Best smartphones under 40000 Rs in India for Business Owners

“I want to buy a smartphone, can you please suggest me some nice brands and choices?”

“I’m tired of the number of choices that are there in the market, I can’t choose!”

“Please tell me which smartphone to buy, I’m tired of reading the features and descriptions of so many products!”

If these are the problems you face, keep reading on!

American psychologist Barry Schwartz, argues that eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers.

We are here to reduce the choice overwhelm for you and give you only a set of 3 final list of smartphones.

Best smartphones under 40000

Who is this for and what are the requirements?

This post is mainly for business owners, who are busy and need a fast resilient phone to do its job and we don’t have to even think about it much.

You already have replacement basic old phone ready in case of emergencies.

We’ve listed out a set of requirements below and will match phones with all these and only then suggest them

Requirements are as follows:

  1. Decent and latest processor and high speed so it does not lag for 12-18 months from purchase time
  2. Good long lasting battery for 1-1.5 days with decent use
  3. Good Camera for all pictures and not having to carry additional cameras
  4. Enough Speed & Storage to keep all apps data, songs, videos and some business & travel documents and never worry about running out of space
  5. Fast charging as we are in a hurry and time is of essence
  6. Decent screen size and sturdy look
  7. Good customer service in case of issues

Instead of the usual features list that you can find on every website, I’ll showcase how exactly it matches all the requirements we have said above.

You can check the features directly on other sites and we have direct links below to make it easier for you.

You can also jump directly to the end to see a comparison sheet for all our Best smartphones under 40000.

Top 3 Smartphones to buy:

1. One Plus 6T

Our #1 recommendation is the flagship One Plus 6T phone based on a combination of all the parameters & requirements.

Good Screen, Great Battery, God’s Feature(Dash Charging), Clear UI and all the requirements meet correctly as we positioned them.

The processor, Snapdragon 845 is one of the most powerful mobile processors in the market and can be compared with Apple’s bionic chipsets.

It has Enhanced Image Processing as it comes with Spectra 280 – an Image Signal Processor(ISP) that improves camera performance on your smartphone, making images sharper and better quality. However, the camera would be slightly inferior to Google Pixel due to its proprietary google software, which is far better than anything in the market.

It also supports multi-frame noise reduction (MFNR) feature. Using MFNR, SD 845 phones can capture multiple pictures in succession and then reduce noise using algorithms without compromising much on quality. There is also 4k HD recording at 60fps, taking care of entire camera/video requirements aptly.

The enhanced 3700 mAh battery along with dash charging takes care of long lasting feature. The look and feel is fully premium and the pricing is fully justified.

There are multiple customer service centres across the country in most metros and even in Tier 2 cities now, so that’s super helpful in case you face issues with your phone.

To ultimately buy this, you can go for the basic One Plus 6T, 6GB RAM, 128 GB version to maintain your budget. However if you have room for more, we would highly recommend the 8GB, 256 GB variant so you can use it properly for next 18-24 months

2. Samsung Galaxy S8+

Next we have the premium Samsung phone that has done very well in the market and has a good set of match with requirements

Great processor, decent screen and good camera along with other features makes it a good pick.

One of the great USPs of this phone is the Samsung Pay feature, which is an IP and thus cannot be copied by any other brand. It uses near-field communication (NFC) technology, works on almost all stores/card machines by now and is growing rapidly. Store your cards and just use your phone directly for all types of payment and save a lot of time using this.

The revolutionary 12MP dual camera does most of the hard work needed for your gallery collection.

The snapdragon 835 is a decent processor albeit lower performance than 845 one, but you will not feel a lot of difference while using both.

The decent 3500 mAh battery takes care of single day endurance and basic phone use for the day

There are multiple customer service centres across the country and they have been #1 in India for a very long time until Xiaomi had taken over recently, so this should be handled well.

You can buy the S8 Plus Gold (4GB,64GB) as per the recommended price

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

3. Google Pixel 2 XL

Lastly, we have the Google flagship phone here, Pixel 2 XL falls under the set price range here

Even though it has the same processor as that of Samsung S8+, it  has AI powered ISP Pixel Visual Core combined with its proprietary software, which gives it a much sharper and better picture quality.

Google’s image processing is once again top-notch, and there are many situations where it just can’t be matched — even by the consistently great Galaxy S8, which is the great USP of this phone and why you should buy it.

Along with this, the pure and clean Google stock experience without any inundated apps, features is another of its USPs

The customer service in India has improved after their partnership with B2X but it’s still not at par with Samsung or One Plus surely.

You can buy the Google Pixel 2 XL (6″ 64 GB) as per the recommended price

Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 2 XL

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You can also compare all three of your phones very quickly on GSM Arena here directly with this link

Alternate Option – Rental Models

In this era of subscription services like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, we are moving towards renting/subscribing to many things as opposed to owning and keeping.

This is a very good option of keeping in touch with latest smartphones at all times and swapping it every 12-18 months. Our recommendation would be to take phones with rental < 3,000 to maintain your 40,000 yearly budget here and then exchange for latest phones by the end of the year.

Renting is truly much more beneficial than owning and it’s growing very well in India. It really depends on your context what you want to do, your budget and requirements.

You can rent on multiple sites, but the major players currently seem to be as follows:

  1. For long term rentals following is the best they have best collection out there too is Rentomojo
  2. For short term but with outdated collection comes Rentomo

Remember to read the FAQs to understand all things correctly and purchase.

The phones that match the criteria as per our recommendations are as follows:

  1. Apple Iphone 8 in under 2,500 per month
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  3. Samsung Galaxy S9


  1. Hassle free approach of not owning phones
  2. Can cancel and return anytime
  3. Take latest phones every year
  4. Save money by renting premium phones every year instead of owning it


  1. Using second hand phones
  2. Damage/Losing a phone during contract
  3. Losing important or personal data after returning phone as technically, anything can be retrieved

After seeing the Top 3 best smartphones under 40000 and the alternate option provided above, we hope you pick the best option that suits your exact set of requirements and personal preferences.

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below or get in touch with us

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