Best Sunscreen in India for Dry Skin 2022

Sun damage is not a joke! We constantly keep hearing the importance and necessity for sunscreen lotions and it’s time we paid attention to this. Most sunscreen lotions and creams are made for people with normal skin. Often, if you have dry skin, it is difficult to find the right product to use. That’s why we realize how vital it is to know the best sunscreen in India for dry skin. 

Top Sunscreens in India For Dry Skin 2022

But the danger and the need for sunscreen arises the most when you have dry skin. When your skin is dry it is prone to further damage from the harmful rays of the sun. Using sunscreen can save your skin from tanning and withering skin. It might seem mediocre but the impact it can have is huge. Besides covering your face and not going out in the sun, using sunscreen is your only other option. 

Here we decided to go in-depth and find the best sunscreen lotions in India for dry skin. Read on to find out:

#1 – Greenberry Organics Day & Night Lotion for dry skin 

This body lotion by Greenberry comes with an SPF of 40 that works wonderfully in keeping your skin protected from damage and avoiding tan. 

  • This lotion is quick in getting absorbed and quite light and not very greasy, making it perfect for any weather.
  •  It has a blend of shea butter and mango butter that help in adding hydration and moisture to the skin. 
  • This is a great combination if you have dry skin as it effectively moisturizes and keeps it that way throughout the day. 
  • There is also aloe vera added that helps soothe the skin and heal any bruises and burns
  • With mostly natural ingredients, this is safe to be applied on your face as well as your body. 
  • The price is on the higher side but as it is light, it spreads well and the bottle lasts a long time. 


Hydrates and moisturizes the skin. 



#2 – NIVEA Moisturising sunscreen Lotion for dry skin, SPF 50

One of the most popular and trusted brands in India, Nivea Sun is a fantastic option if you have dry skin. 

  • It is not too thick and light enough to spread well. It does not leave your skin very oily or greasy, yet manages to infuse moisture and lock it in.
  •  Your skin stays moisturized throughout the day but since this is also a sunscreen it is recommended that you reapply every 3 hours or before stepping out into the sun.
  •  You can apply it on your face as well as your body as it is quite gentle on the skin.
  •  It effectively prevents tan and keeps your skin from burning. Regular use nourishes your skin well and makes it soft and smooth to touch. 
  • Priced quite affordably, this is a sunscreen lotion for dry skin that you must consider. 


Gentle on skin. 


Has to be applied 3 hours before going out. 

#3 – Khadi Natural Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion for dry skin

Created from completely natural ingredients with no added chemicals or parabens, products of Khadi are perfectly safe for long term use. 

  • The moisturizing sunscreen lotion is no exception with its concoction of the most amazing herbs and other extracts that aid in adding health to your skin. 
  • This lotion is ideal for dry skin as it has a blend of almond oil and sesame seed oil which are natural moisturizers and effectively nourish the skin, making it smooth and supple. 
  • This also has other ingredients like extracts of cucumber, aloe vera, neem and turmeric which are proven to cool down the skin and heal it. Saffron and rose are good toners and help brighten the skin.
  •  This has an SPF of 30 to protect you from the sun’s rays. 
  • The price is very affordable. This all in one lotion is something that we absolutely love and recommend it if you struggle with dry skin. 




It can be a little heavy on the skin. 

#4 – Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion for dry skin

Lotus Herbals is an Indian brand that uses natural ingredients primarily and, therefore, very safe on the skin. 

  • The moisturising sunscreen lotion has a base of aloe vera which soothes the skin and keeps it cool despite all the sun you are exposed to. 
  • Aloe vera makes this cream suitable for people of all types of skin, even if you have very sensitive skin. 
  • It moisturises well and is quickly absorbed so it doesn’t feel oily or sticky. It is light and thin and spreads well across your face and body. 
  • A little bit goes a long way. The bonus point is that this is water and sweat proof and can be suitable if you are playing sports or swimming. 
  • This product is priced competitively in the market for a premium product. 


Suits people of all skin types. 



#5 – VLCC De Tan Plus White Glow sunscreen for dry skin

The Detan plus white glow sunscreen lotion by VLCC is made for all skin types but it suits dry skin perfectly.

  •  The lotion is a little thick but spreads quite easily and gets absorbed quickly. 
  • The good thing about this sunscreen lotion is that it is free from parabens, so you can use this without fear of chemicals, every day. 
  • There is a base of aloe vera added that cools down and calms the skin, protecting you from the sun. 
  • When you use it over a period of time, you do see your skin brightening up and the tan fading as the SPF 30 protects you from sun damage and tanning. 
  • This is an economically priced product and can be used for both the face as well as the body. 


Priced economically. 


Watch out if you have sensitive skin. In this case, use a minimal amount. 

#6 – Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturizer sunscreen for dry skin

Lakmé is the Indian brand that has done us proud with its top-notch skincare products that have improved over the years. 

  • The peach milk moisturizer is a luxurious treat for your skin, especially if it is very dry. 
  • This gentle moisturizer can be used on your face as well as your body and the SPF 24 does a good job of protecting you from tanning and sunburn.
  •  It gets absorbed quickly and the peach extract nourishes your skin, adding a pleasant glow and keeping it soft.
  •  It does smoothen out the texture and brightens the skin, fading the tan. 
  • The moisturizer stays on for at least 8 to 9 hours, but if you are outdoors, do re-apply after every three to four hours. 


Stays on for 8-9 hours. 



#7 – Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Sunscreen for dry skin

Biotique is a favorite brand of many Indians, owing to the fact that they make skincare products from purely natural ingredients with absolutely no chemicals involved. 

  • This makes it very safe to be applied on the face as well as the body. The Bio Nectar is a mixture of a few ayurvedic ingredients that form a lightweight formula. 
  • This is easy to apply and gets absorbed quickly by the skin. 
  • They infuse a good amount of moisture and lock it in, keeping skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day, especially for dry skin. 
  • It comes with an SPF of 30 which is great for exposure to the Indian sun, keeping you from tanning or burning.
  •  Like all Biotique products, this is also priced nominally and can be bought off the shelves from stores across the country. 




Easily absorbed on the skin. 

#8 – Kaya daily moisturising sunscreen with SPF 30 

The rays of the sun don’t have an impact on the skin as long as you’re wearing this sunscreen and moisturizer combined product. 

  • Besides keeping your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun, this product keeps your skin hydrated at all times. 
  • This sunscreen is considered to provide the highest UV protection. 
  • After long usage of this sunscreen, you will notice that your skin is nourished and gives out a healthy glow. 
  • This is a premium priced product which is Rs. 786 and is totally worth the price you pay. 


Nourishes the skin and keeps it moisturised. 



#9 – Ayur Sunscreen for dry skin 

Ayur is a brand in India that sticks and abides by its idea to keep every ingredient in its products natural and organic. 

  • This SPF 30 enriched sunscreen does not damage the dry skin further when exposed to the harmful rays of the sun but instead nourishes it with all the essential aspects to repair damaged skin. 
  • Not only does it protect your skin it also improves the complexion of the skin and gives you a glow. 
  • It also has the ability to protect your skin from sunburn and aging which makes this product totally worth it. 


Protects your skin from aging and sunburns. 


Not easily available. 

#10 – L’Oreal Women UV perfect sunscreen 

L’Oreal has some extraordinary products for the skin and the hair. This sunscreen is one of our favorites from the list because of its effectiveness. 

  • It comes with a capacity of SPF 50 which is enough to keep your skin protected from the harshest of the suns rays. 
  • It is only normal that sometimes the sunscreen does not spread evenly on the skin’s surface. This one from L’Oreal works wonders when it comes to adding a layer of foundation for the skin and gives you a wonderful complexion. 
  • It protects the skin from dust particles and other pollutants and keeps your skin nourished at all times. 


Gives an even complexion 



The above list of sunscreen lotions is curated especially for people with dry skin. Choose from these to protect your skin and keep it healthy. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions answered:

Can too much sun damage my skin?

Exposure to the sun for beyond 20 minutes can cause damage starting with a tan. A tan shows that your skin is trying to fight the damage. A sunburn is the next level of skin damage. It can further lead to more serious diseases and ailments. 

Why is sunscreen important?

Sunburn can be quite painful and in a lot of cases, it is similar to a second-degree fire burn. It can take a long time to heal. Even if you don’t get a sunburn, constant and continuous exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer and other diseases. This can further cause you to lose your natural youthfulness and age quicker. Sunscreen can help avoid all this by protecting your skin from damage. 

What is SPF?

SPF is Sun Protection Factor. It tells you how much of the rays can pass through. The higher the SPF, the better the protection is. It saves your skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 

What SPF of sunscreen do I choose?

India is a country quite far away from the equator and the sun’s rays are not as harsh as they are in other countries. SPF 20 does the job of blocking out the harmful UVA and UVB rays quite well but if you want to be more careful, you could go for SPF 30. Anything over that doesn’t do much and may not be necessary. 

How often do I use sunscreen?

Use it 30 minutes before you step out of your home in the morning and re-apply every 3 hours if you are going to be spending time outdoors. Sun’s rays can reach you through windows and glass as well so make sure you use your sunscreen on a road trip, even if your vehicle is well airconditioned. Ideally, you should have your sunscreen between 9 am and 4 pm on a regular day. 

How do I apply sunscreen?

On a clean face, apply a toner and a light moisturizer. After a few minutes, take the required amount of sunscreen on to your fingertips and massage it throughout your face, neck and other exposed parts of your body like your arms and legs. Let it absorb for about 25 – 30 minutes before you step out. 

Use a good and reputed brand of sunscreen lotion as it is going to be absorbed into your skin and nourish it, every single day. Always do a patch test on the inside of your elbow to check for any allergies or reactions at least 48 hours before you start using the sunscreen on the rest of your body. Sunscreen is very important and a part of your skincare routine that must not be skipped or taken lightly. 

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