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Best Slimming Belts For Weight Loss In India 2022

Whether you’re a fitness freak or you’ve just started on the path to losing weight, a great addition to your fitness equipment is a slimming belt, also called a “Waist trimming” belt or a “sweat belt”. True to their name, this is exactly what these belts do. They aid in your weight loss process by making it just a little bit quicker, and with all the hard work you’re putting in, we think you deserve a bit of help familiarising with the best slimming belts for weight loss in India.

Slimming Belts For Weight Loss in India

How slimming belts work:

Imagine sitting in a sauna after an intense workout. After you sweat it out, you shower and you come out feeling all toned. This is the effect slimming belts aim to have but on a dedicated area of your body. 

  • Slimming belts are usually made out of synthetic material that can naturally make you sweat when wrapped tightly around you.
  •  They generate a lot of heat and the properties of the material don’t let this heat escape. They obviously have to fit tightly and securely to ensure that this heat is generated. 
  • The compression they offer help hold the muscles tight, which over a period of time helps tone the area. 
  • Sometimes you do see immediate results when you wear a slimming belt for a couple of hours and work out.

Go through our list of the best slimming belts available in the market to get a clear picture of the features of the different belts and make your choice.  

Best Brands Of Slimming Belts For Weight Loss

#1–ADA Ab Belt Trimmer Slimming belts for weight loss

The slimming waist for weight loss belt by Ada is very durable and stretchy. 

  • There is a large velcro that helps secure this belt around the waist. 
  • This is wide enough to offer good lumbar support and can be worn during heavy workouts in the gym. 
  • The anti-slip design and the compression it provides is good.
  •  It produces enough heat to break into a sweat, shed excess water and lose a few calories. 
  • The neoprene fabric this is made of is soft and of high quality and doesn’t cause a rash even when worn for long periods of time. 
  • It also allows the water to evaporate, keeping the belt dry.


It keeps the belt dry at times. 

It has an anti-slip design. 


May not be suitable for people with small waists. 

#2–Tynor Slimming belts for weight loss

The waist slimming belts by Tynor come in different sizes which makes it perfect to be used by men or by women. 

  • This is secured using a wide velcro, which further helps tighten or loosen the belt depending on your need and preference.
  •  The quality of the belt is excellent and very stretchable, maintaining the shape even when used for a long time.
  •  It offers fantastic support even for the lower back. The compression this belt offers is good, therefore, this is a good choice for not only losing a few pounds but can also help women tone up post-delivery. 


 It is good for women who want to tone down post-delivery weight. 



#3–Wearslim Slimming belts for weight loss

The Wearslim belts, weighing only 200 grams are made of a material called neotex which raises the core body temperature when it is worn. 

  • When you sweat, the fabric holds the sweat inside the outer layers don’t drain it out, which means it stays dry on the outside. 
  • This cool feature makes it easy to wear this belt not only when we are working out, but also under our clothes when we step out to go to work or to a party. 
  • – The belt is big and sturdy enough to provide good support for the back and improve posture. 
  • This material is easy to clean and maintain. 


 Regular usage can help improve posture. 



#4–Tdas Slimming belts for weight loss

The sweat belts by TDAS are high quality, premium products, priced accordingly. –  They are made of latex-free neoprene material which helps keep the area warm and make you sweat. 

  • The construction of this belt comprises strips called “bones”, made up of acrylic.
  •  This addition along with the stretchy quality of the fabric offers a double compression for the person wearing it. 
  • These acrylic bones also provide good support for the lumbar region and improve the posture of the person using it.
  •  These belts are available in various sizes, so ensure you measure yourself before placing an order.  


  • Available in various sizes. 
  • – Improves posture with regular usage. 


Since the free size is not available, it may be hard to choose the right waist size

#5–FIT PICK Slimming belts for weight loss

Fit Pick weight loss and slimming belts employ a “HeatWave neoprene” technology that produces a lot of heat and makes the wearer sweat and lose excess water and calories. 

  • The fabric that this is made out of is incredibly soft and feels comfortable on the skin. This is indeed a premium product with a premium finish. 
  • Like all good belts, this is anti-slip and can be worn during a heavy weight lifting session or a strenuous run in the gym to offer you good support and keep your posture in check. 
  • These belts come in a free size that can fit people of all sizes up to 50 inches due to the stretchy fabric and the strong velcro to secure it. 


  • Feels good on the skin. 


Slightly pricey. 

#6–Spike Slimming belts for weight loss

Spike sweat belts are super-efficient in the way they make you sweat. 

  • They generate a lot of heat and can increase the amount of watershed, especially when clubbed with a good workout. 
  • This is attributed to the fact that the material is of top-notch quality and the velcro used to hold this place is tough and long-lasting. 
  • The belt doesn’t slip if you’re on the move. 
  • Wearing this during a weight training workout helps give your lower back the support you need and keep your posture right to avoid injuries. 
  • Wearing this during runs is also helpful. 


Wearing this during strenuous sessions can be safe and effective. 



#7–Leviosa Slimming belts for weight loss

You can be assured that you are using a good quality and carefully constructed slimming belt when you use the ones by Leviosa because they are approved and certified by a practicing physiotherapist. 

  • These belts are made of neoprene material that naturally produces a lot of heat and makes you sweat. 
  • The support and compression this belt offers are very useful while working out in the gym with heavy weights or during an intense cardio session. 
  • They are sold in four different sizes to fit different waists. 
  • These are durable and very easy to wash and maintain. 
  • These are priced quite high, so buy them online for attractive deals. 


 Good quality. 

Very effective. 



#8–MARK AMPLE Slimming Belts for weight loss

Mark Ample slimming belts are perfect if you want a good belt in a budget. 

  • They are made of a material that increases the temperature of your core and makes you sweat. 
  • This, in turn, effectively helps you shed the excess water from your body, helping you lose weight. 
  • They provide good compression on your abdominal area and offer good lumbar support. 
  • These are therefore great to be worn during a workout.
  •  These are stretchable and need to be pulled on over the head on the midsection, so we suggest you check your size carefully before placing an order.  


 Great for wearing during a workout session. 


 It cannot be used on a regular basis. 

#9–ANEMOI Slimming belts for weight loss

Truly budget, this economically priced brand, Anemoi, sells waist-trimming sweat belts that are made of a neoprene fabric that creates heat when it comes in contact with the body. 

  • This also does not allow the heat to escape, keeping the area warm. 
  • These belts are very flexible and can be stretched well to be wrapped around the waist. 
  • They are secured with high-quality velcro to keep them in place. 
  • Made in free size, these can be used by anybody.
  •  It has an anti-slip design which ensures that this belt stays in place and does not slip while moving. 


The anti-slip design is perfect for movement, 

It can be worn by anybody. 


Maybe a little tight for people with bigger waists. 

#10–Frokht Slimming belts for weight loss

The waist trimmer belts by Frokht come in five different sizes to fit right from waists that are 34 inches up to those that are 60 inches.

  •  Made with pure neoprene, these belts have the best material possible to generate heat when wrapped around the midsection and help you sweat a lot to shed those extra pounds. 
  • They are anti-slip to ensure that they don’t move or slide if you wear them while you hit the gym. 
  • They do provide good lumbar support as well, so they are a fantastic choice to work while you are exercising. 


They have an anti-slip function which helps during workouts. 



#11 – Boldfit slimming belts 

Boldfit has the best quality for slimming belts for weight loss is cost effective and is extremely lightweight which is kind to your waist. 

  • The width of the slimming belt is larger than the normal and can sit comfortably by occupying a larger circumference of the body. 
  • It covers the backbone and lower abdomen comfortably. 
  • Besides helping you tone the body it works well to give you a good and straight posture. 
  • This can be great for both men and women and works wonders in allowing your body to have a good posture. 
Pros Cons 
Gives great support for the lower back and abdomen. Might not be able to hide it well under clothes. 

#12 – JSB slimming belts for weight loss 

This is more than just slimming belt which comes as a material-formed weightloss belt. 

  • The vibrator that it comes with helps in toning down the stomach and giving a better shape to the body. 
  • The design of this belt is such that it sits in well with waists and it also comes with an extension which means bigger people can use it as well. 
  • On the whole, this slimming belt is lightweight and has a very good material that makes up for the experience. 


Made up of a very good material.


Not easily available. 

Slimming Belt Brands For Weight Loss in India

How to choose a slimming belt

The first criteria for choosing a slimming belt is deciding how much you’re willing to spend. 

  • There are belts that are sold for as cheap as a couple of hundred rupees and those that cost a couple of thousands. 
  • They are of course made of different quality materials, their design is different and the durability of the stitching varies. 
  • It’s going to be close to the body and wicking sweat, so you will want to wash your belt every day.
  •  Choose one that is easy to clean and maintain. Most of the good quality belts can be washed and dried easily. 
  • Choose the right size. The fit should be good enough to create heat in the area. 
  • As a bonus, you could want a belt that also gives you enough lumbar support and abdominal compression if you’re wearing it to the gym for your weight training sessions or for some intense cardio. 

Types of slimming belts 

Slimming belts are a huge category under which there are so many types of slimming belts for weight loss in India. So check out the different types of slimming belts that can make a difference in how you can tone your body in the right way. \

Electric slimming belts 

The electric slimming belts can be expensive but they work instantly on your body and tones it down based on how often you use it. They work on electronic pulses which can elevate your body muscles and narrow down your waist. They can even help out in your exercise routines that you do everyday. One thing that we can assure you about electric slimming belts is that it can work wonders in a short period of time. 

Magnetic slimming belts 

The magnetic slimming belts are not used as much as electric belts but they are effective on a high level as well. The way magnetic slimming belts work is that they create a buzzing effect around the waist and tones it down in a very gradual manner. This improves the blood circulation and gives your body a profound energy and keeps you healthy and fit. 

Vibrating slimming belts 

Vibrating belts are best used when you are doing crunches and daily exercise that have to do with reducing belly fat. This has a great impact when you are working out intensely. Your waist is sure to become narrow and your body will tone down if exercised right. 

Sauna slimming belts  

Sauna belts are used for making you lose water content in your body. All you have to do is wrap this around your waist and do a couple of exercises to tone your body down. 

Massage belts 

These are therapeutic and can be great if you have back pain and still workout. You can have a sore back and still work out using these slimming belts. 

Precautions to take while using a slimming belt

While using a slimming belt is effective for some, it can be unsuitable for others. Here are some who have to avoid using slimming belts, 

  • Pregnant women
  • Epilepsy patients
  • Heart patients 

Do keep in mind though that even though slimming belts do work to help you throw out the excess water and toxins through your sweat, to see real results takes a long time. And real results will come with the consistency of not only wearing this belt regularly but by most importantly following a healthy, balanced diet and a good workout regimen. 

Benefits and advantages of using a slimming belt 

While there are precautions to take while using slimming belts, the benefits of using one is also plenty. 

  • Postnatal fat can be reduced 

Pregnancy weight can be lost with slimming belts. All you have to make sure is that you are not doing any intense workouts that can hinder with your body’s functioning after pregnancy. 

  • Toxins 

The toxins in your body are gotten rid of while you are working out. So get ready to get glowing skin and a toned body. 

  • Diet is managed 

Slimming belts compress your belly so your eating habits are always in check. 

That’s our comprehensive list of the best slimming belts for weight loss in India. 

The Indian market, especially the online websites are flooded with weight loss belts in lots of brands and prices.

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