Best Sports Shoes Brands in India

9 Best Sports Shoes Brands in India 2021

When it comes to shoes, quality is always a vital deciding factor. And when it comes to sports shoes it is doubly important since you use them on a daily basis and not in a subtle way. Check out our list of the Best Sports Shoes Brands in India for all the details.

There are a number of brands in India that give sports shoes a lot of importance and a big part of their craft because of how much in demand they are. We think choosing the right brand while considering how it is going to help out with your sports routine. So here are the best sports shoes brands in India.

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After having reviewed shoes from all the sports shoes brands in India based on various factors like design, quality, comfort, features, functionality, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 9 brands that stood out. We put the shoes from these 9 brands through various tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best sports shoes brands in India is Nike. Not only are the shoes comfortable but the materials used to weave these shoes are long-lasting and durable. While it is relatively more expensive than the other brands the unique features of each shoe makes it worth buying.

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Best Sports Shoes Brands in India


This might not come as a surprise because Nike is so well known and popular. Especially when it comes to sports shoes! It’s one of the Best Sports Shoes Brands in India!

  • Nike is solely dedicated to athletes by providing them with the best shoes, clothing and other accessories. In fact, Nike shoes are sturdy and of good quality which works really well with men and women who have their minds set on sports. 
  • Choosing sports shoes means having to tick off a number of features. Nike sports shoes are lightweight and sturdy as well. The material that is used to weave these shoes into the strong footwear it is makes it long-lasting and durable. 

The looks and aesthetics of these Nike sports shoes are other things you need to rely on and buy without doubts. There’s no doubt that Nike comes at a high price but that explains all these amazing features it comes with. 

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Adidas is another indispensable out there when it comes to sports shoes! It is always wise to go for Adidas shoes when you don’t know where to place your trust. 

  • Adidas has always been getting with the times and has evolved in their designs and their constant improvements. 
  • Adidas has a great variety of breathable and durable shoes. If you are someone who has strenuous sessions then you NEED to get a pair of Adidas that will keep your feet comfy at all times. 

Besides having a great build and quality but these shoes look super stylish and chic on your outwear outfits. Even though Adidas is a premium brand it can come up with some exciting discounts on a regular basis. 


What makes Reebok stands out from the rest of the premium brands is that it is slightly more cost-effective. But that does not compromise the styles and the quality this brand provides. 

  • Reebok stands by giving comfort to the wearer and also exuding style with all their models. Reebok is a sportswear brand that focuses on all realms of sports. 
  • We think their running shoes need a special mention for the great range of styles and sizes. 

One thing you can be sure of when purchasing from Reebok is that your style is sure to be one of a kind and can look great with any kind of outfit. 


It looks like the premium sports shoe brands are lining up one after another. Puma is all about flexibility and great build and sturdiness. This is another brand that focuses on sports shoes and only provides the best. 

  • The designs of these sports shoes are sleek. It has a model for every routine like running shoes, workout shoes and so many others that you can wear without it weighing too much on your feet. 
  • The main thing that this brand focuses on is durability and has the greatest materials that make up for these amazing designs. Men and women have equally good designs and allow you to make a pick from a vast range of sports shoes. 

And when it comes to the price range, they are not as expensive as the above mentioned and cut the buyers some slack. 


Skechers has really started making its way through the Indian consumers with its wide range of shoes. Mostly sports shoes! 

  • They are particularly known for their airy and lightweight feel on the feet without imposing too much on the buyers. Although it is not the right pick for those who have strenuous workouts and sessions. 
  • If you are someone who just does walking and other mild workouts, this brand has a great variety of shoes. Another major theme Skechers stand by is that it has this subtle and light color palette that we absolutely love. 

The placement of the foams on these shoes offer to cushion the feel and give you a very comfortable feeling all day. Skechers stand by the motto of offering utmost comfort. The price range of shoes from Skechers is fair and does not take too much out of the buyer. 

New Balance

Although New Balance has been around in India, it still has not cracked its way through the Indian market as much as the other popular brands we have listed. 

  • The sports shoes that New Balance has are all about being casual enough to wear outside on a regular basis while also providing you with the comfort needed for your athletic activities. 
  • It has a great collection of sports shoes for those who normally don’t find shoes for their foot size and gives you great designs with them as well. 

The material the shoes are made up of are very durable and have a lasting effect. The price range for this brand is extremely reasonable and goes with any budget range. 

Under Armour 

Under Armour is well known for its unique and out of the box ideas when it comes to shoes. Their sports shoe line deserves attention for how well they have crafted it for every kind of user.  

  • This brand mainly focuses on young athletes and sports enthusiasts as it offers an immensely wide range of styles. 
  • Most of these shoes have good and strong resistance to water and moisture and make the best out of being outdoors for a long period of time. 

If you are a soccer player there are some exciting models you just cannot refuse. These shoes are lightweight and offer the wearer comfort even worn for long periods of time. 


Xtep is another brand which is easily available everywhere in India and is known for its quality and is also easily affordable. 

  • The sports shoes from this brand are made up of mesh quality which gently cushions the feet while also keeping you flexible. 
  • There are a number of models available for athletes that will cater you according to your needs and routine. 

The shoes from this brand are usually on the 2k – 3k budget which according to us is pretty reasonable for the quality of the shoes. 


This brand is pretty popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts. There is one shoe model for every regimen in the sports realm and that is what we love about the brand. It is one of the Best Sports Shoes Brands in India!

  • It is easily accessible to everyone and does not cost too much either. The material of these shoes is flyted foam. It offers compressibility and utmost comfort which is extremely necessary for those who are into sports. 

There are a number of styles that caters to different tastes and can fit into the expectations of a lot of tastes. It makes for a great pair of running shoes and gives you all flexibility you need. 

Which Sports Shoe Brand Is Perfect For You?

Choosing a pair of sports shoes is not very hard but it can get a little confusing. Especially when you don’t know what to look for. So, here are some pointers you need to watch out for in order to pick the right one. 

Type of Sport

  • The type of sport will determine the sports shoes. Any random sports shoes will not cut it unless you’re buying shoes for jogging or basic exercise. If your training in a specialized sports field then you’ll need to by the relevant shoes. For example, track and field athletes need shoes with spokes in specific locations. While cricket shoes might require it all over the sole.
  • Even the type of fabric will change with the sport. For example, football shoes have a harder exterior than basketball shoes.

Athlete Skill Level

  • Prior to checking the quality and style, you need to get sports shoe that’s ideal for your skill level. Now, sports shoes have tremendous range and are designed for varying levels of skill. For example, an advanced runner will have a very specific design that helps with momentum. However, it might not help a beginner who’s till refining the form. So, you need to be very specific about your skill level.
  • If your buying shoes online, the brands usually list the suitable skill level in the product descriptions. We recommend that you get a more general and versatile shoe if your just starting out as it helps during the training phase. These shoes are great for complex movements.
  • Once you refine and advance your skill, you can look for shoes with a specific characteristic to help boost your movements. As far as brands go, we really recommend Reebok as a starter shoe. This is because their shoes are one of the most versatile in the market, and it’s the only brand that allowed them to use CrossFit branding. Because it’s perfect for complex movements. The quality also happens to be on the higher end.

Shoe Fit

  • I can’t stress enough the importance of fit. If your shoe does not perfectly fit, then you’re going to experience some serious pain when playing and it can cause injuries as well. While you can get good looking shoes, you need to make sure that it’s extremely comfortable when you wear it.
  • So, why is this a brand issue and not a size issue? Well, fit doesn’t necessarily just mean the size. It also refers to the design of the shoe. Contrary to popular belief shoes brands are different at the most fundamental level, with each brand having it’s own proprietary foot model. This foot model comes from a specific type of mold. And the different variants of the brands are sort of just tweaked here and there.
  • This is why athletes tend to stick to one type of brand. So, you will need to experience a few different brands to get that perfect fit. Because other than comfort, you will also need to get shoes that help maximize your performance. You should also avoid shoes that cause your skin to peel as this excessive friction is a problem that won’t go away.


  • Choosing a pair of shoes based on the fabric is important because the fabric is all about durability. Besides the fabric being accounted for lasting long it can also affect the way your feet feel against it. Make sure you have a comfortable fabric. 


  • Well obviously, this is important for those who care a great deal about appearing stylish. Also, this would contribute to looking great for your outwear clothing as well. However, it is important to note that style is secondary to performance when it comes to a sports shoe.


  • Keeping in mind the prices of the shoes that you have your eyes on is also crucial because you don’t want to overspend on something that is not worth it. If you are spending more than Rs.3000 then you might want to dig deeper and see if you have all the features ticked. 
  • After all, the price of the shoe and the technology used to manufacture it go hand in hand. So, expensive shoes do tend to come with more functionality and features. However, you might not need all of these features. So, the only thing you need to look for is if the shoe can really help you out.
  • That being said, there is a minimum price of quality that needs to be considered, unless you want to be buying shoes every few months. Check out our guide on the Best Sports Shoes Brands in India!

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