Best Whiskey Brands in India

20 Best Whiskey Brands in India | January 2022 Update

Looking for the best-tasting whiskey? Check out list of the Best Whiskey Brands in India!

If you are a connoisseur of beverages, I am sure you have your collection of Whisky brands that take top spots in it. Have I guessed it right? Well, I personally love whisky for being such a perfect beverage for every season and every reason. I love it in my cocktails and I love it during get-togethers. I just love whisky, period.

Another point to be noted is how Indian whisky brands have slowly but steadily grown as the first choices of many connoisseurs here and abroad. I think we have some of the best brands of whiskey and they sure give the scotch whiskeys a run for their money. Indian whiskeys are also easy on the wallet and no wonder it is the choice of millions across all states of India.

I have, however, listed out 20 brands of the best whiskey brands in India from both budget spectrums. I hope you enjoy this comprehensive blog and share it with your fellow whiskey lovers too. 

Let’s pour, err. I mean roll shall we?

After having reviewed all the whiskey brands in India based on various factors like taste, ingredients, alcohol content, method of preparation, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 20 that really stood out. These 20 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best whiskey brand in India is Chivas Regal 12. Although it is relatively expensive, it one tastiest whiskeys in the country. This is a malt and grain blend which is aged for 12 years. Additionally, it offers an exquisitely rich and fruity taste with notes of vanilla, honey & rice apple. Most importantly, it is distilled in the heart of Scotland.

Best Whiskey Brands in India

Chivas Regal 12

whiskey in india

The name Chivas evokes a different kind of emotion in whiskey drinkers in India. It is known as a status symbol for many and a matter of taste for the rest. I prefer the Chivas Regal 12 years to celebrate special occasions or achievements. 

This blended scotch whiskey is blended masterfully with the finest malt and distilled in the renowned Chivas distilleries in Scotland. I particularly like Chivas for its smooth taste that you can savour minutes after gulping it.

The flavor profile of this whiskey comes from the blend of malt and grain with a maturity of 12 years. It is touted as one of the best whiskey brands in India for its rich and fruity palette with flavours that are highlighted by notes of vanilla, honey and ripe apple. 

Approx Price : 3600 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8.5/10

Flavour and Taste: 9/10

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Ballantine’s Finest

good whisky in india

If you are looking at a no frills blended scotch whiskey, Ballantine’s finest is the right choice for you. I love it for its unrivalled taste and for having a reputation of being a classic blend. What you will notice right from the beginning is the whiff of sweet aroma of honey, with a hint of spice and pleasant vanilla.

The pricing is considerably low considering the quality of this whisky. It is one of the best whiskey brands in India for this combination. If you want a whiskey that delivers the right punch. Go for the Ballatine’s finest. 

Ballantine’s finest has been on the list of the most sought out brands of whiskeys in India consistently while being one of the highest selling scotch whiskeys globally. Balentines is one of the smoothest whiskeys that I’ve ever hadn

Approx Price: 2820 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 9/10

Flavour and Taste: 8.5/10

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The Glenlivet

best whiskey brands in india

One of the finest single malt whiskeys in the United states, The Glenlivet holds a special place to whiskey connoisseurs in India as it has been gifted through the generations. My fondest memory of this whiskey is my when my Dad’s friend gifted him one.  I was in awe of the color and the packaging. 

The Glenlivet 12 year old is known for the soft balance it invokes with summer fruits and floral notes. Being a single malt, the flavors of oak, vanilla, apple juice and honey is bound to send your taste buds racing with the first sip. It is distilled in the Glenlivet distillery which also happens to be the first officially licensed whisky distillery in Scotland. 

The region where this whiskey is distilled is one of the main reasons for its popularity in India. People who love their whiskey know what the region, The Speyside, means. It is one of Scotland’s most revered whisky making regions.

Approx Price : 4550 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 9/10

Flavour and Taste: 9.5/10


best budget whiskey india

Another legend from the Speyside region, Glenfiddich is one of the premium whiskeys enjoyed by whiskey lovers in India. The choices they offer make it for a good collectors item too. They begin with standard 12 years to up to 21 years old which is part of their premium range. As all imported whiskeys, Glenfiddich is priced differently depending on the state you live in.

The 12 years standard whiskey which is most popular in India is aged for a dozen years in carefully selected new oak barrels made by American or Spanish wood. The taste is truly refreshing with sweet and fruity notes. Glenfiddich is my go-to whiskey after a good day as the high it gives is soothing and relaxing

I personally like the iconic green color of the bottle which makes it all the more desirable. The fact that it has all the Speyside characteristics, it is no surprise that it has won many accolades in whisky tasting competitions. 

Approx Price : 6000 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8.5/10

Flavour and Taste: 8.5/10

Seagrams 100 Pipers

If there is one Whiskey I trust in India, it is the Seagram’s 100 Pipers. This smooth blended scotch whiskey is my go-to brand for any occasion. It doesn’t matter what occasion, I prefer the 100 Pipers for its gentle smoky taste however I didn’t find it as smooth as other whiskeys on the list.

With a rich fruity and woody aroma along with the fruity nature and a hint of smokiness, it is well suited for the Indian palate. 100 pipers is a full-bodied blended scotch and it matches the flavour profile of most Indian cuisine too. It enjoys quite the following in the urban Indian whiskey drinkers for its taste and pricing. This shows as it is featured as not just India’s but the world’s best selling scotch whiskies. 

Approx Price : 2060 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 7/10

Flavour and Taste: 8.5/10

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson deserves a special mention owing to its Irish blend. I absolutely swear by this crisp whiskey that comes in a beautiful golden hue. I can go on and on about the color and the taste but let me start with what makes it so popular in India.

The Jameson Irish whiskey is a wildly popular whiskey for firstly being one of Ireland’s finest exports. The second reason why Indians love it is for the triple distillation that gives this whiskey an incredible finish and a smooth taste, a little too smooth for some of my friends’ liking but I really love Jameson.

The flavor ranges from spicy, nutty to hints of vanilla. I love the fact that you get a mellow finish with every sip you take. The brand has stood the test of times and has time and again dominated the world whiskey sales.

We Indians love Jameson as a cocktail mixer, or even just as a chaser or a shot. The price ranges from each state in India but nevertheless the popularity of Jameson in India has always shone bright. 

Approx Price : 3100 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 9.5/10

Flavour and Taste: 8.5/10

Jack Daniel’s

The undisputed leader in American Whiskey most popular in India has to be Jack Daniel’s Old N0.7 Tennessee Whiskey. I am sure all of you, well atleast the adults have had a JD and coke once in your lives. I love the combination sometimes but I kinda enjoy Jack Daniels with ice most of the time.

It holds the title of the world largest selling American Whiskey and one of the best whiskey brands in India. It is a premium whiskey but is loved by the young and old alike. It is popular for its versatility as it can be mixed with cola or can be had neat too. The sweet and smooth palate along with butterscotch notes and oak finish has a unique taste that has made its mark in pop culture.

No wonder it has won seven gold medals as a mark of its quality and taste. All this writing has made me want to have a swig of JD right now.

Approx Price : 4950 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8.5/10

Flavour and Taste: 9/10

Johnnie Walker Black Label

If you have been to a birthday celebration in a club or a pub in India, you are bound to see a Johnnie Walker Black Label being gifted or opened. Isn’t it?  It is one of the most loved blended scotch whiskeys in India. It is one of the most desired whiskey brands across generations. 

It still holds good amongst the many others in the same category. The Black Label is synonymous with being a no-nonsense, smooth and smoky scotch whiskey that even non drinkers in India know about. 

Even though it comes under the premium segment the pricing is just right making it a choice of many regular drinkers. In fact I know a few people who only drink Black Label. It is their only choice and rarely do they shift to other brands. 

Approx Price : 4250 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8/10

Flavour and Taste: 9.5/10

Jim Beam Black

The black edition from Jim Beam, is another crowd favorite apart from the original Jim Beam Bourbon. I love the black edition bourbon whiskey for being slightly more mature at 8 years and the strong taste when you compare it with the standard bourbon. 

Jim Beam being rated as one of the best bourbons in the world is reason enough for its popularity in India. We Indians also seem to like the refined flavours of vanilla, caramel and corn. 

I also love the complex hints that pack a full bodied flavor thanks to the extra ageing. What else would you need, right?

Approx Price : 4350 INR

Alcohol % – 43% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8/10

Flavour and Taste: 8.5/10


Glenmorangie is an exceptional single malt scotch whiskey from the stables of the reputed Glenmorangie Highland distillery in North Scotland. I would say this whiskey is worth every penny or should I say, every rupee you pay for it.

This aged whiskey delights me and my friends whenever we sip on it. It is not just us, it is revered as one of the best single malts there is by all whiskey enthusiasts. The taste is mellow and creamy to say the least. It has spicy notes that give you the right amount of buzz. 

To put it all together, Glenmorangie like most of the Speyside distilleries is a medium body whisky that is clean and superbly well balanced. This is achieved as the Glenmorangie Highland distillery prides itself on owning the ‘tallest copper stills in Scotland’. 

For all these reasons, this whiskey truly deserved its spot in the list of best whiskey brands in India. The sales have always been high in India and it is slowly winning heart over the much loved The Glenlivet.

Approx Price : 9000 – 12000 INR

Alcohol % – 43% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8.5/10

Flavour and Taste: 8.5/10


Aged in American oak casks, this single malt whiskey is a complex flavor that ranges from sweet and pear palate with hints of rocky notes and red fruit flavors.

It has always been one of the best whisky brands in India for its intricate smell and the complex flavor notes. I love the warm, citrusy and pepper finish and It goes really well with the spicy Indian food I relish.

I would recommend this to all whiskey lovers if you haven’t already tried it out. It has its own unique identity and you cannot miss it. The brand also has the distinction of being the only distillery on the Isle of Skye making it the best of Islay single malts.

Even though it lacks the mass appeal in India because of the price point, it still is very popular amongst most patrons who love their single malts.

Approx Price : 6250 – 8000 INR

Alcohol % – 45.8% ABV

Level of smoothness: 9/10

Flavour and Taste: 9/10

Black Dog Reserve

A blended scotch whiskey, Black Dog Black Reserve’s roots can be traced back to 1883 and Scotland. The land of scotch whiskey. The brand is now owned by United Spirits Ltd, who are in turn owned by Diageo LLC.

It has a niche market in India based on its pricing and unique blend. It has a reputation of being a rare but remarkable taste. It is aged meticulously and made from malt and grains whiskies from scotland.

The amber colored liquid has an intense aroma and the flavor profile is of matured wood, rich malt along with sherry notes. It makes for a good gift if you are visiting friends and family. 

Approx Price : 7500 – 8000 INR

Alcohol % – 42.8% ABV

Level of smoothness: 9/10

Flavour and Taste: 9/10

Dewars 18

If you like premium whiskies that are blended to perfection over a long time you are at the right place. Dewar’s 18 is one such whiskey that is bound to get some appreciation in a circle of whiskey connoisseurs . 

I love the bottling, the way it is showcased in shops and of course the way it tastes. It has been on top of the best whiskey brands in India time and again and I picked it up after a lot of deliberation from my friends. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The 18 year blended scotch is creamy to say the least. Its subtle smokiness cannot be missed and lingers on your tongue for a while. It won the gold medal at the 2012 International Wine & Spirits Competition. It has a fan following among the older or more experienced whiskey drinkers. My dad loves the taste and is stuck to the brand from a while.

Approx Price : 8500 – 9500 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8/10

Flavour and Taste: 8.5/10

Monkey Shoulder

smooth whisky in india

A legendary mix of different single malt whiskies from some of the best Speyside distilleries like Kininvie, Balvenie, and Glenfiddich amalgamate together to produce this masterpiece called Monkey Shoulder. 

It is one of my favorites and I was lucky enough to be gifted by my dear friends. Of course, we all had savoured every little bit of the bottle. The flavor palate is so smooth, even someone who doesn’t usually drink whiskey can give it a shot. 

I feel it is one of the easier scotch whiskies to drink with its sweet caramel flavor along with a distinct orange zest and vanilla notes. I would recommend Monkey Shoulder scotch whiskey to all of you who want to marry the fusion between a fun and premium whiskey. 

And with a name like that, which signifies an injury that maltmen would endure hand turning barley with their dominant hand resulting in their shoulder drooping on one side. This sure had to make it my list of best whiskey brands in India without a doubt for this reason alone.

Approx Price : 4200 INR

Alcohol % – 40- 43% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8/10

Flavour and Taste: 9/10

Amrut Fusion

India’s answer to the whiskey drinking world. Amrut fusion is one of most popular whiskies exported out of India. We as whiskey lovers should laud this fact. 

It is manufactured and distilled in Bangalore’s Amrut Distilleries. Amrut Fusion is made from barley grown in North-West India and has the distinction of the first-ever single malt whiskey made in India. The whisky that is aged in New American Oak and ex-bourbon barrels have a nutty taste with hints of fruit and malt.

I should also mention the malty and buscuity taste that hit you first as you sip on it. There are many variants from the same distillery but I recommend the Amrut fusion as it was listed amongst the world’s finest whiskeys in 2010 by whiskey connoisseur Jim Murray in his whiskey bible. 

Approx Price : 3300 – 4600 INR

Alcohol % – 45% ABV

Level of smoothness: 9/10

Flavour and Taste: 8/10

Black & White

top whisky in india

Another personal favorite of mine for everyday drinking and when I meet up with friends is Black & White. I love the blend of fine malt whiskies with quality grains and Black & White is one such blend. 

This blended scotch whiskey has a dry sugary fruit taste with notes of young oak, vanilla, caramel and lemon. I love the bottle and the trademark symbol which was created from Inspiration derived from a dog show by the creator James Buchanan. This whisky brands in India is great to drink casually.

This exquisite whiskey is popular in India for its high grain content which is similar to the Teachers HIghland Cream if you need a comparison and that is quite popular. I prefer drinking this with water or on the rocks. What is your style? It is also popular among the young and old whiskey lovers for its affordable pricing and the smooth taste.

Approx Price : 2400 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8/10

Flavour and Taste: 8/10

Teacher’s Highland Cream

If you are into budget whiskies that have class, look no further than the Teacher’s Highland Cream. It is one of the best whiskey brands in India as it has never dropped from the top 5 Indian whiskey brands in India. Maybe in the recent past it has lost the race to 100 Pipers but it has its very own fan following.

I count it as a dependable brand that never lets you down. You need this whisky to lift the mood instantly when among friends or family. If you want to enjoy a drink of two at the end of a tiring day, you can always consider the Teacher’s Highland Cream. Teacher’s is a good Indian whiskey to consume.

The spirit has a smoky undertone that is rich but you get a deep flavor and smoothness. I would recommend this whiskey as a summer time drink. The blend boats of more than 30 whiskies that include both malt and grain variants. 

Approx Price : 2300 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 8.5/10

Flavour and Taste: 8/10

Vat 69

Contrary to the name, VAT 69 is a blended Scotch whisky and is not to be confused with vatted malt as it was known as earlier. This is another favorite of Indians across states and Union territories and enjoys a loyal following from regular whiskey drinkers.

The pricing is right for the upper middle class and it is them who need a drink after a day at the office. The taste is well-balanced too with a distinct sweetness from the vanilla along with malt and grain notes.

The standard blended Scotch segment in India is an extremely competitive one due to its price sensitive nature, and VAT 69 is one of the brands that have done well in the country. I personally love the smooth nature of the whiskey and prefer it with cold water or ice and pair it with chicken or fish. It’s the top whisky in India.

Approx Price : 1500 – 1850 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 7.5/10

Flavour and Taste: 7.5/10

McDowell’s No.1 Platinum

new whiskey brands in india

A premium grain-based whisky brand, McDowell’s has been around in the Indian Market for more than 30 years. It was and is known for its packaging which had a octagonal base earlier but the platinum range is different.

McDowell’s is reasonably priced and is available throughout India, this makes it a popular choice and one of the best whiskey brands in India among Indian whisky enthusiasts. The platinum range has a well defined taste made from a blend of Indian spirits and some well selected scotches. McDowell’s is the best budget whiskey India.

Approx Price : 1600 – 1850 INR

Alcohol % – 40% ABV

Level of smoothness: 6.5/10

Flavour and Taste: 7.5/10

Royal Challenge

whisky brands

Another local favorite in the southern states of India, Royal Challenge is also famous among the Royal Challengers Bangalore cricket team fans. The brand is has given tough competition to regular whiskey brands with its packaging and pricing.

It does well when you compare it with grain whiskeys in India. Introduced in 1980s by the Shaw Wallace group. The higher proportion of molasses-based spirit in the blend will not suit suit everyone’s flavor palate but I kinda like it. What about you?

The brand might have faced a backlash when Royal Stag and Blenders Pride entered in the 1990s but has gained popularity since the Royal Challengers Bangalore Team has been formed. It’s a good whisky in India.

Approx Price : 720 INR

Alcohol % – 42.8% ABV

Level of smoothness: 7/10

Flavour and Taste: 7/10

How To Drink Whiskey:

Whiskey can be consumed in several ways. Before drinking the whiskey, make sure to smell it by pouring into a glass and sniffing it. The sniff will give you an idea of alcohol content, distillation etc. You can also sip and swallow to taste the whiskey and have a better idea. 

If you’re a regular whiskey drinker then you can go for a neat drink, which is straight without any addition. Usually whiskey is consumed on the rocks- with ice cubes. You can also pour yourself water to dilute the whiskey and enjoy it sip after sip. 

Benefits of Drinking Whiskey: 

Drinks like whiskey are often seen as health-deteriorating drinks that don’t have any benefits. But what if i tell you that Whiskey has a lot of health benefits if consumed in limited quantities. It’s important to note that over-drinking can be dangerous to health and should be avoided at all costs. 

  • Weight loss– Drinking whiskey aids in weight loss and increases energy. Whiskey is the best drink to consume if you’re on your weight loss journey as it’s a low carb drink. It also decreases cravings for sugar intake. 
  • Prevents Stroke– One shot of whiskey each day can help you get rid of clot (ischemic) stroke. It helps in regular blood flow. 
  • Stressbuster– Whiskey acts as a stressbuster as it reduces tension and anxiety. It also helps you sleep better because of its sedative properties. 
  • Aids digestion– Try a shot of whiskey after having your meals as it helps in easier breakdown of food particles and helps in proper digestion. 
  • Prolongs life– death rates are lower in whiskey consumers than in non-drinkers

 Prevents diabetes– Whiskey reduces type-2 diabetes as it regulates insulin levels.

Best Whiskey Brands in India: FAQ

Which is the smoothest whiskey in India?

Chivas Regal is amongst the smoothest whiskey in India. It has fruity flavours of apple, cinnamon, vanilla and honey.

Which is the strongest whiskey in India?

Amrut Fusion is an Indian home grown whiskey that’s extremely strong. It has an ABV content of 50% and is named after a mix of barleys to create this whiskey.

Is RC whisky good?

Royal Challenge whiskey is one of the smoothest and is graceful to enjoy with friends and family. It gives no hangover and has a good taste as well.

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