property in this shampoo formulation. This shampoo is found to strengthen the hair strands and add more volume to the hair.

The price of this product falls in the expensive range which need not be a matter of concern considering the definite advantages of this shampoo. When you use it on your thin hair, you are most likely to appreciate its great and quick results.  

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Cell Perfector Volume Boost Shampoo

For those who want to cure the downsides associated with their thin hair, Schwarzkopf Bonacure Cell Perfector Volume Boost Shampoo is a great option due to its several advantages, reasonable price tag and favorable hair strengthening characteristics. It’s one of the Best Shampoo For Thin Hair!

best shampoo for thin hair women
  • Highly effective in treating thin hair, this formulation is rich in some essential nutrients that can rejuvenate your hair and add more volume to it in a natural way.
  • The immediate effects of this shampoo are observed in shinier and bouncier hair. This shampoo formula is known to hydrate the hair and bestow more stability and fullness to each of the hair strands.
  • The most unique amino-cell rebuilding technology found in this shampoo can help cure and rebuild the damaged hair. The effects of this shampoo can last for more than 72 hours and can make the hair look fresher and lustrous.
  • This shampoo also repairs flat hair and makes it look richer, voluminous and healthier. Some of the desirable effects of this shampoo on thin hair are reducing hair fall, showing quick results, adding more volume to your hair and preventing hair-splitting and hair falling. 

Some user reviews say that using this shampoo results in dry hair. Nevertheless, the rejuvenating and nourishing properties of this shampoo formulation appears to carry several advantages to those with thin hair.If its slightly higher price is not a big concern for you, you definitely land on one of the finest choices expertly recommended for your thin hair.    

How to maintain thin hair?

If you have thin hair, you must wash your hair at least once a week. Conditioning your fine hair will help hydrate it and rebalance it. The conditioner you will choose for thin hair must be consistent like a fluid and must have a smooth texture like R+Co Bleu Ingenious Thickening Conditioner.

Some other lightweight conditioner options you can pick to suit your fine hair are the Living Proof Full Conditioner and Philip B Weightless Conditioning Water.

The most common problems with thin hair are that the strands feel flat and messy exhibiting the extreme sensitivity to humidity and natural scalp oils. Before employing a suitable hair care routine, the most important one for your thin hair is to have the right kind of cut.

Find a hairdresser who is good at working with shears and who can make crisp lines and a strong geometric shape. The regular care you learn to give your fine hair in the right direction can give you the best results in maintaining them for optimum looks. Check out our list of the Best Shampoo For Thin Hair for all the details.

What to look in the best shampoo for think hair?

While picking up the best shampoo for your thin hair, it is advisable to go for a product with a natural formula enriched by plant based ingredients like milk protein, soy protein, and essential oils such as almond or olive. Such natural ingredients work in a gentle way and provide a desirable structure to your thin hair. It is good to avoid products containing preservatives, alcohol, paraben and fragrances.  

The standard pH value of human hair is 5.5. Therefore, experts recommend looking for shampoos with the same pH value as products with a higher pH value can make the hair follicles turn brittle and lead to hair thinning. Hair thinning shampoos are made for different hair types. Hence, choose the shampoo that is recommended for your hair type and texture.  

Hair strengthening ingredients in the shampoo will help you prevent breakage. Some of the hair strengthening ingredients are biotin, keratin, and zinc. These ingredients can help enhance the internal structure of the hair and minimize breaking and snapping. By minimizing the breakage, you can reduce the number of hairs falling out. 

Healthy oils are an important component of thin hair shampoo formulation. They can prevent moisture loss and breakage. For instance, coconut oil promotes a healthy scalp and prevents splitting and breakage. Especially when your hair is thinning our due to exposure to dyes and chemical treatments, these oils can help immensely. 

Since sulfates break down the hair protein and strip the hair of its natural oils, it can cause more breakage. Avoiding sulfur in shampoo formulation will help avoid dryness and prevent breakage. Check out our list of the Best Shampoo For Thin Hair for all the details.

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair

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