Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India

12 Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India 2022 | For every price & style

The one versatile piece of clothing for men is a T-shirt. Wear it with jeans, cargos, shorts or bermudas, and you can customise it to your own style. There are so many T-shirt brands these days, each one more stylish than the other. Check out our list of the Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India for all the details.

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Be it for college or for a day out with friends, or even for a casual day at work, you can choose from so many options. Read on for the reviews of the Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India:

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After having reviewed the best T Short brands for men in India based on various factors such as design, fabric, style, weave, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 13 that really stood out. T-Shirts from these 13 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best T Shirt Brand for men in India is Tommy Hilfiger. All the T-Shirts from Tommy Hilfiger are easily distinguishable due to the prominent logo, thereby elevating the value of the shirt. Additionally, Tommy Hilfiger T shirts are made from really high-quality fabric, making it extremely comfortable and easy to maintain.

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Top T Shirt Brands for men in India 2021

Tommy Hilfiger

best t shirt brands in world

This popular international brand which could only be accessed by those with relatives who lived abroad is available to us in India now, and can easily be purchased online on websites like It’s one of the Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India.

  • The Tommy Hilfiger logo is distinctive and can be easily identified, with many classic t-shirts of the brand carrying it. 
  • These are definitely premium or high end t-shirts that cost anywhere upwards of INR900. The clothes range from simple crew neck solid plain T-shirts to collared t-shirts and patterned or printed t-shirts.

The fabric these clothes are made from are of high quality and though they can be machine washed, I suggest you take a bit of extra care during the wash.

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United Colors of Benetton

men tshirt brands

UCB or United Colors of Benetton is famous for its casual clothing for men, women as well as children. The range of T-shirts by this brand is a favourite for many college boys and young men, and that is because of the stylish prints and excellent tailoring.

  • UCB T-shirts have a youthful touch to them because they use bright and vibrant colours and funky prints. 
  • The collection comprises crew neck t-shirts in solids, stripes, patterns, graphics and simple collared t-shirts with just the UCB logo which is apt for your semi-formal Fridays at work.

They are priced higher than regular T-shirt brands, but, like all UCB garments, the T-shirts are made from soft and high-quality fabric and are easy to wash and maintain.


top tshirt brands in india

Proline T-shirts are nominally priced and affordable. That does not mean that they are plain or run of the mill kind of stuff. Infact, these t-shirts are quite the opposite with trendy prints and patterns in fabrics that are durable and cuts that fit perfectly.

  •  Proline T-shirts are preferred by many men in their early 20’s or those who are in college for this reason. It’s one of the Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India.

Apart from round neck t-shirts in solids, striped collared t-shirts and printed t-shirts, Proline also has a range of sporty style t-shirts that are great for a light game of bowling or table tennis with your friends. 

Jack and Jones

luxury t shirt brands in india

Jack and Jones is an affordable, yet very trendy t-shirt and jeans brand in India. Since the time Jack and Jones was introduced in the market, we can safely say that a lot of other brands took a hit.

  • With T-shirts’ prices starting from as low as INR 350 and going up to around INR 2000, you have loads of options in various styles and fabrics to choose from. 

The t-shirts come in several sizes with a regular fit and slim fit. For daily wear, take a look at the brand’s solids and graphic tees in cotton that can be washed and worn regularly. 

Lee Cooper

best polo t shirt brands in india

Lee Cooper is sort of “the” brand to shop from for trendy casual clothes. Lee Cooper shoes are very popular but do take a look at the brand’s T-shirts and I guarantee, you will be shopping here more often. It’s one of the Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India.

  • The sizes range from small to XXL, and with options in regular as well as slim fit, you are sure to find your size in the pattern and style that appeals to you.

Lee Cooper t-shirts are also priced across a huge range, starting right from INR 300 for the solids, going up as the prints and styles change. These are t-shirts that go really well with bermudas if you’re hitting the beach or with a pair of jeans for college. 

Ajile by Pantaloons

best tshirts for men

Ajile by Pantaloons targets the younger generation – high school students, young college boys and even those who are entering the corporate world (or the world of start-ups as is the case these days).

  • Shopping from such a brand is always a good idea as you will have a huge selection of clothes that are young, keeping up with fashion trends. 

These are also priced very low to go with the “fast fashion” trend of the youth. Ajile T-shirts’ prices start as low as INR 200, so you can fill your wardrobe with loads of t-shirts and don’t have to repeat the same clothes for a while. 


men tshirt india

Levi’s is an upmarket denim brand focussing on premium quality fabric that is durable, in cuts and styles that are flattering as well as super comfortable. It’s one of the Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India.

  • The t-shirts by Levi’s are made from similar quality and have a very premium finish due to the excellent tailoring.
  • These t-shirts don’t come cheap but know that you are paying for that one of a kind t-shirt in your wardrobe that you can wear for that special date or for that casual office get together.

Pair these t-shirts with a great pair of Levi’s jeans or denim shorts, depending on the occasion, and stand out from the crowd. 


best tshirts men

Spykar is another best selling t-shirt brand in India for the young and adventurous. Lots of vibrant colours, very funky prints, styled with crew necks, long sleeves or short sleeves, take your pick. 

  • This is a mid-range brand and the t-shirts are made in fabrics that are meant to last. The style of t-shirts by Spykar go well with jeans and cargos, but you can also choose some that go with shorts and Bermudas.

Spykar has more choices in printed t-shirts than plain or solid colours, but you can certainly find a couple of solid collared t-shirts that you can wear to work or for a semi-formal event. 

Indian Terrain

best men tshirt

Indian Terrain is popular for its formal and office wear, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the range of casual wear that this brand carries if you haven’t checked it out already. Indian Terrain jeans last a really long time and can go through a lot of rough, daily wear, and the t-shirts are similarly made as well. 

  • While most Indian Terrain t-shirts make for good office wear and college wear, there are plenty of options that are stylish as well. It’s one of the Best T-shirt Brands for Men in India.

What sets this brand apart from all the other leading t-shirt brands in India in the range of sizes offered. You can get t-shirts starting from a size S right up to 6XL, which is a rarity.

Monte Carlo

casual tshirts india.

You never go out of options or choices if you’re shopping for t-shirts from Monte Carlo, especially if you love the professional look of collared t-shirts. 

  • Many new start-ups in India these days have a relaxed dress code and it’s a good idea to stock up from a brand like Monte Carlo which specialises in these clothes.

 Monte Carlo t-shirts are made from a fabric that’s a cotton blend, which does not fade easily, needs only a light iron or can even be worn without one, and is easily machine washable. The t-shirts come in sizes starting from Small and go up to an extra large.


tshirt for men

It can get quite boring when all of your friends turn up in the same kind of t-shirts. You can be different and choose some exclusive prints and patterns from Nautica, in fabrics and tailoring that is definitely premium.

  • Though Nautica was first introduced as a brand that incorporated naval prints and colours into its designs, the brand now has plenty more to choose from.

Most of the t-shirts are made from high quality 100% cotton which is soft on the body, comfortable to be worn on the hottest of days, still keeping you cool. Choose from regular fit or slim fit in your favourite styles and colours.

U.S. Polo Assn.

t-shirts india

U.S. Polo Assn has been around forever and is easily one of India’s favourite t-shirt brand. Loved by everyone from university students to office-goers, these t-shirts are high end and worth every rupee you spend on them.

  • There is also the fact that these t-shirts come in about 6 different sizes that make this brand a hit. These t-shirts are made from 100% premium quality soft cotton that drapes

well and has a finish that is unique to the brand. While the crew-neck t-shirts are solid or printed, the polo t-shirts sport the brand’s logo, giving these clothes a classy appeal.

Amazon Brand – House & Shields

tshirt india mens

House & Shields is Amazon’s home brand that is slowly but surely inching its way into India’s best selling t-shirts brands.

  •  Like most Amazon products, you can expect durability, style and good quality for prices that don’t break the bank.
  • Even though a lot of t-shirts feature mostly geometrical prints and stripes, you will be surprised at the choice you have in the unique designs and colour combinations. 

Apart from stripes, there are crew neck t-shirts in a few other patterns as well that can be worn with jeans or shorts. The House & Shields t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and are available in 5 sizes. 

How to Choose a T-Shirt? – Buying Guide

Choosing a T-Shirt might seem simple, but there’s more to it than just prints and colours. Choosing the wring T-shirt can result in your being uncomfortable or awkward throughout the day. So, please to refer to the buying guide below for all the details.


  • While it doesn’t seem important, the fit can make or break your entire look. For example, wearing a T-shirt that’s bigger and bulk may make you look bigger than usual. And of course, getting a really tight T-shirt may not work in your favor, if you’re not fit.
  • So, the best thing to do is to be honest with your self and get the best and most comfortable fit. Of course, there are things that you can look out for. For example, the sleeves should end at the bicep. Preferably, mid bicep and it should hug the arm without being too tight or loose.
  • As T-shirts tend to hug your chest and make it more pronounced, you should Ideally get a T-shirt that gently rests on your chest if your not satisfied your pectoral muscles. And if your Adonis, then, hey, Go for the tightest shirt possible.
  • The torso, on the other hand, is where a lot of people struggle with. Not a lot of brands get the torso right. T-Shirts are unfortunately not generous with those with the not too plump not too slim body type. If your slim then go for a tailored fit and if your plump then choose a bigger size that will cover the torso, without making it extremely pronounced.
  • Most importantly, the T-Shirt to end a few inches below the belt. It should not be longer than your behind.


  • The T-Shirt fabric is an extremely important factor. As T-shirts are meant to be casual wear, they should also be comfortable. And the best T-shirt fabric is 100% cotton. Not only is it soft and easy to maintain but it is also breathable which makes it the perfect casual wear. Especially in the summer.
  • Of course, there are other types of fabric as well. For example, polyester T-shirts. These don’t wrinkle or shrink and even provide a good fit as it doesn’t stretch. However, it also tends to chafe the skin and makes you sweat more.


  • While most of us don’t really think about transparency, It is extremely important when it comes to the overall look. If you end up buying a classic white T-shirt you’d better check if it’s transparent as people can see through when you walk outside. So, if you don’t want those pesky eyeballs on you, then you should invest in a darker colour.
  • The majority of the times, lighter colour T-shirts tend to be more transparent. However, it can also be the weave. If it’s loose then you’d be pretty much naked under sunlight. So, you can still wear light T-shirts as long as the density of the fabric is high.

Number of stitches

  • Forget overlooking, we never really look at the stitches, do we? However, the stitches can actually speak volumes about the quality and longevity of the T-shirt. While it won’t matter too much if you have a $20 T-shirt. It’s definitely going to matter if you spend $200. So, if you spend a lot of money or if the design is phenomenal but the T-shirt has terrible stitches, it can easily wear out.
  • Now, the first thing you need to do is check the joints of the T-shirt and check if the threads are loose or if they aren’t even. You should definitely avoid these T-shirts as they can start coming out. The majority of the time, these type of T-shirts will also lack overall quality. They tend to fade faster and are prone to ripping.


  • Colour is another vital factor. In fact, it’s the most important. T-shirts are the only type of clothing that you can experiment with and have loads of fun with. So, choose various colours that not only suit your skin tone but also other things like climate and occasion. However, T-shirts colours are highly dependent on the skin tone. For example:
  • White: White is one of the best colour primarily because it suits all skin types. This is also why all the most popular T-shirts are white. For example, the legendary Supreme T-shirt. While these are perfect for most occasion and can blend well if almost all clothing styles, it is also one of the hardest to maintain. You need to wash it separately as it can’t be mixed with other colours.
  • Black: This T-shirts also happens to be one of the most versatile. It goes with almost all clothing combinations and is just as useful as White T-shirts. The only issue is that these tend to fade faster and they can absorb more heat and make you sweat.
  • Gray: While black T-shirts slim you down, Gray can tend to enhance your body shape. So, if you want to look a little buff, go for a Gray tee.

Advantages Of Wearing 100% Cotton T-shirt

Cotton T-shirts are popular for a reason. Not only are they extremely comfortable but they are extremely easy to maintain. Additionally, they also happen to be relatively cheaper than the majority of other types of fabric. Us Indians, especially, tend to gravitate towards cotton T-shirts as it helps beat the heat. Here are some of the adavantages of wearing 100% cotton T-shirts.

  • Cotton is an extremely breathable material. So a cotton T-shirt is your friend in the summer, It’s going to keep you cool and it’s going to absorb the moisture. So, you won’t feel hot and sticky throughout the day.
  • Interestingly it also is a natural insulator. So, you can wear it during the winter without any issues. It will help keep you warm and comfortable.
  • Cotton is also one of the few type of fabric that people are rarely allergic to. So, you really don’t have to be worried about rashes and other skin issues.
  • It also is perfect for all types of occasions. For example, you can wear a cotton T-shirt to both the gym and to brunch.
  • And most importantly, it is extremely easy to maintain. Not only does it need very little detergent and water. You don’t need to put it into a machine to get rid of stains. You can actually hand wash it without too much stress and it can wring out all the dirt.

Advantages Of Wearing 100% Polyester T-shirt

Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is extremely different from natural cotton. Not only are the fibres closer but the material is cheaper as well. Although it doesn’t have the breathability feature like cotton T-shirts, it does offer many advantages. For example, the fibre is strong, not prone to stretching or breakage. However, it still is rather flexible. Most importantly, it is resistant to wrinkles and shrinking which means it’s extremely low maintenance.

One of the biggest advantages of Polyester is that it tends to dry quickly and it doesn’t absorb as much water as cotton. So, not only is it useful in the cold or rainy weather but it is also great for sports as it doesn’t absorb much sweat.

After all, you would want the moisture weighing you down when playing sports. Additionally, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Most importantly, it doesn’t stain as much cotton or smell as bad either. It is also easy to clean and can be ready to wear much faster than cotton T-Shirts.

It’s because of these advantages that it’s so popular amongst sportspeople. In addition to the moisture-wicking function, polyester also is extremely lightweight. However, it is sensitive to heat and can burn easily and fast. However, the most important advantage of polyester t-shirts is that its inexpensive and offers incredible longevity barring the dye. The dye alone tends to transfer easily. So, it’s the best machine washed separately.

So, what about cotton-polyester blends? Yes, they exist and offer the best of both worlds. Imagine the breathability and comfort of cotton and the low maintenance, cost-effective features and strength of polyester.

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