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Best Cash Counting Machines In India 2022

Looking for some Best cash counting machines in India? Check out here for some amazing cash counting machines in India.

Cash counting machines are electronic devices that can count the currency notes automatically and are also called currency, bill or note counting machines. Whether you wish to count cash in stacks or as loose notes, these machines can do a quick and fool-proof job so that you save time and do not lose money due to human error. 

Banks, shops, hotels and other businesses dealing with cash will find these machines very useful to ease their operations. Especially wherever the money transaction is higher, cash counting machines will prove to be of immense help. 

In the banking sector, cash counting machines have revolutionized the process of counting huge amounts of money that are deposited into banks by customers.

If you feel cash counting machines are useful to your business, you must first know the different types of cash counting machines, the features they come with, their prices and advantages so that you can make an informed decision in picking up the right ones. 

Here I have researched through the gamut of cash counting machines to curate a list of the best cash counting machines in India that stand out in terms of their performance, features and price. You will also have some useful information about cash counting machines at the end of this write up including a buyer’s guide on how to choose the best cash counting machine in India. 

Best Cash Counting Machines In India

Metis Mix Value Currency Counting Machine

Metis is one of the most reliable brands to buy cash counting machine. This is a mix note value counter that counts currency of mixed denomination with a fake note detection feature. The machine gives red signal while detecting suspicious notes, fake notes, half notes, double notes, old notes, soiled notes and double notes. 

Best Cash Counting Machines In India

This easy to operate product also has technologies like ir-cis scan, uv+mg+ir+mt+dd+3datic counterfeit detection. The counting machine displays the total number of notes in each denomination at the bottom of the machine in addition to giving the total value of the notes stacked. 

The special LED screen aids in clear display. This is an ideal cash counting machine for shops, restaurants, banks, traders, merchants, retail shops, malls, clubs, and offices. You will find the Add and Batch functions of this machine very useful while counting cash.

Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine

This machine can continuously work for about two hours and works with the currency notes issued by the Reserve bank of India. This cash counting machine comes with uv detection, mg detection, euro and USD detection features. 

The display color changes if there are errors in the notes and this machine also has automatic currency feeding function. The other useful features of this machine are automatic counting, automatic self-checking and preset counting. 

Best Cash Counting Machines In India 2021

This machine has a counterfeit alarm prevent clamp and is depended on for half notes detection, and double currency detection. The counting speed of this model is 900 currency notes per minute. This machine comes with an ergonomic design that bestows an elegant looks to this device. This is an easy to use product in the mid-price segment suitable for all cash counting environments and giving the best value for your investment.

SToK ST-MC01 Note Counting Machine

This cash counting machine can count around 100 pieces per minutes and is useful to count currency notes of all denominations of INR including 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000. This device can also detect fake or counterfeit notes. 

Best Cash Counting Machines

The different functions of the machine are automatic start, stop and clearing ably combined with batching, adding and self-examining functions. When the UV and MG buttons are in the ON position, the machine can detect fake notes, half notes and double notes. 

The capacity of the hopper is 300 pieces and the stacker can hold up to 200 pieces. This is not a value counting machine and hence displays only the number of notes counted. The design of the machine closely follows Indian standards and the machine works on advanced technology to work flawlessly. 

You can set the machine in auto or manual mode as per your convenience. The device is compatible with older as well as newer versions of currency notes.

Ooze Currency Counting Machine

India's best cash counting machines

ooze is one of the most popular brands for cash counting machines and a common choice for majority of buyers across different industry segments. This cash counting machine can work with most currency types. 

The machine features automatic UV and MG detecting facility and comes with adding and self-examining functions Automatic start and stop batch features aid in an easy operation of the machine.

The display is 8-8 LED type and there is also a separate extension display. This machine can detect half notes, double notes, fake notes narrow notes and broken notes. The technologies used in fake note detection include magnetic sensor, UV sensor, and watermark sensor. 

The ultraviolet detection accounts for the automatic detection of the counterfeit notes. This machine can count 1000 currency notes in a minute. The machine is operated with the micro touch switches on the control panel. 

The capacity of the hopper and stacker are 15mm and 30mm respectively. The count range of this device is up to 999 notes.

Swaggers Black Cruze Note Counting Machine

This is one of the most versatile kind of cash counting machine featuring some of the latest features and functions for counting currency notes. You can bank on this machine to count all kinds of INR currency denominations including 10, 20, 50,100, 200, 500, and 2000. 

The machine also has manual value feature and the color changing LCD display can alert when fake notes are detected. The device can detect half notes, chained currency notes and double notes automatically. 

The automatic fake detection technology works with ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared. The different functions you find on the machine are automatic start, stop, batching and clearing besides automatic adding and self-examination display functions. 

Machines for cash counting

The manual value feature is a very useful convenience you find in this machine. This machine can even detect new currency fake notes. The fast and accurate counting speed is 1000 notes per minute. Feeding can be done either in auto or manual mode.

Godrej Crusader Lite

A product from Godrej, Crusader lite is one of the most popular and the best options in the cash counting machines range in India. This loose currency notes counting device can also detect fake notes. 

Some desirable features in this currency notes counting machine are Big TFT screen display, auto start, auto stop, and auto clearing. Fake notes detection happens aided by some advanced technologies including ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared. 

Best cash counting machines in world

Counterfeit note detection works only when the UV and MG buttons are on. Users will find the batching, adding and self-examination features a definite plus in this machine. The machine also automatically detects half note, chain note and broken notes. 

Made especially for use in India, this machine is compatible with all the new and old currency notes issued by the RBI. Faithful to the quality assured by Godrej offerings, this currency counting machine is highly noted for its assuring performance and useful features. 

TVS Electronics Cash Counting Machine

A very popular and quality offering by TVS, TVS Electronics cash counting machine is one of the best options in the cash counting machines segment in India. This is one of the most suited currency notes counting devices for heavy duty operations. 

This is a superfast currency notes counter with a speed of 1200 currency notes in one second and hence this machine belongs to the fastest notes counting machines available today. The machine has an in-built display and can support batch function. 

Cash machines for counting

The machine is suitable to count both old and new notes and works in automatic count mode. The self-checking is an interesting and useful function in this machine and the maintenance is highly user friendly which again accounts for its popularity. 

Highly depended on for an error free counting, this mid-price range device can save your time thanks to its many automated functions.   

Best Cash Counting Machines In India: FAQ’s

Are cash counting machines accurate?

In majority cases, currency or cash counting machines do their job accurately thanks to the advanced technology that make them fool-proof and less prone to errors. 
These days, one another feature you will find very useful in these electronic devices is the fake note detection technology. If you want to ensure their counting is accurate, it is a good idea to run the counting with the same machine once again. 

How to rule out the errors while using a money counting machine?

To ensure that the counting by a cash counting machine is accurate, you must first stack the currency notes in the right order without any folds. When you wish to run the counting for the second time, it is a good idea to stack the notes in a different position so that even the remote chances of errors can be ruled out.

How to choose the best cash counting machine In India?

The plethora of options you will find in the cash counting machines segment is good enough to confuse you and make your choice a tough job. Therefore, to guide your buying decision, consider the following points in the machine you will pick up. 

Counting options
Cash counting machines provide three types of counting options like just displaying the number of notes inputted (counter counting), number of notes along with total value (mixed bill), and separating different denominations into different trays (bill sorter).

Machine type
The two types of cash counting machines are battery powered and electrically powered. The former is portable but can count lesser number of notes. The latter is electrically powered, works faster and can count larger number of notes.

Fake note detection
Majority of the latest cash counting machines have the fake note detection feature. However, some might not have this facility. These machines have the sensor to identify fake notes, double notes, damaged notes, and half notes and alert you.

Counting speed and hopper size
Counting speed refers to the number of notes the machine can count in one minute. The range available today is between 800 notes to 1500 notes in a minute. Also look into hopper size so that the machine can count more number of notes within a little time.

Software update
Always buy counting machines that can support software updates from time to time since the government might announce any changes during an unexpected hour. 

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Godrej Crusader Lite

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