Most Effective Acne Soaps in India 2022

You’re trying out all the creams, ointments, face packs and what not to get rid of your acne. The first and most important step in keeping acne and pimples away is to keep your skin squeaky clean. But rather than using just any face wash, cleanser or soap, use an acne soap that is specially medicated and formulated to deal with pimples. Now, we know, that brings on the confusion of which one to buy.

Don’t you worry, we have tried out plenty of anti-acne soaps and bring you the reviews of the most effective acne soaps in India:

Most effective acne soaps in India
Getrid soap 
Acne star soap
Derma Dew soap 
Anti acne soaps
Acnes soap
The Natural Wash’s charcoal soap. 
Acnelak Pimple Care Soap
Soulflower’s Pure Tea Tree Handmade Soap
Liril’s Lemon & Tea Tree Oil Soap
Azac soap 
Vaadi acne soap

Best Soaps for Acne in India 2022

#1- Getrid Soap 

Getrid soap is one of the best selling acne soaps in India and they are widely available over the counter. 

  • Most acne soaps work by including salicylic acid as a key ingredient and Getrid is no exception. 
  • This helps unclog the pores and mildly exfoliates the skin, helping prevent breakouts. 
  • It also helps reduce blemishes and acne marks.
  •  The soap also has sulphur as a primary ingredient which helps control the production of sebum, further reducing pimples. 
  • The one thing you need to be careful with this soap is with how dry this soap is. It helps those with very oily skin, though. 
Pros Cons Works with oily skin.Not for dry skin. 

#2- Richfeel acne soaps 

Back in the day before technology was so advanced, Calendula oil was prescribed by dermatologists for treating acne. 

  • This age-old treatment is what Richfeel swears by in its acne soap. Calendula oil, derived from the marigold flower, is known to heal itchiness, burns and redness of the skin and calm inflammation, soothing it and helping in cell regeneration.
  •  It also has mild antibacterial properties which keep the skin free of pimples and breakouts.
  •  It also protects the skin from environmental damage.
  •  The soap deep cleanses the skin to keep it squeaky clean. 
Pros Cons 
Heals itchiness and burns. Expensive. 

#3- Acne Star Soap

Mankind’s Acne Star soap is the next one on our list, and one of the most prescribed acne soaps by the dermatologists in India. Containing Benzoyl peroxide, this soap is super effective in drying up acne. 

  • The huge antimicrobial properties of this ingredient also manages to keep the skin clear of more breakouts and other bacterial infections. 
  • The soap does a good job of cleaning the skin and removing impurities from the pores.
  •  It also soothes the skin, reduces inflammation, redness and is quite gentle on it. 
  • The soap also includes calendula oil for better protection from acne and for the reduction of blemishes and scars.  
Pros Cons 
Great for blemishes as well as acne. Not easily available. 

#4- Derma Dew acne Soap 

Highly recommended by many dermatologists, Derma Dew soap by H&H is an effective acne soap you can find in India. 

  • What makes this popular is its non-drying formula.
  •  It is oil-based, so it does not leave your skin parched and dry. 
  • How it works is through its active ingredients that include salicylic acid, tea tree oil and manuka extracts. 
  • These ingredients dry out the acne and their antibacterial properties keep the skin from developing more. 
  • Aloe vera soothes the skin and brings down redness and inflammation.
  •  The soap hydrates the skin just the right amount with olive extracts and glycerin. 
Pros Cons 
Hydrates the skin while reducing acne. Not for sensitive skin. 

#5- Acnes soap

If the reason behind your acne is excessively oily skin, you should give Acnes a try.

  •  It contains kaolin clay that absorbs the oil, unclogs the pores, deep cleanses and keeps your face looking fresh for at least 6 to 8 hours. 
  • Apart from this, the soap also has liquorice extracts and antioxidants that lighten your skin tone, get rid of the tan and fight free radicals from causing your skin to age. 
  • The Catechins in the soap help reduce inflammation, pain and redness, soothing your skin. The soap is free of phthalates and is safe for regular use.
Pros Cons 
Reduces inflammation and reduces acne. Not easily available. 

#6- TNW The Natural Wash acne soap 

You can skip all the chemicals and go purely natural with The Natural Wash’s charcoal soap. 

  • Charcoal is a powerful ingredient that sucks out dirt and impurities from the skin. It deep cleans the pores and leaves them unclogged, so the chances of developing blackheads and pimples are reduced. 
  • This soap is also enriched with purifying neem which acts as an antifungal, keeping most skin infections away. 
  • The cinnamon added to the soap is a great anti-inflammatory, helping soothe the skin and reduce the redness and severity of present pimples. 
  • The soap is free of parabens, sulphates, artificial dyes and silicones, and very safe on your skin.  
Pros Cons 
Natural acne soaps. Might not be suitable for extreme acne conditions. 

#7- Acnelak Pimple Care Soap

Keep your skin well hydrated with Acnelak Pimple Care Soap.

  •  Ideal for oily skin, this soap controls the sebum production but also moisturises with aloe vera. Aloe is known for its excellent soothing effects. 
  • It calms the skin, brings down the painfulness of the pimples, reduces redness and itchiness. 
  • It also gently hydrates without clogging the pores or making the skin too oily. 
  • The soap contains antimicrobial agents too which play the key role in keeping acne at bay.
  •  These purify the skin, kill any possible bacteria from building on your skin and fight away skin infections very effectively. 
Pros Cons 
Cleanses the skin and kills the bacteria. None. 

#8- Eraser acne soaps 

We love the name of this soap, Eraser. 

  • It does give us hope that we can simply erase away pimples, scars and other imperfections and show off gorgeously smooth skin. 
  • The Eraser acne soap by Ipsa Labs contains active ingredients that soak up the excess oil from your skin and control the sebum production. 
  • They heal the pimples and fight the formation of more breakouts by the antibacterial and antifungal properties of ingredients like neem extracts.
  •  The soap also contains cinnamon as a main ingredient which reduces the depth of the present scars and heals pimples without leaving blemishing the skin. 
Pros Cons 
Cures pimples and acne at the same time. Not for sensitive skin. 

#9- Soulflower Pure Tea Tree Handmade Soap

While some people like fast acting chemicals, some prefer going the natural way. If you are the latter, try Soulflower’s Pure Tea Tree Handmade Soap for effectively healing the skin of acne and keeping it away.

  •  Tea tree oil is known to have antimicrobial properties and is widely used in acne treatments. 
  • The oil is also an anti-inflammatory, so you can be sure to have calmer skin that is cooled down and less painful. 
  • Tea tree oil can be a bit drying, so the soap compensates for this by including coconut oil, castor oil, basil oil and vitamin E to nourish your skin and hydrate it. 
Pros Cons 
Soothes the skin. Not for dry skin. 

#10- Liril Lemon & Tea Tree Oil Soap

If your case of acne is not very serious, but rather mild, you can opt for Liril’s Lemon & Tea Tree Oil Soap. 

  • With tea tree oil as its main ingredient, the soap effectively keeps your skin clear of breakouts and blackheads.
  •  It also keeps other skin infections away.
  •  Lemon is a natural skin lightener and this soap instantly brightens and gives your skin a lift. 
  • It also feels really refreshing as the fragrance is amazing. The soap is a little drying but it is suitable for oily skin.
Pros Cons 
The presence of lemon makes the skin lighter and makes acne go away. Not easily available. 

#11- Azac acne Soap

Acne and pimples always bring with them scars, marks and pigmentation. A soap that takes care of the acne is good but something that also helps get rid of the blemishes is fantastic!

  •  Azac soap is a multipurpose soap that can be used for most skin infections that include sunburn, hyperpigmentation as well as acne. 
  • The soap contains azelaic acid that is an effective antibacterial, killing the bacteria as well as reducing the swelling and redness. 
  • The other active ingredient is wheat germ oil, which is popularly known for deep cleansing the pores, controlling the excess sebum produced in the skin and clearing the skin of acne. 
Pros Cons 
Reduces swelling and acne. Not for oily skin. 

#12- Vaadi Herbals Becalming Tea Tree Soap Anti Acne Therapy

Either you can listen to your grandma and make a homemade blend of an acne treatment cleanser, or you can take the easy route and use Vaadi Herbals’ Becalming Tea Tree Soap Anti Acne Therapy for the same effect. 

  • The concoction of turmeric, tea tree oil, clove oil and citrus extracts not only clean your skin but get rid of acne quite effectively.
  •  Turmeric helps your skin heal with its antiseptic properties while the clove oil gets rid of the marks and blemishes left behind by the acne.
  •  The citrus extracts brighten the skin, even out the tone and act as a natural bleach. 
Pros Cons 
Turmeric is gentle on all skin types. None. 

#13- SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Bar

SebaMed Clear Face is a cleansing bar that is free of soap. Soap can sometimes be drying to the skin and this bar takes care of that problem with its gentle pH balancing formula. 

  • It maintains a pH of 5.5 for a healthy skin barrier. The cleansing bar also balances the sebum production in the skin to keep it at a healthy level with ingredients that include lecithin and amino acids that do not clog the pores. 
  • The bar includes vitamin E which protects the skin against environmental damage, makes it more supple, softer and healthier.
Pros Cons 
Offers skin the strength to fight damage. None. 

#14- Cetaphil Cleansing & Moisturising Syndet Soap Bar

Cetaphil is a brand commonly available across the world and widely used thanks to its gentle and non-drying formula.

  •  The Cleansing & Moisturising Syndet Bar is a soap free formula that keeps the skin from losing its natural hydration. 
  • The super mild formula is very gentle on the skin. It is non-comedogenic, while deep cleansing and removing impurities from the pores. 
  • It makes the skin softer, evens out the skin tone and moisturiser well. 
  • No matter what type of skin you have and no matter how sensitive your skin is, Cetaphil is a good choice.
  • This is premium skin care which costs about Rs. 900 but its worth the investment since it works wonders on the skin.
Pros Cons 
Reduces acne on extremely sensitive skinVery expensive. 

Having acne can be really disheartening since it ruins your face and gives you a complete lack of confidence. So we hope that these acne soaps help you get rid of them by also caring and nourishing for your skin.

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