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Best Sheet Masks in India 2022

Sheet masks are that boon that can transform your skin without having to go to the salon. During quarantine, that task seems far fetched anyway so get a sheet mask! 

The sheet masks for the face are made up of cotton and cellulose and stays on the face till the nutrients contained seep through the skin. Not only is this hassle-free and so easy to handle, but this is also extremely transformative for all skin types. There are sheet masks for every skin issue and can rectify them in no time. That is why we have taken the time to find the right sheet mask for every skin issue as a stay-at-home remedy. So here are the best sheet masks in India. 

Top Sheet Masks in India 2022

In my quest to find the best sheet mask in India, I researched over 15 sheet mask brands and here’s what I found.

The best sheet mask in India for the face according to our research is from Kaya which costs about Rs.150 which works wonders on all skin types, opening up your pores for the serum to seep in to give you a healthy glow all day long. The nutrients included are soyabean extract, witch hazel and arbutin in the serum will nourish your skin and make it more soft and supple. The best part is that you can see these results for a longer time.

We have listed below some of the best sheet masks in India which work for various skin types and conditions.

Best sheet masks in India Skin type
Innisfree its real squeeze sheet mask 
Best sheet masks for glowing skin
The face shop face sheet maskBest sheet mask for skin whitening
WOW sheet masksBest sheet mask for oily skin
Nykaa sheet masksBest sheet mask for combination skin
Lakme blush sheet maskBest sheet mask for dark spots
Mirabelle cosmetics sheet masksBest sheet mask for acne

Innisfree its real squeeze sheet mask 

Korean brands seem to ace it every time when it comes to skincare products. Innisfree is a testimony to that statement. 

  • The sheet mask is  rich in antioxidants which include lemon and other serums that are capable of oozing out a certain sense of glow to the skin which lasts for long period of time. 
  • Leave the sheet mask on for about 20 minutes so that the sheet masks works its magic of brightening the complexion as well as reducing puffiness and dullness from the skin. 
  • They come in a variety of flavours including rice flour, rose and tea tree oil each of which favour the skin in different ways. 
  • The sheet masks are priced around the range of Rs. 100 which is not bad given that they are extremely effective. 
Pros Cons 
Gives the skin a glowing and brighter complexion. None. 

Nykaa skin secrets sheet masks 

Nykaa has a bunch of cosmetics and skincare products that have turned out to be quite impressive with the Indian clientele. 

  • The charcoal bamboo mask sheet is drenched with enriched nutrients that have a mud-like texture which can seep into the skin and give you a better skin type. 
  • The presence of aloe vera works magic on dry and patchy skin that helps rehydrates the skin. 
  • After a session with this sheet mask, it can fix patchy and extremely dry skin.   
Pros Cons 
Great for extremely dry skin. Not easily available. 

The face shop radiance sheet mask 

The face shop is a premium brand in India with only the best skin care products that work really well with all skin types. 

  • With all the goodness filled in all the flavors of the sheet masks including all the flavors including pomegranate, cucumber, avocado, and rice water. 
  • The antioxidants present in the sheet masks are great for brightening your skin complexion giving it a certain glow. 
  • Leaving the sheet masks on the face for a considerable amount of time can keep the skin hydrated and glowing. 
  • The price per sheet is Rs. 150 and the entire set is about Rs. 560 which is pretty profitable. 
Pros Cons 
Great sheet mask for extremely dry and patchy skin. Expensive.

Innisfree its real rose sheet mask 

Here’s another sheet mask from Innisfree that comes in the rose flavor which works wonders on letting the skin glow imminently. 

  • The goodness of the rose petals is great for getting radiant and glowing skin. 
  • Not only does this improve your skin texture but it lasts very long for as long as en entire day. This is something that most masks lack. 
  • It removes the dullness from the skin and gives you a beautiful glow all day long. 
  • After you have removed the sheet mask from the skin make sure to massage it on the face so that the serum gets into the pores of the skin. 
Pros Cons 
Smells great and works wonders on all skin types. None. 

Mirabelle cosmetics sheet masks 

As we mentioned before, Korean skincare products have a wonderful effect on the skin so here’s Mirabelle. 

  • The sheet mask is great for getting a better and brighter complexion. The extract of the berries can induce fairness in the face and give you a brighter complexion. 
  • Another good news is that people with acne will find comfort in using this sheet mask since it can heal it effectively. 
  • The extracts of the serum can surely increase the texture of the skin and give you supple and soft skin. 
Pros Cons 
Great for acne prone skin. Not for oily skin. 

Mirabelle gold + charcoal sheet mask 

Here’s yet another one from Mirabelle which is great for an instant glow on the skin due to combined gold and charcoal. 

  • The charcoal and the gold sheet mask works into giving an instant glow to the face in no time. 
  • The activated charcoal works into taking out blackheads from the face and gives you a smooth surface. 
  • The gold in the sheet mask induced a better complexion and gives you a brighter glow. 
  • The excess oil in the face will be taken out from the face and it will keep a smoother surface. 
Pros Cons 
Works really well in giving an instant glow to the face. Expensive. 

Garnier skin naturals face sheet mask 

Garnier is the most popular skincare brand in India. You will be sure to find any product of Garnier anywhere and can be used with trust. 

  • Besides the fact that they are cost effective and work well and safe with the skin, they also provide a great variety. 
  • The lemon in the sheet mask takes away tan and gives you a brighter complexion and fresher looking skin. 
  • Apply the sheet on the face after you have washed the face with a good cleanser so that there is no underlying dirt. 
  • Make sure you massage the excess serum across the face. 
Pros Cons 
Spreads evenly across the face and removes dirt and tan. Not for sensitive skin. 

Lakme blush sheet mask 

How could we not have Lakme on our list of skincare products! This sheet mask is a delight with the strawberry flavour. 

  • The extracts of the fruits in the Lakme sheet mask is everything your face needs for the refreshing look you aspire to have every day. 
  • It moisturizes the skin deeply and gives your skin a soft and supple feeling. 
  • The sheet mask is very gentle on the skin and gives your skin an exfoliated feeling.
Pros Cons 
Moisturises the skin deeply. Expensive.

WOW naturals sheet mask 

WOW is a brand that is up and coming in India and works well with all hair and skin issues. 

  • Jojoba oil present in the sheet mask is the right way to treat your skin just right and gives you a refreshed and more glowing skin. 
  • It enriches your skin with all the necessary ingredients needed for refreshed skin types. 
  • If you have impurities embedded in your skin this mask will bring them out just well. 
  • It also works amazingly well with oily skin and controls the sebum products from the skin and keeps it mildly dry. 
  • The presence of lemon and orange work into giving your skin a brighter looking skin. 
Pros Cons 
Gives you a brighter complexion. Expensive. 

Kaya youth brightening sheet mask 

Kaya is a premium brand in India which has the reputation of being super gentle on the skin and treats it just right. 

  • The main purpose of the sheet mask is to get rid of wrinkles and give you younger looking skin. 
  • If you are older you might notice that your skin will start wearing off and the wrinkles will be made smoother. 
  • The sheet mask keeps the skin hydrated and well maintained with every use of the sheet mask. 
  • All the vitamins included in the sheet mask are capable of sinking in the pores of the skin and giving out a better complexion for every skin type. 
Pros Cons 
Great for every skin type. Not easily available. 

Do sheet masks really work? 

Yes. Leaving the sheet mask on the face for a long time can keep your skin hydrated and well balanced. There are different types of sheet masks that cater to different skin types. 

The face serums present in the sheet masks embed in the skin pores and gives you glowing skin and works well with the skin texture. Sheet masks are capable of holding in the serums for a long time as they are imbibed within the cotton. 

Can I use a Korean sheet mask every day? 

While it can be used every day, we suggest you use sheet masks 3-4 times a week as the serum is capable of acting upon the skin for a considerably long time. Using it an excessively long time can make your skin act in different ways. 

When should you use a sheet mask? 

There is no specific time to use a sheet mask. However, it will be easier if you used it at night when you are all tucked up in bed while you’re scrolling through your phone. The serum will act up on the skin overnight and give you glowing skin in the morning. 

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