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Best Shirt Brands in India 2021

Men’s fashion has come a long way, from the days of buying fabric and getting it tailored to today, when you can walk into one of the million stores and pick up a shirt of your choice. Casual, formal, ethnic, semi formal, you name it and you’re sure to find loads of choices. If you’re wondering what the best shirt brands in India are, just take a look at the reviews below:

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Allen Solly
Peter England
Van Heusen
Louis Philippe
John Players
Linen Club
Campus Sutra

Top Shirt Brands in India 2021

Allen Solly

There are very few major brands that sell good quality formal shirts that set you apart from the rest of the herd in your workplace and Allen Solly is one of them.

 But what makes this brand one of the most selling shirt brands is the price tag. For the young working professional, be it a man or a woman, Allen Solly offers a huge range of formal shirts at prices that are affordable.

 Made from 100% pure cotton, these shirts keep you cool even during the hottest summer months. 

Allen Solly also has a pretty good collection of semi formal and casual shirts that go well paired with jeans and make a great outfit for your evenings out. 


There is a reason why the brand Arrow is so popular and a favourite of many men in India. Arrow is a class apart from the rest and anyone dressed in an Arrow shirt is sure to look dapper. Arrow has a wide range of formal shirts in solid colours and several patterns, in both regular fit as well as slim fit. 

Arrow shirts are certainly not cheap, they are premium and are priced accordingly. 

They are made from 100% high quality cotton and are tailored to perfection, which makes it worth the price. These shirts require a bit of maintenance as is the case with pure cotton clothing, but treat them right and they will retain the lustre and sheen forever. 

Peter England

Peter England is value for money, and just the brand for you if you’re looking for shirts within a small budget. The shirts by Peter England are comfortable, fit well and look fashionable. 

Most of the shirts by this brand are made of a blend of cotton and polyester. 

This blend gives the shirt a certain sheen that stays even after several washes. 

These shirts are also much easier to maintain when compared to pure cotton shirts, as these can be regularly machine washed. All you need is a light iron to get the shirts back to looking splendid. 

You get different sizes in Peter England and you can choose between a slim fit and a regular fit. 

Van Heusen

Van Heusen is one of the leading brands of formal wear for men and women in India. The shirts by Van Heusen can make you look classy and professional, quite effortlessly. 

Tailored to fit you perfectly, these shirts are worth every rupee you spend on them. 

Van Heusen shirts are made from 100% pure cotton that gives these shirts that super soft comfort. Your skin can breathe and stay cool even when the mercury rises in the summer months. Maintenance is fairly easy but take a little extra care and these shirts will last you a lifetime. 

Van Heusen does have a few casual shirts as well, but is more popular for the formal shirts. 

Louis Philippe

louis philippe shirts
best shirt brands in india

Louis Philippe is literally the king of all formal wear brands in India. The shirts by Louis Philippe are fairly expensive, but I’m positive it’s difficult to find such exquisitely tailored shirts by most other brands. 

Having been around for ages, this brand has a very elegant, yet contemporary collection of shirts in various patterns and colours. These shirts are made from 100% pure cotton, which is evident in the look and feel of the fabric. 

Louis Philippe’s Perma Press collection is quite the rage right now as those shirts are made from fabric that is wrinkle free and requires no ironing. The brand also has a range of casual wear shirts that are worth taking a look at.


shirts for men in india
affordable shirt brands in india

The brands that primarily focus on making formal shirts don’t really have a great collection of casual shirts. So if it is casual shirts that you’re after, shop from a brand that specialises in casual wear, like Parx. Parx has you covered for shirts that you want to wear for a fun movie out with friends or for a casual dinner date with family.

 Most of these shirts are made from high quality 100% cotton and offer amazing comfort even if you have to wear them the whole day. They are also easy to wash and iron, and are very durable, lasting you a long time.  

Parx is a mid range brand that is neither cheap nor too expensive.

John Players

john players shirts
shirts in india for men

India’s own brand, John Players, makes us proud with the huge collection of casual and formal shirts. The brand has surpassed many local and international brands with its high quality fabric, tailoring, designs and colours. 

The formal and casual shirts by the brand come in several sizes. You also have the option of choosing between a regular fit and a slim fit for most designs. 

They are stitched from a 100% cotton fabric that is super comfortable and can be worn all day long. They are fairly easy to be maintained as they can be machine washed. 

John Players shirts are affordable and one of the best selling shirt brands in India. 


raymond shirts
formal shirts in india

The brand name “Raymond” brings to my mind images of suave gentlemen, dressed in sharp shirts and suits. Raymond has always had that reputation which hasn’t in any way diminished over the years. Short sleeves or full sleeves, light shades or darker colours, pinstripes or checks or solids, whatever it is that appeals to you, choose from Raymond’s range of shirts. 

Raymond formal shirts are perfect attire for daily office wear and for special occasions. 

These shirts are stitched from 100% pure, premium quality cotton fabric.

 The shirts are made in regular and slim fit, and come in several sizes to fit all men. They are durable, can be machine washed and very convenient to maintain.

Linen Club

linen shirts in india
comfortable shirts for men in india

Linen is one of those fabrics that takes a bit of attitude to wear. You need to know what trousers you can pair the shirt with, but nail it and there’s nobody cooler or more stylish than you. 

Linen Club has its own fan following and is easily one of the best shirt brands in India. 

Though the brand sells a lot of fabric, the shirts from the line called “Cavallo” are popular. 

These shirts come in solid colours as well as patterns, and in regular sizes. These linen shirts are clearly casual wear and make the perfect attire during the day or night. 

Linen Club is a premium brand of clothing and the casual shirts are priced on the expensive side. 

Campus Sutra

campus sutra
stylish shirt brands in india

The best part about going to college is that you can dress up and express yourself through your clothes. As a youngster, you need shirts that are cool, stylish and vibrant. Campus Sutra checks all these boxes and some more. 

These trendy shirts which come with half sleeves or full sleeves can be worn with khakis, cargos or jeans as they are versatile to pair and style. 

The shirts by Campus Sutra are priced on the higher side but do check online for discounts. The online deals make them lighter on the pocket, so you don’t have to bust out months of carefully saved pocket money on just one shirt.

Dennis Lingo

deniis logo shirts
best shirts in india for men

If you are on the lookout for casual shirts that are in vogue, check out Dennis Lingo. Designed for young men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to express themselves, these shirts come in all kinds of colours and patterns – vibrant, pastels, subtle, bright and more. 

Most of the shirts are made from pure cotton and have either long sleeves or short sleeves, making these ideal to be matched with any kind of trousers. 

The shirts by Dennis Lingo are fairly priced for the quality offered. 

They are durable, last a long time and can be conveniently machine washed and ironed. 


top brands of shirts
occassional shirts for men in india

If you’re in a tight spot with a small budget to spend on clothes, you can always trust Amazon to come up with the best options that balance out quality and cost. Symbol, the clothing brand by Amazon has a fantastic selection of formal and casual shirts for men at prices that are mind blowing. You can pick left, right and centre and set up your entire wardrobe with the various colours, patterns and styles available. 

Most of the casual shirts are made from high quality pure cotton and are machine washable. The formal shirts are made from a blend of cotton and polyester which lends the fabric its durability and a little shine.

 It also keeps the wearer cool during the summer and makes it easy to wash and iron the shirt. A lot of the clothes are available in both, regular fit as well as slim fit, and in several sizes. 

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