Best Whey Protein Powders in India 2022

Whey protein powders help in building your body and giving you a certain tone especially if you are working out or have the sole aim of keeping fit. With the right amount of protein and nutrition your body will go through the changes, you are expecting. But for that, you need to know exactly what kind of whey protein powder suits your bodily needs. 

So we have taken the liberty to research and review some of the best whey protein powders in India. Check them out!

Top Whey Protein Powders in India 2022

BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey powder 

Whey powders are seldom used by certain gym enthusiasts because of the underwhelming taste it comes with. 

SYNTHA strikes that off by giving you an exceptional taste and a thick texture which will make you crave more. 

It is enriched with glutamine which means your heart condition will be strong and you will have no issues in the longer run. 

You can use low-fat milk with this to get the utter milkshake experience and savour every morning for an energetic day ahead. 

It comes only in one flavor – chocolate but reviewers have time and again made it a point to affirm that this is yummy! 

Pros Cons 
Comes in a tasty flavor that is easy to consume. Only one flavor is available. 

Optimum nutrition whey protein powder 

Have you been on the never ending pursuit on putting on some body weight and build those muscles? 

Well, here’s a shortcut. 

Gold standard whey protein is a perfect blend of glutamine and glycolic acid which means your body has the right balance at all times. 

The weight of this protein powder box is about 2.5 kg and costs about Rs. 2000 which is totally worth it when compared to the other brands. 

The presence of BCCA is another major factor for the protein powder’s effectiveness on the body and how much weight you are putting on. 

The exciting part about this brand of whey powder is that it comes in 12 yummy flavors each of which has its own following. 

Pros Cons
Comes in 12 yummy flavors. Slightly expensive

Muscleblaze raw whey protein powder 

Whey protein powders although super effective on the building of the body can be quite hard to absorb or digest. This raw whey powder is the perfect solution for such a sensitive bodily reaction. 

Each serving of the whey protein powder is about 30 gms which can be easily digested and absorbed by the body for super quick effectiveness. 

Compared to the ones already on the list and the others out there in the market this is priced on the affordable side. 

Besides helping to build up your body and give you body mass, it works well in healing torn ligaments. 

One thing we can vouch for sure is that those who are struggling to gain some weight can find this protein powder really beneficial. 

Pros Cons 
Great for those who are trying to put on some weight. Might not help those who are trying to shed some weight. 

AS-IT-IS nutrition whey protein powder 

This whey powder consists of 12 amino acids which work really well in giving the body the right kind of stamina for daily activities. 

It has about 1.5 g per serving which is the right amount for some quick and effective body building. 

This whey protein powder is safe to consume considering it does not have additional coloring or preservatives. 

The only downside of this powder is that it does not have flavor so it could be hard if you are sensitive to the raw taste of the whey powder. 

Pro tip

You can add the whey powder with juice and milkshakes for a better taste and easy consumption. 

Pros Cons 
A considerably good quantity of protein and goodness. No flavor. 

Isopure whey protein powder 

By serving over 25 g per serving this whey protein powder has proven to be one of the best supplements for those who are trying hard to maintain and tone their body. 

Isopure has made sure that this protein powder is free from gluten and carbs and has a balance in the protein and amino acids that work to strengthen your bones. 

It comes in two flavors which included the chocolate and coconut flavor although we complete love the coconut flavor. 

One serving with this whey protein powder is equal to having soy, milk, egg and other cereals for breakfast which is extremely filling. 

The pricing is slightly on the higher side costing about Rs. 5000. 

Pros Cons 
Exciting flavors. Expensive. 

Dymatise elite whey protein powder

This is especially great for those who are continually perservering to maintain their body shape. Each serving of this whey powder is 23 g which is minimal and enough for you to maintain your vigor. 

The whey powder steers clear from excess fat and carbs and works the right way for all bodily needs. 

You can fit in 63 servings with each jar which means it can last for about 2 months. 

It comes in three exciting flavors including rich chocolate, gourmet vanilla and fudge chocolate. 

This is an incredibly tasty drink after your workout sessions. 

Pros Cons 
Lasts for a long time. Costly 

MuscleTech whey protein powder 

The main aim of this protein whey powder from Muscle tech is to repair broken bones and give you a defined structure in terms of your body. 

The powder is filled with creatine which works effectively in enriching and giving your body a nice and strong structure. 

Each serving of this protein powder is worth 43 g which is minimal and yet enough to strengthen your bones and give you the right strength for your daily workout sessions. 

This protein powder comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor both of which are our favorites!

Pros Cons 
Has a unique taste. Not easily available. 

Sinew nutrition Instantised whey protein powder 

Sinew whey protein powder is considered on of the best and most popular selling brand among gym enthusiasts and body builders since it has been available easily. 

Each serving of this protein powder is worth 32 g which works into giving your muscles a new profound strength and give your bones proteins. 

The best part about the whey protein powder is that it is flexible enough to take in any form including milkshakes and even cookies. 

You can either take this before or after the workout session. 

Pros Cons 
Can be taken in any form without the strong taste of the powder. Not easily available. 

Ultimate nutrition prostar whey protein powder 

This is one of the best protein powder available for both gaining and losing weight. It can be found anywhere because of how popular it is in the Indian market. 

Each serving of this powder is worth 30 g. 

The combination of essential amino acids is the highlight of this protein powder. 

Another major pro of this powder is that it comes in 12 different flavours including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. 

It costs about Rs. 5000 which is worth it considering that it has a tasty flavor. 

Pros Cons 
Has a wide variety of flavours available with this brand. None. 

Muscle Blaze beginners whey powder

Yes, we are aware that Muscle blaze was already on our lit. 

But this one is for those aspiring to build your body and start those workout sessions. 

The lack of sugar in this whey powder is great for boosting your immunity. This energized powder is a great source of energy after your tedious workout. 

It is worth 12g per serving which is quite minimal. Since it is a beginners product, it gives you time to ease your body into the body building process before you can start strong. 

It costs only Rs.999 which is the cheapest on our lost given it caters to beginners only. 

The only downside so far is that it cannot be taken for those who are looking for body building and getting into intense workouts. 

Pros Cons 
Great for beginners and is cost effective.      None.

How do I choose protein powder? 

Choosing protein powder has to be based on what kind of difference you want to make for your body in terms of bodily changes. 

If you are a work out enthusiast then there are a set of protein powders that will work wonders on your body and guide you through it. But if you are on the other side of the spectrum and still easing your way in, you will need to choose something a bit more subtle so that your body can acclimate. 

We hope that this above list is gentle to your body and does the job of building your muscles or keeping your body toned. 

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