Best TikTok Alternatives In India 2022

India saw a hype in enacting and living the glam life with the massive entry of TikTok. As much as the app hooked the entire country’s millennials, it’s ban came abruptly, leaving the youth devastated. But fret not, here are some of the best tiktok alternatives in India that come as a relief to those part of the once big thing. While some of them are apps like titok made in India, others are feasible and already a part of the trend across the country. Check out our curated list. 

Top TikTok Alternative Apps In India

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Lomotif Link on Play Store Link on Apple Store 
Chingari Link on Play Store Link on Apple Store 
Rizzle Link on Play Store Link on Apple Store 
LIKELink on Apple Store 
Triller Link on Play Store Link on Apple Store 
KWAILink on Apple Store 
FireworkLink on Play Store Link on Apple Store 
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Mitron TV Link on Play Store 

#1 – Lomotif 

Lomotif is one of our top picks because of how widely it is used around the world. Created in Singapore,it is one of the sharpest editing apps out there that allows you to make super cool and creative videos without much effort. 

  • This has been made especially for iOS and launched its Android version very recently. 
  • They have categories of special events which can allow you to create videos for birthdays and other special occasions. 
  • Another fun aspect of this app is that you can have a whole lot of GIFs and other animations which makes it super collaborative. 
  • You can also flaunt your photography and videography skills by taking up hyperlapse and other cool features. 
  • The only drawback is that the videos can only be about 15 seconds and it also cuts the video into a square while uploading on Instagram.
Exceptional editing skills. Duration of videos only till 15 seconds. 


App store 

#2 – Chingari 

This is an Indian app just like TikTok which the youth are preying on after the ban after TikTok. It has made headlines for making millions downloads per hour which comes as a huge spike in such a short time. 

  • This is available on iOS and Android giving a surge to the downloads reaching 3.5 downloads. 
  • You can login to the app by signing into your gmail account in addition to which you will have to fill in your other details such as age and gender. 
  • Besides this, it is a free app and can be easily accessible by everyone. 
  • The content this app supports are Marathi. English, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. 
Pros Cons 
It includes a lot of regional languages. Reviews complain about the structure of the app. 

App Store 



It is a Singapore based app which was launched after TikTok and has made quite the impression even when the latter was around.
– The highlight of using LIKEE is the visual effects and 4D magic which attracts the youth’s eye.

  • One thing to look out for is that this app is more compatible with Apple products rather than on Android. But the app has promised to be more Android-friendly in the upcoming updates. 
  • It is careful about avoiding inappropriate content, which is something that people are concerned with when it comes to these kind of apps. 
  • It also has a parental lock which allows children to be a part of this as well. 
  • It has a huge variety of languages that can be promoted using hashtags and other promotional gestures. 
Great visual effects and language variety. Consumes battery. 

App Store 

#4 – Triller 

Triller is a New York based app which encouraged a lot of Hollywood celebrities like Selena Gomez to embark on this app. 

  • This is a musical app which allows you to explore a lot of songs and music videos by famous artists. 
  • It has a whopping 60 MIllion downloads rate which is a huge deal for such an app. 
  • It has over 100 plus video filters which makes the whole experience more engaging and fun. 
Pros Cons
Huge variety and unlimited songs. Not user friendly. 

Play Store 

App Store 

#5 – Rizzle 

Rizzle is one of the monetized apps out there that people have embarked to make bucks. 

  • While there is a premium membership option out here which allows you to earn while making your videos, it also has a free version which is feasible to everyone. 
  • The videos over here can be shot in a professional manner with a huge range of sound effects and B-Rolls. The output of each of these videos is of high quality. 
  • This is purely an Indian app which is still making its name, hopefully it will shoot up. 
One of the best Indian apps to make money. Censorship disables a lot of content. 

Play Store 

App Store 

#5 – Firework 

This is solely an app that is aimed at branding and advertising which includes options to purchase products through this app. 

  • The aim of this app is not to boom to success but has a more mellow and subtle side to it. For instance, unlike TikTok there aren’t comparisons but more of a form of storytelling which we think is fantastic. 
  • They have challenges in the app which allows you to earn money depending on how you perform. 
  • They have a strategy of reviewing accounts when they are being registered. This can be a pro given the safety measures they are taking and a con for those who want to get on there just to have fun. 
High quality content. Might take time for the account to be activated. 

Play store 

App Store

#6 – Dubsmash 

Dubsmash is technically the first of these apps that has over 100 million downloads and is pretty old. It is a German-based app which was released in 2014. 

  • This is primarily used for lip-sync and also allows them to shoot videos of themselves which is something TikTok does not support. 
  • It follows Snapchat’s style of watching or creating videos in split style. 
  • It does not pertain to only one source for the content but goes wide like into TV, music, and movies giving the users a fun experience.
Huge variety of content. Not much privacy controls. 

Play Store 

App Store 

#7 – Mitron TV 

Mitron TV is a short video editor which is made in India and has had 17 Million downloads in two months of launching. Although this app has had to go through a lot of allegations about where it was created, it has managed to get followers. 

  • One thing Mitron is known for is that it’s not a developed app but a readymade one. 
  • Like the other apps, this one is also known for its wide range of sharing of interesting videos and creating new videos for entertainment purposes. 
  • It is best suited for Android phones and has seen an increase in Play store downloads. 
Easy to download. App store does not support.

Play store. 

#8 – Funimate 

We would say that this one is much better than TikTok and offers a whole lot of options for users like creating videos with so many effects. 

  • This one has a lot of well known songs that you can find on the video library based on which you can create your own videos. 
  • It has over 20 advanced effects which will help you enhance your online presence with super cool videos and content. 
  • You can also merge videos and create a certain sense of illusion which is not always possible on TikTok. 
  • The main aim of this app is to create viral videos and be in the loop of new video content creation. 
Possibility to make money. It hasn’t been developed much. 

Play store 

Insite of the sudden ban on TikTok which was one of the largest platforms in India for the millennials, we hope you can make use of these apps to do the same and exhibit your talent and be acknowledged for it. 

#9 – Instagram Reels

And now for the most popular of them all.


We all know that Instagram is and always has been the most stayed on platform. Even before TikTok made an appearance.

So watching TikTok take up the limelight instilled inspiration for Instagram which led to the dawn of Instagram reels which has been used so popularly that it is not even considered as a tiktok alternative anymore but an entity on its own.

Besides having an impressive following, the algorithm works in a way which pushes videos that cater to trending hot topics followed by other SEO practices like hashtags and choice of music or track.

What app is replacing TikTok?

Tiktok having given a great user experience by providing a platform to many artists to explore their talent and showcase it on various platforms, many apps have followed its footsteps. But Triller is the only app to have matched TikTok’s features and is now serving as the alternative app, 

Is there a kid-friendly version of TikTok?

Funimate is a safe place for your child where the content is limited. The best part about encouraging your child to use this app is the filers that are available. Some apps might be overwhelming for parents due to adult content and inappropriate usage of these apps. Funimate is perfect for children. 

Is Triller better than Tik Tok?

The prime difference between the two apps is that Triller automatically edits the videos and makes through AI and makes it easy for the user whereas in TikTok the user has to stitch together the content they have shot. If you are someone who wants to customize your videos and provide a more extravagant content then TikTok is the one for you. 

If you are looking for an easier way to get content then triller is the one. 

Is TikTok dangerous?

Recently Forbes has declared that TikTok can be a source of security risk where so many users in the US have been warned about the app and the insidious impacts it can have. When it comes to the content there are no notable risks that you need to watch out for other than to steer clear away from bullying. 

Is TikTok banned in India?

Yes. The Indian government had banned 58 Chinese apps including TikTok.  

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