It’s true that no one can see what you wear inside, but that shouldn’t stop you from being stylish and comfortable inside as well. After all, the best kind of person is one who is beautiful inside and out. That’s why one must pick one that makes you feel secure and requires the least readjusting. Being comfortable in your own skin starts from here.

Here’s an unpopular opinion: Men are pickier than you think about what underwear they wear. It is the first thing they put on and the absolute last thing they take off. It’s got to be the best. So, it’s a rather important topic I think, no? 

So, men, whether you’re looking to get more comfortable, or you simply want to update your underwear drawer, you’re at the right place. We’ve created a list of the best brands of underwear you can find in India.

Top Underwear Brands for Men in India

#1 Jockey

Unsurprisingly, Jockey is the first one on our list. If you can’t decide, you can always trust and fall back on our most-loved brand. It’s comfortable, obviously, but they go the extra mile and make label-free underwears for all-day comfort. 

Jockey’s briefs and trunks come with a double-layered contour pouch to make sure you’re well concealed everywhere. These use super-combed cotton material that makes them stretchy and snug around your below-trunk area. In fact, they use Elastane Stretch Fabric such as lycra or spandex to give you extra room. So, even if you think you’ve bulked up a bit, you have some time before you buy new sizes.

If you’re a boxer person, prepare to be blessed with two pockets and roam around as if they’re shorts (although, you probably shouldn’t). There’s only one difference in the material — these don’t use Elastane. All the Jockey underwear come in a variety of sizes, colours and prints.

#2 Hanes

Hanes’ underwear is undeniably durable. They’ve been gaining the trust of its customers for multiple decades now. I think the most important thing they bring to the table is that all their underwears include a leg band that prevents it from riding up without causing discomfort. These underwears are unbeatable in terms of comfort, fit and style. 

The Hanes underwear come in a variety of styles – boxers, briefs and boxer briefs.  Hanes is one of the few brands that makes long leg snug boxer briefs.

They’re excellent for people who’re prone to experience chafing in the inner thighs region. Their material uses a freshening and wicking technology that actually proves to be very beneficial. Say hello to sweat free long days of work.

You know you’ll never get uncomfortable and irritable if you’re super dry down there!

#3 Lux Cozi

I have two words. Fashionably comfortable. This baby is purely Indian bred. Who’d know how to create men’s underwear for men better than the innerwear moguls of India. There’s a reason they have over 5 lakh retail outlets throughout India.  

The first thing to take note of with these is that all of LUX Cozi’s underwears are made with 100% super combed cotton. You’re going to experience an itch-free, super-easy day with these.

They come in two styles, briefs and boxer briefs. Their 100% cotton feature makes them breathable and airy. They come in sizes that range all the way from XS to XXL.

They all come in assorted colours with waistbands that are truly comfortable around your waist. Lux Cozi underwears are one of the most affordable of the lot.

#4 Dollar Big Boss

While we’re on the subject of Indian brands, let’s talk about the Dollar Big Boss underwear. Like the name suggests, Dollar, it’s truly a value for your money. The front fly of the underwear made by Dollar is functional and made to provide optimal support. 

The material used in creating these is about 94% cotton with a mix of 6% spandex. In addition to that, the super-soft waistband has firm elasticity that will hang around your waist with grace.

There’s a limit to how many styles of underwear one can make, but not with Dollar. They make mini trunks, cotton briefs, long boxers, lycra trunks and what not! It’s a bargain!

#5 Calvin Klein

The origin of Calvin Klien underwear was a gamechanger for experiencing the comfort of inner-wear. It is this brand that realized and executed what men wanted in their underwear. For it to not cover up all the way up to the belly button. It can get quite unforgettable with the inseam riding up. 

Calvin Klein underwear is classy, clean, bold and most of all, makes you feel confident. They are a work of art.

These are made with a blend of super-soft cotton and the right quantities and stretchy elastane. Their look is enhanced with a hunky waistband that goes all around. In addition to that, I can vouch for the material and quality. A single pair will last you a good time, my friend. Solid trunks or cotton briefs, it’s your choice!


Wearing Levi’s underwear would feel as if you simply had a second skin all along. Its super-soft cotton blend makes it feel like a seamless part of your body, ensuring comfort all day long. The fabric is breathable and avoids dampness and stickiness on humid days and sweaty nights. They have an antimicrobial quality that also keeps it odour free and leaves you feeling pleasant.

The makers prioritized not including tags that can cause itchiness and lead to discomfort. Their nylon waistband is designed to provide flexible and unrestricted movement while anything you do. The Levi’s collection is available in many fun colours and a couple of styles such as briefs and boxer briefs.

#7 VIP

VIP underwears are one of the other most popular Indian underwear brands that are known for its durability, comfort and variety. The VIP company has multiple sub brands like VIP Feelings, VIP Innerwear, Frenchie and Frenchie X. All of these are made of combed cotton that makes it feel super soft against your skin.

 They come in various sizes and in an assortment of colours that will nicely complement your wardrobe. These underwears are made to provide support and ventilation to your parts and keep them feeling comfortable.

#8 Van Heusen

The Van Heusen underwears are made with the Antibacterial N9 Pure Silver technology that makes the garment remain fresher and odour free for long hours helping you stay dry and cool at all times. In addition to that, the Van Heusen underwears also use the  Colour Fresh technology that helps prevent the underwears from looking too worn out and giving them the still-new feel.

The100% super combed cotton material is soft and plush against the skin as if you have slipped into the lap of luxury. The VH briefs are made of ribbed cotton that significantly change the levels of comfort felt on long days. All these underwears come with contrasting waistbands that make the overall look pretty stylish!

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#9 United Colors of Benetton

If you’re feeling quirky, and wanna up your game, choose the United Colours of Bennetton. Their printed underwear seems to be the hot new trending thing. These prints not only look smart but are comfy as hell. 

These briefs are made with high organic cotton and create an experience that feels seamless against your skin. The softness, comfort and style combined make a reliable pair of undies that will leave you feeling confident and give you the freedom to be you. United Colors of Benetton makes fun and vibrant prints on their briefs and boxer shorts.

#10 Chromozome

Chromozome is amongst one of India’s popular brands and is loved by many. The fabric used in making these is a blend of 95% cotton and about 5% spandex for that extra room and snug feel around the legs. This material is bio enzyme washed, ensuring that you never have lint or any sort of fuzz lingering on the surface. This way, it always remains smooth and gives a new-like feeling through the course of its life.

The waistband is made of a plush micro nylon elastic that feels smooth against the skin and avoids any cause for irritation. When bought in an assorted pack, it can be quite economical and most importantly, long-lasting. Chromozome sells briefs and boxer briefs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size in inches should I buy if it is only given in S, M, L?

Here’s a size guide for your conversion: 

  • S: 28 – 30
  • M: 32 – 34
  • L: 36 – 38
  • XL: 40 – 42
  • 2XL: 44 – 46
  • 3XL: 48 – 50

What materials should I buy if I’m sweaty?

If you’re someone who perspires a lot, you should choose materials that are lightweight and breathable in nature. Cotton is your safest option. Keep your eyes open for underwears with moisture-wicking properties.

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re buying underwear for yourself is comfort, style and the fabric used. Depending on your body type, you can pick from a range of absorbent to lightweight materials. All in all, make sure to keep your best interests in mind. With the range that I curated for you, I doubt you’d have to skimp and compromise on any factor to find the best underwear for you! Don’t forget to check the size before you check out!

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