best true wireless earbuds 2020

Best True Wireless Earbuds (Airpod alternatives)

Apple was the first to introduce Airpods in 2016 alongside iPhone 7 but those who don’t own an iPhone. Airpods 2 has also launched now with quite some improvements.

However, the market is flooded with its competitors, which is what we will focus on and show you some high-quality Airpods Alternative, that gives you best sound quality, comfort and less expensive.

Top True Wireless Earbuds 2020

Personally, I just don’t like or want to indulge in Apple products and ecosystem, so I love finding alternatives that are high quality, reliable and great companies (my type of adventure) – here’s an update from my personal 2019 choices of which two of them really stood out.

1. Earfun Earbuds

Earfun Free airpod alternatives - Best true wireless earbuds

Thank god I saw an ad for this on indiegogo in their early days – this is a great type of comfortable wireless earbuds that go above the ear (instead of under) and the seamless connectivity was wonderful to use for the last 6 months

The charging case, the immediate connectivity as soon as you remove it, the touch use cases were the main pros. Main con was the microphone and unable to use on calls properly. 

Purchased at ~40$ in May 2019, got it in a few weeks (yeah shipping takes 2-3 weeks to india) and worked like a charm till November end of 2019 after which one earbud stopped working. 

Wrote to customer care and they just asked for a small video showcasing the issue and then they are sending in a replacement immediately, which was not really not expected so I’m quite happy with the product and customer service overall. They are trying to grow a company with some great products and if you are in no hurry to get a new product, I’d highly recommend trying their products surely.

2. Tagg Zero G Earbuds

Tagg ZeroG airpod alternatives - Best true wireless earbuds

Thanks to Cred App for showcasing me this great brand and product that finally makes something similar to Airpods and works like a charm without having to worry about quality, fitting and battery life. 

Here’s my personal review:

  1. Audio – Used it primarily for songs, audiobooks & podcasts – pretty good quality, has good bass too and does the perfect job here for it’s pricing, nothing too premium nor too cheap.
  2. Fit & Quality – It fits right it as in any airpod but is slightly protruding from the outside and felt slightly loose, but after a couple of times got used to it and it never ever fell off till now. Tested it in the gym, during a 5K run and even tried wearing it on my bike with a helmet on and it worked perfectly (not recommended though!)

    Also, love the touch-based controls of tapping on either left/right for play/pause, accepting/rejecting calls and holding it for increase/decrease in sounds. 
  3. Battery – So far so good, easily lasting more than 6+ hours as I haven’t even charged it once after receiving the product. The charging case automatically keeps charging & does the job very well. This in itself, is a no-brainer for the purchase. 

You can get it on Amazon right now or from the Tagg official website. Use the cred app for a 1000 INR voucher for Tagg website or use the former for a quick purchase with some existing discounts already

4 Best true wireless earbuds

I know how much time you have spent going through this post but it’s time to hit the nail on the head (Time to list 4 best Airpods Alternative) you can buy right now.

1.RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earbuds

This is one of the best Airpod alternative offering similar features which includes 5hrs of uninterrupted entertainment from a single charge + 20hr charging case with fast charge (15mins = 2.5hrs). It also comes with Sweatproof and water resistant to IPX5 certification for durable performance.

Features & Design

RHA TrueConnect is compatible with ios and Android, equipped with Bluetooth 5 version design to take of poor connectivity and increase sound quality. The digital assistant control enables you to communicate with your Airbud while providing clear sound quality when listening to music or answering calls.

The size of your ear doesn’t matter, the earbud is designed to comfortably fit any size of the ear while giving you the power to wirelessly control your music and calls.

Sound Quality

You will enjoy the best sound quality that RHA TrueConnect delivers. designed with Foam & silicone ear tips that make sure that the sound enters your inner ears.

2. Jabra Elite Active 65t

Jabra Elite Active 65t is another great Airpods alternative that let you enjoy an active lifestyle with secure fitting earbuds that provide dependable in-ear stability. You can take your music, calls, and sports indoors or out throughout the whole day with up to 5 hours of battery life and a total of 15 hours with the included charging case.

Features & Design

This earbud doesn’t look exactly like the Apple Airpods but looks small and powerful with the best features you can get. The power to control your music and calls with ease and up to 5 hours unlimited fun.

Sound Quality

Jabra elite active 65t is among the third generation true wireless earbuds that deliver best sound quality and let you experience the true wireless stability. Easy to take calls and listen to your favorite music without any form of dropouts

However, it has a customizable equalizer that let you tweak the way it pleases you while offering one-touch access to Amazon Alexa, Siri and google assistant.

3.  Samsung Galaxy buds (Best Airpods Alternative)

Recently Samsung took a bold step to release the next generation of true wireless earbuds that looks and works similarly to Apple Airpods.

Galaxy Buds was released alongside the Galaxy S10 smartphone San Francisco as a successor to the old Gear IconX that came into existence back then in 2016.

Features & Design

Galaxy Buds features a refined design that makes it compact to comfortably fit into your pocket or with the rest of your belongings.

And yes, Galaxy buds are not inferior to Airpods. They both have a charging case, and as well compatible with Samsung wireless PowerShare feature that made it possible to charge the buds wirelessly with any Galaxy S10 series.

However, Galaxy buds come with Bluetooth 5 for best connectivity and as well looks smaller but powerful to do most of the magical things that Airpods does.

Sound Quality

The Galaxy bud is not only great when listening to music following the acoustic specialists sound by AKG. Helping Galaxy Buds to deliver incredibly rich, High-Resolution live sound with hands-free calls and voice assistance.

4. Sony SP700N True Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones

Sony is always among the best when it comes to both wired and wireless headphone of any time and you should expect the best from them.

WF-SP700N’s truly-wireless earbuds that let you listen to your favorite music tracks with Bluetooth connection and NFC while enjoying complete freedom from that unwanted wires.

Features & Design

This Earbud is designed for sports and exercise, offering intense workouts in rain, or even sweat with IPX4 compatibility and In-Line Mic that enables hands-free calling. However, it offers a strong battery life up to 9 hours with the carrying case.

Sound Quality

Sony SP700N does not only brings out the best sound quality but adds extra bass to boost the audiophiles quality. It comes with ambient Sound Mode to stay aware of surround sound.

In other words, one of the most interesting features of this earbud is the noise cancellation that allows you to enjoy nothing but a clear sound from your music or calls.

Why go for truly wireless Airpods Alternative

There are different types of headphones but AirPods are designed to change the way you use headphones. If you are still not clear on what type you need. Then check out why true wireless headphones are the best.

You have complete freedom

No need to wear those wires around your neck or restrict your movement because of some connected wires that will end up making you uncomfortable.

Modern technology

No matter how small Airpods looks, they are powerful and equipped with modern technologies such as active noise cancellations, water resistance, and audio transparency.

Moreover, some Airpods have the capacity to automatically connect and disconnect when necessary

Portability and Confort

They are tiny earpiece that can easily be taken from one place to another without even noticing it. You will feel more comfortable wearing it compared to other in-ear wireless headphones.

Enhanced Sound quality

We always have a doubt whether wireless headphones can match up with wired type when it comes to sound. But modern technology has taken Bluetooth connectivity to the new era that you hardly notice any difference.

Cons – Battery and Longevity

The battery backup no matter what has been said reduces with time and the longevity is affected every time you charge a wireless device. This post broke it down very well and showcased the issues Airpods early adoptors had to face. So it should ideally be good for 1.5-2 years of use at times since these are early product and still developing, which is a decent time frame to change your headphones.

This comparison table will help you find more suitable Airpods alternative, find the similarities and differences.

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Earfun is one of the best brands for the best technology and works best for those who are particular about a decent budget.

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