Best Water Purifiers In India 2022

Clean water is a basic human necessity, you will agree. Unlike many other countries, the water in India is not clean or pure enough for consumption directly without boiling and filtering. In times like these, it is essential to be aware of the best water purifiers in India.

Water purifiers use Reverse Osmosis technology that filters water through a membrane and removes impurities. The modern and high-tech purifiers of today use UV light to kill the bacteria and viruses that are present in the water after passing through the RO membrane. You will also come across filters that have a lot of additional features like mineral enhancement but overall, water that comes out of a purifier is safe to drink. 

Top Water Purifier Brands in India 

Water purifiers Max capacity
Eureka Forbes 7 L
Havells water purifier 7 L
Kent water purifiers 8 L
Blue stars water purifiers 10 L
Faber water purifier 7 L
HUL water purifier 8 L
Hindware water purifier 7 L
AO smith10 L

#1–Eureka Forbes Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes is a name that needs no introduction. Popular for all their home electrical appliances and reputed for their durability and after-sales service, this brand’s “Aquaguard” has become synonymous with water purifiers in India. 

  • The “Aquasure” by Aquaguard runs on electricity but has an auto shut-off mode once the tank is full.
  •  It can hold 7 liters of clean water at a time, after going through a multi-step purification process.
  •  It is wall mountable and the material it is made out of is food-grade plastic, making it safe to store water for long periods of time. 
  • There are indicators to show you if the tank is full. 
  • The purifier looks sleek and neat, with a tap that is easy to use for the water outlet. 


Water can be stored for a longer period of time. 



#2–Havells Water Purifiers

Havells is another popular brand in India, something most of us are familiar with. 

  • This comes in a unique design and a beautiful sea green colour. 
  • This 7-litre capacity purifier comes with LED indicators to let us know when the tank is full. 
  • It can be wall-mounted and installed easily. 
  • The water goes through a dual filtering system that involves Reverse Osmosis first and then subjected to purification through UV. 
  • There is a mineral cartridge that corrects the PH level of the water before it is sent to the tank for consumption. 
  • There is also a revitaliser that makes the water molecules biologically active so that the minerals can be absorbed easily.  


Easy installation and good storage capacity. 


Slightly pricey. 

#3–KENT Water Purifiers

Another popular brand, Kent, manufactures water purifiers that can be wall-mounted and easily installed, at a distance of not more than 3 meters from the water source. 

  • These have a transparent design that is quite interesting; it’s like you can see what’s happening inside the machinery! 
  • These have a capacity of 8 liters and can purify up to 20 liters of water in an hour. 
  • We like the fact that this has been certified by the Water Quality Association in 2016, assuring us of the product we are buying. 
  • When we tested this purifier out, we saw a huge difference in the TDS level of the water output. 
  • The service extended by Kent after sales is quite commendable. These come with a one year warranty. 


It has a high storage capacity. 


It can be quite heavy. 

#4–Blue Star Water Purifiers

The water purifiers by Blue Star have a minimalistic design, appealing to those who like it simple and clean. 

  • This is a big tank that has a capacity of 10 litres. 
  • There are several indicators on this machine that alert us on the purification levels, the tank capacity and if the UV fails. 
  • Weighing about 8 kgs, this purifier can be easily mounted on a wall and installed. 
  • Blue Star has a technology employed, called “Aqua Taste Booster” that enhances the taste of the water by ensuring that the pH levels of the water are maintained at an optimum. 
  • A useful feature is the “child lock” tap that prevents accidental wastage of water. 


Prevents accidental wastage of water. 



#5–Faber Water Purifiers

This sleek and modern looking water purifier by Faber is a big tank that can hold a capacity of 9 litres. 

  • Water that flows through this goes through an eight-step purification process including reverse osmosis and UV purification. 
  • There is also a mineral addition process that they call “Wellness Enhancer”, that, as the name suggests, ensures that minerals are added for our wellbeing.
  •  It also makes the water taste better.
  •  When you buy this online, you will get a free external sediment filter that comes in very handy. 
  • This product by Blue Star comes with an auto shut-off feature to save excess power consumption and a 12 month warranty period.  


It comes with an additional mineral process. 

Saves power. 



#6–HUL Water Purifiers

Hindustan Unilever is another reliable company in India manufacturing water purifiers that are efficient and durable. 

  • The Pureit Marvella is designed to be sleek and elegant in white with a black tap and with a storage capacity of 8 litres. 
  • Water is purified through 7 stages that include RO and UV.
  •  The mineral cartridge installed adds minerals to the water to enhance it. It also makes hard water softer through the TDS removal process.
  •  There are LED and water level indicators.
  •  The filter has a pretty long life and doesn’t have to be changed until it hits 6000 litres. HUL installs this free of cost and gives you a one year warranty. 


Installation is free of cost. 

Good warranty period. 


It might take a long time to get the water purified because of the keen process. 

#7–Hindware Water Purifiers

The water purifiers by Hindware are stylish looking machines in a glossy black and white finish. 

  • They have a convenient space to place a glass or bottle while filling it up. 
  • The downside is that this tray keeps falling off, but it’s still a nice feature to have while using the tank. 
  • These purifiers put the water through a 7 step process to purify it. The addition of minerals to the water is also taken care of, for enhancement. 
  • The TDS removal works very well and reduces the content in the water. 
  • After-sales service and installation by Hindware are efficient as the executives are quick and responsive. 


Quick and responsive executives. 


The tray in the purifier keeps falling off. 

#8–AO Smith Water Purifiers

AO Smith water purifiers are high-end machines that can either be mounted on a wall or placed on a table. 

  • These expensive purifiers are stylishly designed and attractive to look at.
  •  It employs a Silver Charged Membrane technology that has antibacterial properties.
  •  It also uses another technology, ART, that reduces the wastage of water. Apart from filtering water through the RO process, these purifiers also add essential minerals for good health, like calcium and magnesium. 
  • The capacity of this tank is 10 litres. 
  • A good feature that this purifier has is the provision of instant hot water. 
  • You can get water at two temperatures, one at 45 degrees and one at 80 degrees


Looks attractive and sleek. 

Adds minerals



#9–Bepure Water Purifiers

BePure water purifiers use a stainless steel tank to store the water that makes it very safe for long term use. 

  • The purifiers use RO technology and UV to purify the water with the addition of minerals for better health. 
  • This water purifier also provides us with the option of getting hot or cold water, making it very quick and convenient. 
  • The cold water temperature is usually at around 20 degrees while the hot water can go up to 90 degrees, making it perfect for those tea and coffee lovers for a hot drink instantly.
  •  Each of the tanks stores about 1-litre of water while the general capacity of the regular water tank is 7 litres. 


Gets water at different temperatures. 



#10–Konvio Water Purifier

Konvio Neer Amrit water purifiers are neat looking machines that come in two colour options – blue and black. 

  • They purify water through the RO process and a Philips UV lamp. The TDS very efficiently makes hard water softer.
  •  The capacity of the tank is 8 litres. 
  • This comes with an app that can be used on your phone to access the digital service records. 
  • Do note that the company charges for the installation of this machine. 
  •  The machines sold online come with free accessories like a pre-filter and a pipe. 


Has a good storage capacity. 


There is an installation fee. 

Water filter or water purifier?

A Water filter works to filter out impurities that can be seen by the naked eye. They don’t work on killing the bacteria or viruses. Purifiers, on the other hand, get rid of the microbes as well. 

There are plenty of well-known brands and some have been around for ages giving us clean water to drink day after day. Go through the list below for details on some of the best water purifiers available in the Indian market, today. 

Which type of water purifier is the best? 

Like we mentioned before there are different types of water purifiers which you can choose from based on your usage and the number of people. 

But we have a winner! Reverse Osmosis ( RO technology) is the most effective method to purify water which has higher levels of TDS. 

What is better Kent or Aquagaurd? 

According to our research, Kent beats Aquagaurd and we will give the reasons. Kent has a deeper water purification system than Aquagaurd. Even though Aquagaurd is known widely in India for the range of water purifiers that is just because the brand offers a wide variety of purifiers. When it comes to the working of the water purifiers, Kent is definitely the better one. 

What should you look for in the water purifier you want to buy?

  • A purifier than can soften water and make it safer to drink
  • A brand that has good after-sales service
  • Easy to install

How to make use of reject water in water purifiers?

The only disadvantage that we see to using a water purifier is that you end up wasting a lot of water. In general, at least 600-700 ml water is wasted in order to give us 1 litre of cleansed and purified water. However, you can collect this water separately and store it for washing utensils or clothes. Here is how. 

Using a water tank for the wastewater in the purifier to be accumulated is an important step into conserving water for other uses. Doing this will help you serve your other purposes which require water. You can wash utensils, floors, and clothes using this water which will save up your regular water supply for vital activities. 

That’s the comprehensive list of the best water purifiers you can find in India, today. If you’re wondering if water purifiers are worth the money, we are sure that they are. There is nothing more important than your health and water carries some of the most dreadful diseases around. Clean water is something that you simply must not compromise on. 

Today we don’t have the time to boil water to kill the germs, cool it and filter it before drinking. Water purifiers make our lives really easy by doing all that work through modern technology, so why not use it!

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