Best Tampons in India 2022

There is nothing good to feel about the days I have my period. In fact, the app on my phone that tracks my cycle reminds me a week in advance so that I can mentally start preparing. But there are certain things that can make those uncomfortable days a little more comfortable and that’s using a good quality tampon. There are several tampon brands in the market but not all of those live up to our expectations. So, ladies, I’ve done the research for you – check below for the Best Tampons in India:

Top Tampons in India 2022

Bella Tampo

Bella is a well known brand with several types of sanitary pads as well as tampons in its range, catering to every kind of flow.

The tampons by Bella are made from high quality materials and have a superior design. They are imported from Europe and are dermatologically tested for the health and safety of the user.

The tampon has a layer that is non-woven which prevents it from splitting unlike tampons that are woven. Each tampon is designed with 8 channels that help absorb the menstrual blood.

The string is fitted securely inside the tampon to ensure that it does not slide out or snap while removing the tampon.

The outer cover ensures that these tampons can be safe and hygienic in your purse and it can be easily removed by the “easy twist” mechanism.

These Bella tampons are available for four different types of flow, the “mini” for the lightest flow and “super plus” meant for the heaviest flow. 

O.b. ProComfort Tampons

If I want the best material for anything related to my reproductive system, I would rely on a gynaecologist. And that’s why I find O.B ProComfort Tampons something that I can trust. These tampons are super safe, hygienic and convenient. 

They consist of many layers compressed together to form an absorbent tight bundle. They have curved grooves to fit snugly. 

The cover of the tampons are smooth and silky and this helps them slide in easier. 

There are two types of the Procomfort tampons – one meant for average flow and another meant for extra protection during nights and for heavy flow. 

If you have never used tampons and are looking to try one for the first time, O.b. Procomfort tampons are what I suggest you start with.

 They are designed to have a natural shape that fits comfortably inside the body. However, if you have very heavy flow, it is recommended that you pair these tampons with panty liners. 

Sirona Premium Digital Tampon

I prefer wearing tampons when compared to sanitary pads or panty liners because I can continue leading an active lifestyle without any discomfort.

Whether I choose to go for a run or go out for a night of dancing, or even for a quick swim, I know that I can depend on Sirona Premium Digital Tampons.

These are very soft and have a sily smooth cover which helps the tampon slide in easily without any resistance or friction.

The rounded head also does help it go in with more ease. It comes with a protective foil which can be removed to release the string. These are non-applicator tampons and can be slipped in using fingers.

Being as small as just 2 inches, I can hardly feel it when it is worn, but it expands inside to fit perfectly.

The tampon is very absorbent and keeps me comfortable for many hours at a stretch. 

Sanfe 100% Organic Cotton Digital Tampons

Safety and hygiene are the two most important things when it comes to my period. I want to use tampons that don’t cause an allergy or infection and using the 100% organic cotton tampons by Sanfe is one good way to ensure that. These tampons are also free of chlorine, so you are guaranteed to be safe.

As you use these rayon free tampons, know that it is not only contributing to your convenience, but you are also doing the environment a favour with these completely eco friendly biodegradable tampons.

They are dermatologically tested and are free of allergens like fragrances, pesticides or any chemicals.

If you aren’t impressed yet, know that these tampons are perfect for heavy flows and are so soft and fluffy that they feel so comfortable.

In fact, they are so gentle that you cannot feel them once inside you, so they are a great option for young girls or those who are new to using tampons. 

Tampax Super Tampons

Tampax is literally a synonym for tampons, having been around for so many years. To be honest, I think I first heard the word “Tampax” and only then heard “Tampons”.

Tampax is probably one of those very few feminine hygiene products that are completely flushable and biodegradable, which is not only great for the environment but also so convenient for us, women!

There are several types of tampons by Tampax and you must try a few before you decide which one is the best fit for you.

They give you optimum protection, keeping it absorbent for upto 8 hours. This is great for those times that you have heavy flow or for use in the night.

They come with an antileak skirt that protects you from staining your clothes. These tampons come with a wrapper to keep them hygienic until its time to open them.

There is a cardboard applicator for these tampons that is good for those who don’t like tampons without one. 


Aptly named, Floh tampons are FDA approved and completely safe for use. Floh comes in two sizes, one meant for moderate flow and one for heavy flows, but you might want to use an added layer of panty liners on days that you have extremely heavy flow.

These rayon tampons are soft, with a smooth outer layer and a rounded tip for easy insertion and gentle gliding in.

These tampons are also made to expand and take the natural curve of your vagina to fit in snugly and keep you from staining your outerwear. They are quite absorbent and offer protection for at least 8 hours.

So whether you want to jog or swim, Floh has your back. As with all tampons, Floh also ensures that there is no menstrual odour as it is fitted inside you and the blood does not come in contact with air.

These non applicator tampons are designed and manufactured in India, and are very affordable. 


“Playtex” has been designed for women who “play”, or in other words, for athletes. It has been built using something called a “flexfit” technology, which makes the tampon flexible enough to adjust itself when your body moves. It gives 360 degrees protection to ensure that there are no leaks.

It has a soft and silky cover that helps it glide in almost effortlessly. This is a hypoallergenic tampon which has no artificial colours or dyes, no harmful BPA and no fragrances.

The material is also purified and washed 5 times to ensure that there is nothing that could infect you.

Since these are meant for sportswomen, Playtex tampons are made for heavy flows and the purified and compressed material makes it very absorbent. Playtex is definitely not cheap.

In fact, it is a premium brand and priced way higher than the other tampon brands in the market, but it has the reputation of having never failed the wearer.


Manufactured in Italy with premium quality material, Organyc brings us some uber soft cotton tampons that are simply perfect for light flow. I usually prefer using these tampons on the last couple of days of my period.

As I always believe, health is the most important and Organyc ensures that with the 100% purely organic cotton that is used in these tampons. I also feel like I’m doing my bit for mother Earth with these biodegradable tampons.

They have been dermatologically tested for use in sensitive areas. These tampons have to be used with an applicator.

They are completely hypoallergenic and are free of toxins, chlorine, parabens and fragrances, keeping away rashes and infections.

These cotton tampons are fluffy around the edges to feel more comfortable and the soft cover helps them glide in easily. 

Masmi Chlorine Free

Chlorine and bleach did nothing good for your body so why should a product that is in contact with an intimate part of your body have it?

Masmi tampons are free of chlorine and dioxin, and are completely safe, so you don’t have any uncomfortable rashes or infections.

It is also free of any fragrances that can trigger an allergic reaction. The tampons themselves are made from pure cotton that is so soft and super absorbent. There is absolutely no plastic in it, and the outer covering is silky smooth cotton.

These tampons slide easily and are so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing it.

The string is tightly sewn into the tampon for easy removal. These are imported from Spain and made from the highest quality organic material.

Each tampon is packaged individually, so you can drop it into your purse and carry it with you, without fear of it getting contaminated. 

We care about your hygiene and we know you do too. We hope this list has helped you make your pick.


Bella is one of the best and safest tampon and hygiene brands in the world for women to use,

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