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Best streaming devices for TV

Let’s stream it!

Streaming a movie, a TV show, a football match has become very easy today.

With the advent of Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar, the major streaming services, gone are the days when you have to download a movie or go to a friend’s place with a pendrive or hard drive to get your favorite movies and TV show collections, gone are the Torrent days with constant crackdown on it.

Streaming devices vs Smart TV have been an ongoing debate and we covered it on this post with our recommendations to spread more awareness.   

The Big 4 Streaming devices are :

  1. Amazon FireStick
  2. Google Chromecast
  3. Roku Streaming Stick
  4. Apple TV

The most popular best streaming devices for TV is none other than Amazon Fire Stick and Chromecast and before the end of this post we are going to compare Chromecast vs FireStick to help you make the right choice whether you need chromecast or fire stick.

To know more about this devices you need to see the comparison tables to know what they offer and their estimated price.

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Top Streaming Devices for TV

Amazon Fire Stick

Best streaming device for TV -  Amazon Fire TV stick
MONTREAL, CANADA – NOVEMBER 7, 2017: Amazon Fire TV stick. Amazon Fire TV Stick is a low cost version in a HDMI-stick format of Amazon Fire TV, Android based.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best home entertainment streaming devices that gives you access to unlimited shows, movies, and other streaming services

The Fire Stick has HDMI mount stick that can be plugged into any compatible TV HDMI port to gain full access to watch your favorite videos on the Go.

On the Go simply means you can always remove the Amazon Fire TV Stick and travel with it while retaining your access to different shows and movies when you plug it into any compatible Tv’s.


  • Web Browser enabled (4K version)
  • Up to 6GB built-in storage memory
  • Smartphone/Tablet Control
  • Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Netflix, Hulu, HBO app included.
  • Integrated with Amazon prime


  • Does not support the 4K view
  • Little more expensive than Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Best streaming device for TV -  Google Chromecast
VIENNA, AUSTRIA, 09 November 2015: Google Chromecast HDMI-Dongle on a wooden surface with parts of its original packaging.

Google Chromecast is the best affordable streaming device designed to help you stream video content right to your TV with easy access to different streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Google Play and Hulu.

With Google Chromecast you can use your voice to stream from any compatible apps on your smartphone which include volume control mute, rewind, and lots more.

Roku Streaming Stick

Best streaming device for TV -  Roku

Image credit:

Roku Streaming Stick is a simple HDMI stick that can be plugged on any Tv’s that has HDMI port to stream different TV shows, movies, and music from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify etc.

This streaming device connects via a wired or wireless home network to downloads videos from the internet and then makes it available to be watched on your TV.

Roku Streaming Stick doesn’t require any subscription to stream free channels but needs a subscription to fully enjoy some subscription services like Netflix.


  • Roku Support 4k display
  • Access to free Roku free channels
  • Smartphone/Tablet Control
  • Voice control through search
  • Support High Dynamic Range (HDR10)


  • Does not support web browser
  • No built-in storage memory

Apple TV

Best streaming device for TV -  Apple TV

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If you are in love with Apple products and wants the best streaming devices for TV then go for Apple Tv and stick to the Apple world.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a digital media player owned by Apple Inc. designed to receive media data such as videos, images, and music from various sources and stream them to any Digital Tv with HDMI port.

In terms of subscription, you don’t need any subscription to use the device, obviously, it requires subscription to access paid services.


  • Apple Tv support 4k display
  • Comes with 32GB built-in storage memory
  • Smartphone/Tablet Control
  • Dolby Vision, HDR10
  • Voice control with Apple Siri
  • Best for Apple users


  • Does not support web browser
  • Expensive compared to other streaming devices

Product not available on Amazon for the time being

Chromecast vs FireStick

As I said earlier, Chromecast and Fire Stick is the most popular streaming device in the market and sometimes choosing between them might be confusing but its all depends on your choice and what you want but whether you go for chromecast or fire stick they are both good choice.

Before you decide you need to read this:

  1. Chromecast is a little bit cheaper than FireStick and yet they both offer relatively the same services.
  2. Both streaming devices run Android OS, which means you can watch movies, play music and even play game downloaded from play store.
  3. Chromecast doesn’t have a user interface. but acts as a secondary screen which is controlled by a smartphone, laptop, or tablet but FireStick has an interface.
  4. Both of the devices can access Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc. but unfortunately Chromecast will not enjoy Amazon Prime TV features.
  5. The FireStick is a standalone streaming device, while the Chromecast is controlled by other devices like smartphone, Laptops, and Tablet.
  6. Chromecast can be controlled by smartphone while FireStick can only be controlled by its remote.

I am done with Chromecast vs FireStick, it’s time to see the comparison table between the best streaming devices for TV.

How does Chromecast Work?

I have seen some people asking questions on how the Chromecast works or whether it requires monthly subscriptions to stream videos but the answer is No.

The Chromecast doesn’t need any monthly subscription or Fees to work because it’s a hardware device that only allows you to cast content lismarke videos, images, and music on your TV/HDMI Device over WiFi.

You will have access to free Youtube videos, your own media gallery, and Some Paid Netflix Movies etc.

Google Chromecast for TV is available on


  • Best for budget-minded Android users
  • Free Access to YouTube Videos and Google Play
  • Smartphone/Tablet Control
  • Google Assistant voice control


  • Does not support web browser
  • Don’t support High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Does not support the 4K view
  • No built-in storage memory

Do you need a streaming device if you have a TV?

Besides the fact that having a streaming device exposes you to a wide range of entertainment sources that will give you non stop entertainment, it also solely depends on whether your Tv is supportive of such streaming devices.

Some of the most purchases streaming devices for Tv is the Amazon firestick which has exposed viewers to popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar.

Considering aspects like whether it goes with your current Tv box and whether you actually need this for a comfortable living is absolutely important to consider.

If you are confused as to whether you want to buy a smart TV – read this guide to find out!

Feel free to ask any more tech-related questions via comments

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