Best Stationery Brands In India

10 Best Stationery Brands In India 2021

Looking for good pens and pencils? Check out our list of the Best Stationery Brands In India!

As children, we have all used stationery items for school work and hobbies. As we grow, the memories of the stationery brands we used through our tender ages linger in our minds for so long. In our professional life, we continue to use stationery items.

Quality products that can assure good performance, style and comfort always impress us. Here I have given a list of the best stationery brands in India. This list has been populated through research into the products of these companies for their quality, style, performance and price. Here’s our list of the Best Stationery Brands In India!

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After having reviewed the stationery brands in India based on various factors like quality, functionality, ease of use, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 brands that really stood out. These 10 were put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best stationery brand in India is Navneet. With 50 years of history, this legacy brand is known for its quality products. In addition to paper stationery, Navneet also sells art materials, compass boxes, pencils, colours, rulers, sharpeners, erasers, and much more. Most importantly, they have an amazing line of educational materials and E-learning products.

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Best Stationery Brands In India


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Navneet is India’s bestselling, largest and most popular stationery brand. Gala Family founded Navneet in 1959. Navneet has its offerings in three different segments including publication, stationery and others. Navneet debuted into the stationery segment in 1993. It’s one of the Best Stationery Brands In India!

  • The non-paper stationery products manufactured by Navneet include art materials, compass boxes, pencils, colours, rulers, sharpeners, erasers, and many others. 
  • Earlier known as Navneet Publications (India) Ltd, today the firm is called Navneet Education Limited offering a long list of educational and non-educational lines of offerings to its credit.
  • All the manufacturing units of the firm have secured ISO 9000:2001 certification and the company works with a massive marketing team and over 700 distributors serving above 85,000 retailers.

With a massive distribution network in India, Navneet is one of the most loved stationery brands in India known for its quality offerings. The top line of Navneet offerings ranges over academic books, stationery products and e-learning products.

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One of the most renowned stationery brands in India, Apsara offers a wide assortment of products. Apsara school stationery is a popular choice for students across the country due to the high standard materials the company offers under different categories.

  • Launched in 1970 as a stationery brand manufacturing premium class drawing pencils, the brand started offering writing pencils and a broad range of stationery products during the 1990s.
  • Apsara is known for its safe and top-performing stationery. Their products include pencils, professional pencils, erasers, sharpeners, scales, instrument sets, chalks, school kits, art materials, pens, and colour pencils.

Apsara’s parent concern is Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd., which has yet another popular brand of stationery items called Nataraj. Both these brands have a similar line of product offerings. However, the Nataraj brand also offers gel pens and ball pens. The colourful designs on Apsara pencils are loved by school children.


A leader in stationery offerings in India, Archies products are popular throughout the country. Almost every city in India has Archies outlets. This brand also sells its premium class stationery offerings across the globe. Originally started in 1979, Archies has a huge following among students and professionals.

  • Some of the popular products of Archies include quotation books, calendars, diaries, scrapbooks, invitation cards, spiral notebooks, visitors books, letter pads. Archies stationery collection can be ordered online from, one of the leading e-commerce gifting sites in India. 
  • The stationery items offered by Archies are of great quality, brand new designs, and highly colourful thus presenting truly world-class products to choose from.

The vast variety of notebooks found from Archies makes this stationery company, the one-stop brand to shop for notebooks for every kind of tall expectation. Their prices are also modest while their stationery items sport top quality.


Cello is a prominent name in the world of stationery in India with its wide array of products serving schools, colleges, offices and businesses in the country. The leading manufacturer of stationery items in India, Cello has an assortment of writing instruments to offer.

  • Cello has been a highly preferred brand with over 5 million pens sold in a day in over 80 countries. Some of the top lines of stationery offerings from Cello include pens, pencils, kit packs and gift sets, school stationery, markers and highlighters, art and craft accessories.
  • Cello was founded in 1995 as Cello Pens. Initially, the firm produced a broad range of ball pens featuring German inks and imported tips.

Over the years, Cello could establish its presence in the world of Indian stationery manufacturing offering a wide assortment of innovative and top-performing writing instruments. In 2015, BIC, the French Stationery major acquired ownership of this brand and the company was renamed BIC Cello India. 


Claro’s stationery offerings have a wide reach in India among schools, colleges and offices. Owned by Hamilton India Pvt. Ltd, Claro is the brand name dealing with the stationery class of offerings by this company. Hamilton is a leader in houseware and cookware items in India.

  • Claro’s customers depend on this brand’s writing instruments for achieving a nice finish across their art and writing works.
  • The stationery line of offerings from Claro include pens, markers, files and folders, pins, page markers, display books, folders, writing pads, ring binders, clip files, expanding files, folders, envelopes, business card holders, and push pins. Claro’s products sport the industry’s best quality while carrying cost-effective price tags.

By combining elegance and quality with its offerings, Claro has captured a unique niche for its products in India and in the global market. Claro’s products are depended on by students and professionals who look for contentment and best value buy.         


One of the most well-known and oldest stationery brands in India, Camlin is also popular throughout the world. The Indian based manufacturer of stationery items is best known as Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. Camlin is a leader in the manufacturing of office stationery supplies and a wide assortment of writing instruments.

  • A wide student base in India depends on Camlin stationery products for academic and extra-curricular purposes. The Camlin line of stationery offerings ranges across pens, pencils, geometry boxes, erasers, art supplies and many more. Camlin also has a dedicated online store to order stationery items from the comfort of homes.

The artistic items of Camlin are designed to assure ease of use and comfort that can nurture artistic skills in kids. Their watercolours, crayons, brushes and artistic pencils enjoy a unique place among the school going kids. Students, office professionals, designers, artists and hobbyists will find Camlin stationery items a great choice.   


Classmate is counted among the most renowned stationery brands in India. Relatively newer brand to the world of Indian stationery manufacturing, Classmate has been able to create a unique niche for its products by assuring superior quality and challenging performance across its offerings.

  • The company is also known for implementing eco-friendly practices across its manufacturing activities. Very interestingly, Classmate has a dedicated online portal that accepts customized orders for notebooks.
  • The customers can use the resources of this page to design their notebooks the way they want before placing their order.
  • Classmate is a number one player in the world of notebooks in India with an annual customer spend of over Rs.1400 crores.

The notebooks segment of Classmate comprises a baffling variety of products like long books, notebooks, practical books, reminder pads, and drawing books. Each of Classmate’s notebooks has a theme page on the top wrapper and a description of the theme on the inside cover. 

Faber Castell

One of the market leaders in office and school stationery in India, Faber Castell is in this arena since 1761. Originally a German company, Faber Castell has a popular customer base throughout the world today. Notably, this is one of the largest stationery products manufacturers in the world today. 

  • The product offerings of Faber Castell cover the requirements of categories like playing and learning, art and graphic, general writing, creative studio, fine writing, marking, technical drawing and others.

Some of the most popular offerings by this stationery company are coloured pencil, fountain pen, graphite pencil, fibre tip pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil, and rollerball pen, in addition to crayons, colours, compasses, charcoal, erasers, sharpeners, hobby and craft accessories, refills, brushes and modelling clay. 


Flair is a well-known name in the stationery industry. Introduced in the year 1976, Flair pens are highly popular in India. The company’s principal line of stationery offerings include pens, protection facemask, metal pens, ball pens, fountain pens, stationery, packaging, gel pens, corporate supplies, geometry box, and others.

  • Flair is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of pens. Ibrands 360 has recognized Flair among Asia’s most promising brands.
  • To its credit, Flair has more than 650 products. The company has also received the Export Award in 2017 given by the Plastics Export Promotion Council. 

Flair supplies its products in the country through 7,000 distributors and more than 250,000 wholesalers and retailers. The company also works through 50 international distributors to supply its products in over 80 countries.


One of the biggest manufacturer of stationery products in India and all over the globe, Kangaro’s stationery offerings are identified as the safest and the most reliable stationery products for children. Kangaro was established in 1958 and has established itself as an iconic stationery brand.

  • The principal line of offerings by Kangaro include staplers, stapler removers, staples, paper punches, scissors, kitchen essentials, stitching wire, tape tool and gun tackers.

Some renowned organizations across the world buy their stationery needs from kangaroo and being a market leader in India, Kangaro also has its presence in more than 100 countries around the world. The four brands owned by Kangaro are Kangaro, Miles, Munix and Kohe.

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