Best Sleep Masks In India 2022

Sleep is one of the most basic and essential parts of healthy living. I am yet to find a person who doesn’t love his sleep. But, not everyone has the luxury of a deep sleep, every night. 

But worry not, there are several accessories that can ensure you have this luxury, my favourite being a Sleep Mask. So here! Read on to discover the best sleep masks in India.

Top sleep masks in India 2022

Good quality sleep is in reality, not that easy to have, every day. There are a lot of factors that go into this. When questioned, a lot of people said that their sleep gets compromised because of the early morning sunlight streaming through the windows or a roommate studying late into the night with the light on. We also came across a lot of people working the graveyard shifts who don’t get enough sleep or good quality sleep once they get home in the early hours of the morning. 

We don’t generally realise this but even people who claim they can sleep when there is light around, are affected by it. Only when you sleep in the absence of light do you really get the benefits of your sleep. When there is light around, the brain signals the body that it’s time to be active. So, even if you’re asleep, your brain does not get the rest it deserves. 

Sleep masks effectively solve this problem. They are not only affordable but also light in weight, flexible and easy to carry. Here we have a list of the best sleep masks available in India:

Best Eye Masks In India 2022

#1 – Friends of Meditation Sleep Mask

While sleep masks come in different fabrics, the ones by “Friends of Meditation” are made out of pure mulberry silk.

  •  Silk is always the best fabric for the skin, especially the most sensitive and tender skin around the eyes.
  •  Silk ensures that the skin around the eyes doesn’t get pulled on or stretched in our sleep due to the fabric of our pillow. 
  • This silk mask is soft to touch and feels luxurious.
  •  It is padded to offer to cushion to the eyes and it is wide enough to cover the eyes, above and below. 
  • This sleep mask has a well thought out design with an adjustable strap. 
  • This helps you fit it snugly around your eyes and keep it from moving in your sleep. 
  • The stretchy elastic is soft, yet durable and won’t fray easily.
  •  These are available in many colours, so pick the one that appeals to you. Maintenance might require a bit of care, with delicate washing.  


Feels soft on the eyes since its silk. 


Requires extra care.

#2 – travel360 degree Mulberry Silk Sleep mask

The sleep masks by Travel360 are also made from good quality, pure Mulberry silk. We love the design of these eye masks. 

  • The areas covering the eyes are caved and this ensures that the mask does not press or apply pressure on the eyes.
  •  It feels like you are not wearing an eye mask when you put this on. The soft silk adds to the comfort of the mask. 
  • The strap is adjustable and it can be secured with velcro, which removes the discomfort that some people might have if there is a plastic bit to adjust the length. 
  • This is super helpful in getting the mask to sit on the eyes perfectly, and ensuring that light doesn’t spill through. 
  • The size is just right for an adult. The travel 360 sleep masks are sold in different colours, all of which are attractive.


Does not apply pressure.  



#3 – Healthgenie 100% Silk Sleep Mask

Healthgenie is a popular brand that focuses on delivering good quality and durable products that are used in homes commonly. 

  • The sleep masks they make go by the same high standards, both in terms of quality as well as aesthetics. 
  • These sleep masks are wide enough to cover around the eyes completely, ensuring that there is no light slipping through, to give you that deep sleep. 
  • The silk keeps the skin protected and is soft on the eyes. There is light padding as well.
  •  The adjustable strap is great for making sure it fits snugly around your eyes. 
  • These are sold in packs of one or multiple, depending on your need. 


Has enough space to cover your eyes. 



#4 – TASHKURST Sleep Mask

A big and very common problem that a lot of people working on computers face are dark circles. This is due to the dryness and strain on the eyes and sometimes, no amount of sleep helps get rid of those. 

  • The sleep masks by Tashkurst effectively solve that problem with their gel cooling eye masks. This gel stays cool all the time.
  •  If you want it cooler, you can pop it in the fridge for about ten mins before you use it. 
  • The gel cooling mask has a cloth cover that is soft and sits on the eyes well, covering all portions to ensure that light doesn’t slip in. 
  • You can feel the effect of this mask almost immediately! The gel will last at least 6-8 months before it starts drying out slowly. 
  • The cover has an adjustable strap to fit you perfectly. 
  • This is easy to maintain as you simply need to remove only the cover and wash it, and not the entire mask. 


The gel has a cooling effect. 



#5 – Jenna Sleep Mask

If you like a bit of fun in your night mask, go for the ones by Jenna. We absolutely love the bunny ears and eyes design! 

  • These designs of funky eye masks make them a good option for children as well, to encourage them to get into bed. 
  • The mask itself is padded just enough to keep it soft on the eyes and the width is big enough to keep all light out.
    – The strap is adjustable and sits well around the head.
  •  These are available in a lot of different colours and patterns, so you could buy a few different ones, one for every night of the week. 


Adjustable strap. 


Little heavy. 

#6 – 24×7 eMall Sleep Mask

Another funky eye mask that tries to keep it interesting is the one by 24×7 eMall. These masks are designed attractively with Panda ears and eyes, appealing to both children as well as adults. 

  • This night mask is the epitome of comfort and luxury throughout. The patch that sits right on the eyes is soft and furry, making it a pleasure to keep this on. It has a light amount of padding. 
  • The downside is that the strap is not adjustable. 
  • However, the elastic seems strong enough to last a long time without fraying, and it fits snugly. 
  • Washing this needs to be done carefully and it could take a while to dry. 


It’s a cute overnight mask


Hard to maintain. 

#7 – Cute Dog Sleep Mask

The sleep masks by Cute Dog are that, exactly – super cute sleeping eye mask! These masks have sloppy dog ears and sleeping dog eyes.

  • These are sure to become your favourite or your child’s favourite. These are quite wide, covering all sides of the eyes, not letting any amount of light seep in.
  • The portion sitting on the eyes is made of velvet, probably the softest fabric you can find, giving you the feeling of luxury when you put this on.
  • The strap around the head is adjustable. These are stitched well and quite durable. Washing needs to be done with care.
  • These are available in several designs, which include a cat, a bunny, a bear and a fox.
  • These are priced higher than most other sleep masks, but look for them online and you can certainly get some good deals.


It is a super cute Night Mask with comfortable material.



#8 – MADANYU  Sleep Mask

The last one on our list of the best sleep masks in India is the one by Madanyu. These are funky eye masks with a light layer of padding that sit on the eyes comfortably. They are soft and pleasant to touch.

  •  They are designed to be wide enough to give you a night of good sleep without the disturbance of light falling on your eyes. 
  • The straps are adjustable and they seem to be quite strong and stretchable. This Night Mask is made of polyester, soft to touch. 
  • The manufacturer advises you that this mask must be only dry cleaned, which might be a hassle for some people. 
  • That’s the only downside of this mask. 
  • These are neat and beautiful, a pleasure to own. 


It’s a funky eye mask that seems attractive. 


Hard to maintain. 

#9 – Alaska bear sleep masks 

The Alaska sleep mask is a soft velvet touch on the eyes which will put you to sleep with how delicate it is. 

  • Its lightweight and comfortable texture keeps the eye in comfort and allows a good night’s sleep. 
  • Mulberry silk is a safe material that will stay put on the eyes without exerting too much pressure on the eyes. 
  • The elastic on the sleep masks allows you to wear it without much pressure and stays well around your head. 
Pros Cons 
A great overnight maskExpensive. 

#10 – Bedtime bliss Sleep masks 

Made up with bamboo and cotton, this is exclusively for comfort and softness throughout the night. 

  • It steers clear from the light and any disturbance when it comes to affecting your eyes. 
  • The quality of the material is premium so you can be sure that you will not be prone to allergies or irritation. 
  • These overnight mask are comfortable and made up of safe material and gives you a good night’s sleep. 
Great material. None. 

#11 – Fairyland eye masks 

The fairyland sleep masks are made up of an elastic material which is comfortable and super affordable. 

  • If you are looking for a nap in the middle of the day, these sleep masks do justice to your makeup by not ruining it. 
  • The sleep masks are lightweight and do not weigh too much on the eyes giving your eyes comfort in every sense. 
  • This sleep masks come with plus to avoid disturbances and gives you the perfect night. 
Pros Cons 
Great material on the skin. Costly. 

Materials used for sleep masks 

Sleep masks are judged based on the materials used on them since it highly impacts the quality and the feel of the material. Here are some of the safest materials used for sleep masks. 

Polyester fabric

Polyester ensures that the sleep mask does not weigh too much on the skin and feels just right to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. They are also strong and resistant which means that it is durable and lasts for a long period of time. 


This is the most recommended material because of how soft it feels on the skin. When used as an eye mask you barely feel it against you skin but it blocks the light giving you a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Memory foam 

This is a pretty strong material which able to withstand the pressure of any kind. These are expensive as well so remember that the investment is worth as it provides the utmost comfort to the eyes.

When can you use a sleep mask?

  • You don’t have a blackout curtain in your room
  • When you travel
  • You have a partner who likes to read or watches TV late into the night
  • If you live in a hostel or a dorm
  • If you work night shifts and you sleep during the day
  • You have a roommate who studies mostly in the night
  • If you are a light sleeper
  • If you are prone to migraine headaches or if you are an insomniac

Why should we use a sleep masks?

Even if the above points don’t apply to you, Sleep masks help keep distractions away and help you focus on your sleep. 

The other advantage is that they protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around them from being pulled and stretched during your sleep. So, you get to preserve your youth in more than one way by using a sleep mask every night!

Do you sleep better with sleep masks?

Sleeping with eye masks eliminates that one hassle we go through during rough nights; light!  The covering of the eyes makes you feel more sleepy and let’s admit, it feels cosy. Again, it depends on what kind of eye mask you buy. While some may fall asleep with light silky sleep masks, others might prefer the warm fluffy ones. 

We suggest you try out different masks and study your sleep patterns before you stick to an ideal eye mask.

Are sleep masks safe? 

The misconception that eye masks can affect the eyelids and lashes does exist. But we are here to confirm that it doesn’t affect your eyes in any way but instead simply rests against your skin while eliminating light. Noting that to does not affect your hair and does not tangle it is also important. Make sure you pick a eye mask that is made out of a material that suits you. 

How do I choose a sleep mask?

Besides the fact that you need to check the fabric and the thickness of the sleep mask when purchasing one, you need to make sure it fits your eye just right without it extending below your nose.

The fabric of the sleep mask has to be gentle on the skin and not too hard or overwhelming for the skin in anyway. Since you will be wearing for a considerable amount of time, it has to be clean and the fabric has to compliment your skin.

The list we put together for you has a variety of the best sleep masks sold in India. They are all made of different fabrics for you to choose from because everybody is different and different things could appeal to them. Going through the above list would have given you enough choice of the best sleep masks to choose from. Go ahead, get one right away and sleep tight!

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