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Best Weightlifting Belts In India 2022

“When nothing goes right, go lift!”

This is a quote you will agree with, otherwise, you would not have come to this page. The kind of pleasure weight lifting gives us is unmatchable- the rush of adrenaline, the feeling of success and the satisfaction can overcome any pain of the day. But, to do this right, weight lifting belts are a crucial item. 

If you’re a seasoned lifter or a professional bodybuilder, chances are you already know the difference a good belt can make in your workout regime. If you’re a newbie or a lightweights champ, trust us, you definitely need a good belt to give you that support to push you to the next level. You’re on the right page for all the details about the best weight lifting belts in India simplified. 

Top Weightlifting Belts 2022

First of all, why do you need a powerlifting belt?

Imagine a hollow drum that you want to load. You keep adding weight from the top, little by little and continue doing so. At some point, the drum is going to crack at its weakest point. 

This is how our bodies function as well. For most of us, the weakest point is the core or midsection, which is the lumbar and abdomen portion. Now, go back to the drum and imagine this: We wrap the weakest part of the drum with something tight to give it enough support and hold it upright so that it can take more load. The weight lifting belts serve the same purpose for us as well.

  • They take on the load, giving you the energy to lift a little more.
  • They also help straighten the back and improve posture by squeezing out the air from the belly during a lift by holding the core tight.
  • Needless to say, wearing a belt with good support makes you feel invincible like you can lift the heaviest weights in the world!

There are plenty of brands easily available at different prices, making it difficult to decide which one to buy.

 Read on to discover the best weight lifting belts in the Indian market, and choose the one best suited for you.

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belts

Weight lifting belts by the brand Fire Team Fit have the best ratings in any e-commerce site and that’s no surprise to anyone who’s tried them. 

  • With great support due to the way it is built and the padding around the lower back region, this belt is perfect for both, people who are just starting out with their weight lifting or those who have been lifting for a while. 
  • This belt is made for people of all waist sizes, starting from 32 inches.
  •  Using top-notch quality velcro, this great looking belt does not slip or move once secured well around the waist.  


The quality of the belt beats many of the other products. It also stays put when wrapped around the waist. 

Comes in different sizes. 


The cost is a little higher given the unmatchable quality of the weightlifting belt. 

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Aurion Weightlifting Belts

Aurion is one of the most familiar brands in the fitness industry with its wide range of products, being used in commercial gyms as well as homes. In fact, name the equipment, and they sell it! 

  • This weight lifting belt by Aurion is made with leather that’s very soft to touch. – 
  • It’s available in different sizes but we suggest you size up as they tend to run a bit small. 
  • Great for powerlifting, they offer good lumbar support if you order the right size. 
  • Like all Aurion products, these belts which are double stitched and fitted with buckles are reliable when it comes to their life and durability. 


Sits well given the strong quality of the weightlifting belt. 


 The weightlifting belts tend to shrink in size. 

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APRODO Weightlifting Belts

The Aprodo powerlifting belt is made from tough and long-lasting nylon that’s been tested and proven to be able to offer support for heavy-duty workouts. 

  • The belt is secured with velcro and is completely adjustable to tighten or loosen to ensure it sits comfortably during the lifts. 
  • The different sizes available can fit waists of 26 inches upwards.
  •  This is great for both light lifters as well as heavy weight lifters. 
  • The foam padding and contouring cushion and support the lumbar area and fit the abdomen snugly to improve the posture.
  •  Available in different colours, this is a premium product that’s priced on the higher end. 


It is great for heavy workouts because of its lasting nylon material. 


It is pricey. 

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Kobo Weightlifting Belts

The Kobo weight lifting belt is an excellent option for beginners or light weight lifters. It feels really soft as the finish of the belt is good. 

  • This is made from a top-quality synthetic material that is double stitched which ensures it lasts long. 
  • The belt is secured using strong velcro. 
  • It’s contoured to sit well on the back and offer support. 
  • The padding offers ample support for lighter weights but may not work great for professional lifters. The downside is that the width on the abdomen is not broad enough. This is available for people of all waist sizes. 


Offers great back support and the double stitch proves a long lifetime. 


May not be of much use for professional lifters. 

Not enough width on the abdomen side. 

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Protoner Weightlifting Belts

A brand that’s familiar if you are a regular gym-goer is Protoner. 

  • These weight lifting belts are made with foam board cloth and can be secured using a strong, yet simple to use Velcro.
  •  Available in different sizes, these are made to fit waists from 26 inches upwards. 
  • The belt is very sturdy and hugs the back and waist comfortably to offer support and prevent injuries. 
  • It’s stiff enough to offer good lumbar support while lifting weights.
  •  Priced nominally, this weight lifting belt is value for money. 


Minimally priced. 

Prevents injuries. 


May not be suitable for newbies. 

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XTRIM DURA Belt Weightlifting Belts

XTRIM weight lifting belts offer the best support for professional bodybuilders and weight lifters. 

  • Made from resistant and tough leather, XTRIM promises that this belt does not bend or break. We tested it out and it lives up to the promise. 
  • The inside is lined with suede which is double stitched to guarantee its longevity. 
  • The width and the padding are perfect for supporting the back and abdomen during those sudden jerky moves while lifting, thus preventing strain and injuries. 
  • The belt is secured with buckles and the finish is super-premium, keeping up with the cost. 
  • It’s available in several colours.


Tested well to prove it does not break or bend.


The material may be too strong for those just starting out.  

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Nivia Supreme Gym Weightlifting Belt

The Nivia supreme gym belt is meant for bigger waist sizes.

  •  Made from superior quality material, this weight lifting belt is one of the best you can find in the Indian market. 
  • Because of the extra padding, this belt hugs the back and outlines it well, providing the support a heavy weight lifter needs during the reps. 
  • The straps are adjustable as they have strong velcro attached.
  •  As Nivia is a reliable brand name in the industry for their long-lasting products, this gym belt lives up to its reputation.


Adjustable straps and great quality of the material. 


Pricier than other weightlifting brands. 

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USI WT Lifting 4 Padded Weightlifting Belt

USI is a reputed premium brand manufacturing fitness equipment that is widely used in gyms and fitness centres across India. 

  • This weight lifting belt is 4 inches broad and made with strong material that’s sure to last a long time. 
  • It’s built to fit comfortably and hug the back and abdomen.
  •  The lumbar region has ample support because of the padding given and the way this belt is constructed.
  •  It’s secured using buckles. 
  • Wearing this belt during squats, deadlifts and presses can help avoid injuries. 

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PS Pilot Weightlifting Belts

A good weight lifting belt in the budget price range is the PS Pilot. 

  • This belt is ideal for lighter lifters as it’s not as broad as what would be required for heavy lifters. 
  • The padding inside the belt is sufficient to protect you against injuries while doing basic lifting or deadlifts. 
  • This belt is secured with buckles which are helpful. 
  • These are available in different colours, so take your pick!


Best pick for light lifters. 

Available in a wide range of colours. 


It would not be suitable for heavy lifters. 

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Facto Weightlifting Belts

This weight lifting belt by Facto is made from genuine cow leather that is tough by nature but soft to the touch. 

  • There is a suede lining with foam padding to provide adequate support to the lower back area.
  •  The buckles help tighten the belt and push out the air from the abdomen, helping maintain posture, especially for heavy weight lifters. 
  • The quality of the stitching is excellent, ensuring us of its long life. Facto is a premium brand priced accordingly, but the finish and the durability of its products make it worth the money spent. 
  • Available in big sizes, this belt is useful for those with huge waists. 


It is sure to be long-lasting and stands true to its price. 


Not suitable for heavy weightlifters. 

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Hard Bodies HB-B104 Weightlifting Belts

One of the most established brands in the fitness industry, Hard Bodies is well known for its range of equipment used both commercially as well as non commercially. 

  • This weight lifting belt is made with three layers of high-quality leather which ensures the life of the product. 
  • It’s heavily padded, offering fantastic support and posture for the lower back and abdomen.
  •  This is ideal for seasoned lifters as it can help handle sudden jerks and moves. Provided with buckles, the size of the belt is adjustable. 
  • The belt is priced on the higher side and has a premium look and feel to it. 


The perfect pick for seasoned lifters as sudden jerks don’t reflect on the body. 


Price can be slightly high. 

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Best Weightlifting Belt Brands

Although you have the clear choice of the best weightlifting belt brands in India, it may be difficult to choose from it given the specifications. Here are some of the aspects you could consider while choosing from weightlifting brands.

Best Weightlifting Belt For Women

Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight lifting belts
Element 26 Self-Locking Weight lifting belts
ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout weight lifting belts

Best Weightlifting Belts for beginners

Hard Bodies HB-B104 weightlifting belt
PS Pilot weightlifting belts
USI WT Lifting 4 Padded Belt

Do weightlifting belts really help?

Using weightlifting belts while working out can be a source of safety as it stresses on your lower back and gives it more security. It helps you be in a straight position without faltering when you are doing your workout session. 

Most workouts require your body to have a straight and a constantly upright posture. Wearing the weightlifting belt can help your body be more aware of your posture and gives you a better posture even when you are not working out. 

When should I start using a weightlifting belt? 

Given the fact that a weightlifting belt increases intra abdominal pressure to keep your body upright, there is no one answer on when you should start wearing it because at the end of the day it does help your posture and gives you a safe workout session. 

If you are someone who lifts heavyweights, then we suggest you start wearing a weightlifting belt. Constant lifting can stress on your lower back and wearing this is just a relief and a safer way to workout. 

Can you lift more weights with a belt? 

The main function of a weight lifting belt is that it puts pressure on your intra abdominal muscles so that does not boost your capacity to lift but makes sure you are well protected and capable of doing them without hurting yourself or inflicting strain on the muscles. 

Using weightlifting belts can take your gyming process to the next steps. We hope this article helped you figured

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